Average IELTS Scores Required for Admission to Universities

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About 23% of students applying for college admission to United States are taking IELTS Exam from India. IELTS still remains popular exam among test takers to UK and Australian Universities.

What is the average IELTS Score and minimum IELTS Scores required to get admission in U.S. Universities?

Average IELTS Score

Last week  we listed 2 sets of universities

After looking at various universities to collect the above list, I came to following conclusion

  1. Graduate School
    • Having Average IELTS Score of 6.0 is better for Graduate School
    • 5.5 will get you conditional admission
  2. Minimum IELTS Score of 5.0 is required for Under-Graduate programs

You have very good chance to get unconditional admission if IELTS Band Score is above 6.0 (6.5+).  You are qualified to get financial aid or scholarship only if your admission status is unconditional. If you get conditional admission, then you may have to take ESL classes or re-take IELTS and get score above 6.0.

Most of the universities in UK, Australia, New Zealana, Unites states for Graduate School admission require IELTS Average band score to be on 6.0 to 6.5. Top programs requires atleast 7.5 score.

IELTS (TRF) scores are valid for 2 years and if you don’t get required score to get admission, you can always retake the exam.

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