Investing in Stocks in F1 Student Visa in USA

Raghuram Sukumar Travel 1 Comment

Hello –  I need info regarding Stock Exchange-Shares. Is it possible to invest money in shares over there in US while doing MS.  Bcoz we are students & if it is possible then please let me know the procedure. – Abhishek

Stock Market Investment and F1 Visa

Abishek – check the blog post on How to Invest in Stocks in H1B and F1 Visa.

You can certainly invest in stock market, but make sure you learn to stock trading before you plan to invest large sum of money. Its good for every student in F1 Visa to know stock basics.

Its good to have basic knowledge about stocks, stock exchanges, online stock brokers, mutual funds, ETF’s and options. You can learn to trade for free with virtual money in several online stock brokers.

Raghuram SukumarInvesting in Stocks in F1 Student Visa in USA