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College admission requires atleast 2 Letter of Recommendation (LOR ). Graduate Schools Admission committee evaluates the candidates credentials and reference letter plays an important role in that about what recommendation providers have said about you.

Some college requires LOR to be submitted online and I have seen graduate schools, requiring LOR to be sent via email directly to the graduate school or to specific department. Some graduate school have their own form (template) that has to be completed, instead of traditional LOR in letter form. Here what to include in LOR, and the right way to get the LOR for graduate school admission application.

The process is very simple, but it might be time consuming.

  1. Identify the person who is going to give recommendation letter
  2. Ask them to include details on your research skills, problem solving skills, team work, communication ( written and oral ), analytical ability, leadership, social skills, ..
  3. Get the LOR in the Referring Personal letter head, make sure you get it signed and if possible seal ( or Stamp )
  4. Put the LOR inside a cover ( envelop ) paste it and get sign on the Envelop joint. So, it will ensure, its not tampered.

Now, your recommendation letter is ready, here list of top 8 skills to include in reference letters. I have collected sample recommendaition letter from current students in U.S. I will be posting in few days time. If you like to be notified by email, subscribe to email updates.