3 Facts – International Students at Indiana University

By Raghuram Sukumar Edu News Edit

The international student admission / enrollment trend at Indiana University (IU) will give us a good insight on how many foreign students had come to the U.S. for education.

It’s a common feeling that the number of students should have decreased rapidly due to the recession. On the other hand, the following chart doesn’t show the impact of recession in student enrollment.

Even though this applies only to IU, you can also expect some similar trends among the other universities in the U.S.. IU had lot of interesting facts about international students and here are 3 of them.

International Students – Worldwide

International Students from India

Indiana University – Students from India

Top 10 Countries

Top 10 Countries – Students

Impact on Recession

The current economic recession in that U.S. started in late 2008 and its slowly coming to an end. The number of international students enrolled in Fall 2009 had increased compared to Fall 2008 figures. The number of international students from India had decreased by just 6.

  • Why do you think student enrollment during recession had increased?
  • Why is there a huge increase in the number of students from China?
  • Do you think students from China had different perspectives about higher education in the U.S. during recession?

We’re looking forward to see your comments.

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