Low GRE Score, Can I Still Be Admitted to M.S.

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I have low GRE score can I still get admitted to Masters program – is the common question among students who got low GRE score (less than 1000).

But GRE score of 1000 ( like 295 in Revised GRE) doesn’t mean its low, if student was expecting to score 1300 in GRE and ended up getting 1130 then its considered low GRE.

Along with above low GRE score questions, other common questions I come across

  • Low GRE, high GPA admissions
  • Low GPA and low GRE score admission to graduate school
  • High GRE and low GPA admission to M.S.

Low GRE Score Universities

I have stated so many times in previous article about graduate school admission considers various factors during admissions. GRE scores are not the only factor that will get admission into grad school. But, to help university search low gre score universities gave an idea that would help students to know what kind of schools they can get admission with low gre scores.

But, its important for every student to ask what is low gre score? How did you know your gre scores are low? What are you comparing against to say the gre scores are below average?

Low GRE Test Scores Admission

To help students understand that GRE scores are not the only factor that will be considered for graduate school admission, I searched different schools about admission requirements to highlight the fact i’m trying to say here.

University of Delaware

If I have low GRE scores can I still be admitted?

Admissions decisions are based on the the applicant’s full spectrum of credentials. This includes standardized test scores, as well as previous academic performance, rigor of previous academic programs and institutions, recommendations, career and volunteer experience, and commitment to one’s chosen field. We have found that at the master’s level, undergraduate grades are the best predictor of graduate academic success.

You can check the statistics page to find out the average GRE score for recently admitted classes. Obviously, some students scored higher than the average and some scored lower than the average. Some applicants may be advised to retake the GREs to improve their score and their chances of admission.

University of Washington

What if my GRE scores are low?

All aspects of your application are considered. For instance, high GPA or superior letters of recommendation, excellent statement of purpose, etc., could possibly outweigh low GRE scores. Applicants might also consider retaking the GRE test.

Penn State University – Average GRE Scores

What are the average GRE scores of the students admitted?

GRE scores are but one of a number of factors the faculty considers in determining admission to the Graduate Program in Philosophy at Penn State. Other factors such as undergraduate junior-senior GPA, experience in Philosophy, faculty recommendations, the writing sample, and the personal statement often carry more weight with the faculty.

However, in order to compete for many College and University level fellowships (as opposed to the standard departmental fellowship), a combined quantitative and verbal GRE score of 1250 or higher is the norm. Such scores, however, are not a requirement and there are prestigious University fellowships that do not give much weight to the GRE score at all.

Students with lower GRE scores but strong applications in other respects are strongly encouraged to apply to our program.

East Carolina University – Low GRE Score

What GPA and GRE scores must I have to be admitted?

We normally tell students they should be in the B+ range to be competitive. The admission process incorporates 1) overall GPA; 2) prerequisite GPA; and 3) GRE score. Each of these areas is weighted equally. Thereby, the applicant could remain in the competitive range if they were low in one area i.e. overall GPA and up in the other two. Historically, applicants with GRE scores below 900 are not competitive.

NJIT – Average GRE Scores

In general, we look for a GRE score over 1600 with scores of 1200 in the quantitative and analytical sections combined. A good exam score, of course, is not the only criterion for admissions.

Low GRE Scores

From the FQA about Low GRE Scores its very clear that universities look for GPA, GRE Scores, Strong letter of recommendation, statement of purpose. If you have low gre score, all I can say is get other documents to be of high value. You can include all your extra curricular activities. That will help to compensate for low gre score.

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