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Here’s Why Indian Students Were Deported from Blacklisted Universities in USA (video)

What a drama about Air India denying 19 Indian students traveling to the USA to attend SVU and NPU, since Air India thinks they are blacklisted universities in USA. I wanted to provide clarity and get to the bottom of this news. I’m publishing the scanned copies of withdrawal of application ( I-275) or denied entry form (I-867A) issued to students with names and other personally identifying details redacted.

Story Highlights

  • 19 Indian Students weren’t allowed to travel to the USA by Air India
  • Air India claims that 14 Indian Students were deported.
  • Air India is not letting students go to certain “Blacklisted Universities”  until clearance is received.
  • NPU and SVU are considered as blacklisted universities in USA.

Some headlines from two major news outlets looked like this

  • They Went To US With College Dreams. Returned After 3 Days In Jail (NDTV)
  • We were treated like criminals despite valid visa, says student deported by the US (Times of India)


So, here’s my take about

NPU and SVU Blacklisted Universities in USA?

  • Silicon Valley University (SVU)
  • National Polytechnic University  (NPU)

Is NPU and SVU blacklisted?

I don’t know. Unless there’s some announcement (or raid ) by some Federal Agency, I can’t say if NPU or SVU is blacklisted (or under investigation). What do blacklisted universities mean?

Unless there’s some announcement (or raid ) by some Federal Agency, I can’t say if NPU or SVU is blacklisted (or under investigation).

What do blacklisted universities mean?

Read this article – 3 Ways to identify blacklisted universities in the USA. In summary, a particular university is under investigation by ICE or FBI or some other agency. We all know about Herguan University and Tri-Valley University.  Tri-Valley University was raided, and shut down and it’s president was sentenced to 16 years in jail. One might wonder if something like Tri-Valley University is going to happen with SVU and NPU.

Denied Entry into Visa at the Port of Entry

  • F1 Visa – Issued by the U.S. Consulate or Embassy Abroad (falls under Department of State)
  • CBP officer at the Port of Entry (falls under Department of Homeland Security)

After you land in any airport for the first time in the USA, you would have to clear Immigration and Customs. Learn about what happens at U.S. Port of Entry.

You have to know something about the U.S. Visa vs. Port of Entry (Source: What is U.S. Visa).

usa visa port of entry


It clearly states this [highlight]While having a visa does not guarantee entry to the United States, it does indicate a consular officer at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad has determined you are eligible to seek entry for that specific purpose.[/highlight].

When travelers arrive at Port of Entry, if CBP officer has doubt’s about you and purpose of visit, then you could be taken to secondary inspection area for additional questioning.

Looks like 14 students were questioned, not sure if it was at Port of Entry or after entering U.S. and they were deported after spending three days in the jail. I haven’t confirmed the news about 14 Indian students spending three days in the holding cell or jail. But, Air India says that 14 students have been flown back who were attending NPU or SVU.

So far, 14 students who traveled on Air India flights to San Francisco have been deported. Students travel on a one-way ticket to the US and, in the event of deportation, incur huge expenditure to buy a ticket back to India on first available service. Further, seats are often not available on any airlines to travel back. – Air India Statement.

Based on what I have seen, looks like student’s were not prepared to come to the USA.  They weren’t able to answer the questions asked by CBP officer about the university.

The result – Denied entry into U.S.A. Read the questions asked by CBP officer and answeres given by the student.

Page 3 of 13 – Denied Entry into the USA

blacklisted university cbp deported

Page 7 of 13 – Deported from the USA 

svu deported page 7 of 13


Read the wording of the question in Page 7.

“Do you even know how much money you will need to have on December 29th?”.


Prepare for Port of Entry Interview

There are some questionable universities (or you can call them degree mill). Some students with poor grades and low credentials do get admission and visa to attend such universities.

Also, there are some universities that offer “Day 1 CPT” programs. Students who couldn’t get H1B Visa, attend such universities to stay legally in the USA, which continuing to work using CPT.

I’m not arguing about the pros and cons of such schools. It’s the job of ICE and other agencies to ensure that SEVP certified institutes follow the law of the land.

But, Deportation (or denial of admission into the USA) in the scenario similar to this, I think its 100% student’s fault. So, come prepared while you are entering U.S.A.

We don’t know why 14 students were deported. This student came to the USA in Emirates Airline and was denied entry based on the questions asked and answers. If you read the Q&A, it’s not tough to figure out why this student was denied entry.

If you applied to universities on your efforts, you shouldn’t have to worry. That effort and knowledge should be good enough to answer the questions asked at the port of entry. If you applied via consulting company and had ZERO clue about why you want to study in the USA nor why you applied to some degree mill or low profile university (blacklisted in a generic term) then, you could be in for some trouble.

Message Posted at NPU Home Page 

The following message was posted at NPU’s website home page

npu university message

Unanswered Questions:

  • Was it a mistake to deny 19 Indian students from flying to SFO by Air India?
  • Why is Air India the only airline reporting deported Indian students?
  • Why were 14 students deported?
  • Did CBP deport only the students going to attend SVU and NPU?
  • How can Air India know if students flying to other universities wouldn’t be deported?

I hope this is not a publicity stunt by Air India to promote their new non-stop Delhi to SFO service.

I’m trying to find and talk to affected students (who were deported or denied by Air India from flying to the USA). If you know anyone, please let me know. I feel sad for those affected students and others. I  want to know more, help others who are following this news and to provide clarity on several unanswered questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be worried about flying to the USA for Spring 2016 ( or later)?

No, you shouldn’t be worried. But, come prepared. Know the university. CBP officer could ask you more questions that you would normally expect due to recent attacks.

How to prepare for the new questions at the port of entry?

Speak the truth. It’s easy when you tell the truth and intentions. OIf you are coming to study in a specific university, then you should know the college. What you are

  • What are you going to study?
  • What are the total fees?
  • Who is going to pay the fees?
  • Where are you going to stay?
  • Name of the professors, research, etc.

I applied via a consultant, and I don’t know much about the university. What should I do?

I have always said that your journey to study abroad begins not after you come to the USA ( or any country), but right when you start planning to study abroad. You are giving away that opportunity by paying a consultant. If you are a genuine student, you shouldn’t have any problems answering the questions.

Should I go into panic mode?

No, not at all. If you have any questions, please post them below. Don’t change your plans.

Update 1:

Term Deported is different from Withdrawl.  I have used the word “Deported” in this article.

When people are deported it comes with 5 years ban from entering U.S.A. I think some of these students have been given the option to “voluntary withdrawal” and they would allow them to apply for new U.S. Visa and enter U.S.A. again.

I think some of these students have been given the option for “voluntary withdrawal” and they would allow them to apply for new U.S. Visa and enter U.S.A. again.

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  1. Hello, I just want to know the current scenario of NPU and that of students getting admission from NPU.
    Is the problem is same or everything is now at normal? Is it safe to go for MS in NPU?
    Also what about the ITU?
    Awaiting for prompt response.

    1. NPU got accreditation back ,people are getting opt’s now, but i would advice you to choose a diff clg ,you dont direct visa for itu ,ITU is good for 2nd mansters

    1. I, too, am a Professor at a CA State College, living in the same city as NPU. It is heartbreaking that foreign students do not understand accreditation. They are easily misled. For example, NPU’s accreditation is by an agency that is not recognized by public colleges (nor by the US federal government as of this month). Their accreditation agency is a sham, made up of officials from private colleges, to try to give their colleges an appearance of legitimacy. All coursework at NPU is not recognized nor transferable to any public college or university in the US. Employers, therefore, will feel the same way. NPU is most definitely a “worthless” degree-mill that is bringing in $$$ for the owners. Unhappy NPU students apply to enter our state college and are shocked to learn that none of their completed NPU work is acceptable for transfer or for a degree.

  2. please suggest me which university acceptance rate is good and which option is better for me ,my ielts score is 5.5,btech 65%
    1) Monroe College, Bronx, New York- Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A) (With ELP)

    2) Trine University, in Angola, Indiana- MBA (Management)

    3) Rivier University, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA- MBA Management (Credential Evaluation required / a non-refundable $100 Enrollment confirmation deposit required after I20)

    4) University of Mary Hardin Baylor, Texas- MBA (Management) (WES evaluation required)

    5) INTO – University of Alabama at Birmingham- Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Standard Pathway) (Deposit required to release the I20)

    6) Merrimack College, North Andover, MA- Pre-Master’s in Management leads to Master of Science in Management (Deposit required to release the I20) (Pathway)

    7) INTO Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia- MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, M.B.A. (Deposit required to release the I20)

  3. hello i need a suggestion i have appiled monroe college murray state university and eastern illions university can u say me which one as good visa rating for fall 2016

    1. Hello, Does anyone know about these 4 university’s :
      1.University of mary hardin baylor,
      2. Trine university,
      3. Harrisburgh univ of science and technology and
      4. Atlantis university.
      I have got admission in Trine university,angola, indiana.
      Can someone tell me proceeding with any of the above listed university’s is a good move?

  4. Hii.. I got visa and now I m confuse about paying tuition fees .I have to pay my tuition fees within a few days ?

    1. I am an ex-student from a top 50 Business School in the US, currently working in a multinational here in NY..I obviously did not face any issues with my F1 or my entry when I cam here in 2011. Here is my take:

      1. Most of the students here seem to be worrying about paying tuition, etc. Again – first do your research and prepare well before you enter the US
      2. You need to provide proof of financial stability at all points – at the visa offices in India, as well as the Port of Entries in the US. Be very clear with the financials. Your residential address should be a genuine address.
      3. Be very consistent about conveying what your academic program is all about, credits, what your major subjects would be, etc
      4. Carry all documents – Admissions letter, copies of your academic records, etc

      In most fraudulent cases, I have seen that those students were academically very weak, and then trying to join unaccredited programs from shady schools that allow you to skip GMAT or GRE.

      Folks – there is a lot of your hard-earned money involved. Come through legal, regular channels. Please avoid all this nonsense. You are ruining your own cases, and tarnishing the name of India.



  5. NPU, SVU and many others (Wilmington University etc.) are just ‘degree mills’ (like the thousands that exist in India – ‘give me your money and here is your degree’). Stay away from them.

    1. Mr. Udai before you speak anything on a social platform make sure you are speaking correct information. Do not misguide people with silly information. I am a student of Wilmington University completed my Masters and successfully having my choice of career. Wilmington University is an opportunity where you can turn it into a successful career or be a fool like most students. So not just bad mouth about any University without knowing them. It is not the university but the people who are bringing bad reputation to it.

      1. Hey I too joined Wilmington university this fall. Just want to know how is visa stamping rate for this University? I am currently studying on H4 and want to get a stamping done for F1

  6. Applying for MIS Program with GRE 294 Q151 V143 AWA3.0 , TOEFL 96, CGPA 8.9
    Does any one of these universities come under black listed universities??
    1.Illinois Institute Of Technology
    2.NorthEastern University
    3.University Of Texas – Arlington
    4.University Of Houston – Clearlake
    5.Northern Illinois University
    6.Rochester Institute Of Technology
    7.New Jersey Institute Of Technology
    8.San Diego State University

    1. All your schools look good. My top picks from your list would be:
      Rochester Institute Of Technology
      San Diego State University
      University Of Texas – Arlington
      University Of Houston – Clearlake

      Good luck,

  7. hi one of my friend got deported.! i dunoo what is the reason.! he has got all d requirements with him.! the oly reason they deported was his dad is expired.! is this a reason for deporting.! y cant students like the that study abroad.! they are sponsers also he had almost paid 2 sem fees and jzt came for a break to india.! when he was almost going to complete in another 4 months m.s .! how can they just do like this.! plz can you just help me out.! plz ll b waitng for ur mail.! plz send me direct mail.! plz do d needful!.

      1. hi kranthi u belongs to which university?? what was the problem at port of entry does the immigration officer gave the reason for rejection

  8. Hi
    I got f1 visa on NPU ON 9-DEC-2015 I hv to attend my orientation on Jan 4 but due to the circumstances I haven’t gone….. And I defered my admission to summer semester… So what should I do now shall I go Further with same visa.. Any one please reply..

    1. Airindia has less capacity than other airlines flying to usa from India (EMI,ETHI,QAT) , specially to SFO , its just a 777-200LR, as it will be their responsibility to fly them back should someone get deported, where will they get the seat at the last moment? and being a govt airline they probably had internal inputs to decide on such scale and dont expect proper reasons back, just like Indian govt or us govt hasnt given any reasoning to the public even after media intervention.

  9. hello,
    i got i 20 from Chicago state university for this summer programme applied through consultancy.
    my Gre 284
    ielts 5
    btech 74%(0 backlogs)
    so is this profile affects at immigration?
    or is they ask questions based on university or based on my profile.
    plz kindly help me i am in dilemma to apply for visa………..

    1. First of all you attend your visa interview sanddeep then after getting visa you can think about the immigration.
      But any way your ielts score is low as well as your my advice is if you got time you retake ielts or take PTE otherwise you prepare well for your visa interview and be confident in telling answers to them surely you can make your way to the US.
      All the best

  10. Look at this guys :

    Absolutely heart breaking documentary about the plight of illegal immigrants from the sub-continent. Their journeys across the world in search of greener avenues and when they reach their destinations a tough life in the grey area awaits them.

    Documentary focus on illiterate blue-collar workers from Punjab yearning to go to London / Europe etc.

    I believe the same thing is happening at a much larger scale in Andhra/Telugu regions. Just at a different scale and different layer of society . But the reasons and motives are same .

    Will appreciate if u guys see this and comment wht u think and possible solutions.

    As we all know there will never be any #AchcheDin ever in India. All these are political gimmicks. Who are we fooling guys ? If #AchcheDin are there then why are we here ?

    1. Well said. The Akali Dal – BJP, and Congress has ruined Punjab : Corruption, drugs, farmer suicide, bad health care, bad education, etc.. Hope these parties are voted out from Punjab and the entire country. The other day Modiji was giving false speech about current situation in India in White House; He should be proud of his Government only when reverse bran drain happens – When people from US and abroad starts coming to India for enjoying Ache Deen instead of Indians leaving the country in large number due to painful situation in India.

  11. Hi Raghuram,

    I am currently in the US on H4 visa(duration: 2 yrs). I will be starting my MS at UIS starting from spring 2016. I want to apply for GA(Graduate assistant-ship)/GPSI program at my university for which Iam planning to go for change of status (H4-F1), but seeing this currently going deported issue is it safe to travel to India and apply for change of status? Basically I want to know in current situation is it safe to apply for change of status by going to India or apply here in the US itself? How much time will it take if I apply in the US for COS?

  12. I applied to Buffalo univ (SUNY), Northeastern univ, Southern Methodist univ, and University of Texas, Dallas. Are they all good universities? I also want to know about CUNY and University of Missouri, Columbia.
    My GRE score : 313
    Toefl : 108
    I am freaking out about the recent deportation. Kindly help me out! Thanks

      1. First cool down. They are good schools also remember not every student got deported. About CUNY it is in NY it is expensive to live in NY city just check your costs when selecting a place of study and how well the school is rated for your course. Next thing is plan your trip correctly with proper money to cover your fees and boarding. In my case i will tell you i did carry the Checks with me for the school fees as well as for personal expenses but nobody asked me to show them. As Raghu has said not everyone goes through secondary inspection, normally it is just the first officer who hardly takes about 3-5 minutes speaks to you very few questions and lets you in, if he or she has doubts then they ask you all the details. If you have all your papers in order nothing to worry.

  13. Raghu,

    I am a graduate from Northwest Missouri State University, currently in my OPT working for a very good reputed company as a contractor. My OPT ends on May 22 2015. I already started collecting documents for applying STEM extension. Due to family concerns and emergencies, i am flying to INDIA on Feb 1 and will be returning back on Mar 7. This is high level information.

    My questions:
    1. How can i check whether my university is black listed or not?
    2. I am currently carrying all I20s, latest I94, EAD(+EAC), Employer & client letter, passport and visa, major utility bills, Home lease agreement. Suggest me if i have to gather any other documents for travelling to and fro safely.
    3. If i get deported for any reason(Knock wood, i dont want it to happen), what are the next steps i have to take.
    4. People keeps saying “Don’t travel to INDIA when you are on OPT or after applying STEM”. Is that real and what precautions should i need to take?
    5. What could be the possible CBP officer questions?
    6. Currently my I94 possess my last entry into US as Jan of 2015. If i travel to India i am sure it will get updated. Is it going to affect my STEM application?
    7. My employer started applying for my Labor in Sep 2015. Does my travel affect it?
    8. Is there any student who got deported back to INDIA while he is on OPT and returning back after a vacation from INDIA?

    Current things that are happening to Indian students makes me think like i am BUMMER to plan a vacation at this time. Is there any way to be safe in all the scenarios that i mention in the form of questions? Please let me know and help me sort these things.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Your University is a rated one, it has a rating of 78 pls do check on line for rating.
      Also as Raghu puts it just check with an attorney just use a consultation and i believe Murthy law firm, you don’t need to go there they way provide you consultation on phone their charges are not too high…and you need to pay the fees online and they will look at all of your scanned copies and provide you proper advice… you can clear all your questions they will provide ample time… Good Luck

      …. Removed contents pasted from other website.

  14. Hello, I also have an i20 from silicon valley university nd planning to apply for visa, so what do u suggest should I go for this or not?
    Nd If apply for another i20 it will take another one or one nd a half months to get that. What should I do.

    1. You pick 1.5 months wait or you can’t step into US for long time to come. More than SVU, go for better schools in general.

    2. You should put some effort try to go online and check for ranking’s at least make the effort. Type the name and it will show the ranking if they are not even ranked what is the point going there… u r chances of getting deported are high at least pick a college which ranked less than 50 same goes to universities too… Don’t just believe these consultants… Raghu if you could post the link for college rankings that would be great for these students… I am not posting the link as u might not like external links being posted here…TY

  15. I want to get 2 things clarified.
    1. A student, who finished his grad and on OPT, working in a company was sent back when he went back to US after spending a few days in India. Why?
    2. A student who had already finished 3 semesters was also sent back when he returned to US after his vacation. Why?
    Could anyone enlighten me please?

    1. Most of students take pictures of their work place and store on their cell phones, facebook etc. Also they store part time work place numbers on their phone, the immigration people can easily call and check if so and so did work? i think this must have created the problem.. one more thing even if you are current student you need to show the money for payment of fees for the current semester…My take on OPT student is u cannot travel on student visa… If he has already finished the course or he too must have made the above mistake…. with technology you have additional headaches like these…as Raghu has mentioned CBP officers can check anything..

  16. I heard that a student who finished his graduation and on OPT and is working in a company, was sent back when he returned to US after a brief stay in India. Why?
    There are reports that in some cases even students who have already finished their 3 semester, were also sent back when they were going back to US to continue their 4 semester after Christmas vacation. Why?
    Could anyone clarify these things please?

  17. I have few questions on this issue.

    1) If the Universities are Black-Listed, how come USA Consulate at Hyderabad grant F-1 Visa to such students? Earlier most of the students to such Universities were those who were already in USA and they used to transfer to F-1 Visa to such Universities from F-2, H4, H-1B failed attempt, OPT or after finishing degree and just to maintain status. US Embassy/Consulate did not check the status of such Universities before granting Visa?

    2) If the students are so ill-prepared, how did they clear the Visa Interview at Embassy in India?

    3) What are the consequences for Airline in case a passenger is deported? somebody mentioned that these students did not have any money. So who paid for their Ticket Back? If it is Airline who will foot the Bill, all airlines will start avoiding such University students. Etihad Airways and Emirates have also returned students.

    1. I’m going to post an article written by a consular officer and maybe that can explain your questions.

      Here’s my take:

      1. If the schools is SEVP certified, then they can issue I-20. If a student has I-20 then they are eligible to get Visa.
      2. I have no idea why visa officers didn’t not reject if CBP can deny them. We are not CO’s or CBP. So, only they would have the right answer.
      3. From what I learned, airlines are financially responsible to fly you back if you flew on one-way ticket.

      1. After the cbp has taken the decision to deport how many hours do they take to send back the student to home country. I have my sister who is deported but unable find any information related. could any one here please let me know the duration of time taken to send them after the decision has made.

  18. I think there is a lot of misinformation going around with regards to what is happening. From an american perspective, they’ve taken their fair share of time to figure out what is up with the consultancies and now they are being extra cautious about who enters their country with regards to F1 Students. Now I will not target any particular university since yes not everyone can get into purdue or harvard, having said that students and students alone are responsible for the university they choose and whatever processes they follow after admission. While traveling to the US every student is asked to bring all the documentation required to gain entry into the US which also includes semester fees and living expenses. Now the US official is not looking to deport you unless you are not able to furnish those details. If students are well versed with the journey to US process they should be well aware of the university credit system and how much they need to carry for the first semester. Either this amount must be paid in advance such as online schemes as some suggested, or carry an international DD in the universities name or last option have bank statements or approval notices from banks for loans ( some sort of letter to prove that you have the amount necessary ). For the last option its going to be tricky they are verifying whether some consultancy has wired you money as show money and will soon be withdrawing it back, this is why they are asking for transactions. If a student is telling the truth then he or she should be able to furnish this information either online or take it along with you while traveling.

    However if you are not able to provide such details then you are gonna be subject to scrutiny its their law and they have the right to stop you from entering, its as simple as that you cannot argue with a country’s law. I hope this clears up quite a bit of the issues that students are facing, as for those who were caught working somewere and are being deported thats their fault and are facing the consequences of it. For those returning to the US to continue their education the same rules of having money holds, just because you studied one semester or 2 doesn’t give you the right to gain entry regardless, as long as you are a student you are supposed to have money for paying the fees and living expenses.

  19. Raghu,

    Seriously some of the deported students from US claim no water and food was given and also handcuffed. I can’t believe this water fountains are there in the bathroom or outside how this is possible?…. I believe if u are ready to pay to go back… they will let u stay in the terminal itself.. and additionally if u try to be aggressive then they would hand cuff.. Am i right on this?… Do enlighten us on this…

    1. I don’t have experience in secondary inspection to comment on this. CBP can be rude at times but not inhuman. They are denying entry, which means, you are not welcome. Why? You have violated some rules. So, I wouldn’t expect hand holding from them. But, denying food and water, I don’t believe it. They have to walk to them and ask for food or water. Plus most of these students should be on a flight for their firs time. Don’t Ask, you don’t get.

  20. Read this NPU president blaming Air-India for the deportation…What a ridiculous thing to do .. He forgot blame other airlines too…

    Washington: A US university, whose Indian students faced deportation in recent weeks, has blamed Air India and some of the deported students for the prevailing confusion on the issue.

    “I want to share with everyone my strong belief that these difficulties arose solely because of the actions of Air India,” Peter Hsieh president of the Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU) said in an email to its students.

    “At this time, we do not know why Air India has undertaken these actions to cause irreparable harm to our university and tarnish its reputation and incite great distress in our students and their families…we can only speculate as to Air India’s motives and assume Air India’s recent actions are related to their precarious financial position,” he said.

    Mr Hsieh alleged that Air India is preventing students from boarding the plane because of the fear of financial burden in case students are deported from the US.

    The statement has also been posted on the university’s website. There was no immediate comment from Air India.

    Mr Hsieh said the university continues to witness a large number of students successfully arriving and entering the US.

    “Although it is still early, as our incoming students for Spring Semester 2016 begin reporting to the university today, we continue to witness a large number of students successfully arriving and entering the US. We have met with quite a few who have shared their experiences,” he said.

    “We have been informed that many, but not all, are going through secondary inspection. As long as students have proper documentation and are able to answer questions, they are being allowed into the US. They also report that this is not limited to NPU or F-1 students, but also to other foreign traveller on H-1 visa and the like,” Mr Hsieh said.

    He also blamed the deported students who exaggerated the situation.

    “We also believe that the false allegations were further exaggerated by certain returning students. Rather than informing their parents that they did poorly in their interviews, some simply pointed the blame at NPU as being blacklisted and conveniently referencing news reports as support,” he said.

  21. From my experience from late 2000’s :

    Researched my university, applied only to one university in NJ – Monmouth U, private university. Did not believe in agents/Edu consultancies. Expensive and fewer international students. Small class size 14-20 students.
    Travelers checks instead of cash from ICICI.
    Expensive first semester but got GA from second semester on.
    Prof Rosen wrote popular Algorithm Design books, tough prof but amazing class.
    Avoided a prof who is junk and some intl kids pleased him to get good grades and take multiple courses from that prof.
    GA was pretty good and paid my course fee and scholarship paid some.
    Graduated with 3.57 GPA. Struggled with advanced OOP, got C+ my least grade.
    Most intl students avoided Machine Learning course citing tough Prof but I was fascinated. This led to my full time job with a startup company after graduation miles from my university.
    Worked there for 4 years and moved to CA and been here since.

    It’s not all roses here but wouldn’t trade my Masters education for anything. Prospective students should be fair and do their research. Use online resources instead of edu consultancies. I couldn’t get a loan, so had to secure cash from family but try the loan approach. They can be repaid after graduation if you focus on grad studies. Be extra cautious about universities that offer cheap course fee. Consultancies could have good intentions but not all the time. Avoid them and give it your best shot. All the best.

    1. Hello Kiran, as in the comment in the post in happy schools, you said that be extra cautious with uni. offering cheap courses. And I am about to apply to universities which has lower fees for masters in mechanical engineering.
      Specifically Michigan tech uni is a one which i think will suit me the best as i got 304 in gre and have around 7 cgpa. So can you please explain me whats the problem in cheap courses or uni having lower fees? i would be grateful to hear from you.
      Thanking yours

      1. Swapneel, Michigan is great for mechanical engineering as we all know. I was referring to a per course fee of $1300. I paid $800 per credit eight years ago, that is $2400 per course. Just for a perspective.

        Cost of living is cheaper in Michigan too. I think you should be fine. All the very best.

    2. Hi Kiran , Do u suggest Monmouth university for MS. I have 8yrs of IT experience. Will Monmouth do me justice. Will I be able to find a part time job if not a GA

  22. Latest news

    “They are taking our mobile phones, verifying SMS, WhatsApp messages and messages posted on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. They are not listening to anything we say. They are simply cancelling our visas and asking us to go back saying that there are some problems with our universities,” said P. Vikranth, a student who got deported on 1/7/2016

    1. DFW area is swamped by illegal desis … All desi restaurants and even thai ones have desi/indian students working …. UTA and UTD people ….. there is a reason why the desi enrollment in these univ is astronomically high ….. getting illegal employment is easy ….. as someone put here telgu-telgu alliances etc …. gas station etc , even laundromats i hv seen students …. I have seeing things go bad to worse in the last 5 years ….. specially after 2008 recession recovery ….

      Its a whole eco-system of sorts …. illegal jobs give rise to desi ride/taxi business …. someone needs to ferry u to the job locations …. DFW is huge …. many cities …. so u can find work …. and u knw wht all this was accepted by authoroties till it was kept low profile …. autorities and univ have always turned a blind eye … but right now the situation is cancerous and a mockery is beig made out of the system … they are doing this ….

      My advice to ppl doing MS … Dude … u spent money and already are here …. for a few dollars dont risk your life on this … u will be deported all this will evaporate in smoke ….

      U just have to survive 2 years … loan the money … ask relatives do anything …. strive hard to find on-campus jobs … if not worst case … its only 2 years … loan money and get through …. u can repay all once u graduate ….. dont put ur and ur parents dreams on the line for petty dollars at a gas station etc ….

  23. It is quite frustrating to see how people get so judgmental so quickly.
    Point #1. The deported students said they were forced to sign the deportation sheets with the answers. Did you guys see a video recording or something to confirm that they have actually answered the questions exactly the same way shown in the posted pictures? I am not saying that the forms were fabricated but come to a conclusion only after knowing for sure what exactly happened.

    Point #2. You blame the students entirely for the deportation, if the students are so incapable of answering those simple questions how the heck did they get admission into those so called universities and visa interviews ? Are you saying that the consultancies are writing the GRE/GMAT, IELTS/TOEFEL exams and giving visa interviews in US embassies on behalf of the students? If they are so incapable of answering those questions, how are they getting admissions to the universities in the first place? Is clearing the admission criteria for such universities so damn easy?

    Don’t get offensive and involve in blame game. Particularly do not use strong statements such as “100% students fault” in bold! That is absolute nonsense and unprofessional. Grow up!

    1. ya grow up …. let me sum it all up …. beggars cant be choosers … whts happening at the end of the day …. broad description …. we all are here in the long run to pursue the american dream … get green cards … mint dollars etc … F1 , H1B all are just fronts so we guys can come in ….

      the lie starts from the time you say at the interview and say i will return to india ….

      thats the system …. Its US who stand in lines ,,, pay money and want to come here …. At the end if Uncle sam wants to throw out some , show nakhras … its more than justifiable ….

      they are not kicking people out randomly ….. and genuine people …. are facing no problems …

      educate yourself on the issue ….

  24. Just read somewhere immigration officials quizzing Indian students deported from US… Cmon it should have been better if these officials quizzed them when leaving to US A… Simple check’s would have been a major help for the students… Like asking them how much money they are carrying, to show fees check’s and where they will stay etc… And asking them how they are able to finance the fees.. and few routine surprise questions.. and if they find some inconsistency they could not allow them to fly… reason being is why get deported from US and go through all the hassles.. I do feel for the students.. poor chap’s had go through this… What do you think Raghu?

    1. Sit back and think about the impact of all this. By looking at the comment that are posted here for blog posts about this topic, people who are now scared are those who have applied to schools similar to NPU and SVU. I’m not seeing comments from folks who are traveling with answers. If a students applied to schools on their own, they have done the work and they can answer the questions. Even the intention of all ( or close to all) students from India is to get job and H1B. In this wide array of deportations, some students going to decent schools were also affected.

  25. And and and …
    One of the way(s) through which Indians target /trap Indians in United states is through AMWAY.

    This is Damn true, when i saw Some ppl dressed like professionals and They start conversation with words like “We are expanding our business or We are working with Multinational companies like Apple, google, mocrosoft etc ” are seen in every corner of USA.Most people are working professionals married with kids and they want to lure fellow indians in trap.It’s shame on them. In DFW region mainly, 99% students face this in 1st month they were in US.

    I feel very ashamed as an Indian when we try to harm ourselves.Comm on we are in US for less than 30 days and do lot of caluclations even to buy Fries in McD and these guys are like Explain some shit and Say “so, youre paying $185 or something”.

    This is very pathetatic when people doing fulltime jobs and having families to target students to get some pocket money.And important point here is These people will be the releatives of your roommetes who have been here for a while or your friends.Here you may or may not have option to reject because of 1) in fear of loosing friendship or like that 2) you are in new place and don’t know what happens next and you may need some help from those people.

    This is absolute selfishness of our own people trying to harm our own people for their family to be happy.

    Please don’t do such things for your pocket money.Always remember ‘Karma is a bitch’ , if you are science student “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed it can only be transferred from one form to Another” i mean If you spread negetive energy, it will definitely come to you .

  26. i see a lot of indian students working in restaurants in irving, dallas and plano in Texas.(Saravana bhavan, kumar’s restaurant for example)Most are UNT students who work illegally on cash basis.when asked they will say they can work for 20 hrs a week, I know for a fact that working in restaurant is not part of practical training. High time this illegal labor is stopped. happy that ICE have started noticing and deporting these students working illegally.

  27. Over 200 students were deported after getting Visa to study in the following universities

    – Trine University

    – Kent State University

    – Concorde University

    – American College of Commerce and Technology

    – HULT International Business school

    – Lincoln University

    – Iowa State Univerity

    – Troy State University

    – Stratford University

    – Monroe University

    – Silicon Valley University

    – Northwestern Polytechnic University

      1. I have attended couple of conferences hosted by NSF at Iowa State. Iowa state is considered as a hub for biorenewable chemical and fuel research in the USA.

        1. sg, most of the universities including SVU have clarified that their universities are accredited and have no problems. The problems seems to be with the students who arrived without clearly knowing which courses they intend to take and know details about the credits required to graduate and not having good financial support.

      2. Yes Satish. This is confirmed news. just because a student was deported from the university does not mean that the university is not good.
        I think the problem is with the students. They may be having very poor academic credentials or may not have convincing financial support.

        1. In one of the news channel, I heard a guy sent back from abu dhabi. I think he mentioned, he is from Iowa state university. I believe he said he is planning to pay fees online, and ,I believe, did not have demand draft of cheque to show to immigration officers. It seems he has a good profile, said he worked in India for 4 years , good GRE score etc.
          Other than that he didn’t say anything
          I wonder in Iowa state univ we can pay fees online

          1. Back in my day I remember carrying traveller cheques and I believe I carried DD of amount equal to 1 semester fees. Not sure what changed and what these kids are doing.

          2. That option is still there. But, they are going to the schools, finding out the exact fees and parents are wire transferring the money straight to the universities bank account. Maybe they could pays the fees before traveling or take the money with them.

  28. Thanks for sharing all this information guys, actually very helpful and useful information!!
    I have a gre score of 304 and about to attempt the toefl test, but now i doubt rather to spend such a huge amount of money which belongs to my dad! As i m just interested in studies and better education which i have heard is highly efficient in USA, i want to apply there but i do want to make sure that i repay to my family after getting placement in a reputed company after my studies.
    One question: As getting all detailed info of all the thousands of uni. of usa at one place is a tough task, though i’ve researched a lot on internet, is it alright to hire a consultant and take some help from them? and if yes! than how can i find which consultant will help me and who will just make their profits by sending me usa.

    1. There’re two types of help that you can get.

      1. Consultant ( you pay them, and they work for you) 2. Agent ( they get a commission from schools where they have tie-ups, and they work for their interest).

      Most folks you find in India are Agents. Some agents charge you and get the commission from the schools as well.

      Do your work and apply on your own. Chinese students use Consultants. They pay like $500,000 for them. Why? They would prepare students over a period of 2,3 years to get them into Harvard and Stanford. But, Indian students market is different.

      This is my scores, I can pay INR 25,000, can you guarantee my admission for my profile?

      1. Well summed up Raghuram Sukumar .. that is exactly what is happening in hyderabad. Students only care about getting a I-20 so that they can attend a visa interview.. they dont care about what kind of university.. Most of the agents suggest third rate universities because they are easy to get admission and they get a cut. Hyderabad Students opt for universities whose tuition is not more than 30k. Why else would students go and study in states like Alabama, Arkansas, Maine.

      2. Before I applied to universities, I spent lot of time to decide what kind of research I have to do as part of my graduate study in the USA . After finalizing my research topic, I searched for professors who are working in my interested research area. I confined my search to Top 50 Universities in the US. Then I sent emails to professors (around 10) explaining my research goals. Three professors have responded positively. I have only applied to three schools and I got admission with full funding from all those three universities for my graduate study. I chose one among them. Now I am in the third year of my PhD study. As Raghu said, don’t rely on agents or a consultant. Do your homework, you will probably get admission in a good school.

        1. This effort of your is highly appreciated. Do you know how many PhD students apply just like a MS student? You should come on a show and share your application process and journey into PhD so far.

          1. First three semesters I took 10 courses as part of my graduate study. As part of my department rules, a student should finish all his/her course work in first three semesters. By the end of the second year, a student must pass qualifying exam. A student must pass his/her preliminary exam by the end of the third year, and you have to defend final PhD thesis by the end of the fifth year. This time frame changes from department to department and university to university. You will learn a lot from classes you take but at the same time you will be assigned lot of project work by the Instructors. You have to allocate your time very wisely for your research and for your class work because your adviser and your funding agency want research results from you. Without results, the funding agency won’t renew your funding for the next year. Many graduate students in my university come to the lab around 7.00 am in the morning and leave the lab around 7.00 pm in the evening. They do work over the weekends also.

          2. sg,

            I am proud to have seen ppl like you. People dedicated to research and not looking to cut shorcuts. But saldy we all knw majority of people who are coming in now dont even have surface knowledge of how things are here . And main thing is they are not even willing to change .

            Short term goals for them are money, minting dollars and relatives back home basking in glory of the newly acquired phoreign aka USA tag.

            All troubles start with motives. I am not saying minting dollars is bad. But come on you are coming all the way here , dont atleast indulge in illegal stuff.

        2. great job man! I totally appreciate u 🙂 I will do my best in research and will not be dependent on agents and consultants
          Well Thanks for encouraging me haha

          1. It appears to me that the main blame should rest on the parents of these children from .AP/TELANGANA.
            Most of the parents in these states consider only medicine or engineering as courses worth studying.I wonder how many of these parents are realising their shattered dreams of study through pushing their children to achieve the parents dreams – no matter what the children want.
            So the parents want bragging rights for their friends – even my children are studying in US.
            Interestingly all of these parents have only destination for higher study as US.
            So when it comes to finances, the cheaper the university, the better. Clearly the downside of cheaper universities studies dont enter the equations of higher study.
            Places like SVU and NPU fall in this category.
            The agents/consultants are quite ready to provide all the paperwork and the bank statements and any documents in support of the students application that the consulate might think of.
            The traffic from AP/Telangana is so high that the US has a seperate consulate in Hyderabad.
            And a large no of these students come from hinterland where I am sure some of the courses are also explained in telugu or the local language.
            None of these people can talk english fluently and can carry on a conversation for 3 minutes.And the accent of the officers at the entry point is like greek and latin.
            The predictable outcome is the deportation.
            English fluency and in particular american accent familiarity should be acquired first before embarking on the travel.
            And there is a reason the higher rated universities charge the fee that they do.
            If the aim is TO somehow get an admission and some how land in US and play it by the ear,
            then nobody should complain about the actions of the american authorities.I dont support the american authorities but also dont blame them either.
            As some of the comments make it clear, one should be ready for the questioning and prepare for it.

          2. Another classic example of stereotypes! So called intellectuals in US can talk stuff like this tells so much about mindset of few of us who are representing India in US. “None of these people can talk english fluently” – who are you to make that statement? Are you a PhD in English language and assessed each of those deported student’s English language capabilities?
            “The traffic from AP/Telangana is so high that the US has a seperate consulate in Hyderabad” – Yea right and that is why there is no other consultancy in India apart from the one in Hyderabad.

            Stop talking crappy stuff here and blame fellow students or for the least, do not generalize. Everyone has the right to study wherever they want and you are no one to judge them for that. Please correct your own language before pointing fingers at others. Note how many underlined errors there are in the text quoted from your comment. People whose first language is not English can in fact be a better English language user than people whose first language is English.

            I would put the discussion back to the universities saying if these students have trouble understanding English language and they cannot understand the US officials accent, how and why the heck did they get admission to a US “recognized” university?? Isn’t that why they are supposed to take IELTS/TOEFEL tests? What are those tests testing then?

      3. Thank you Raghu I got you and will give my best in searching by my own and will follow ur tips as and when needed 🙂

  29. DHS is saying that it is not a good university and it is investigating by FBI…Then y they are allowing NPU and SVU students to enter into US…??

  30. is students who are already in silicon valley university will sent back. my friend is in that university will he sent back ?? i don’t know whats going on i am worried .. that senior students will also sent back? will us authorities block the university?

  31. Andhra/Telanagana/Telugu craze for USA tag. I have talked to a lot of Andhra ppl in my university and this is what I feel is happening :

    1) Traditionally a lot of andhra immigration has happened to the USA … 80’s , 90’s and especially after “so called” IT boom . Back in the day even till early 2000’s qualified professionals and serious students (from any college in India, whts imp is they were serious and willing to immerse themselves in the education here and LEARN something at the end of the day) were the main ppl coming in. Small town andhra was relatively untouched by USA craze as they thought its an unattainable dream. Since the propping up of “degree mills” specially in andhra which is producing just paper engineers a big chunk of students are now eligible at least on paper to pursue a MS in USA. Now you have a degree on paper, They have zero technical , intellectual and social knowledge after completing BE in andhra (a big chunk). As society has taught them by now, they all have seen either a relative or neighbor in USA and seen how these people are held in high regard just because they are in USA. You get bigger dowry, parents get respect whatever. They are set . Parents give full backing . Cash access has become super easy . for middle class too … Legal Bank loans … or private financiers have propped up .. give loans based on crude dealings and sometimes house mortgages.

    2) What happens when people like above land in USA. There are a hell lot of univ who want them. To fill up their coffers. Ppl will pay out of state or foreign rate tution. and more importantly on papers the university has more “graduate enrollment” in STEM verticals , most cases that makes them eligible for federal or state grants etc.

    Students on loans are desperate , i knw ppl whose parents call them daily . asking abt job scene , do job on gas station do this do tht … whtever …. thats andhra culture now cant say much … they even give them good news of potential dowry alliances going on …. Man i hv seen it all …. felt sick to my stomach tht in in the same country i.e. we also hv a culture tht is polar opposite to wht i hv seen …. but anyways … the story goes on ….

    3) These ppl are now mainly exploited by their own i.e. Andhra Annas … as we called them …. They hv extreme respect to their so called seniors here and go to them for every advice possible …. fav topic is Visa/Green card talks … and hw to cut the lines and shortcuts ….

    Andhra Annas will fix grocery / gas station and mall jobs for them …. TA /RA assistant ships will always transfer from one Andhra guy to another Andhra guy …. cheating … tips on professors … which class to take which not … who will give easy A …

    One more thing i observed no one who came here after travelling 10000 miles is interested in finding out wht he/she likes … whts their interest … they will only take courses which either get them jobs or andhra annas say tht professor is easy and give them A.

    Taxi / Ride business is next step to a lot … they have fb pages giving rides ….they thrive on tht ….

    In short they hv made complete mockery of the Indian F1 student in general here … If some one reading this has ever spoken to american on wht they think abt indian students in their classes … specially engineering and computer science u will find out … wht i am saying ….


    Just pray US govt comes up with some way of filtering students …. only genuine ppl are let in ….

    1. If I had posted such an article, entire Telugu speaking population would have blacklisted Happy Schools 🙂

      I know very talented people and have friends from AP. And I have seen people described by you as well. Such action is longtime overdue.

      Thanks for sharing insights about Andhra Anna (I wasn’t aware of that term)

      1. What baffles me completely is how it only us Indians who will try to screw up another Indian. Never seen this over here with any other community. Chinese/Koreans etc. Mexican are doing everything here as they have a very good support system within themselves.

        You wouldnt believe some students who got deported from UTA last week were reported to the authorities in a random email by none other but fellow indian ppl. Also let me make it specific people who reported were from the same region/language as the deported ones (am afraid if I wont mention this – ppl will say north/south … tamil/kannada … hindu/muslim …. andhra/telangana type bullshit) …. animosity is extreme ….

        Why such regionalism / casteism in our communities …. Even after travelling all the way here we want to create a social env just like bck home PLUS all the evils that exist bck home ….

        What is happening right now is in a way a big system failure for the americans as well ! ….

        Indians who are exploiting the system …. are able to do it solely just because the americans have a loop hole in the system …. as some one commented here before … this society has loopholes but it isnt falling apart as people are bought up to follow the law and not exploit the system …. contrary to that in India we take pride in exploiting the system …. now we get here and do the same …..

        Also international students are a really reliable source of income for a lot of universities …. they just cant cut the visa numbers and start declining admissions …. as i stated before STEM vertical enrollment can fetch the universites a lot of federal grant money ….

        I really dont knw …. H1b scene is really bad …. GC is screwed …. a major overhaul in american immigration is required specially from an international student perspective …..

        I dont see any thing happening on this in the near future too … even after 2016 presidential elections … given the american political landscape … immigration both legal/illegal is a very touch topic ….

        Sometimes i get a feeling legal immigration from qualified professionals etc is a much bigger fear for some americans than giving green cards to illegals who work manual/labor jobs …..

        What we can do in the meanwhile is curb on the system exploitation ……

        Guys this was just a rant … just venting out ….. sorry if this hurts someone …. had to say this … !

          1. Hurst gas station. 2 people who got deported. 1 guy is in jail. he was picking them up, when the authorities came there . they have in for suspicion of doing the taxi business. but looks like he was just a frnd picking them and doest regularly do rides and all . looks like they go through phns/social media etc and all .

            This particular raid/incident was tipped off … thts atleast the rumor going on … the ICE has sent flyers/emails to all international offices etc and student affairs offices in this regard …. they hv their number and email on tht … so the pinpoint precision with which they got the guys … 2 of them in the gas station … points they had some info into it ….

          2. Looks like similar incident happened at NPU where students were caught working at Malls. Thanks for the info.

          3. Hi .. will u please tell me whether this university will be block or not? the senior students who are in the silicon valley university will sent back

        1. After listening to you… it made me sick to the core.. Really this kind of animosity can some one have on others… If you can do a good for someone that is fine but to go and purposefully report someone and get him deported… i still feel if you don’t have that kind which your family can pay why opt to study abroad…. There are many students who travel to Australia, UK etc… C’mon what is the need there many good schools in India… rather get in to debt and make ur family pay for it… They should seriously back off.. When i heard some parents saying on TV like we paid so much and had to sell properties for sending their children abroad(what is the need to do that? They need to ask themselves) …I personally know my cousin who had gone to Australia and really had put my uncle in to such a debt.. which my uncle had to pay off… is it worth this cousin of mine had to return back to india… And took a normal job… His masters did not help him in any way… Indian Education System is far better and cheaper if you stay near by rather going to such schools which are only money making schools… If you go to good schools then it is good… These students in India need to know that if you don’t have the money don’t unnecessarily put your parents in to trouble…

      2. Dude u studied in UT Arlington its not like you went to even TOP 50 to talk about andhra guys. You seem to think to high of urself for some reason.

        1. You don’t have to study in Top schools to oppose fake and fraudulent students to fake resumes. Yes, I have high self-esteem and much higher aspirations than an Average Joe.

          1. Well said Raghu. The quality of students coming into US has come down considerably in recent years. Anyone denying that is lying to themselves.

  32. You must remove the heading ” from blacklisted universities ” NPU and SVU are not “blacklisted”. It is confirmed by external affairs ministry, India and respective institutions(NPU and SVU) that they are “not blacklisted “. Stop spreading “rumors” for your business. Will you ( Indian media) spread same kind of rumors when this kind of situation occurs to the top 20 universities. Think, check and confirm before writing. Stop calling NPU and SVU as “degree mill ” they are accredited “universities”. There is a deference between “nigro” and “black”. People are considered as a “racist” when they discriminate others by their possession. I had seen so many “educated racist” comments in the social media they are commenting in a discriminated way because they have other university degrees.

    1. Hey,

      I know they are not blacklisted. But accredited doesn’t mean they are not degree mills. I’m writing for what people are searching for. I could given given the title “2 universities”. This would haven got like 10 page views not 1000s.

    2. I have no sympathy for these students. All they do is work in gas stations, hotels and grocery stores. Then join desi fake consultancies and abuses the H1b lottery by filing multiple fake applications screwing up genuine candidates in the process. Cant get away with fraud in the US.

    3. bro!!!

      Everyone knows about NPU and SVU.

      How many hours the students do part time per week. And what type of jobs they do.

      So lets assume NPU and SVU are worst and definitely people used them as a gateway to earn USD dollars.

        1. Andhra/Telanagana/Telugu craze for USA tag. I have talked to a lot of Andhra ppl in my university and this is what I feel is happening :

          1) Traditionally a lot of andhra immigration has happened to the USA … 80’s , 90’s and especially after “so called” IT boom . Back in the day even till early 2000’s qualified professionals and serious students (from any college in India, whts imp is they were serious and willing to immerse themselves in the education here and LEARN something at the end of the day) were the main ppl coming in. Small town andhra was relatively untouched by USA craze as they thought its an unattainable dream. Since the propping up of “degree mills” specially in andhra which is producing just paper engineers a big chunk of students are now eligible at least on paper to pursue a MS in USA. Now you have a degree on paper, They have zero technical , intellectual and social knowledge after completing BE in andhra (a big chunk). As society has taught them by now, they all have seen either a relative or neighbor in USA and seen how these people are held in high regard just because they are in USA. You get bigger dowry, parents get respect whatever. They are set . Parents give full backing . Cash access has become super easy . for middle class too … Legal Bank loans … or private financiers have propped up .. give loans based on crude dealings and sometimes house mortgages.

          2) What happens when people like above land in USA. There are a hell lot of univ who want them. To fill up their coffers. Ppl will pay out of state or foreign rate tution. and more importantly on papers the university has more “graduate enrollment” in STEM verticals , most cases that makes them eligible for federal or state grants etc.

          Students on loans are desperate , i knw ppl whose parents call them daily . asking abt job scene , do job on gas station do this do tht … whtever …. thats andhra culture now cant say much … they even give them good news of potential dowry alliances going on …. Man i hv seen it all …. felt sick to my stomach tht in in the same country i.e. we also hv a culture tht is polar opposite to wht i hv seen …. but anyways … the story goes on ….

          3) These ppl are now mainly exploited by their own i.e. Andhra Annas … as we called them …. They hv extreme respect to their so called seniors here and go to them for every advice possible …. fav topic is Visa/Green card talks … and hw to cut the lines and shortcuts ….

          Andhra Annas will fix grocery / gas station and mall jobs for them …. TA /RA assistant ships will always transfer from one Andhra guy to another Andhra guy …. cheating … tips on professors … which class to take which not … who will give easy A …

          One more thing i observed no one who came here after travelling 10000 miles is interested in finding out wht he/she likes … whts their interest … they will only take courses which either get them jobs or andhra annas say tht professor is easy and give them A.

          Taxi / Ride business is next step to a lot … they have fb pages giving rides ….they thrive on tht ….

          In short they hv made complete mockery of the Indian F1 student in general here … If some one reading this has ever spoken to american on wht they think abt indian students in their classes … specially engineering and computer science u will find out … wht i am saying ….


          Just pray US govt comes up with some way of filtering students …. only genuine ppl are let in ….

          1. i am asking one thing bro present what is situation about the part time jobs some one says like we will do part times after completed 2 semisters is it right or rumour

    4. I don’t understand a simple google/or wikipedia about these two universities in question raises red flags all over the places. About NPU, in wikipedia “In 2012 during visa fraud proceedings, federal authorities had claimed that the Northwestern Polytechnic University was accepting transfer credits from Herguan University, a violation of the stipulations of federal law”

      Since 2012, omg!!! what part of this people don’t understand. People who are coming to USA need little bit own work at least not everything done by so called consultants. As a student if you are not arse to google about college then whinge that you have conned is own mistake.

  33. Single handed Telgu exploitation is what is happening right now ….. ppl wont say this as majority of ppl maybe reading this are from the region …. Raghu come on man you are from there …. and am not saying all are crooks … no way …. infact people who came in even 5 yrs ago were somewhat serious and ethical ….

    Solution to this : No solution now …. Water has gone over head now … We are at point of no return ….. Uncle Sam will himself crack the whip ….. Just sit back and watch the game …… good in a way as only serious students will come forward now …..

    1. I have worked with really smart people from AP/Telungana. Problem starts with degree mills ( Engg college that admits students from all walks of life for BE). So, you get graduates with 10, 20, 30 backlogs and GRE shows their potential 270 and 280 scores.

      Then SEVP that authorizes just about any college to issue I20.

      You just need a building with few rooms to get SEVIS approval.

      Then comes people who are ready to hire few people to start a college.

      There is a market segment and there is a service provider matching them.

      I’m not sure why US consulate is preventing them.

      Finally CBP decided to take Action.

      And I’m not from “there”.

      I have spoken to several such students with low backgrounds and it’s really hard to explain some basic concepts to them. Yes it’s sad state. There are student for other states too. But it’s cokes down to numbers of Engineers who are produced per year.

    2. I totally agree i am from the same state but my upbringing was from a different state. I have myself seen many of the students or for that matter even work visa has been misused… The main goal is getting in to US however it is possible… Many of the so called students who got deported did not have much financial capability…but still pursued their dream of getting in to US… I would not blame them this trend has been going on for many years and many of their friends, relatives have all gone to US… So they too feel the need to travel and make money…but is it worth it is the question they need to ask themselves… Actually Education system in India is far better than these universities…. They could purse MBA/MS in India itself from good private universities….Also one thing they should know just being student does not entitle them for a permanent status in US..

  34. Things in the US operate (or used to anyway) on a “honor code” system for most part. In other words, people assume you are telling the truth unless proven otherwise. However, lately this has changed. The problem with this system (for Indians and others who are used to habitually twisting the truth for ulterior motives) is once they are found out, you are treated worse than a criminal, all respect and benefit of doubt that was given to you before gets taken away!!

    Because of the plethora of students (or faux students) who go to degree mills and other low life universities (that quite honestly should not even be accredited) is that everyone is now see as a queue barging immigrant just like the Mexican who walks across the border everyday – they are no longer seen as students. I doubt that most people who apply to “real” universities face the same issues.

  35. Sir,
    I have completed my B.E in MAY 2015 and i have applied for fall 2016..
    What can the main reason can i say when i attend an Visa interview ?
    What is the time duration for bank docs ??
    NOTE:Can i say about I have worked for about 6-8 months in some organisation or i can say i have applied for some universities and concentrating on GRE and IELTS !!

    1. Your questions proved the point of why students are being denied entry into USA. if you can’t explain why you applied to US to study, then how could you prove your intention is to study rather working?

    2. Did you give TOEFL? From your questions and english, it doesn’t seem so. What was your GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL score if you don’t mind sharing it?

  36. Unfortunately for F1 students the cats out of the bag. All are suspect. Especially Indian BC well that’s the truth. If you’re legit you need not worry if the student is a fraud he’ll be sent home. Its easy to see the difference the majority of the time. They’re sent home BC they were not legit bottom line. They’re lucky they were only locked up for a night. More are being sent home as I type this.

    1. The cat was NEVER in the bag to begin with. It has always been out of the bag, since the late 70s and early 80s. Nothing new here. Just the desperation level of the students and the overall volume of low profile universities and students has gone way up, a lot more degree mills and students who are not really students applying for a visa as an immigration mechanism.

      1. The problem is the US has too many universities and students will have a tough time to understand and learn about universities and sometimes they even have to depend on information from others.

        lets say if US officials were able to reject their visas while attending the visa interview itself would have been better. This actually shows that the officers had a tough time to figure out good universities out of so called degree mill universities.

        This shows the total system has to change.

  37. My take try to avoid consultants and their ideas… C’mon put an effort find out yourself the good schools to study… Pick up a location which suits you best if you have relatives or friends staying nearby and start your admission process yourself….First of all “you should know you can only work in your campus” for 20hrs a week….Don’t plan going to schools which are black listed and try new routes of travel…Also remember you need to show your financing capability for study at the port of entry… Also if you do all the work yourself you will know how education system works in US… As the article above clearly states it is fault of the students and the CBP officer has every right to deport.. I have also studied in US… Never I have been questioned at the port of entry the CBP officer knew my place of study and did enquire about the timing of the school… also it is not wrong staying in your friend or relatives place to cut down your living expenses if they live nearby to your place of study and this you can inform… Nobody minds!!! Also by just saying some agent had sent me here and I don’t know giving the agent’s name would not help in any way… I would suggest you do your own work as most place of study have an “International Student Advisor” they will walk you thru the admission process and help you all the way… contact them

    1. Applying to U.S. universities and colleges takes lot of effort and that’s part of your learning process. People don’t recognize that. Even students with GRE of 320+ run to consultants expecting they would work miracles for them. There are consultants and agents. Pick a consultant who serves your need. Someone who can help you improve your profile overall.

      1. hello raghu

        i have some questions regarding immigration and opt issues can u give me ur mail id or phone no so that i can discuss with you


  38. Good analysis Raghu. In nutshell, students screwed themselves and blaming everyone else. Had they little idea of how to answer to CBP officers, they would not have gone through this.

  39. I think this has nothing to do with the university. Its the student’s mistake. I went to a very reputed university. I remember, the CBP officer had asked me, what sport was my University famous for. (At that time It was No. 1 College in Basket Ball). But had I not answered it correctly, I am sure he would have probed me further. Its basic common sense. If you are not aware about basic facts about the University you are attending, then there is a good chance you are not there to study.

    1. They gave let thousands of students enter US for NPU and SVU. Question remains – Why now? What is expected impact they want to have with Denial of Entry.

      I hope this make studnets apply to better universities and learn more about them.

      1. Seriously Raghu … You dont get it … The amount of saturation of indians has shot up exponentially … if we were just quiet by the book law abiding people … hard working and all … no one would have a problem ….

        Illegal workers at gas stations … mall kiosks …. ride business … come on man you are from UTA … you knw wht i am talking abt … dont pretend you dont knw anything … tht with specific domination of a single community everywhere ….

        Rampant cheating … repeated plagiarism …. low or no ethics all these factors hv lead to the “indian” student community to a lowly status in general here …. I am here since the last 7 years and have only seen things go to the dogs ….

        All tht said … yes there is a big chunk of indians who do really good and are exactly the opposite of the above … maybe its nly for tht reason we dont hv a blanket ban on visas ….

        Look … all i am saying is pls acknowledge the issue right now …. All this that is happening in a way is good … sends out strong signals to naive indian students in india … if you are planning to come here to do ride business and gas station work and then wanting to get exploited in a desi consultancy pls stay back ….

        Shit has hit the fan …. I will be really happy if even more suck crackdowns happen …. albeit to the wishes of a lot of ppl on this forum … who think in overdoing shit and over-milking the cow …. America is a beautiful land a billion times better than where we come from …. Isnt this why u are coming here …. pls respect the law of this land and dont do actions that give a bad name to each and every indian here …. Poisoning the well for others is a very uniquely indian trait !

        1. MadeInIndia,

          Thanks brother for your comments. Students, who is applying to SVU and NPU, place your hand on your heart and think are you doing write thing? I heard that a lot of people are going mainly to do part-time job ? Why these two university admission process is not rigorous as other mainstream universities? Is because they have low standards, that’s why you are going there? That means you are incapable of quality education. Instead of studying there, it is the best to stay back in India and do something else.

          1. Everyone applying to SVU, NPU or similar schools know that’s the Path of least resistance. As long as you are ready to apply and provide some form of documents, you would get admit. It was matter of time before hammer would strike them hard and it’s doing now. 20 more students were denied entry from Chicago within last 2 days!

    2. what’s happening is unfortunate… Times are different and current homeland policies are getting tighter. Just to be clear… I encourage interested students to pursue higher education in U S universities. I myself went through this process 15 years ago and it is a great experience.

      couple of things one has to keep in mind from my experience –

      1 – Be ready with answers. When you say not sure, you are giving CBP officer more room to probe you. Officer typically asks you questions related to study, stay and university. One should know these answers.

      2 – Back in the day, I carried money in traveller checks – it covered one semesters cost of fees and living expenses . So be prudent in carrying the right amount, remember you are not on a back packing tour.

      Also, ask reasons for not granting entry . You already have a visa but not granting entry is completely different.. CBP has every right to deny entry. From what I have seen from tv shots of cancelled visas, it looks like CBP officer is convincing students to voluntarily withdraw the application to admit to USA.



  40. Destiny is a good thing to accept when it’s going your way. When it isn’t, don’t call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck.

  41. I would say that’s a bit harsh with the language. But seriously similar sentiment is being echoed around in a lot of Indian student circles all around the USA I believe. I am doing my PhD and have been here since 2009. All I can say is the Andhra population in general is exploding here and most the kids coming in don’t even know what they are here for. Social stigma is definitely a thing .. dowry .. status back home whatever. Most of the guys specifically from Andhra are happy doing ride business and gas station work.

    Times of India says that majority of people coming from Andhra to USA are even not qualified enough to land a job in India. USA MS is a back up plan for them . You see for a lot of Reddys 20-25 lakhs is peanuts and not even for them even middle class is able to loan out the money .. in short a US MS has become affordable to a lot. People with bare min technical, intellectual and social skills land in USA , thanks to pro-business approach of USA, at the end of the day they give you a chance at the american dream if you are ready to pay for the degree.

    Indian image has been enormously hurt in universities and people here do see this everyday, dont deny this please. Cheating is rampant in all classes. Ethics dont exist in exist in education or jobs. Americans dont know to differentiate what is north indian what is south or what is telgu or what is kannada or tamil. We all are getting bracketed in one slot.

    Telgu speaking people should be more vocal about some of their peers misusing this opportunity and more importantly about poisoning this well for the others here and yet to come over here. Please take the initiative , I am in a texas univ with a lot of andhra people. Some of them are really good friends , but we all know andhra people form groups and politics is rampant.

    Please read this article , you will get a sense of the resentment some your brethren i.e. andhra/telgu people have generated … its not just me but a wide spectrum of people … i knw we cannot generalize here … but still problem lies with andhra culture and craze for usa tag .

    Read on :

    1. I Completely agree with you bro.Even though i belongs to the same region here in Andhra parents and relatives feel it as a status symbol rather than considering it for Good Career.

  42. Dear @RealIndian Tiger,

    I do not know what to say to you. You are accusing all the Telugu speaking people for the mistakes committed by few. It is like telling a Muslim you are terrorist because some Muslim friends of yours in middle east are committing terrorist attacks.

    You said that Telugu speaking people can’t even speak properly and they don’t even care about the technical skills. Well dear friend before accusing all of Telugu people, look at Satya nadella, now CEO of Microsoft. He is from a state which speaks Telugu. I am a Telugu speaking person and I know some of the Telugu speaking people who speak better English than others.

    I do not understand how you are f***ed up when those people make mistakes. What is there for you to fear about? It is those people who should be afraid as their careers are now spoiled.

    You see a difference between Telugu people and other Indians and asking your friends to do the same. Well dear friend I pity you. We do not differentiate between others (I am sure most of the others also don’t).

    Finally I would request Raghu to not allow such people post such comments. They are offensive

  43. NPU was good university, but the campus structure was not good.if you study in State university or NPU university s subjects are same ,assignments are same ,but difference is campus…etc.some of my friends told that state university fails the subjects if you fail again study those subjects. That’s why state university are very costly for studies.currently I am looking for higher studies..

  44. Very well written article… C’mon have some sense when applying to education institutes in US… Just don’t blindly believe some consultant for taking admission for course in some unknown college or so called university… All of you have internet go check their campus etc and then make up your mind…. Even when you get down at US airports CBP officer would know the good schools in his area…And remember as the article clearly states not everyone go through this type of screening… and many genuine students are never asked even a question…so to all those just find a better school to study… there are many good schools in USA… Also please understand how the study works in US.. It is not classes just understand they system… how many credits u need to finish masters etc… pls just don’t go because a consultant whom you paid has sent you… Do your home work…

  45. This is not about NPU or SV. They are genuine universities. Lot of people who studied here have jobs in Silicon Valley.

    Now here is a shocking detail, it all started with few muslim students who got caught in the cross hairs of questioning by CBP officers. Instead of dealing with them, they decided to pack and re-send everyone to not arouse suspicion.

    This is not good for our Indian students. The bad thing is, damage is done to their passports, but they can re-apply go back again.

  46. There is nothing wrong in seeking higher education in US even in mediocre to average schools. But once the students get the degree and the job, they still have to perform to keep the job. Only if they are smart they can retain the job. So it does not matter which school they go to, what they do with the degree matters.

    Some complain it is getting difficult for others who have more genuine qualifications from better schools to get H1, well for those you can always go back to India and work there, since your “genuine qualifications” will help you getting that high paying job in India.

  47. Guys stop the bullshit!
    All the students who are coming to usa most of them are coming with fake financial documents and fake loan documents and no money in hand to eat also. Why you guys doing like this! One student told Immigration officer that he wanted to work in grocery store or some gas station for his expenses OMG. Is he mad? He is no where in the world. he dont know the meaning of F1 visa at all. There are thousands of Universities in usa why people going to NPU & SVU is bcos of low fee. If you dont have money to pay for the tuition fee dont apply for USA. You dont study in engineering and u dont get proper gre TOEFL scores but you want to come to usa. Since last few years students coming to usa not to study just to do part time and pay the fee. most of the people showing no interest to study OMG.

    The way USA immigration verifying the documents is absolutely correct and i support them. One more thing i wanted to make it clear,students saying they interrogated for more than 15 hours etc etc.. Of course it takes time to inquire about you and your documents and your degrees etc.. They should wait till morning in India to find out the information, nothing wrong waiting for 15 hours.

    The people that got deported from USA are i) they didnt answer the questions properly ii) they dont have proper genuine documents iii) he/she argued with Officers iv) Dont have minimum knowldge about the university credits fee etc.

    Message for the students who cleared the Immigration and went to the college(SVU/NPU):
    No need to feel relax, actual thing starts after your MS.
    If you do any illegal thing in usa while studying you dont get work permit(OPT) after your MS and i have seen many cases since last 5 years in usa.

    1. I totally agree with you, Genuine guy. Indian (specifically Telugu) media, especially TV9 are highly irrational on reporting the news. They are portraying students as victims without interrogating the actual scene that happened .

      One of the students said in open media that he was forced to eat beef/pork. As far as I am aware the immigration people will not force you to eat or do anything that is against your religious belief.

      And prospective students please be aware that you are not permitted to work outside University when you are on F1 status, enrolled for a semester. You can only work when you are on OPT/CPT.

      1. Its not immigration officers fault. Totally a students problem, few does not even know basic rules of USA and F1 visa. Most of them comes for only part time earning and our media yells a lot for good trp. First check out the answers our students are giving and then u decide what 2 do.

    2. Stop saying all these nonsense because 100% F1 applicant says in the visa interview, that they will come back to there home country after completing there studies, so all you (existed) guys did you came back ? How many you prolonged by joining more courses or filing more applications at a time…It’s just luck & common sense how to deal the situation. So stop giving lectures that if you don’t have money you can’t do this do that..bla bla US officers don’t care how many baclogs you have…etc ONLY THING IS YOUR INTENSION SHOULD BE CLEAR & BE HONEST, that’s it.

    3. You call yourself “Genuine Guy” but your English states otherwise. Just cause you escaped the CBP detainment/questionnaire doesn’t make you a saint.
      You started your post with the word “bullshit” which exactly what your post was/is. You don’t know the fundamental forum etiquette, you rant just about anything without the faintest idea of what exactly happened and you believe calling yourself a “Genuine Guy” avoids questions.

      HYPOCRITE is the word for people like you!

  48. Guys stop the bullshit!
    All the students who are coming to usa most of them are coming with fake financial documents and fake loan documents and no money in hand to eat also. Why you guys doing like this! One student told Immigration officer that he wanted to work in grocery store or some gas station for his expenses WTF. Is he mad? He is no where in the world. he dont know the meaning of F1 visa at all. There are thousands of Universities in usa why people going to NPU & SVU is bcos of low fee. If you dont have money to pay for the tuition fee dont apply for USA. You dont study in engineering and u dont get proper gre toefl scores but you want to come to usa. Since last few years students coming to usa not to study just to do part time and pay the fee. most of the people showing no interest to study WTF.

    The way USA immigration verifying the documents is absolutely correct and i support them. One more thing i wanted to make it clear,students saying they interrogated for more than 15 hours etc etc.. Of course it takes time to esquire about you and your documents and your degrees etc.. They should wait till morning in India to find out the information, nothing wrong waiting for 15 hours.

    The people that got deported from USA are i) they didnt answer the questions properly ii) they dont have proper genuine documents iii) he/she argued with Officers iv) Dont have minimum knowldge about the university credits fee etc.

    Message for the students who cleared the Immigration and went to the college(SVU/NPU):
    No need to feel relax, actual thing starts after your MS.
    If you do any illegal thing in usa while studying you dont get work permit(OPT) after your MS and i have seen many cases since last 5 years in usa.

  49. Hi Raghu,

    I have got my VISA approved for SVU for spring 2016.
    I am coming in the first week of jan,2016.

    I have all original documents and now i am afraid to travel as i cannot waste money in coming till there and returning back.
    I am not able to understand what to do in this situation as we have many students coming till there and returning back.

    please help with your suggestions

    1. This is Subbu from NJ. Based on what I read and what I heard Raghu say, the deportation was purely an isolated case where the students were not able to provide information about how they are going to fund their studies and as a matter of fact, they were not even sure about what they are going to study. If you are sure that you have valid answers for all the questions the CBP might ask you (remember, you need to be prepared for any type of questions, but with honest answers), then you can definitely take the flight to come here. If you are a student with valid Visa and have proof that you can fund the studies and also know exactly what you are going to study, the fees etc, then I dont think the CBP will deport you. As of now I dont see any black listing on those 2 universities. Also please check with your airlines if there any problem could be there at port of entry itself.

    2. Don’t worry, Try to go bit late until situation goes alright. While going to US be ready to face Immigration Officer questions like what is course, modules, fees, which address you are going to stay in US. You should carry minimum USD 3000 cash with you. You have to tell NO INTENTION TO DO ANY KIND OF JOBS WHILE STUDYING OR IN USA AND YOUR GETTING FUNDS FROM YOUR PARENTS FOR SUPPORTING YOUR EXPENSES. AND TELL THEM NO INTENTION TO STAY IN USA AFTER FINISHING IN USA OR NO INTENTION TO GET PR IN USA. Do some research on your University. All the best

    3. Please dont come to study at SVU, its a third rate college. If you are really interested in studies look for better universities. its always possible that SVU will get shut down at some point in time due to their policies.Better be safe.

  50. Few Fact that every one has to accept

    This Universities are trying to fulfill the dream of some students who don’t have that much money or who were not might be that focused in their past.

    If you have that much complain go to Stanford no one is stoping you.

    You want to give a shit and want to get diamond.

    And if those all students are From India or may b from any particular city .. let me tell the fact of bay area companies
    When you are giggling with your iPhone or showing some one how cool this apps are this people’s handwork is behind that.
    More then 60 – 70 % (approximate) employees in any Hi – tech companies are from this areas so you better think what you are saying.

  51. Recently I got visa approval in chennai for NPU. So suggestion me what to do and I don’t have any other i20s in my hand…

  52. All universities that allow CPTs to F1 students right at the very beginning of joining the school and all Universities that allow F1 students to work off campus should be considered as businesses rather than schools. These universities don’t operate to provide quality education to the students but they operate to make money out of international students. Each international student pays $20,000 to $30,000 to earn a masters degree and many of them cannot even afford the tuition and living costs and do all kinds of dirty jobs to make their living in US and pay for their tuition. I would say, these universities should be banned first of all. We Indian students lead elegant life in India and there are thousands of opportunities in India to become successful in career and achieve better prospects while being with the family, friends, and being with the parents who need us in their old age but most of us ambitiously come to US to lead nothing but a third-grade life as secondary citizens. Many students don’t come to US to study and get into a good job but they just use the F1 visa as a means to enter into US and do all kinds of jobs illegally and then eventually find a consultancy or some sort of mechanism to get a job. When your intentions are to get into illegal activities you have no right argue about justice and honesty. Hope the students’ ambitions and priorities change over time. Dear fellow Indian students be ambitious and try to find better ways to fulfill your dreams. NEVER ARGUE OR DEBATE WITH STUPIDS BECAUSE THEY WILL DRAG YOU TO HIS LEVEL AND DEFEAT YOU WITH THEIR TACTIS AND HEIGHT OF STUPIDITY.

    1. Thanks for commenting. There are good students in NPU and SVU, but they should have taken efforts to improve their profile to go to better universities. I was talking to someone in NPU and some students were caught working off-campus. I think theey were sent home as well. There are better ways to come to USA to study and NPU and SVU are not the way to go.

      1. Hey Raghuram, I have a scanned copy of another deported student circulating in whatsapp. I would like to share that with you. I don’t get any source to share it here instead I would like to send it to your e-mail. I feel it would be helpful for all of us to dig more on this issue.

          1. How can you access a deportation form any other person. Can you please explain how genuine is this deportation forms you obtained, Also how come only 2 were obtained when 19 were deported? Nothing personal regarding this question as I feel that I Need to verify the source before sharing these documents as they pertain to people with assigned case number which is not blurred.

          2. That’s the difference between a blog and traditional reporter who are required to verify the facts and source. You can find the same forms witho full names with easy search.

    2. I came to know that now they are asking to write code as well. CBP guys are saying if you are not good at bachelors you might be fake.

      Prepare well for interview, don’t go to any college and degree without knowing all the details.

      Some of the guys who wrote messages here;themselves are bad at English. However please be honest; one wrong step and you will be doomed for life.

      I don’t think Andhra people are getting singled out at interview but Indians might be.

  53. On dec 21st,30 students from NPU & SVU came to SFO by emirates,all the 30 students were questioned for 15 hours,and checked all financial documents,and they allowed 28 students to enter,and they sent back only 2 students,because of insufficient funds,but students who got entry to United States,they are very silent,they are not posting any questions asked by immigration officers,I think there is know problem with university’s,and university’s are not only reason for deportation (or) sending students back.

  54. So I go to IGNOU (open university), work in a grocery store, earn a degree just by appearing for exam, getting only passing marks. Later I get a job in a software company, I am fraud? Why because everyone wrote CAT, CET, went to college full time, spent a lot more money than me. Wow! this is the new world order!

    1. @RAJ
      Thanks for understanding the problems of the students,many students from NPU & SVU are transffered students,from different reputed state university’s,many students of NPU are working as a full time employes at eBay and Cisco and Many other top companies around bay area,many students have 300+ GRE and 6.5 ielts score.The reason they transffered here because of low tution fees,that it.they are not cheating any one,they are struggling,Being a Indian we have to support them,please support Indian students.Thank you.

    2. No, you are not fraud, but what it typically does is, it defeats the purpose you stated why you want to come to the states. When you apply as a student and get a visa as a student, you are required to follow the rules and guidelines.

      The problem here is, when a student comes here with no money and full of stories, the authorities will not give a damn. They need proofs. Proofs that are tangible and that can be validated. Money in the bank and pocket, clarity in communication, knowledge about the country and where you will stay, what you will study etc., As stated in the article, the interview documents clearly show how unqualified the kid is.

      You join any university you want, Make sure you have enough knowledge about the school and the anywhere you want, make sure you have valid work authorization. It is mandatory for international studends to maintain attendance, your purpose here is to study, not work in a grocery store and join a consultancy..even if thats your intention, since that’s not why your visa is granted in the first place.

    3. @Raj

      One can understand the impact of potential loss to income…

      On Illegal immigrants, indicating that, even if one is an illegal immigrant, anybody can make it here? A cow’s manure is more palatable. Their real situation is no secret and more than 5 million have been deported in 2014. Trivalley students were radio tagged and the humiliation it entails is nothing compared to being sent back from airport.

      IGNOU??? IGNOU’s MCA is a difficult course and YOU HAVE TO STUDY to pass it. Its examination system is hard and yes its cheap.

      A competent & smart student can easily make even at a shittiest university, and yes, it is their choice to be misled by learning of examples, that illegal immigrants are making it here.

      Apparently there is some unverified discussion about the “real” abuse to our own choice minded fellows at this university. If this true, who is abusing who?

      As you have said law will surely catch up and the process seems to have started.

      Nothing against students here but as its mentioned already, if the questions raised are valid, then to ones own!

  55. In the past 100 years, millions of people having been entering the US illegally, without papers, without degree, some flew with fake passports while some crossed border in Mexico. Some entered US genuinely, with real education, real universities, real papers, pay taxes, live by rules. People who entered illegally work, earn tax free money, some have gone to become millionaires, owning 10s of Subways or 10s of 7-Elevens.

    Now you can ask why I have to study, work hard, live the rules while some can cross the border and make a living. This is a question, the answer lies with the person, which path you want to take, neither of them is wrong. If you can survive taking he illegal path, then fine, why fine? because being illegal in US in not forbidden, they are given driving licenses, food stamps, fairness in jobs (in some cases), they are also allowed to pay taxes (through an ITIN number).

    1. A cows manure is more palatable than this argument. More than 5 million illegal immigrants million deported, living life of invisibility and fear.

  56. Hello all,
    Last year I wanted to move to Bay Area from Washington, D.C. When I looked for a university I came across NPU. I applied to NPU and got accepted. I moved to California. THIS IS THE WORST UNIVERSITY I HAVE EVER SEEN. I never knew that these kind of schools are excited in US. There is not a single American student going to this school. All of the students are either Indian or Chinese. I heard that they don’t fail anybody in classes. Most of the students cannot speak English in this school. If the professor or the TA happens to be Indian or Chinese, students will answer questions from their own languages. If you want to study in a good school in US with American culture, this is not the place. Felt like they just sell the degrees here. I transferred to a different university after one month of school there. This is the reality.

    1. @Truth

      What is wrong with studying among Indian students? You hate Indians? What is the problem if the Professor speaks in Hindi or Telugu to make sure students understand the doubts? You are racist and certainly not ‘Indian’.

      1. Mr Raaaj sir,

        You need to chill down first and understand some facts…

        Please please look at the university website of SVU. It mentions that H1-B slot is guaranteed. Wonder what university has it.

        Also if you don’t be a daft and look though the website faculty it mentions four professors and google them each and you will see that none of them work full time. Now tell me if you have a close kin, would you send him to such university where you can get your ass hauled back? Also if you are hard working student studying MS (MS is a very very hard course in a decent university) to get grades after some struggle, what do you even feel when you see students, which I don’t attribute to being inept, without even taking GRE, come to US, pay some money and get into the H1B quota all the while not even attending classes.

        1. @Red

          I live in the US and specifically in Bay Area. NPU is about 7 miles from where I work. I also teach part time at a university here (not NPU). Let me tell you something, in Bay Area, many universities have classes in the evenings so that students who are working can attend classes. Also the faculty is not full time in most cases. The reason is, in bay area, there are many opportunities to make money, professors or lecturers run consulting firms or work full time in big companies and they go to teach classes in the evenings. It is a very common. Even state universities have this arrangement. This is not just Bay Area, in bigger cities like NY, Chicago, Atlanta or Miami, this is a very common trend.

          1. @Red – I understand your point, you are saying that some students get a free meal ticket in form of not going to classes, getting in without GRE, TOEFL, not having to fail in exams. I agree with you this, this is too easy and not fair.

            But in free markets, free world, we cannot stop someone from cutting short cuts if it is fair, not against the law, then we cannot judge them.

            think of so many politicians who have no education but become very powerful. so if a student cuts short cut, his is risking something – which is not having real knowledge to perform in a job, he will continue to cut short cuts in life, eventually they will come down one or the other…….but hating them, abusing them is not right, they did not break laws….

            if they can get into Stanford they will not go to NPU……..

            I will tell you more thing, if you go to NPU, are able to find a job and compete openly, set up a decent life, then going to NPU is a better option than going to some other place, why take the effort and go GRE and pay more for a more strict university? It a choice, personal choice

      2. Well said raj
        we want subject, NPU is very good regularly we chekstudent portal . they strictly conduct assingments exams.

  57. Hi Sir!
    It seems that they are low profile students. its ok. but, there is no right to study in U.S for middle class families who may get bank loans as they are asking financial proof!? Only rich people can study in U.S.A!!?

    1. Your logic is asnine to put it mildly.

      US education is unaffordable even to American citizens. Student debt in USA is $ 1 Trillion and student loan is not even subject to bankruptcy law.

      What you are suggesting is that you want to go to US to a shady university whose sole purpose is to scam system. Look up SVU site, none of the faculty seem to work there now by googling each one of them.

      If you cannot afford it, then earn it by studying hard and get into a good university which has funding and TA and RA opportunities.

      1. @Rammohan

        You are correct, if a student gets admitted, he has every right to study in US. Not everyone can go to MIT or Stanford.

        Actually it is good that universities like NPU exists, so that students who are not super intelligent can have a 2nd chance to prove their worthy. They study in a low ranked university and still can deserve a chance to compete for jobs.

  58. Indian students deported by the US authorities from San Francisco seem to be an unlucky lot with the US authorities launching an investigation into the accrediting agency and not the two varsities in question.

    A report in the ‘Inside Higher Ed’, a popular publication that focuses on higher education in the USA, revealed that Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CPFB), a regulatory body in the USA, has received several complaints about the poor accreditation standards of Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). According to the report, the CFPB issued a Civil Investigative Demand on August 25, 2015 to investigate the accreditation granted by the ACICS to ‘for profit’ colleges. It also sought information on all the colleges that ACICS accredited over the last few years. The ACICS challenged the investigation, but the CFPB moved court and got an order in its favour. The investigation was started on December 11 this year. G. Narsi Reddy, a GRE trainer in the city, says the problem for students perhaps started here. The two institutions in question – Silicon Valley University and the North Western Polytechnic College – were also accredited by the ACICS. The very fact that ACICS is being probed has cast a shadow on these institutions. Trainers like Mr. Narsi Reddy caution the students that they should avoid such institutions as they may face problems in the H1B processing as well. He says of the 65,000 H1B visas given every year, 6,800 are only for citizens of Singapore and Chile. So, about 58,200 visas are reserved for others. An additional quota of 20,000 visas is reserved for people who complete their studies in the US varsities. The main problem, however, is that students studying in ‘for-profit’ colleges are not eligible to apply for H1B in the 20,000 quota as only graduates of Public and Non-Profit universities are eligible under this. Interestingly, most of the ‘for-profit’ colleges are accredited by the ACICS, Mr. Reddy says.

    Getting a US student visa has become relatively easy over the last few years thus motivating several ‘unqualified’ and ‘mediocre’ students to get into the US varsities, feels Ravilochan Singh, Managing Director of Globalreach and an education advisor.

    Mr. Ravi, who has expertise in Australian education, feels Australia, Canada and the UK went through the correction and it’s time the US market too gets corrected.

    Above article published in Hindu today

  59. These are not students,they’re Slackers/Uncles/jobless people are knowingly coming to these sham schools in Bay Area and Virginia are acting way too smart exploiting the American Education system. None of them have any intention to study, they come here to work in restaurants and some kids open their own cell phone stores in malls too,without paying taxes, a very illegal way to make money here in States Right !. They have brokers on campus who are prolly on of their ex-students who contact Educaion consultancies in India,and get admission to these colleges earning commissions, this SVU has a hired Telugu Kid- as broker called Navyakanth, who makes $20,000 per month on just commissions. Remember, these kids have very horrible Grades in their Undergrad and speak neither good English nor have enough brains to clear their minimum GRE scores or even pass their basic TOEFL/ IELTS a standardized examination required for any other normal American graduate student . But,the college gives them admission within hours. These kids chose these colleges so that they can work outside full time, as these colleges conduct classes only once in Month.Only thing the college is concerned and particular is to grab their semester fees. It’s like no money no laundry. At end of day,these kids Graduate with 0% knowledge and get their OPTs/CPT (work Permits) and stand beside other Indian kids who spend years of hard working in preparing for GRE and more efforts study in State Colleges with scholarships. And, creating a confusion to Employers here.

    1. I agree what u told abt students and their profile but there are many better students with good profile and u cannt judge like that because students who hav gre -294 and acadamics 64% didn’t get admissions in other universities due lack of minimum scores in ielts this is the reason wer more students go such universities and also tution fee costs less perhaps there are many reason to select such universities so u cannt just pointout in one-way ..try to support them and Dnt ever underestimate because we Dnt knw Wat problem they may be after 1sem they may go for other it depends u cannt just spoil their reputation..

    2. @Sam – there is nothing wrong, most of the students in India too, go to college to have fun, not to study. if you can make money while studying, it is even better! If you can go the US without effort, even better! these students are not killing anyone, they are not mugging people, they are not robbing gas stations. they are not a danger to anyone. please take your anti-telugu rant somewhere else!

  60. 1. Do your own research on schools in the US. Its you who will be studying there and not consultants. Simply going to any run of the mill university they tell you to puts your future at risk
    2. If you plan on going to the US, please make sure you are up to it. Life is hard here. Read some of the posts telling you what students went through before they finally settled down here. Thats furthermore reason to only consider the US if you have good acads and you are actually going to a good top 50 university.
    3. I might sound harsh but a huge number of Indians sign up to any darn university just to get a job here. Fact is, people like them messed up the job scene in India by upping the demand for engineering colleges and now are doing the same thing for MS degrees and H1B’s. When will people learn that being an engineer or a doctor isn’t the sole purpose of life?

    1. US embassy will definitely know what universities are blacklisted and which aren’t! When they granted Visa to this university that means.. univ is fair enough and is not blacklisted. This is minimum common sense.

      Indian News channels are horrible and they completely tell the opposite to what exactly happened just to get more TRP ratings. Air India Airlines: because they lost all the amount by sending these students back from the airport itself, they are playing all means.

      Students who are studying here are pursuing these degrees from these 2 accredited universities without any issues. Any Indian Minister or any new channel, show clearly understand the process and all Immigration process, visa process is linked and they are not different. Student who cleared Visa interview, should be able to clear Immigration process also , why couldn’t he/she able to clear the process then? Think for yourselves. Dont waste time, by changing the meaning.
      I was shocked when I saw the NDTV report “They Went To US With College Dreams. Returned After 3 Days In Jail” What a **! Did they come and see that these students went to Jail in US? What a disgusting statement.

      Students : please understand.. getting visa alone is not enough and you need to clear Immigration process infact. If any student who cant answer the immigration questions, then definitely they are dismissed from the airport itself.

      1. Shabana all the students are not deported based on answers only. There are many studnets who were told its based on the university they selected and might be you didn’t heard 40 studnets are deported from abudhabi for these svu and npu universities and please don’t say its because of students answers and documents. There is something fishy about these universities which is happening. And FYI the studnets who are deported are all third grade universities which are not having standards and issuing thousnads of I20’s.

  61. Forget about those 14 or 19 students who got deported. Understand the status of those students studying in these universities and who are planning to graduate this year. Why do we have to care if they apply to low ranking univ or they don’t speak English well.. Are you paying for these tuition fees! Its all luck! Air India created a big drama and overreacted. NDTV obvisously news channel.. they manipulate the words rather than just giving the details what has happened.

  62. Forget about those 14 or 19 students who got deported. Understand the status of those students studying in these universities. Why do we have to care if they apply to low ranking univ or they don’t speak English well! Its all luck! Air India created a big drama and overreacted. NDTV obvisously news channel.. they manipulate the words rather than just giving the details what has happened.

  63. Yes I agree with all people in this post that students in this university are not only spoiling the name of the country by doing such things.

    I know some of students at this university and the situation at these two universities is worst as around 15 to 20 students stay in a double bed apartment and work part time off campus and also don’t attend classes at university. These are the students who have 20 backlogs during their undergrad and do not even have 60% and no GRE and TOEFL still do not understand that its time for them to study hard.

    But still continue to do the same thing and finish masters in 1 year without knowing what courses they have done and compete for H1B with other students who attend top universities and doing thesis by paying thousands of dollars with out any parttime.

    1. Is failing in courses against the law? why are you judging students? what should they do? go back to india and beg at traffic signals because they cannot study well?

  64. Hi Guys,
    Its not only these two universities but immigration checks are more strict since the Paris attacks and recent killings in California. Basically due to this there is being through scrutiny of everyone entering into USA these days. The deportation at port of entry means two things either the documents are improper or the answers given by those students may have seemed inappropriate for the type of visa by which they are entering into USA. In my personal view i don’t think all the 14 members who are restrained from entering into USA have same reason, rather i think majority of them have inappropriate documentation(such as bank loan , SOP and all other documents required). and some due contradictory answers . So, I advise the people who are planning to arrive into USA on F1B visa please do check the documentation and verify it and please do some research on the course curriculum offered in the particular university and cost per each credit and total credit hours that can be taken per semester and also gain some information about pre-requisite courses (if any ) issued by the university. Please be sure about the courses which you intend to take.
    These are few thoughts that i would like to share with you.


    1. Nice try Venkat! You are repeating the things written in the article. We all know now, what to prepare for when entering the US.

      1. Thanks for your comment Raj. I have shared my views. There are still people who are coming to USA with zero knowledge about most of the things. I have studied Masters in USA in Illinois and have been working here. So i thought it would be useful to post. Moreover most of us don’t even look at the laws to the country we are going to and F1 student rights and responsibilities. Sorry if i have offended you in anyway and thanks once again.

  65. Also note that, at the port of entry, it is the duty of officers to ensure faulty, suspicious people are not allowed to enter the US. Interests of US are priority to the officers. Please do not say that they ruined dreams, wasted our money and what not. It is their country, they have the right to deny admission. It like not allowing a potential tenant to rent your house, if you do not like the applicant. Same goes with nations, if they don’t like what we are telling them, they can refuse entry. We would do the same if we were the officers at the port of entry in India.

  66. I do not agree with bloggers here who say that students are cutting short cuts to obtain entry into the US by going to low grade schools like NPU or SVU. Since they do not have TOEFL or GRE requirements some low performing students are getting in. I reject this notion. They have followed the application procedure and went to seek visa from US consulate. Nothing wrong in this. Rich people in India can buy admission into medical and engineering colleges, then why not a poor farmer’s son go to the US to study? There is no crime in this. If they stay in India without a job what good it is?

    1. Hi raj,

      There is a difference between low grade univ and fake univ. clearly NPU and SVU are fake univ. These univ. do not have any limit in admissions. univ of central missouri,, bridgeport, texas A &M king, etc., are low grade. If u get low gre and toefel go to those univ.

      1. Vuday,

        Who are you to decide that these are fake universities? I dont get it, some guys just decide and publish their views without thinking twice.

    2. Not to take anything away from your comments. But such university are present only for sole purpose of making money and folks from India just want to escape to US expecting bed of roses. Such universities are exploit students and they don’t care rats ass about students. They hardly have funding and solely survive by Indian student’s money. An education out of such universities will make you end up competing for a job at the petrol pump.

      1. Hello Ram ED,

        Yes, you are correct. I guess you are the first one standing in line to get into jobs at petrol pumps.

    3. Poor farmers son can go to USA and I’m all for that. Just like how poor farmer son can get into good college with good grades, same can happen. NPU and SVU are just degree mills. We are not talking about afforablity here, we are talkign about skills.

      1. @Raghuram – So you are saying that unless I go to Harvard or Cornell, I can’t earn any skills? How did you come up with that? You can be a skillful engineer without any degree!! Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Michael Dell did not have any completed professional degree. Please don’t be judgemental that only people from ivy leagues deserve respect.

  67. Deportation is incorrectly used term in this article. Refusal entry to the US is not same as ‘deportation’. Please correct the facts.

  68. I have no offence to the students at NPU or SVU. But I know many low profile students with no proficiency getting I20s. You just have to email them ur documents, not even original ones. And you get the I20 and if lucky visa. These students complete studies in a year and join the H1B pool with fake exp. So whats the difference between them and genuine students who work hard to get the MS complete thesis and does not get a H1B. The universities should have a minimum benchmark for the students and even visa officers should check the credibility of the student. I heard there are many students at these universities with fake degree certicates as the university never checks the authenticity. I hope all the students have a safe future at these univ but atleast in future US officials should check the authenticity of the candidates before issuing visa.

  69. Hi Every One,

    I just want to clarify about these 2 universities. I have many friends in these universities and recently my brother applied to these universities . I got to know some interesting things about these universities. Actually these universities are visa mills and it is a way to all students who cannot write gre, ielts and for some students even did not pass B.Tech. These 2 universities are even following chain marketing. If suppose a student X refers this university to a friend and if he joins he will get 500 $. I asked one of my fiends about the subjects , he is unable to tell the course names. Many students don’t know the curriculum .
    Almost every one from day 1 works in a hotel or shop and neglect their studies. All the hotels, in Sfo, fremont, sunnyvale are filled with these 2 students. Consultancies in india are trying to send all the students to these universities to get referral amount.
    Some Interesting Facts:
    1000s of I20s are given by these universites evry semester( My friend frm this universitytold me per sem nearly 3000-4000 students are getting admissions into these universites. Please note 3000-4000 per university not both universities. )

    Many students and consultancies are trying to drag others in india to get referral amount.
    This is the reason why students are unable to clear immigration, because they dont know any thing abut university or course work. they blindly believe in seniors and consultancies.

    Compteition for H1b lottery. Real students from good universities face the problem.

    1. Hello Vuday,

      You are correct. This is the reason we are seeing many students in facebook posting please contact if you want admission or transfer to SVU or NPU. Because of these universities many others are facing problem. I guess there will be some action taken might be happening in the background. We will get to know regarding this in no time.

    2. Do you know what you just said above? You mean your brother is applied to this visa mills to get into the US? You mean your brother did not even wrote GRE etc etc? You mean your brother could be working here at some gas station or in some restaurant? So your brother did not even complete his graduation? What a shame, you just admitted every thing.

      Onemore thing, who does want this extra 500$ if all you need to do is refer someone? Joining or not joining is upto the referal, you can not force him right? By the way, all gas stations I mean petrol pumps here are automated. You will never find one with someone to help you fill your tank.

  70. Hello,
    I don’t think there is any issue with both the friends completed masters in svu 7 yrs back i.e in 2008 now their green card is under process almost all of them received approval for I140.

    As of now both universities have accredition till December 2017.

    Sorry Rohan icant agree with your opinion on acics.
    Acics is regonized by USA dept of education it can’t be sham.

    Us dept of education shows both universities are accredited.
    Npu is accredited since 1998 and svu since 2003

    Out of both universities I see svu is a member of American council of education too.

    Hope my info will give some strength to the students who are under panic from last 3 days.

  71. Dont know whats happening. Just saw a post in Facebook in F1 Visa fever and experiences group. A guy posted 40 students who are travelling to SVU and NPU were stopped in ABU DHABI and all are being deported back to india.

    Reason : You choose an easy way to enter US and we dont want people like you.

    If they are concerned why cant they issue official notice to government and clarify this.

      1. Solution? if you still want to go to US, apply for new university, go to visa interview, try your luck re-entering again. If you don’t want another hassle, do not worry about US! Find something to do in India itself!

      2. They have to consult an immigration attorney. I’m trying to get more clarification from Immigration Attorney on options/side effects.

  72. sir can you please suggest me what to carry and how to be prepared for this port interview…that would be even better and helpful if you post a video on it…thanks in advance…

  73. when I saw the air India mail it shows that these universities are under scrutiny. Media projected them as blacklisted and all panic started. But I still dont understand why Consulate general or embassy did not responded till now on this. Atleast they can say its all based on individual interview or investigation is going on this. Why cant the foreign ministry involve and clarify this as Air india is Government run airlines.

    Immigration officer will be strict due to current scenario and events happening around the world. There is also students mistake in this but 14 students with same level of answering is a doubt. But where ever we see they are stating only these two universities. If there is no other reason except security why they are focusing on these two only. And I belive without any info from CBP Air india wont stop students to board flights. It might be informal but there is something going in background which needs to be clarified.

    I also heard that ACICS accrediting body is under scrutiny and all these universities are accredited by ACICS. Till consulate or embassy clarifies this the students will panic.

    1. This is how rumors spread….”I also heard that ACICS accrediting body is under scrutiny and all these universities are accredited by ACICS. Till consulate or embassy clarifies this the students will panic.”

      Lets wait for sme sort of official news.

  74. I can explain the confusion with Air India officials. Firstly, Air India was misinformed, and later it took some unauthorized matters into their hands. Secondly, it’s a poor journalism on the part of V6 news channel and other media like NDTV.

    When Air India noticed that those 14 students were deported, they mistakenly attributed their deportation to the low profile status of their respective universities. Now, without stopping there, thinking that there were being benevolent, they denied flight for 19 students, who were going to the same universities. They said to these students that those universities were blacklisted (which was obviously unverified), and they would be sent immediately if they board now. On V6 news channel, I saw a student arguing with Air India officials. There, one official said that the ticket is valid, which implies that the student is free to board and fly to US. But, the official is advising him not fly, since, according to the official, he would be deported back.

    1. Well said. Unless we get other credible source, this is what I think has happened.

      Here’s one ore thing I would add:

      ..”they mistakenly attributed their deportation to the low profile status of their respective universities…”

      it was not the university is low profile, studens were also “not prepared and educated enough to answer the questions and intentions of coming to USA”.

      It was combinaton og low profile uiveristy with unprepared students.

      This could happen to any univesity, not just NPU and SVU. What do you say?

  75. I am a NPU student and wanted to know whether it was the similar situation happened with tri valley university..University officials at NPU are stating that the university is not blacklisted by the DHS. But, still not only me but other guys at NPU are in panic mode. I want to know whether it is wise enough to get transferred to some other University.

    1. Hi Uday,

      I heard this news these days and i concerned that a lot of NPU students are in panic mode. I know a lot of NPU students and they are all very good on studying and working. Some of them have already get their H1B. I have to say these people all did a very great job. One of NPU students is working in Apple. So i was surprised when i heard that someone said NPU is a fake univ. In fact, NPU did good job on teaching. They are using the professors from UC Berkeley, Stanford and SJSU. But every universities have the bad students, even in Stanford. If you want to transfer to another university, Santa Clara will be the best choice if you are good in MSCS, or East Bay State University. These 2 universities all accept the students from NPU. Hope it will help you.

      1. Jason, I am pretty sure you are another fake person and just publicizing NPU.

        “Professors are from UC Berkeley/Stanford?” Stop Lying. I went here :

        You guys have not even one of those professors. Also what kind of professors do not have a email id or dont even show up in any google search results?

        “One person from NPU got a job from Apple”? Oh Really? Share his Linkedin profile/name or even facebook profile?

        1. Jason is just showing his opinion. Maybe that’s the information he heard from his friends. You can ignore that. We all know that NPU is not a good university. But for low grade students, at least it’s an option.

          Thanks for sharing information, Jason.

          I’m working with few students graduated from low grade university. But they are all good.

        2. Varun,

          I double checked on the NPU website. And i’m really sorry for the wrong information regarding the professors they are using. I heard from my friends. Again, sorry for the wrong information.

          Please ignore my message regarding NPU professors.

      2. I have a doubt jason , I got tranferred to NPU from another university after 1 st semester can I be eligible to tranfer once again to another university after 2nd semester, I would like to inform you that I have a decent GRE score of 298

    2. I haven’t heard about active investigation from ICE or FBI. All I have heard is that CBP officers are being extra cautious about people coming into USA. Looks like students coming on F1 ar eunable to answer the questions to why they are comign into to USA. We have to wait for official news updates from U.S. agencies to see what’s going on.

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