HSB022: A BOLD Statement About H4 Visa Holders. True or False?

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h4 visa holders

Career options for H4 Visa spouses’s are not straight forward. There are bunch of milestones a family on H1B Visa with H4 spouse (husband or wife)  have to meet to get work authorization. It can be OPT, H-1B or EAD.

As you all know, I have 4 different ways through which, I get to hear from H4 visa spouses who want to work here in the U.S. ( Email, Blog Comments, Consulting and H4 Career Guide Course). I started noticing a pattern among H4 Visa spouses. But, I wanted to confirm if there is any truth behind that. So, I’m recorded this podcast to ask you and wider audience to see if there’s any truth behind my observation.

Listen to the Show:

Poll: True or False

Show Notes:

  • Bold Statement about H4 Visa holders
  • Why I came to this conclusion
  • Couple of stories and examples
  • Do you agree or disagree
  • Do you want to be part of future episode?




  1. Hi Raghu,

    Can you please send me the emails that the families used to make the decision to go from H4 to F1 and the questions that were asked in the F1 stamping interview.

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