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In the previous article, Will a Business Degree – MBA be right for you?, it’s true that to get more money, having an MBA degree from top schools will help you get there.

Also, an MBA from Ivy league schools adds more value to the degree.

The term “Ivy League” represents group of 8 schools which are know for academic excellence, very selective in admissions, and  reputation. Attending Ivy League schools means prestige.

It opens up lots of doors filled with opportunities. Getting an MBA from an Ivy League School is already very prestigious in itself.

Only 6 among Ivy League Schools offer MBA programs.

Two Ivy League universities, Brown University and Princeton University, do not have business schools.

Ivy League Business Schools

School name Host institution Degree programs offered
The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania BS, MBA, PhD
Tuck School of Business Dartmouth College MBA
Harvard Business School Harvard University MBA, PhD, DBA
Columbia Business School Columbia University MBA, PhD
S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management Cornell University BS, MBA, PhD
Yale School of Management Yale University MBA, PhD

Ivy League Business School Rankings

Some major U.S. publications’ most recent rankings of full-time MBA programs at these schools are shown below. Each ranking emphasizes a different set of criteria.

US News emphasizes academic reputation, Business Week for student satisfaction, Wall Street Journal focuses on recruiter satisfaction, while Forbes on return on investment.

These four rankings are the major US national rankings of universities.

Name US News BusinessWeek WallStreetJournal Forbes
Tuck School of Business 7 12 1 1
Columbia Business School 9 7 3 6
Harvard Business School 1 2 14 3
S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management 14 11 16 10
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania 3 4 11 5
Yale School of Management 13 24 8 8

Now you can decide where to apply. I’m going to write more about business schools, GMAT, and MBA in the coming weeks.

So far, most of the articles I’ve written were about master’s degrees and general admissions.

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