International students admission/enrollment trend at Indiana University (IU) will give a good insight on how many students came to U.S. for education.

It’s common feeling that number of studetns should have decreased rapidly due to recession. Following chart doesn’t show the impact of recession in student enrollment.

Even though this applies only to IU, you can expect a similar trend among other universities too. IU had lot of interesting facts about International Students and here are 3 from them.

International Students – Worldwide

International Students from India

Indiana University – Students from India

Top 10 Countries

Top 10 Countries – Students

Impact on Recession

Recession in U.S. started late 2008 and it’s slowly coming to an end. Number of International students enrolled in Fall 2009 increased from Fall 2008. Number of students from India decreased by just 6.

  • Why do you think students enrollment during recession increased?
  • Why is there a huge increase in students from China?
  • Do you think students from China had different perspective about higher education in U.S. during recession?

Looking forward to see your comments.



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  3. Well, I think the native students competetion might be lower due to the hard recession hit. This could have created a chance to these developing countries students.

  4. Its simple funda.The enrollment increased due to two facts i supposed..when people join 2009, they graduate in 2011, that means they are aware of recession will end by 2010, and by the time they graduate, more jobs are created and they have the opportunity of grabbing them.

  5. wow. This is very interesting statistics. It seems chinese ppl have different perspective towards recession.

  6. There was a very interesting post of Why it is the best time to invest your money in education right now, during recession by Times Top Universities.
    I am sure, many students who’re interested in going abroad for higher studies must’ve read that carefully.
    That post was well circulated among the peers too, so if somebody didn’t subscribe to Times Top Universities’ newsletter, they would’ve still read it through mutual friends.
    Similarly, this topic has been debated upon extensivewly and I am sure the conclusion of all the debates must’ve been bent more towards being brave and investing your money in education/higher studies right away.

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