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Sir, I  respect HSB a lot from the day wen i started applying for USA universities,  now I have completed my engineering and doing a job , I have been rejected F1 visa TWICE.

I  have 15 backlogs and  in the first interview I told I was having 9 backlogs which she counted the number of F’s in my memos and asked me the ques again, I said the same..

Did I make a mistake?

Second interview  was very formal wit rejection at the end.. My question is if the visa officer thought that am lying..is there any chance of me getting visa again in the future? With two years of work experience?

Don’t lie during visa interview and if you plan to lie, then you must be good at it. It was very easy for the Visa officer is your case to see that you are lying. If you were found lying, then you can forget the possibility of entering USA in your life time. Apply to other countries for higher education and don’t lie during the interview.

One of the first articles that was posted in this blog  about F1 visa Interview questions is DON”T LIE. Speak the Truth. You decided to hide the truth and now you are facing the consequences.

Even if you get 2 years of work experience, your answer will be still available with US embassy. It doesn’t matter, in which country you try to attend the US visa interview, you will run into trouble.

All this is assuming that VO have noted down that you intentionally tried to hide the facts about your backlogs.

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