HSB 007 – Q&A, Productivity Tools, India vs Pakistan and Valentines Day

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Welcome to another brand new episode HSB 007. I cover bunch of topics in today’s show and it’s going to casual and fun. I’m not doing any heavy hitting with today’s show.

happy schools podcast episode 7

Here’s the list of topics Covered in this show :

  • India vs Pakistan Cricket Match
  • How I manage Emails
  • How I use Evernote for Podcasting
  • What Gift I gave for my wife on Valentines Day
  • Outlet Mall Shopping
  • My favorite chicken dish
  • Most Popular Episode till date
  • New Q&A page in the blog
  • New Comments Policy

This is the longest of all podcasting episodes till today. Speaking non-stop for 23 minutes is not an easy task.

I have my notes in front of me, but even then speaking drains one’s energy. I take the show with a flow. Sometimes I have the actual script written to speak during recording, but 80% of show is I have done till now is not scripted.

Now, I have to admire the Radio Show Hosts and other who make a living by speaking. It’s not an easy job for sure.

I took about 1 hour of prep work for this show and 23 minutes of recording time. Then another 30 minuets to prepare the audio file, uploading the file, creating artwork, writing this blog post, publishing and promoting. .

I’m learning with every show. I like to optimize with every show and make every show better than previous ones in terms of quality of the contents and how I record the show.

Now, it time for you to listen to today’s show.


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