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I am Bala from Sri Lanka. I attended the J1 Visa interview on 20th June for the J1 visa.

I’m sharing my J1 Visa interview experience (Rejection).

I brought all these documents with marriage certificate and family photos, but the visa officer never ask any documents.

I select this visa only for get culinary experience, not for stay illegally in USA.

J1 Visa Interview Experience

VO:Why choose this training?
I:I said that, I need more experience in culinary field.

VO:Are you working now?
I:Now I’m working as a cook one of the hotels in my home town.

VO:Which position are you get after training?
I:Sous Chef

VO: What will you do after training?
I: I’ll join same hotel.

VO: Then she said my visa rejected. under 214b
Reason, I didn’t demonstrate or show about my returning.

The visa officer never ask or see any documents.

I no need to stay illegally in USA, because I have 2 1/2 years Culinary Diploma and more than 4 Years experience as a Front House Manager ( I have genuine letter with E.P.F card) also my wife’s brother in Canada.

Through all this qualifications I am eligible for Canadian Skilled visa. I already start the process and sign the agreement with one authorized immigration service in Canada.

  • I am married and I have 2 children.
  • I have 2 property in my home town.(1 landand 1house)


Please help and advice my future. Please

  • Can I re-apply again for J1 Visa with same do J1 Visa interview documents?
  • Can I talk about my part with out any question from the visa officer?

Suggestions – J1 Visa Interview

Bala – You were rejected as potential immigrant. So, VO didn’t feel hat you didn’t have enough ties to home country. Next time, make sure you get that fixed (answers, documents).

If you go for visa  interview second time, do share your J1 visa interview experience with us again.