Law Schools in New York – Average LSAT and GPA

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Law Schools in New York and their Average LSAT Score and Average GPA of students admitted to Law School.

There are 15 ABA approved Law Schools in state of New York. Columbia Law Schools (top ranked) is one among the 15 Law Schools in New York.

Law Schools in New York


Law Schools in New York75% GPA25% GPAAverage GPA75% LSAT25% LSATAverage LSAT
 Albany Law School of Union University3.53.033.265157152154.5
Brooklyn Law School3.673.273.47165162163.5
University at Buffalo Law School3.693.173.43160155157.5
Yeshiva University Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law3.743.473.605166161163.5
City University of New York3.573.133.35157152154.5
Columbia University School of Law3.823.613.715175170172.5
Cornell Law School3.83.553.675169166167.5
Fordham University School of Law3.773.383.575168163165.5
Hofstra University School of Law3.693.173.43160156158
New York Law School3.493.033.26157153155
New York University School of Law3.863.573.715175169172
Pace University School of Law3.583.133.355156152154
St. John’s University School of Law3.713.143.425163158160.5
Syracuse University College of Law3.573.123.345157153155
Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center3.392.863.125154150152

Law Schools in New York’s Average LSAT Score and Average GPA is calculated from 75% and 25% score of admitted students from Official LSAC Guide.

It might not reflect the exact Average LSAT score and GPA, but when 50% of students score fall between those 2 ranges, Law Schools in New York’s Average GPA and Average LSAT score should be very close to the vale from above table.


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