If you are enrolled at colleges in U.S. there are so many new terms you will have to learn and also find what that means.

Once such term is census date. Usually, it’s 21st day after college starts. Some schools dates vary.

That’s the official date when number of students enrolled will be counted. They use that calculation for requesting fund from the University System or from State for the coming academic year.

Following is the list of top 10 largest U.S. Universities based on student enrolled in Fall 2006.

Rank University Enrollment
1. Ohio State University, Columbus 51,818
2. Arizona State University, Tempe 51,234
3. University of Florida, Gainesville 50,912
4. University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis 50,402
5. University of Texas at Austin 49,697
6. University of Central Florida 46,907
7. Michigan State University 45,520
8. Texas A&M University, College Station 45,143
9. University of South Florida, Tampa 44,038
10. Pennsylvania State University, University Park 42,914

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  1. Hello,

    You’re “research” for the largest student enrolled population is in error, unless you are only counting students who are physically on campus as resident and commuter students.

    Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia is comprised of its main campus, and seminary thereon, and a fully accredited and credentialized distance learning / online and blended (mixed on and off campus) program with approximately 13,000 resident and approximately another 60,000 worldwide off campus = estimated 73,000 students, undergrad, grad, and doctoral. It has approx 14,000 plus adjunct faculty worldwide besides its faculty and staff on the main campus

  2. I am doing a group project for future city, and this site helped me figure out how many universities we would need for a city of 1,000,000 people.

  3. Hi.. been trying to find the top US universities for biomedical/ biomaterials/ biomechanics…. but am not able to find any reliabl;e sources about how good the colleges are… would you be able to help me ? …

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