I came across the following infographic  and the author gave permission to use it in HSB.

LK describes the infographic as “These are the views of two graduate students suffering from excessive amounts of assignment and lack of sleep and who share a common yearning for good food, some noise on the streets and a dirty road.”

Note – This was written for those who can understand Tamil. It would be great, if someone can translate it.

Graduate Student – India vs USA


Final Message – Life is tough in USA. But, greatness, better life, better education doesn’t come without sacrifice and suffering.

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  1. ha yaar u r totally confused me i prefer to go us , what i do i went there or it is better to stay there for my post graduation

  2. Dear HSB

    Recent posts suggest that the idea of pursuing Masters in US seems a waste. In fact your readers have forgot about the bright side of such education, the skill set one acquires and the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Its a request to set aside such sarcastic (demotivated…whatever) for the time being and post something useful! (I don’t know, maybe someone’s success story after lots of struggle!)

  3. he he really cool!!!!! there was smile on face for every cartoon and could easily recall yes, man this was i thought n simultaneously happening here :)

  4. Everything in US is costly compared to India except gas….People who like long drives can enjoy a lot there

  5. Ammmmaazzzzzzzzzzzing post……… Love every bit of it while reading….. Though i fail to fall in few categories but its almost the same way here. All ya people sitting in India dreaming to come to US, Don’t panic at all…. You’d love being here, it just take a Max of 3 months to fit to the situations… that’s it…. later on …Hahahahah You Will Get Used To :P ………. All the Best everyone :)

  6. Felt really pity for me while reading this post. Shocked on the very first point itself and that’s the one which hurts me a lot. Each and every point is against me. Lolz !!!

  7. Thanks a lot HSB, for providing the above information. I were knowing some rules of living style in USA but not all of these.

  8. Awesome post!! I can translate it,
    Sumaar- Moderate
    Pulisadam- Tarmarind rice!!
    Mor kuzahmbu, usili- These are all authentic south Indian Dishes
    Suprabatham- morning prayer song!!

    • As a tamilian, i could understand it very clearly. In my view, things which needed some translations are:
      1) SUMAAR- ordinary, not a great one.
      2)SARAVANA STORES-place to buy items with cheap price but of no quality, usually perceived to be a place visited by lower income group
      3)KUZHAMBU, PARUPPU USILI, JEERA RASAM-typical south indian brahmaniac foods.
      4)SCENE POTTUFYING-just showing off themeselves as a nerd with foreign author books.
      5)PULI SADHAM-again a typical southIndian food, can be called as tamarind rice.
      6)SUPRABATHAM-usually a bhakthi song played in southIndian households to wake everyone.
      I hope i have clarified most of the doubts which might arise for people who don’t understand TAMIL….

    • It’s bcoz lots of words are given in Tamil bro. Looks like HSB’s origin is from our great TamilNadu!! (is it so HSB? :D). Hope atleast you can guess those words. Lolz !!

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