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I have been trying to write Universities for Masters (MS) in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics for some time in USA.

In fact this is the first article I’m writing about M.S. in Biotechnology in US Universities.

I know few friends who are still in school doing M.S. Biotechnology in USC, Keck, IIT Chicago, University of Houston at Clear Lake (UHCL) and few are searching for jobs in Biotechnology field after completing Masters.

Universities for MS Biotechnology in USA

Here’s list of Universities offering masters in Biotechnology.

  1. University of Wisconsin – Madision – M.S. Biotechnology
  2. California State University – Channel Islands – M.S. biotechnology and Bioinformatics, M.S. Biotechnology and MBA Dual Degree
  3. University of Maryland University College – M.S. Biotechnology ( No GRE Required)
  4. Georgetown University – M.S. Biotechnology, M.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GRE Not Required)
  5. Northeastern University – PSM Biotechnology


  1. Indiana University School of Medicine – M.S.  Biotechnology – GRE Scores Not required
  2. John Hopkins University – M.S. Biotechnology/MBA
  3. University of Rhode Island – M.S. Clinical Laboratory Science GRE Not Required  ( Biotechnology, Cytopathology, Clinical Laboratory Science). M.S., PhD Cell and Molecular Biology tracks (Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics)  GRE Required
  4. University of Florida – M.S./MBA Biotechnology
  5. University of Texas at Dallas – Masters in Biotechnology ( Molecular and Cell Biology )
  6. Marywood University – Masters in Biotechnology, PSM program (GRE Not required)


  1. University of Central Florida – M.S. Biotechnology -  GRE Scores Required
  2. Roosevelt University – M.S. in Biotechnology and Chemical Science
  3. University of the Sciences in Philadelphia – M.S. Cell Biology and Biotechnology – GRE Scores Not Required
  4. East Carolina State University – M.S. Cell Biology and Biotechnology – GRE Scores Required
  5. Texas Tech University – M.S. biotechnology – GRE 1100+
  6. University of Buffalo – State University of New york – Masters in Biotechnology
  7. Polytechnic University of New York – M.S. Biotechnology
  8. University of Houston at Clear Lake – M.S. biotechnology (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology)

Information bout Deadline and GRE Scores are subject to changes based on University. Check with University web page for updated details.