I have low GRE score can I still get admitted to Masters program – is the common question among students who got low GRE score (less than 1000).

But GRE score of 1000 ( like 295 in Revised GRE) doesn’t mean its low, if student was expecting to score 1300 in GRE and ended up getting 1130 then its considered low GRE.

Along with above low GRE score questions, other common questions I come across

  • Low GRE, high GPA admissions
  • Low GPA and low GRE score admission to graduate school
  • High GRE and low GPA admission to M.S.

Low GRE Score Universities

I have stated so many times in previous article about graduate school admission considers various factors during admissions. GRE scores are not the only factor that will get admission into grad school. But, to help university search low gre score universities gave an idea that would help students to know what kind of schools they can get admission with low gre scores.

But, its important for every student to ask what is low gre score? How did you know your gre scores are low? What are you comparing against to say the gre scores are below average?

Low GRE Test Scores Admission

To help students understand that GRE scores are not the only factor that will be considered for graduate school admission, I searched different schools about admission requirements to highlight the fact i’m trying to say here.

University of Delaware

If I have low GRE scores can I still be admitted?

Admissions decisions are based on the the applicant’s full spectrum of credentials. This includes standardized test scores, as well as previous academic performance, rigor of previous academic programs and institutions, recommendations, career and volunteer experience, and commitment to one’s chosen field. We have found that at the master’s level, undergraduate grades are the best predictor of graduate academic success.

You can check the statistics page to find out the average GRE score for recently admitted classes. Obviously, some students scored higher than the average and some scored lower than the average. Some applicants may be advised to retake the GREs to improve their score and their chances of admission.

University of Washington

What if my GRE scores are low?

All aspects of your application are considered. For instance, high GPA or superior letters of recommendation, excellent statement of purpose, etc., could possibly outweigh low GRE scores. Applicants might also consider retaking the GRE test.

Penn State University – Average GRE Scores

What are the average GRE scores of the students admitted?

GRE scores are but one of a number of factors the faculty considers in determining admission to the Graduate Program in Philosophy at Penn State. Other factors such as undergraduate junior-senior GPA, experience in Philosophy, faculty recommendations, the writing sample, and the personal statement often carry more weight with the faculty.

However, in order to compete for many College and University level fellowships (as opposed to the standard departmental fellowship), a combined quantitative and verbal GRE score of 1250 or higher is the norm. Such scores, however, are not a requirement and there are prestigious University fellowships that do not give much weight to the GRE score at all.

Students with lower GRE scores but strong applications in other respects are strongly encouraged to apply to our program.

East Carolina University – Low GRE Score

What GPA and GRE scores must I have to be admitted?

We normally tell students they should be in the B+ range to be competitive. The admission process incorporates 1) overall GPA; 2) prerequisite GPA; and 3) GRE score. Each of these areas is weighted equally. Thereby, the applicant could remain in the competitive range if they were low in one area i.e. overall GPA and up in the other two. Historically, applicants with GRE scores below 900 are not competitive.

NJIT – Average GRE Scores

In general, we look for a GRE score over 1600 with scores of 1200 in the quantitative and analytical sections combined. A good exam score, of course, is not the only criterion for admissions.

Low GRE Scores

From the FQA about Low GRE Scores its very clear that universities look for GPA, GRE Scores, Strong letter of recommendation, statement of purpose. If you have low gre score, all I can say is get other documents to be of high value. You can include all your extra curricular activities. That will help to compensate for low gre score.

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  • help


    I stay in san diego and had appile for SDSU for fall 2013 and i got admission

    i had 2 yrs experience
    70% in engineering
    GRE 283
    tofel 89
    computer science

  • http://gravatar.com/moram78 moram78

    Hii I got 690 in GRE and my Ielts score is 6. My B tech score is 71.3 % with 4 backlogs. Now, I booked my slot on coming December 14th 2012.
    Actually I got seat in 2 US Universities on the basis of my Ielts score only. In that I preferred the University which is providing me financial aid. So, If they ask me about my GRE score what should I reply?
    Can you please help me with any idea to face the Visa Interview succesfully.

  • vickey

    sir I got 270 gre sore .but i want to do phd in usa. please give me any suggestion

  • prasad b awari

    hey i also scored same as u..286 in gre i m worried about admission can i get admission in any college over there…

  • http://accenture Deepika


    My GRE score is 286 with score of 143 in verbal n 143 in quant . Toefl 83. I am 2008 passed out with 62% and have 3yrs of IT experience.

    Is there any chance for mw to go with these scrores.? If yes can you sugegst me with some universities.

    Thanks in advance.

  • geeteshreddy

    hello hsb.
    i am doing my b.tech civil 2nd year.
    i want to get a seat in MIT.I don’t no anything,all this stuff is confusing me.
    recommendations,research i don’t understand what they actually mean.
    please give me clarity in both of them.i know there are no shortcuts to success but i will work hard at any cost and i am no ordinary student and i can get a seat in MIT but i need someone to guide me please help me what to do.

    • dsdv

      Suicide immediately asshole!!!

  • nishant_thinking

    m preparing for GRE and targetting fall 2013….
    i did B.E in electronics and communications with 64%
    12th standard- 58%
    10th standard-71%
    expected GRE score–320+
    can u please tell me is there any chance to get in german university for MS…….:|
    can u please tell me is there any chance to get in US university for MS…….:|

  • ramesh

    hi ,
    I am from Bangladesh. I’ve scored 304 (Q-160.V-144) inGRE and 94 in TOEFL.
    My mejor- PHYSICS
    Hons’ percentage -40% (60% is the best grade named ‘first class’)
    Have I any chance In USA for PhD ?
    plz give suggestion .

  • ashfak

    I have scored 1090 (V350, Q740, Awa 3.5) and Toefl 88(R21 ,W 27, S19, L 21), I am a BSC in Mech engineering with cgpa 3.05 out of 4.0 scale. I have been studying in a research base degree in a reputed university in Malaysia and already published 3 standard journal articles (1 SAE, 1 IEEE, 1 in a european journal). I have also published few conference proceedings which are all available on line in energy procedia.
    in Last few months I got 3 refusal of admission in which i had applied for PhD.
    So I have decided to apply in MS in any low cost university so that i can utilize the time gap for next GRE and PhD application in fall 2013 or onwards as by that time I may finish my course works in MS and I have already a M.Eng Sc research based degree (no cgpa but research dissertation).
    Now the questions are, which university can i focus to get admit in this fall2012? which university has time to apply as international student with some priority or have low tuition rates?
    please do reply asap
    Thanks in advance to the person who will be replying to my query. I am also thankful to this nice blog.

  • S


    My GRE score is 302. Math – 156 , Verbal – 146, AWA – 4
    Academics – BE – 83 %
    Intermediate – 95.6 %
    SSC – 89 %
    Have an experience of three plus years in software industry.

    Can you suggest me if I can get into schools surrounding to Newyork with this score ??
    Or else do I need to take GRE again ??

  • Supriya


    I’m consistently getting 950 to 1050 score range in the tests that i have taken so far. I’m intending to score 1300+. Do i need to reschedule the gre date which is within 15 days or try my luck and do my best? Please help me out!!

  • Vinitha


    I have a GRE score of 1240 and TOEFL:87. I have a overall work experience of 4.5 years . I am curretly working with Infosys, and have previously worked with Accenture. I have done BE, in computer science from UVCE with an aggregate of 79%.

    I am certified Base SAS and SQL programmer. I am termed as best resource of the project. Was involved in research for a HealthCare project at Accenture, to optimize the systems performance.

    I want to enroll for Phd in USA, spring 2013. Kindly let me know the Universties that I can get an admit in with scholarship. And since the scholarship is based on first come first serve basis, kindly let me know when should i start applying.


  • Bohimba

    Hi got 150/170 in verbal,160/10 in Quant and 4.0 in AW. I have more than four years of working experience as Software Engineer. Though I work offshore from USA, but all the works are for a reputed company in USA. I got 3.91/4.00 (Computer Science and Engineering) and expect to score 100+ in TOEFL.

    The bottom line is, I don’t have a good GRE score to confidently apply. I don’t need admission in a Top uni, but I do like to receive full funding.

    What are my best chances?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

  • Benoy

    I have New GRE Score of 318/340( 164 quant + 154 Verbal) equivalent to 1310/1600. With analytical writing 3.0, Reco from ISRO,L&T and project at ISRO. want to do Phd in top 50 univ in USA. Is it worth trying. what are my chances of getting any? Plz help

  • hari

    hi i got 1040 in GRE verbal 340 and quanti-700
    want to study phd in civil engg in US.
    waiting for valuable suggestions

  • delona

    i studied chemical engineering. have a very low cgpa. which is 3.2 . i am intending to appear in the gre test. what are my chances to get admission in one of the top 100 universities in the US with this low cgpa with full funding in ms ?

  • Ashwin

    Dear Sir
    I have a CGPA of 7.5 From Amrita School of Engineering
    Got 2 conference papers (1 international conference)
    4 projects in which two are from IIT Madras
    GRE Score 1450
    TOEFL 104
    LOR from an IIT prof
    What are my chances to the Ivy league schools for Chemical engineering?

    • Hemang Singh

      no chance GPA is quite low

    • Zhang Roalai

      No chance….without research publications!!!

  • Asad

    I scored 1340 in GRE (720 Q 620 V). Applying 4 master program in Environmental Engineering.95 in TOEFL. I was professional field hockey player participated in both international and national level competitions after my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering . I am thinking that the universities admission committees will not consider me as a serious student based on my catholic interests.PLS SUGGEST WHERE I SHOULD APPLY?

    • Ashwin

      For masters in Engineering strong acads and co curricular stuff can only help you out
      Sports and Xtra curricular’s cannot be of much help!!!!

  • jitesh

    sir i got double drop in engineering,after second year and after third year also i have lots of backlogs during this years,but i still want to do ms in us,i had given old gre in july 11 2011 and got 610,i know this score is very bad,i am planning to give new gre in august 2012,and want to get admission in computer science,sir i request you to give suggestion for me regarding on my chances of getting admission with worst academic record also please reply me if this time i score good in gre and toffel,will they consider my application,also the final stage is getting visa,and getting admit from universities

  • Omar_huss

    I completed B.Sc. in electronics&communications engineering from AAST,Egypt with GPA 2.6 so could you send me list of universities that could accept me for master

  • Rezwan

    I completed B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from BUET. my cgpa is 3.10. and GRE score is 1360=780+580, which universities will be suitable for me where i can get any kind of financial assistance for MS of BS to PhD program? thank you

  • m

    Hi,i recently did electrical engineering from Pakistan. I got 1120 marks in GRE and my cgpa is 3.3.Is there any chance of getting any scholarship in any university.Please help me

  • Priyanka

    i appeared for the gre on 13th july n my score was 990(300 verbal,690 quant).
    i m confused whether should i continue with this score by improving my score in english by giving toefl or shud a give a retest.plzz help…i m 4th year engg student…

  • Tosin

    I have a good CGPA in my first degree in Mechanical Engineering.I gave the GRE a prep of about 4months and the score is 1060(Verbal 400 and Quantitative 660).I need to know some schools in the US who could accept this scores for masters in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Komal

    Hello Sir,
    My GRE score is 830 (240-v & 590 -q) and my GPA is 3.69/4.0 in applied mathematics.I applied in industrial engineering in NJIT. Can i get my admission for industrial enginnering in NJIT?
    Thank u.

  • mahima

    hey hsb;i recently appeared for gre and scored a lot less then i expected 940 i wanna know if i am eligible to get into any respectable university in the united states for a masters program into industrial engineering or engineering management?i am into my final year engineering into electronics.would doing a masters in industrial or management engineering would be a good option?i am not getting the dates for the old gre pattern and m doubtful on appearing for the new pattern again pl help me as to if i can get into any of the good universities.can i expect any financial aid?pl send me a list wherein i can apply my aggregate score of 3 years engineering is 63% (3years,2semisters remaining without any backlogs) 10th-84% 12th-70%.would be pleased to get a reply for my quires thank you!

  • pasuna

    I’ m a student of engineering .i just got a score of 1280,710 in quant.Are there any chances of being admitted to the university or should i take another?

  • akshay

    i got a very low gre score ie. 690 do u think i would get admitted to any university

    • sai

      hey even i got 690 in gre. will i get visa. please reply.

  • Tulasi Ram

    Hello every one….i got 1150 (v 410,q 740) in my gre………………my 10th aggregate is 90% my inter is 96%, engineering is 80% .can anyone please tell in which colleges in US can i do MS degree

  • padmaja

    Hiiiii………sir……..i have just done with my gre exam..and
    i got 970 (640Q+330V)…in gre,my b-tech agggregate is 75%,
    12th grade-96%
    10th -81%
    and i heve participated in 3 to 4 paper presentations
    I got first prize in national level paper presentation conducted by ISTE
    Third prize in mini project competition which is a website conducted in our college..
    in which universities can i be able to get sir…with some kind of scholarship…can u please guide me sir…actually i’m not having another chance for writing gre exam becoz new pattern is going to start..and it’s tuff too when compared to old gre…so please can u please guide me sir…universities with scholarship for my gre score…

  • anusha

    hi i scored very low in my gre that is 680(v-420,q-260) still i can get the admission in the university…please help me

  • krishna reddy

    I want to do ms in computers.
    my gre score is 1030
    my academics %is 70%
    my 12th %is 93
    my 10% is 81
    yet to write TOEFL
    please send the list of universities that give funding

  • krishna reddy

    my gre score is 1030 what are the universities in which i can get through

  • Navya

    Hii HSB
    I do have low gre score. v-260 and q-480 = 740. waiting for AWA. Btech biotec- 74% Can i get admission in MS biology? plz reply

    • Jamashu

      You will need to bring your score up. Next time you take the test skip the AWA section since you will already have a score on file. Then focus your most attention on the first 2 sections.

  • Gautham

    I took GRE a couple of days back and landed up on 1130 (Q: 800 and V: 320) and yet to take TOEFL. I honestly don’t know how i ended up on such a low verbal score and on the other hand i’m not getting dates to retake the old pattern exam.

    I’m a B.E. Computer science major with an aggregate of 82% and have a work ex of 2-years. I’ve applied a Patent and received more a couple of Invention awards at my work place and currently another Patent application is in progress.

    Now ruling out the option of retaking the GRE exam, how do you think my verbal score will affect my admissions to top universities like UTA Ausin, University of Southern California, Ohio state university, CMU-INI, or NCSU?

    Please guide me in this regard.


    • Anand Bora

      Hi Gautam,
      I gave my GRE yesterday and scored same marks as yours.
      1130 (Q: 800 and V: 330)
      What do u plan to do. Please let me know.

  • Ramya

    Hey HSB
    I ended up with a gre 1130 (620Q,510V) I still have to give my TOEFL
    Currently doing a project in MATLAB.
    I dont have international level paper presentations.
    My grad percentage till now is 66% No backlogs.
    I m applying to Marquette University in Comp Science.
    What is the probability of success?

  • SONY

    i got low gre score 910, with 3 back logs
    and tofel 98. pl send me the admission chance of universities in us.
    pl advice me
    thank u all

  • raju

    i have got 870 in gre
    and 8.038cgpa
    88% in 10th and 92% in 12th
    will i get any university for dng ms in computerscience

  • lohit

    suggest me colleges please??????????

  • Musafa , Mazin

    Hello everybody there , I have just taken my first GRE exam . Really my row results are confusing me , they are as the following :

    Quantitative : 800

    Verbal : 320

    Can some one give an advice , thanks a lot

  • javeed

    hi im javeed,

    iwant to know about low gre score accepting universities of US and UK in the fild of pharmacy. please help me.

  • jyothi


    my btech percentage is 64%

    my gre score is 970

    toefl score is 69.am i eligle for applying to any universities for MS in USA

    If so wll I be able to get i-20 and Visa.Please let me know .'


  • Akshay K

    Sir i got 990 in gre(q 640 v 350) toefl 80 acads 60% pune university.Which university would be applicable to my marks MS in for computer science

    • Gaurav

      hello Akshay,

      Hi my condition is slighly different than you i got 75 in toefl & 1060(v-290 Q-770) i have done B.E. Computer from Pune University .Will you please guide me college. my aggregate is 58.35%.plz guide me college for sure admission.Thanking you

      • abhi

        hello can u plz send me list of universities.my situation is slightly similar to you.thankyou.

  • http://www.happyschoosbog.com swaroop shenvi

    got 940 in GRE.(620 Q + 320 V)

    im a US CITIZEN staying in india.

    having a gpa of 2.6 till my 6th semester BE IN computer science

    applied to

    1)utah state university

    2)univ of texas at tyler

    3)univ of akron

    4)univ of california santa cruz

    5)arkansas state univ

    6)oklahoma state univ

    which univ can i get 100%???

    GUYS please need your help!!!!

  • Dhinakaran

    Got 980 in GRE (640Q+340v)

    Toefl 83

    UG -60% No backs

    Applying for


    CSU- Northridge

    Univ of New Haven

    Kansas State univ.

    Umass boston

    Fairleigh Dickinson

    Which univs i cn expect admit ??


  • Bhavin

    I gave my GRE on 4th Jan 2011 and my score is quite low 910 (V-330, Q-580).

    My TOEFL iBT score is 87. My B.E aggregate is 57%. I want to pursue MS in Computer Science.

    I want to know that can i get an admission in a good university at such a low score?

    Just in case if i reappear is the average of the 2 GRE scores considered or the best of the two is considered?

    And if i get an admission will my low GRE score create any issues with visa? Because i have heard that sometimes low gre score is the reason for the rejection of your visa.

    Guys PLEASE reply me i really need your help.

    • HSB

      Retake GRE. 910 is very low.

      • sai

        Hello HSB,

        I got 690 in GRE and my Ielts score is 6. My B tech score is 71.3 % with 4 backlogs. Now, I booked my slot on coming December 14th.
        Actually I got seat in 2 US Universities on the basis of my Ielts score only. In that I preferred the University which is providing me financial aid. So, If they ask me about my GRE score what should I reply?
        Can you please help me with any idea to face the Visa Interview succesfully.

  • naznin


    I have just completed my Graduation in Statistics and Biostatistics.

    Now I am intend to get admit in a school USA to get my MS in biostatistics, so what GRE and TOEFL scores I have to obtain to get chance in a School.

  • Nikhil


    I recently finished my gre test and got a very low awa score of 3.0. wanted to know how this will affect my chances in getting an admit. Planning to pursue MS in DSP and Communication- fall 2011 ( US universities)

    My profile

    Undergrad average 80%-Electronics & communication at PESIT, Bangalore

    Gre-1500-quant 800,AWA 3.0

    Two good projects.

    Can get decent recommendation letters.

    Do i have any chances of getting admits in the top colleges like Ann arbor, UIUC,UCLA .

    Which colleges should i apply with this profile? any particular colleges which i should definitely avoid because of my low awa score?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hoping to getting a reply soon



  • Abhishek

    My GRE score is less than 1000 and can't go for another attempt. I would like to know list of Universities in United States where my chance of getting admission is high in Economics and Public policy stream.


  • Samara

    My GRE score is 1040 ( Quantitative : 750 and Verbal : 290 )

    Got acceptance from Texas Tech University for MS in Comuter Science, Spring '2011 . Cost about 11,000/ year for US Permanent Residents. Funds might be available after enrollment.

    Seeking admission for MS/PhD in Computer Science/Engineering.

    Please suggest me some universities with good funding opprtunity.

  • Mohan

    my son has scored verbal 570 quantitative 710 analytical 3.0. What are his chances in getting admission in US universities in MS (ELECTRICAL). Also please tell us to which universities he can apply where he can be sure of admission. We would like to look for good universities in sub urban areas with moderate tution fee and where RA/TA and other assistanceship is available.
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely

  • Subhash

    Hi Sir

    My son has got 1090 Score in GRE exam His academic carer is first class .In which universities he will get admission kindly guide us.

  • prateek

    hi im prateek,

    iwant to know about low gre score accepting universities of US and UK in the fild of pharmacy. please help me.

  • Maheshkumar

    hello sir
    my gre score is 790(250V,540Q). and analytical not received yet.. will i get admission in any universty, orelse i should take retest of gre… suggest me something what should i do now.? and i didnt take toefl exam..

    • sej

      Hi Maheshkumar,

      which university did u get admission?

      My brother has scored 870 in GRE and i am not sure if he will get admission.



      • HSB

        870 is very low score. It will be tough to get visa too.

  • Maheshkumar

    hello sir

    my gre score is 790(250V,540Q). and analytical not received yet.. will i get admission in any universty, orelse i should take retest of gre… suggest me something what should i do now.? and i didnt take toefl exam..

    • Navya

      Hii HSB
      I do have low gre score. v-260 and q-480 = 740. waiting for AWA. Btech biotec- 74% Can i get admission in MS biology? plz reply

  • ankana

    My GRE score is 1030 (verbal=340, quantitative=690 and I want to apply for PHD in any biological science field on fall 2011. I have MSC in zoology and having no research work out side of my university. I want to know the list of university I can apply for.What is the chance to get admission in UTD, UNT, TWU.

    • neena

      hi ankana, i resemble your situation. could you tell me what happened with you, and what universities i might get accepted to in the same field?

  • kartheek

    hai ,

    my gre is 870 & toefl is 89 is this applicable for us universties in texas or any other else. can u send me list of universties. my btech percentage is 60 in computer science. or can i apply with my toefl score

    • sej

      Hey Kartheek,

      Did u get a list of universities? did u get admission, i want to find out where i can apply.

      My GRE score is 870 too.



  • eshwari

    i got low score in gre 840 can i have chances getting admission in any universities could plz help me


    Hello everyone

    I had presented the gre exam and i got 680 for the quantative section and 300 for the verbal and 3 for the analytical

    i want to continue my phd in environmental management

    for which universities can i apply?

  • kishore

    hi,i got GRE score of 1030 where my verbal is 290 and quant 740,my gpa is good above 8.5,will i get admission?if so ,for which universities should i apply?

  • Arjun

    Hey i am Arjun.i have applied for MS CS for fall 2010 as an international student in NJIT.I have scored 78 in Toefl & 970 in GRE.Will get the i 20??


    sir, have got a low gre score of 880 can i have the chance of getting in any universities around baltimore,maryland. if not atleast in any of the universities in US?

  • somshekhar


    I have got GRE score of 620 quant and 310 verbal.

    Planning to give TOFEL next week.

    Desperately looking for admissions in US universities for Computer Science.

    What are my chances of getting admission?

    • b srikanth

      hi somashekar about toefl details u contact me k na


    Hey Folks, problem !! already applied to 5 UNIZ for fall 2010,got one I20 so far.

    written the Gre twice in 2 months without prep.

    First gre score – 730

    Second gre score – 890

    toefl -90

    UG aggregate – 78 %

    good sop and lors

    have some computer courses certificates

    good co-curricular and extra-curricular activities


    well,here is my problem.i am currently waiting I20 from my most preferable UNI.i would schedule for the VISA intervw the day i got it.i want to ask all you smart people about my VISA CHANCES !!! will i get a FI VISA with the above said credentials. i know the GRE scores are low but i have seen people getting through with scores touching 800 as well. kindly encourage and i shall not forget you.

  • Ankit Mehta

    Hi, Can i get admission at Lamar Uni.?

    GRE = 980 (v=300, q=680)
    TOEFL = 65
    GPA = 3.5
    Experiance = 2.5 Year as a Software Engineer
    Publication = 1 Research Paper and 2 books (of Programming)
    Part-Time Job = from 2 Years
    what is the chances for me?

  • http://happyschoolblog.com mohd mudasir kausar


    i have managed to score 900 in gre and 7.0 bands in ielts as im working fulltime in bank of america,india site.I have amazing sports achievements and good work experience,and wanting to apply for universities in california which happens to be the centre point for bank of america branches,is it a rght decision and will i b able to get a visa?

  • Nishant

    Hi i got a GRE score of 1200(V440Q760), Will i get an admit in UCR?

  • Dinesh

    Hi what're the reasons that the visa get rejected? does the Visa is given/also based on the GRE/toefl score?

  • Riazz

    hi,My name is Riazz i am a Food Technologist i have completed my MS from India with 66%, and have a experience of working for 2 years in Research field..i have been preparing for GRE from past couple of months but i am expecting a score of approx 900(v+Q), can anyone suggest the universities of food science which i should look for, where i can get a chance (with fellowship), i am currently in usa.

  • alexc

    The program I am applying to does not look at the analytical score, is there anyway to just take the verbal and math?

  • shravya

    my gre score is 710(v450-Q260)can i get admission in any of the us univerties for phd/diplama corses in management


    Hi folks, I just received my GREs back. 540-V (72%), 760-Q (85%) and 4.0 essay (41%). Does anyone have any knowledge if they are adequate to get into BU's biostatistics MA/PhD program. Thanks.

  • vinay

    Hi i got 1100 in gre (680 in quant n 420 in verbal), still waiting for toefl and AW marks and i am doing a project on 4th generation LTE technology can anyone tell me if i have chance of gettig an admit at suny buffalo and stony brooks.

    thank you

  • Somreeta Roy

    My GPA is 9.03. My GRE score is 1410 (v-610,q-800). AWA yet to receive. I have 3 projects: 1 in Atlas Copco where I had designed a software module for a machine, 1 in IISc where I worked on the design of an end fire antenna, one in my college NIT Durgapur where I developed a cryptographic Algorithm for secret key cryptography and the paper on it is to be published on the 30th of October in an international journal called IJCSNS (I have received the acceptance notification). Up till this much , please tell me if I have a chance of getting an admission in a very good college, something like UC Berkeley?

  • robin

    hey…. my gre score is 990 quant 700… awa yet to recieve… toefl…expectin 95(to b taken..).. my acads… engineering 71%,tenth 87%,inter 87%

    well i have given many presentations…. i have 8 to 9 certificates..

    i had many certificates even in my school, fr my essays, elocutions..

    suggest me universities…

  • alexc


    I have a GRE Score of 950 and GPA 3.67. I have research experience and have won various awards. I also have three strong rec letters

    I am applying for a MA for Sociology or Advertising at the University of Texas.

    Do I have a chance with a low GRE score?


  • Himabindu


    I hav a GRE or 1050(Quant-690,verbal-360) & TOEFL-95.I am applying for Ph.D at UTSouthwestern,Texas.Can Anyone suggest me of my admission chances and should I once again think of giving my GRE.


  • prateek

    hi sir,

    i have scored 440v and 710Q is it possible to get admit in university of texas, in computer science or electrical and electronics stream.

    thanks and regards,


  • sudheer

    i got 970(qua-710,ver-260),68%in Btech,95% in 10+2, 85% in 10th. can i get admission for computer science in lamar university ?

  • vasudha maini


    my gre score is 1170(390 verbal and 780 quant).i am doing my final year btech in electrical and electronics.my average till 5th sem is 73.9%

    please suggest some good universities according to my profile.i want to go for the session aug 2010.

    thank u

  • vatsa

    hi! i have score 937 in gre. Quant is 650, verbal 280 and writing 3.5 in each…. can i get into san diego state university?

  • laadoputi shrestha

    I got 850(Q) 945(v) in GRE can u suggest me some universities??

    • rajesh

      how possible to get 850 out of 800. in quant and 945 out of 800 in verbal….

  • Kranth

    My gre score is 1130, got an MS admit in Mech with full aid at Pennstate. So, apply confidently if you are convinced that your application is competent enough.

    • kedar

      congrats, can u tell me wat ur profile is like?

    • goutham

      can you tell me your profile..so that i can comparre mine with yours.

  • faisal ahmed syed


  • Ayn


    My profile:

    Applying for Spring 2010 (MS/PhD in telecommunications or computer science)

    GRE 1st time – Verbal 620 / Quant 660 / Anal 4.5 (I fell sick during quant and couldnt complete the exam)

    GRE 2nd time (appeared in 15 days) – Verbal 600 / Quant 770 / Anal – yet to receive

    7.5 yrs experience in Telecom with clients like Nortel/Cisco

    BE in electrical 79.8% (2nd in class) from NIT. No backlogs.

    Few professional accomplishments, certificates but no paper published in international journal.

    Reco letters — need to take from managers as it has been so long away from college that most of my profs have retired.

    I would like to know where my profile stands. What level of universities I should be targeting… do you have any idea? Also, can you tell me what is the general deadline for Spring? I have just started browsing and found few universities deadline as June 1!!

    Any pointers would be highly appreciated. Thanks for your time.



  • abhi


    My GPA is very less. Around 5.96.

    Am confident of getting around 1200 in my GRE.Will I be able to get any good colleges. Can u suggest me any?

  • Gopinath

    i am just now entered my third year mech engg.. in chennai…. can u guide me how to prepare for gre whether i have to go for any classes or just i can prepare using materials please guide me aby of you heros who have rocked in gre……………

  • lata

    hi, i m from india and my gre score is 1020 (verbal 310 and quantative 710) i know very poor in verbal but plz tell me is there any chance for me in usa universities i want to do my MS in biostatistics ……….plz help me

    • HSB

      You can apply for biostatistics, 310 in Verbal is low, but you can get admit.

  • vikrant

    Sir my gre score is 1090(760-quant, 330-verbal).I have done B.Tech mechanical at Pune university,India.I have got aggregate of all engineering semester exams as 69%(distinction).I want to persue MS at Boston college of engineering.please suggest scope for me getting admmision in that institute

  • richa kumari

    Respected sir,

    I am a 6th sem student of B.Tech(Computer Science and Enginnering) from an ordinary college in West Bengal(India)..My 10th 86%and my 12th is 76%, my B.Tech aggregate is 7.8/10(approx. 71% as per rule of our university)..I want to do my MS in any USA good university..

    i want to know:-

    1> When is the best time to give GRE as i will get my B.tech completed by July 2010 as i dont want to break my studies

    2>Does it matter as i am from not a very good college

  • Deepak

    Dear Sir,

    I am just preparing GRE class.I am not studying TOFEL also.Upon when,i must finish my GRE and TOFEL test to apply for January 2010.

    Please le me suggest.Thank you,

    • HSB

      Try to finish both GRE and TOEFL by end of June.

  • Nana

    I am recent graduate with a masters in civil engineering from University of Florida. I am looking to apply for a phd program in Civil engineering at PURDUE,PENNSTATE or GEORGIA TECH. My Graduate GPA is excellent way, 3.85. My undergraduate GPA is 3.33. I am a Licensed engineerin training but my GRE scores are low(1110). I wish to get an assistanship for a phd at the above mentioned schools.What are my chances with GRE score like mine?

  • priya mittal

    my english is weak so how can i start my prepration for GRE

    • HSB

      Priya, almost everyone who start preparing for GRE are weak in GRE Verbal. There are many GRE Exam related articles at http://www.happyschoolsblog.com/category/gre/ make sure you spend good amount of time reading all those. You never know which ones will help you to improve your skills. Good Luck.

  • M Snyder

    Hello Sir,

    If you have time, please let me know your opinion.

    I have a computer-based GRE score of 1100 with 630 V, 470 Q and writing 4.0.

    I am seeking admission to the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor for Library Science graduate work. I have a GPA of 3.737 and good letters of recommendation from a private institution. Will I be admitted? Thank you.

  • N. srilatha

    Hi sir,
    plase evaluate my profile
    Hi I am N Srilatha…Completed my Engineering Management in JNTU,Andhra Pradesh,India

    GRE score-740
    Toefl score-99
    U.G. aggregate=53%

    plz suggest some universities that fits my profile
    Thank you.

  • tushar

    my gre score is 940 but my lop and sor are very strong and my engineering is 61.3%do i have the of getting good university for computer sc.

  • akshay n

    i am preparing for gre….n wud be appearing for the same next month….i am a student of civil engineering n looking at ms in civil n env. engg……wat kind of score wud be required for getting a part or full paid scholarship…..i wud also like to know about the average gre scores required for decent universities for ms in civil engg….

  • Lale

    hello applying to masters degree

    I have a 1170 GRE

    440 verbal 730 quant…

    GPA 3.18 no job experience

    international student…

    However I have a very good finacial support (scholarship from a goverment based company which I will work after masters degree) which covers full tuition fee and all living expenses..Does a financial support document from a reputable organization increase one's chances when applying?For example Can I push my chances for Ivy league or top schools such as cornell rutgers penn state ohio state etc

  • santhosh

    Im a veterinary graduate. i had GRE score of 940 v-350 Q-590 AWA 3.5. I had 2.88 grade point out of 4 in academics. i done some research in UG. one publication in State journal. 3 international Conferences participated. In that 1poster presentation and 1 powerpoint presentation. im interested in doing research in Molecular level in US. Is it possible to get with scholarship. anybody give idea? shall i try with this score or write once again?

  • sanjay

    hi raghu,

    my gre score is 1200 with quant 730,verbal 470…plz suggest me some universities…….i am confused ……..

  • Ruchi

    Hi Raghu,

    I am really happy to read your valuable comments here. I have taken GRE three days back with a csore of 900, verbal 370 and quantitative 530. I am an Mtech Bioprocess technology. I am planning for a PhD in biomedical engg. I have had few commuinications with the Boston University, but due to my low GRE score, i am a bit confused. Thier requirement is 1300. Pl suggest me what to do? Should i take a chance by applying? Should i reappaer my GRE, as i have a overall GPA of 3.0 or above apart from GRE with few National and International Presentations too.

    Your co-operation will be very helpful.


  • srikanth

    Hello Sir,
    My GRE score is 1010(270verbal+740) and 6.5 cgpa in chemical engineering degee. Request you to please suggest few univerisities for ms in chemical.

  • Srikanth Dhage

    Hello Sir,
    My GRE score is 1010(270verbal+740) and 6.5cgpa in chemical engineering degee. Request you to please suggest few univerisities for ms in chemical.

  • chirag

    i hv copleted b.pharm..and preparing for GRE and TOEFL..i am expectind my score around 80 in toefl and around 900 TO 1050 IN GRE…….I WANT TO GET ADDMISSION IN FALL 2009…FOR M.S IN PHARMACEITICAL SCIENCE……my academic will be 68%…i dont know how to count GPA …..tell me my GPA and list out univrsity which comes according to my profile…….r there any chnces for getting scholarsjip??? what is the deadline for application……plz atleast list out univessities



    GRE:QUAN 630,VERB 360, TOTAL 990


    • abhi

      plz send me the list of universities..my situation is slightly similar to you.tq

  • n.rakesh

    Hi sir,

    plase evaluate my profile

    Hi I am N.Rakesh…doing my final yr Electronics and Communication Engineering in ANITS college,Andhra Pradesh,India

    GRE score-1160(740-quants 420-verbal 2-AWA)

    Toefl score-90

    U.G. aggregate=84.47%(upto end of 3rd year)

    plz suggest some universities that fits my profile

    Thank you.

  • moni

    hi, I have a score of 300 (V), 950 (Q) ….in the field of Microbiology, what all are the universitites can I apply??

    • SCOM


      GRE in each section go only up to 800, so you got more that what is possible

  • http://spsneo.com Siddharth

    What if I manage to get a decent GRE score, but my GPA is as low as 3.0 ?

    Will I get admission in any univ for Computer Science programme?

    Please help me

  • Valavala Ramani

    plz suggest some universities for my profile

  • Valavala Ramani

    hai my gre score is 980(verbal-270 and quant-710) and tofel score is 78.my inter percent is 74%.i done my BTech in chemical engineering stream.my engineering percentage is 56%.and iam having totally 16 backlogs.i was interested to go to lamar university for this spring 2009.plz help me can i get I20 from lamar university.if not what shall i do.plz suggest me

    • Abhishek

      Hellow Valavala. My condition is also slightly similar to you
      can u plz send me list of universities. thankyou.

  • teena

    hey any one help me out…i got gre score 900…330 in verbal and 570 in quants…can any one suggest me some universities plzz…and can i get admission in good universities in us for doing ms in us..and i have an academic aggregate of 71%…

    my e-mail id is:- [ email removed author ]

  • koushik vutha

    i got a gre score of 950 ie 350V nd 600Q.

    i am in my degree final year comp science with electronics ( BCS 3 year degree).


    can u list me some univs that accept a gre score of 950 in MS computer science nd also the ones that accept 15 years of education(12+3 years of degree) nd also the job prospects after completing the MS program.

    please help me out.

  • ravi
  • ravi

    hey can anyone plz help me out…….i've written my gre twice and got almost the same least score twice…………is it advicble to give another try 2 the xam?

  • mitul

    can anyone suggest me universities for ms in pharmacy with a gre score 980 and toefl 96 with an average of 58percent in academics……n me also holding a greencard can that help me in admisions?

    plz reply me at [email address removed]

  • sathish

    hey can anyone suggest to do ms in good school.my gre score is low but accadamic percentage and toefl score is gud……..my gre score 980(710 quant and 270 verbal),toefl 90………plz help me out plzzzzzz

  • sathish

    hey can anyone suggest to do ms in good school.my gre score is low but accadamic percentage and toefl score is gud……..my gre score 1000(710 quant and 270 verbal),toefl 90………plz help me out plzzzzzz

    • SCOM

      don't go for MS in maths : 710+270 don' equal 1000

  • Nitesh

    Hey can anyone suggest me some good college for doing MS in Computer Science. My GRE score is 1110 ie 780 in Quantative and 330 in verbal.Also my academic percentage is 62% in Computer Science Engg.

    • nitesh

      Hey my name is also nitesh…

      i also got the same score in GRE(780+330)…..my toefl score is 95 and i hav aggregate 90%..suggest me some UNIV'S for fall2011