I have been a regular follower of your blog since last 4 years. After I finished by B.Tech I desperately wanted to pursue my MS in Us. But I couldn’t do so due to financial constraints.

I joined a top notch product company in Hyderabad whose CEO is the second richest man on the Globe. I worked really hard for last 5 years and I got a transfer to US. Getting a permanent transfer to US in my company is not a common things that happens. At last, I was really happy that I am finally making it to US.

Added to that I get to work with some of the brightest minds in my team in US who are the alumnus of prestigious Universities like MIT, Harvard,etc. Though I couldn’t do my MS, I was at-least happy for this opportunity.

L1B Visa Interview

My company was sponsoring L1B visa for my internal transfer I had my visa interview last Monday and unfortunately my visa was denied. Everybody in my company are completely baffled by this and they say that this is the first time ever they came across rejection for my company’s employees. Here is how the interview went on after the initial greetings.

L1B Visa Interview Questions

  1. How long were you working with X? (3yr 10 months)
  2. What is your total experience? (4 yr 10 months)
  3. Which client are going to work for? (not for client. I will be working for X.)
  4. Is this an internal transfer? (yes)
  5. How many people does your comply employ? (around 80000)
  6. How many people are working your project? (20)
  7. What technologies differentiate you from others in your team? (X,Y,Z. I am certified expert in X and I am the only developer working on this technology in my team.)
  8. I am sorry, but I cannot issue your visa. Please get in touch with your HR for further action. (Thank you and I left)

He handed over me a blue form that says visa cannot be issued under section 221g and which has the below option checked.

“Your blanket L-1 petition is not clearly approvable under section 8 CFR 214.2 (I)(ii)(D) and INA 101(a)(15)(L).”

Now my company is filing a Premium L1 Individual petition. Let me see how it goes this time.

Just sharing my experience for other folks to read. I now feel that granting is VISA is purely on the mood of the Visa Officer. All the time during my interview, he never looked at my face after initial “Good Morning” and he was busily checking some forms or something on his monitor. And I also have a B1 visa stamped earlier and traveled to US couple of times earlier on business visits.

Thanks to the reader for sharing L1B Visa interview experience.



  1. Hi….could you please confirm if your L1B Individual Visa was issued? After how much gap of L1B Blanket Rejection did you apply under the Individual category?

  2. Hi

    I have been working in US Staffing company as a “Team Leader – IT Recruiting at Hyderabad office over 5yrs and main office is located in Michigan,USA.

    I got an opportunity to work from USA office as Team Leader – IT Recruiting,my L1-A petition is filed in January and got approved in July . I am planning to go for Visa stamping by end of this month.

    Could you please guide me what are the questions that i can expect from VO?

  3. HI Sriram/Team,
    I am trying for the L1 B visa soon it will be there could you please tell me the DO and DONOT in the interview and wht are tips we need to follow
    How we need to focus our tool in the Interview

  4. Hi can you please tell me what happened next?My L1b visa is rejected today and I am planning for an L1 individual..It would be of great help.

  5. One reason for rejection may be due to mentioning of Transfer. One must express his strong desire to come back to home country after completion of assigned work. As you agreed it as transfer, it implicitly telling that you are going on ‘indefinite’ transfer (and immigration people know what it means).

    Next time don’t mention any thing about Job transfer (i don’t think they get into your salary part..so no need for you to tell it). Just say that you are going on Company work and project may runs for couple of years (and off course you have to say your specialized knowledge).

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