Don't Blame Indian Education System if You Are Unfit for Studying Abroad

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I have been continuously coming across the numerous posts that follow the general outline of poor educational system in India. I really don’t feel great to see that they are one of the most commented posts as well. I have drafted a write-up putting forth my views on the same.

Just let’s look at the various aspects of Indian education-

  • Lack of good teachers at the colleges:
  • Lack of practical opportunity at campus:
  • What gets you into a graduate university abroad:
  • Now about the relevance of IITs, IISc and NITs:

Lack of good teachers at the colleges

Is it really stopping you? Seriously, think about it!!

Don’t blame Indian Education System Problems.

Majority of the students at the college believe that ultimately the answers on the exam answer scripts are driven by the last moment preparations. So, majority of them spend the time in the canteens, cafes and multiplexes or playing games or surfing.

Now, who on earth had stopped them from going back to library or internet to read books?

Most of the foreign author books present the concepts in an excellent manner. They are written to delineate the fundamentals to the readers without a tutor’s aid.

Lack of practical opportunity at Campus

This is a major aspect that students should focus on. But, what should be the approach to gain practical exposure? That’s a tricky one!

A lot of students even at the fag ends of their college days do not realize the one thing that they would like to take for their entire life.

For such people opportunities make no difference.

It is very important that students start asking early about the area that they would like to devote their efforts to. It comes by an eclectic study habits and trying to be upbeat with the research updates in the world.

Now, if you know what you want to work on, I guess you can find your way.

I wanted to pick-up some practical hands-on skills during my college days and started my own club to help myself and fellow-like-minded people to achieve practical exposure in life.

In aspects that were beyond this level of simplicity, I have had to wait for more than five hours outside several doors to get those ten minutes of window when- “It’s now or never”.

What gets you into a graduate university abroad:

Please ask yourself this question before you make slanderous remarks about your education system.

One does not get an admission because of the hatred one can put forward for one’s country.

You are given an opportunity to specialize in a particular field based on your previous efforts to enhance your skill sets, your understanding of the subject and the credibility put forth in terms of your admission documents, transcripts and examination scores.

So, if you are telling that the education system that you studied in was a total scrap then in that case your knowledge is indirectly rubbish. As a logical extension, you are unfit to pursue graduate studies.

The world is continuously throwing packets of opportunity towards you.

It depends on your skills to make the best of it. In a same class we get grade F’s as well as grade A’s. What really matters is personal efforts.

Now about the relevance of IITs, IISc and NITs:

What makes them elite is not just the infrastructure that was put in place but it’s the people and the mind set of these ignited minds.

How, many of you have tried to loiter from door to door from one professor to another at these campuses to make the best of your semester holidays.

Not many, I presume.

It is these small things that makes you elite or the constituent of a directionless crowd.

So, stop feeling that these institutes mainly cater the foreign market and companies rather than our country.

The quality of research pursued during the stay of interns, students, research associates at these facilities make them elite and are employable.

The thirst for more knowledge takes many abroad, though it’s very easy to think that people are just interested to get lost in the glimmer of dollars and pounds.

Above article was written by Prashanth, Project Engineer at National Aerospace Laboratories-CSIR.


 Man O Man.

Very candid thoughts and valid points.

Of all the 4 points, I kinda partially disagree on this topic – Lack of good teachers at the colleges.

Also, I see the reasoning behind your argument.

I have seen the value of attending a class under professors who are world-renowned.

Courses designed by professors in USA will align with their research. You get to work on projects that are accessible only to that specific professor. But, that’s the case in Graduate School in USA and other countries.

But, lecturers in India typically don’t work on research.

For instance, University X (say ranked 50) will tend to hire Professors who went to school in Rank 1 to 40.


That’s how they are going to improve the quality of the program.

Few of my lecturers during Engineering College were my direct seniors from same college.

But, above all students should have that Ignited Mind and Opportunistic Thinking.

Are You Unfit or Ignited Thinker?

3 Types of students with respect to problem solving.

  • I don’t know what to do and I really don’t care
  • I don’t know what to do, but I need help
  • I don’t know what to do, but I can find way

Who are you? Where do you fit right now in above 3 types?

Do you blame the education system or do you think you fall into Type 1 or 2?

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