I have been trying to write Universities for Masters (MS) in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics for some time in USA.

In fact this is the first article I’m writing about M.S. in Biotechnology in US Universities.

I know few friends who are still in school doing M.S. Biotechnology in USC, Keck, IIT Chicago, University of Houston at Clear Lake (UHCL) and few are searching for jobs in Biotechnology field after completing Masters.

Universities for MS Biotechnology in USA

Here’s list of Universities offering masters in Biotechnology.

  1. University of Wisconsin – Madision – M.S. Biotechnology
  2. California State University – Channel Islands – M.S. biotechnology and Bioinformatics, M.S. Biotechnology and MBA Dual Degree
  3. University of Maryland University College – M.S. Biotechnology ( No GRE Required)
  4. Georgetown University – M.S. Biotechnology, M.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GRE Not Required)
  5. Northeastern University – PSM Biotechnology


  1. Indiana University School of Medicine – M.S.  Biotechnology – GRE Scores Not required
  2. John Hopkins University – M.S. Biotechnology/MBA
  3. University of Rhode Island – M.S. Clinical Laboratory Science GRE Not Required  ( Biotechnology, Cytopathology, Clinical Laboratory Science). M.S., PhD Cell and Molecular Biology tracks (Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics)  GRE Required
  4. University of Florida – M.S./MBA Biotechnology
  5. University of Texas at Dallas – Masters in Biotechnology ( Molecular and Cell Biology )
  6. Marywood University – Masters in Biotechnology, PSM program (GRE Not required)


  1. University of Central Florida – M.S. Biotechnology -  GRE Scores Required
  2. Roosevelt University – M.S. in Biotechnology and Chemical Science
  3. University of the Sciences in Philadelphia – M.S. Cell Biology and Biotechnology – GRE Scores Not Required
  4. East Carolina State University – M.S. Cell Biology and Biotechnology – GRE Scores Required
  5. Texas Tech University – M.S. biotechnology – GRE 1100+
  6. University of Buffalo – State University of New york – Masters in Biotechnology
  7. Polytechnic University of New York – M.S. Biotechnology
  8. University of Houston at Clear Lake – M.S. biotechnology (Molecular Biology, Cell Biology)

Information bout Deadline and GRE Scores are subject to changes based on University. Check with University web page for updated details.


  • Kaush

    Thanks for your information, it really helped. Please I need you to help me find some University in USA for do Master of Biotechnology. Most of the universities you listed are really expensive for me. I need the biotechnology universities whose tuition are within the range of 3000 to 6000 USD and not required GRE. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Ijomah, Chioma

    Thanks for your blog, it really helped. Please I need you to help me find some affordable ones. Most of the universities you listed are really expensive for me. I need the biotechnology universities whose tuition are within the range of 3000 to 6000 USD. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Erugo michael

    Please, assist me in obtaining for a good school in USA, which offers scholarship to students for postgraduate studies in biotechnology

  • rajendra

    hai…i want guidence for ms biotec in usa

  • Soumya

    Add – Penn State University – MS in Biotechnology

  • Ramesh

    I have got admission in St Johns university QUeens campus to study MS in pharmaceutical biotechnology.
    Pl advise me on the university, campus and future scope.


  • Ramya

    Hi! I did my MSc Biotechnology with a GPA 8.34/10 from GITAM University, Vizag. I am looking to pursue MS/PhD in Molecular Biology or Biochemistry. I’ve been said that applying directly for PhD would be a disappointment as i don’t have that kind of research experience they would expect. I recently gave my GRE & TOEFL and scored 309 (equivalent to 1250 in old pattern) & 102 respectively. It would be of a huge help if anyone could suggest me a good list of research universities that i can apply for?? Thanks in advance.

  • Janki

    I am currently pursuing my undergrad degree in Plant Biotechnology but I also want to study for masters degree once I finish Undegrad. I was wondering that I am going to be graduating this semester and then looking school for spring 2013(if I get one) semester or fall 2012 in the field of molecular sciences, microbiology or Biotechnology. I have not given my GRE but I am planning to give one as soon as possible. Can you please help where to start and how to find good universities with good research which also support you for your masters degree

  • ria jacob

    hi . i am a permanent resident in usa.
    GRE score 291
    undergrad %: 56 percent
    can u suggest me some universities in USA which would accept my scores for MS in biotechnology????????????

  • ria jacob

    hi . i am a permanent resident in us.
    GRE score 291
    undergrad %: 56 percent
    can u suggest me some universities in USA which would accept my scores for MS in biotechnology????????????

  • ria jacob

    hi i am ria
    i am a permanent resident in usa
    GRE 291
    Toefl 84
    b.tech 56 %
    will i get admission in any university for ms in biotechnology?? can u suggest universities which will accept my score for MS biotechnology????

  • Ramky

    I completed My graduation in B.Sc Biotech and had one year gap(Backlogs) and now going for PG Diploma in Bioinformatics (1 Yr) to make it up to 4 yr degree equal. Now i would like to pursue Masters in Biotech or Bioinformatics or any life science stream. Could u please provide the requisites and good universities(Economical please).
    Let me tell u my academic particulars.
    10 th – 81%
    +2 – 74%
    B.Sc – 58%
    PG Diploma – Pursuing

    Any help and inputs would be appreciated.


  • swathi m s

    i am in final year engineering in biotechnology
    i want to do M S IN BIOTECHNOLOGY in abroad ?
    what should be our score in GRE?
    pls list me universities in US
    pls guide me

  • Pooja Gupta

    m dng B.Tech in biotechnology persuing my final year, can u plz tell me wat qualifications n wat aggregate z required for GRE,n want to do my masters in abroad.
    plz guide me..

  • apoorva

    hiee….i’m dng my B.E in bio-technology..i want to do dual degree program like want to do my masters and phd in same university…can u plzz suggest me the list of universities if any of such kind..i want to do in u.s only…i would be very thankfull if u reply me with the list

  • anisha

    hi…i am looking for colleges that offer maters in biotechnology,molecular biology or cell biology in bay area or in california…..please suggest me good colleges where i can pursue my maters.


      hai am dng masters here. dnt stick to one particular place in usa.

      university of Houston clear lake offers masters biology ,biotechnology,
      texas tech university,
      north eastern university offers biotechnology
      university of texas at san Antonio offers biology ,biotechnology.
      university of new heaven (Connecticut).
      western Kentucky university,
      these r all gud university.look at dose university website and choose best 1 accordng to ur profile.

  • srini


    plz evaluate my profile and suggest some universites………….




    btech(till 6th sem)–70.4

    plz tell me wether i can get admission for MS biotech……

    awaitin ur reply…..


      u will get admission in some uni.dey want gre 1000 aprox .so u will apply to some particular uni.most of d uni want gre score above 1000.
      WESTERN KENTUCKY UNI.ur gre score z enough to dese uni.

  • mo

    i already graduated in Bachelor of biotechnology engineering and i want to continue my study in master degree but i dont know by study of which course i can get good opportunity of work and higher possible salary , can you please help me plz?

  • Divabzak

    im doin my final year biotechnology bsc(3rd year). Am i eligible to do my ms in biotechnology in the USA or UK? what are the qualifications required?

    • mah azar

      Hi everyone , i am under graduaet in bachelor of industrial biotecnology in university of milan in italy ,i want to continue my study in master of biotecnology in US but i don’t know which uneversity can i reply , As yet I have not done toefl exam , how can i have information to reply for the universities and for the documents that need , tanke you

  • edwin

    i had finished my msc biotechnology i need scholarship for doing phd in biotechnology

  • Rajesh.d

    In 2013 , i will finish my b.sc biotechnology course. I want to do m.sc biotechnolgy in USA.

  • Bagaza

    how can someone get US scholarship

  • http://[email protected] mohammed

    This is a student from india with 15 years education and ielts interested to do masters in biotechnology or a lifescience course so iam insearch of universities offering with these essentials .

    • rajvinder

      i want to take admission in US for MS biotechnology, but i am having 15 years of education, so which universities accept 15 years of education. please send me the list of the universities…

      • Ashvini

        hi Plz provide me ur contact details mobile / email so tht i can provide you information. Did u applied or yet to apply

  • shashank

    i want to take admission in US for MS biotechnology, but i am having 15 years of education, so which universities accept 15 years of education. please send me the list of the universities…


    I’m a Nigerian, a graduate of Biotechnology. I shall be ending my National service year by June 2012 and would like to do my masters degree in any known University in USA. How can I be helped with my background. It had always been my dream to be a stakeholder in the Biotechnology profession as a coures that is piosed to restructure the field of modern science. Thanks

  • deepthi

    hiii….this s Deepthi..ma Gre score is1120 with 84 in toefl…i am a b pharmacy graduate…….i have applied for universities….northeastern university is offering me masters in pharmaceutical biotechnology.pls anyone let me know are there job opportunities for the above in US and India…pls pls

  • harikrishna


    need help……is this Georgetown University – M.S. Biotechnology good?gimmi the details of dis uni?my gre score is 990 n toefl 80,b.tech biotech 60%……suggest some uni getting addmission according 2 my profile…….

  • ernest hyacinth

    i am currently seeling for a master's programme in industrial microbiology education in any universities in USA, notify me via my email plz. Thanks.

  • shailesh pujari


  • tanya

    Hi. I'm currently pursuing b.tech in electronics and communication. But i want to change my field to biotechnology in masters. Can i do that?? would it help if i was pursuing chemical engineering ?

  • dedipya


    i have completed my M.sc biochemistry in 2010. I want to pursue my masters degree in biotechnology or biochemistry in usa.. my gre score was 960 and toefl score was 98..can u suggest me some good universities where i can get admission with that gre score..

    • Sameerpatel

      hi, you might get admission at Kean University, Union, New Jersey. You should try over there.
      That is a really one of the good university in New jersey. It’s fees also cheaper than other University. 



    i am currently pursuing my Msc in Biotech i would like to know which are the universities in US which offer Ph.D prog in Industrial Biotechnology

  • sukeerthi

    Sir, i have applied for Master's in biotechnology in usa to the following

    univ of houston clear lake – rejected

    csu- fresno – rejected

    reason was that i hold a 3 years degree.

    and also

    uni of pennsylvania – awaiting reply

    univ os sciences – PA – awaiting reply

    csu – channel islands – awaiting reply

    im nervous regarding their replies so i want to know some universities which accept 3 years degree. so that i can apply for fall 2011 before the deadlines pass. My gre score is 980 and toefl is 94.


    Sukeerthi Arya.

    • Sameer

      Hi my friend I had same kind of problem before. So I study only one more year in master program from india then I go for ECE evaluation. Then you can able to get admission in usa like I got it.

  • preethi


    i need help! i applied for few universities in the USA. got admits from 2 { cleveland state, university of new haven ( back up school :) } im waiting for better admits but i would like to know the cut-off for university of texas@ dallas, p.s im praying i get into it! : i applied for masters in molecular and cellular biology for fall 2011! my undergrad is 79% toefl 100 . so anyone who has any idea plz let me know!

    thanks so much! :)

  • mridu aggarwal

    I have done B.Tech(Biotechnology) from Amity University with scale 7.94 out of 10. I have got 99 in TOFEL & GRE score is 1210 ( Maths: 740 & English:470).

    Please let me know in which universities i can apply for Ms ( Biotenology) or PSM course in USA.

    Also send me details of PSM course.

    Is it a recognised course at USA?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mridu aggarwal.


    I am doing first year B,TECH BIOTECHNOLOGY . In the first sem my CGPA is 8.3. I would like to do some projects on it so please give me some instructions about projects .I would like to know the scope of biotech jobs please kindly help me sir

    • Amey

      Hello Suganya,

      I don't know where currently you are located,

      But if you are able to got to Chennai, they have research centre called-AU-KBC at Anna University, you might wanna check their website -http://www.au-kbc.org/
      I am preety much sure that they do constantly projects which might interest you.

      Good Luck!

  • Anita Awara

    Thank you very much for this site. Its has been of importance to me because i am yet to do my masters next year by Gods grace. At least with the list of universities down here, i can pick any of my choice.

  • harikrishna

    My Gre score is 990 and Toefl score is 88. Plz suggest me good universities in Usa for M.S in Biotechnology or Molecular Biology accordingly.(in texas state)

  • sukeerthi


    i needed some suggestions….. i have done my graduation in microbiology last year and i wanted to apply for masters in bio-tech for this year fall intake. i scored 800 in dec and im writing it again on 24th of this month. so can anyone help me out by suggesting few good universities that accept a score around 1000… i hope i do well this time…

    thanks in advance…!!!

    • harikrishna

      hiiiiiiiii….uhcl,utsa,neu,unh……r u wil get wit gre 1000……am also lukng 4 m.s biotech r cmb 4 fall2011.

  • Priyankaa


    I'm pursing my graduation in Bio-technology field and would like to shift to IT for MS .. i wanted to know what all subjects i can have as an option for getting into IT …


  • Vikram Dube

    I have completed my B.Sc Biotechnology and also B.Sc Applied Microbial Biotechnology. Currently I am doing M.Sc Biotechnology. I wish to do MS/MBA Biotechnology or MS PSM Biotechnology. Please suggest me some good universities for the above mentioned courses and the admission requirements. Also I would like to know is it better to go for MS/MBA Biotechnology or MS PSM Biotechnology?


    • http://insidetheadcom.com Daniel Chatham

      Later today students at KGI will learn details about a newly available PSM/MBA option with our Masters of BioScience connected in a 2+1 format with the Drucker School of Management. We previously offered this program combination in the early 2000's and eliminated it for a few years. This is the reestablished program we will launch. Details will be posted soon on http://www.kgi.edu.

      There are other programs that combine this kind of study in different formats so look around. I'm pretty sure that Johns Hopkins offers one, and Carnegie Mellon may also.

      Good luck with your research.

  • Amrita Pai

    Hi all,

    Wish you all a very happy new year.

    I was browsing through the website of UPenn an I'v found about this dual degree in MB/MBA i.e. in Master's of Biotechnolology & MBA. One would need to study courses related to both the degrees. It looks interesting but I am not sure how practical or worth it is as compared to the job market for Biotech Graduates at present. On one end I would have the benift of both the courses and on teh other han I may be cosidered as having half knowlege about both the courses. here I would require some input from people who have experience regarding this univ or this course etc. I would need your views. Please do reply.



  • Amrita Pai

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a Biotech Engineer and am working in clinical data management sector. I am not very happy with my present work and want to study further in biotechnology to get into research. This job is not directly related to my field of study and I am not sure if this experience will count .
    I am trying to apply for MS degree in Biotechnology/ Biochem & Molecular Biology in US Universities. I have searched and made a list of universities where I would like to apply for MS in Biotechnology/ Biology/ Biochem & Mol Bio, however I want all of your inputs and views about thses universities. Also I am depending on the US News Rankings and International Rankings to get an Idea of the University however I am not sure how accurate they are. So I request HSB students and bloggers to help me.

    List of univ

    1. Gerogetown university
    2. Colorado State University
    3. University of California, Irvine
    4. Northwestern University
    5. WAYNE state university
    6. Oregon state University
    7. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    8. University of South Florida
    9. Michigan State university
    10. Illinois Institute of Technology, chicago
    11. Rochester Institute of Technology
    12. North Eastern University.
    13. The University of Tennessee
    14. Texas Tech
    15. Texas San Antonio
    16. Umass Dartmouth
    17. University of Texas, Dallas

    This list is based on the rankings from various sites however I have no idea how these universities are in the Biotechnology field. Please tell me which one of them have a good biotechnology department and will help me make my research skills stronger.

    Thanks and all the best

    • mo

      i already graduated in Bachelor of biotechnology engineering and i want to continue my study in master degree but i dont know by study of which course i can get good opportunity of work and higher possible salary , can you please help me?

  • http://www.google.com haftom brhane

    thanks sir

    i am from ethiopia . i have BSc degre in applied biology now i am working in haramaya university.i am looking your free scholarship chance to learn biotechnology or mkicrobiology.

  • BAGAZA Clement

    how can get MSc in biotechnology. I have BSc in applied biology and biotechnology as option. I would like to continue my studies in biotechnology so help me

  • kamthe ajit ramchand

    hello. i am intrested to study in us , i want list of university which not offering gre score.

  • christal

    i just graduated from the university with B.Sc plant science and biotechnology and wish to further in biotechnology for my masters in the US or any country. i dont have either TOEFL or GRE. But i dont know if West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) will be acceptable in some schools. thanks

  • ajith hanval

    sir i want to know that whether its better to do specialization or continue in biotechnology.

    • HSB

      What kind of specialization?

  • Ritesh Pandya

    My Gre score is 1150 and Toefl score is 88. Plz suggest me good universities in Usa for M.S in Biotechnology or Molecular Biology accordingly.

  • Charles

    sir, i am doing my M.Tech Industrial Biotech. I would lik to continue the same In Ph.D too,. Kindly suggest colleges in US, Canada, Australia & New Zea. I don't hv either Gre or Toefl. Thank you.

    • abhishek

      hey..i have no idea regarding ur queries…its just that i wish to do m.tech in industrial biotech..so could u suggest me about it…and also where i could get to study it..

      i would really be thankful to u if u would write me back…


  • Manjiri B Jadhav

    I have completed my BE Biotechnology, should i opt for ms in general biotechnology or any specialization like cell biology or molecular biology?

    which gives better future prospects?

  • Harithasrinivas


    i completed my m.sc in industrial microbiology and i am interested in doing ph.d in microbiology please suggest me the good universties . I done 2 projects in microbiology

    thank u sir in advance

  • Hira


    i just completed my bs in bioinformatics from pakistan can i do ms in biotechnlogy or genetics from any us university ??….. i dnt wanna go towards compyter programming so i wanna chg …..

  • sandhya


    i have written my gre and got 1090 score. 490 in verbal and 600 in quant. i want to do apply for ms in cell and molecular biology. can suggest me the universities. C an you give feed back on the following universities







    are the above good universities ? or are there any better universities i can get admission into apart from these if so please mention them

    • harikrishna

      hiiiiiiiiiii….i got 990 in gre…..i had 60% in b.tech biotech…

      am also looking for m.s bio tech r CMB.

      gimmi d suggestion s which uni z best 4 me.

      north eastern uni-biotech

      CSU fresno-biotech…… tel me d remaing universities

  • Kiran

    Hello HSB,

    My current cgpa is 8.67. I am currently in 4th year pursuing B.Sc. (Hons.) Medical Biotech. I want to apply for MS in Biotechnology or Biomedical sciences in USA. I have my GRE coming up in 2 weeks and I am expecting a score of 1300+. I wanted to know that would it be wise to apply to top-rank universities like John Hopkins, MIT, and UC Berkeley?

    Eagerly awaiting your reply.

    • Amey


      The places you shortlisted are all ambi to super ambitious ones!

      Have look at MS-Biotechnology programs at following places as well-

      1) Indiana University-Bloomoington http://medicine.iu.edu/body.cfm?id=2140

      2) Georgetown University- http://biotechnology.georgetown.edu/ms-degrees.ht

      Let me know if youneed any futher help!

      All the Best!

      • Kiran

        Hi Amey,
        I recently gave my GRE. Due to lack of practice and just 3 weeks of preparation, i did poorly on GRE. I have a score of 1140[630 quants, 510 verbal] because i missed out about 5 questions each in both sections. Felt really dejected at first, but now am planning to retake GRE with better practice. Do you think its advisable?
        Moreover I would really like to pursue MS Biotech from either John Hopkins or University of Wisconsin Madison. Since these are among the top 50 in US, I guess I need to have a good score.

      • Arya

        hi amey i gave my gre this tuesday n i got 340 in V and 460 in Q sections n im looking for ms in biotechnology from a good university (not a excellent one though)
        do u think i should try with this score or will it be better to write gre again.?
        or shall i write toefl n try with that score.?
        plz help me with this n im applying for sept '11 sem…!!!

        • abhishek

          800 in GRE is way too low to apply anywhere in US for master's program. I would not even waste money on application fee. U should try to get atleast 1000

      • harikrishna


        i got 990 in gre ,my acadamics 60% in b.tech biotech

        am lookng for m.s biotech ,cellular molecular biology,biology…….

        gimmi d uni list…..

        how z d north eastern uni,CSU-fresno

  • navjot

    hi nivedita,, same prob wid me also…..try to get 1300+ score in GRE with more than 80% marks in last exam…….. i worked on dis prob,but most reputed inst. require 16 yr of education. ///// othrwise germany or canada is best option for us…

    • Arya

      hi navjot, even i have completed my bsc this yr n if possible search for WES. its like u need to send your transcript n some $180 n they calculate your gpa n provide u wit a certificate that is accepted by many universities(ex: CSU) but not every univeristy. n after u get admission u wil b give some topics to cover n after u get all the credits u wil b getting into master's prog.

  • http://yahoo.com nivedita

    i am a B.Sc graduate (bio technology)with 15 years of study in indian college. i want to pursue my MS in biotechnology in USA. pease advise me whether 15 years of study is sufficient will i be eligible for pursuing MS (bio technology) in american university. what are the prerequisites for MS(biotechnology)

    • narendra

      For doing M.S. in USA one should complete 16 years of study in India. So complete your M.Sc. in Biotechnology in India and then try to do M.S. in USA. All the best!!!

  • subha

    I'm doing my B.E in biomedical, I wish to pursue masters in genetics. Is this possible or should I stick to MS in biomed. My gre score is 1200(550V 650q). yet to give toefl.

    Also suggest me universities offering masters in genetics in US.

    • HSB

      Yes, you can transfer departments/majors.

  • harikrishna

    i have completed b.tech biotechnology with 60%,i got 100 in toefl…,z it gre required 4 me,would u refer universities 4 my master in biotechnology……

  • Rachita Jain

    hey..i am Rachita jain..i have just completed my ty bsc biotechnology with 80% score from a reputed univer …i wanna do my masters abroad..mostly US..which exams should i appear for…?which are the good univer. i can apply for..?please help..!!

    • Banwari

      @Rachita ur next task is TOEFL and GRE with fabulous score.

      Good luck

    • Amey


      As Banwari said, try to aregister for GRE and TOPEFL and try to aim very good scores on both of them!

      Here's the website for GRE- ww.ets.org/gre

  • Manjiri

    Hello Sir,

    I have completed my BE Biotechnology this year and nw preparing for cat and othe mba entrance exams.

    I just came across MS MBA dual degree, 3 years program in USA. Is it beneficial in terms of job oportunities and future prospects in India?

    Or MBA in India from best B-School is better option?

    if the duel degree prog is better, then for fall admissions 2011 which is period is preferable to attempt GMAT?

    Please reply soon.

  • http://www.haramaya.edu.et Dinkayehu Alamnie

    I am dinkayehu from Ethiopia.I have recevied my BSC degree in haramaya university and currently,i am working in haramaya university as graduate assistant.So iam seeking to MSC in biotechnology in your honorable place,USA inorder to upgrade myself.

    I have applied in all scholarship application,but noone is considering me.

    further info:- PO BOX:-138 DREDWA ,ETHIOPIA

    • Amey K

      @Dinkayehu Alamnie,


      Before going ahead, let me ask you few things-

      1)Is your BSc degree worth 3 years or 4 years ??

      2)Have you given GRE/TOEFL ??

    • http://www.haramaya.edu.et Dinkayehu Alamnie

      Dear,Amey K

      I am sorry about forgoten to discribe the worth of my BSC, my BSC degree worth 3 years in recruited and honorable university of HRAMAYA UNIVERSITY founded by OKLAHAMA CITY OF UNIVERSITY.

      Know i'm register in iBT TOEFL,so i will be happy if you apply me in this position.

      thank you


  • m.minisha florence

    I have completed M.Sc and B.Sc in biotechnology. Would you please refer some American Universities where I can do PhD in biotechnology. I have not appeared in GRE exam yet. Please reply. Thanks in advance


  • Sonimikul

    i have completed my b.pharma in india so may i aply directly for M.S in pharmaceutical science

  • shouvik saha

    I have completed M.Sc and B.Sc in biotechnology. Would you please refer some American Universities where I can do PhD in biotechnology. I have not appeared in GRE exam yet. Please reply. Thanks in advance

  • Humera siddique

    humera here….me doing ma bs n biotechnology 4rm pakistan nd wanna apply here.plx guide me….thnx………

    • Ali

      where from you complete your BS biotech ?

  • Saurav


    I have done UG in biotechnology(OGPA 8.61).Have got GRE score 1210 verbal-430,quant- 780.Looking out for US universities for MS.Kindly suggest some universities

    Will I be able to get universities which will give me tution waivers and scholarships.

  • Rishikesh

    hey plzz evaluate my prof….

    i gave my gre my score is 1020 Verb 360 n Quants 660…

    my agg till nw 1st 6 sems is 60%.

    m planing fr MS Biotechnology

    will i get admssn wid dis Gre score or shld i reappear again? My TOEFL is on 17th oct…

    thnx cheers…

  • http://kgi.edu/ Daniel Chatham

    It seems there are lots of people still looking at this post for information about MS in Biotech programs. If you know how technical (focused) vs how flexible (broad) you want your career to be, please consider Professional Science Masters programs. There is a list at sciencemasters.com and the National Professional Science Masters Association is working to expand opportunities for prospective students to find the right program. I work at one of the oldest and most established (mentioned in the article above) and we really want applicants to understand and demonstrate their right fit.

    Daniel Chatham

    Dean of Admissions, Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences

    Board of Directors, National PSM Association

  • binil

    Sir, my GRE score is 1090 (verbal-420, quants-670) and I am giving TOEFL on 23th Oct,10.Would I be able to get admission in integrated MS+PHD programme in a reputed university.My B-pharm average is 66%.I got 89% and 83% in my 10th and 12th respectively.

  • Navjot

    Dear all,

    I am Navjot Singh From INDIA. I just finish my B.sc(hons)Biotechnology {3 YEAR COURSE} from Lovely Professional University

    Punjab(INDIA) WITH CGPA 0f 7.54 ( out of 10) including 36 subjects in 3 years full time course. I need guidance for admissions in U.S. for MS BIOTECH .

    My IELTS overall band score is 6.5.


  • Noyem Uddin

    Hi am Noyem Uddin form Bangladesh.I have finished my B.Sc. from Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering department of MBSTU. Now i wanna to get admission a U.S. university belongs to Biotechnology graduate program.Please somebody help me send a list of universities which are offer Biotechnology graduate program.i am waiting for your kind information.


    Noyem Uddin

    Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Department

    Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University

    Tangail-1902, Bangladesh.

    • Amey

      Before proceeding let me ask you these-

      Is your B.Sc. degree worth 3 years or 4years ??

      Are you looking to pursue MS or Ph.D or both in Biotechnology ??

      Have you given your GRE/TOEFL ?? what are your scores ??

      • Noyem Uddin

        dear sir

        my B.Sc degree worth 4 years.

        i am looking only M.S. in biotechnology.

        no…but i get my preparation to get exam next march'2011. and i waana aply fall '2011. I am waiting for your reply.


        anpyem auddin

  • prashanti

    Hi All,

    I have completed my Msc in Microbiology. Planning to give my GRE in Nov. I want to apply for Masters in Microbiology for fall 2011 intake.. and after going there i want to shift into clinical research. Can u just guide me like how can i go abt it?!! Also i want to know the universities that are offering masters in clinical research. Plz help me!!

    • Banwari

      Hello @Prashanti why ur going to double Master degree? this is the first Q while ur at front of VO's.

      Good luck

      • prashanti

        Hello @ Banwari Ya i did expect this question. I am gonna tell them that i want to get retrained so as to upgrade my knowledge and i am planning to show them a fake work experience for dis year. so i can as well tell that the company wants me to upgrade my knowledge. I hope this works.. If u have any suggestions plz guide me.

        • Banwari

          Hello @Prashanti be confident while ur doing this, I mean while ur going to add fake WE. dont think wrong, but just reminding u the things which u may face.

          good luck

          • prashanti

            Hello @ Banwari

            I ve actually not completely decided on the fake experience. I was just thinking to provide it because am getting a gap of a year now, as i am planning for fall 2011. So actually not sure of how to go abt it.

            • Banwari

              Again hello @prashanti……ur r eligible if u have 1 year gap, but u will be in blck list if u find guild in fake documentation; so in my suggestion dont try plsss…anyway if we can share our experience on mail my mail ID is …banwarigupta141gmail.com

  • prashanti

    Hi All

    I have completed my Msc in Microbiology. Planning to give my GRE in Nov. I want to apply for Masters in Microbiology for fall 2011 intake.. and after going there i want to shift into clinical research. Can u just guide me like how can i go abt it?!! Also i want to know the universities that are offering masters in clinical research. Plz help me!!

  • kiranmayee

    I am looking for M.S in Biotechnology in U.S. Can you tell me if I can apply in this Jan-Feb 2011? Or should I wait for Fall 2011?

    • Banwari

      Hello Kirabmayee, first u should clear what u did and what time you want to enter in USA?

      • kiranmayee

        I finished B.Tech Biotechnology this year. I am mainly interested at any time during 2011. But I want a University with good aid and scope for research.

    • Amey

      I strongly suggest you to wait for your profile, so that you will be having more choicesof universities.

      Are you done with your GRE ??

      • kiranmayee

        No I have not yet given my GRE and I am planning it either this November or January. Can you suggest me the best option? Also, wont there be any problem if I let this year pass when I face the VO? A graduate idle for one year (I am working presently, though).

  • sakshi dogra

    m interesting in persuing doctors in us in biotechnology tell me the universities and research projects

    • Amey

      Are you looking for universities in USA ??

      What's your GRE ??

      Do you have any relevant research experience ?? any publications, paper presenations ??

      • Banwari

        Hello @Shakshi & Amey. Well, shakshi short listing of universities for a particular program is very tedious and time consuming process; as amey asked ur GRE score, so ur GRE score also important but u should refined ur research interest in that university where u want to apply. So fisrt u have to check out it and than go for further process.

        Well Amey & Shakshi I have one of doubt and till now I'm unable to clear it so may be u people can clear it. I'm quiet afraid about my education back ground. I think its not impressive to satisfy university’s and VO's, may be they have lots of questions about it while such person going to visa interview. Well My education back ground is follow.

        I have completed…

        # 10th with 56.55% in 1997 from Rajasthan Board.

        # 12th with 58.62% in 2000 from Rajasthan Board.

        # B.Sc with 57.13% in 2004 from Kota University.

        # M.Sc with 62.60% in 2008 from Periyar University.

        Extra qualifications-

        # DMLT with 61.62% in 2002 from reputed institute.

        # DISM in 2005 with B+ from reputed institute.(During job)

        # Currently pursuing PGDIPR from IGNOU (Jan 2001- Dec 2010 session) result awaited.

        I have many of gapes its just due to my financial and personal problems. Here I want to mention all gaps with you my with specific reasons.

        # First gape in 1998 which just due to grade improvement during 12th.

        # Second in 2002 after completing First year B.Sc( Regular) because I was stuck with financial problem, was unable to continue my study so I enrolled DMLT. That's the main reason to completing 3 years Bachelor Degree in 4 years. From 2002 to 2006 I joined some of Laboratories.

        # After that I went for M.Sc in Aug. 2006 and completed (July 2008) on right time and have one back log in first semester which I cleared in third semester, but after July 2008 I was busy in the preparation for CSIR but unluckily not selected (Dec. 2008) finally in March 2009 I joined one of food processing company on the the post of QC and resigned it in Aug 2009. Then I back to my study for the preparation GRE & TOEFL and wrote my first TOEFL exam on Oct 10, 2009 but the score was not so good and since that I'm working hard on GRE and now planning to write GRE in coming Sep 2010. I would like to apply for PhD (Biotechnology) for 2011 session.

        Of course I have gap in every steps but really it was not my fault. I can satisfy University as well as VO for all the gaps because I have valid reason, but sometime I regret myself.

        I have 4years work experience in medical laboratory after B.Sc and 7months after M.Sc and 2 projects on my hand (one of summer non thesis and second is final project with thesis). I have one national level training certificate and one best poster presentation certificate.

        After all my questions are..

        What do you say about it? M I eligible for PhD or not?

        I can finish 2-3 mini projects within 3-4 months, so can I add these projects in current CV which I’m going to join in Jan or Feb 2011? Because I think these projects will be enhance my skill and chance to get admission.

        Please reply and all comments would be appreciated.

        Thanks in advance

        • Amey


          You have got good profile !

          You are definitely are eligible yo apply for Ph.D.

          Make sure you select good asnd reputed American universities.

          Also do score well on GRE/TOEFL.

          Let me know if you need any more help.

          • Banwari

            Thanks a lot Amey. I'm doing hard with my GRE and continuously attempting mock tests my last score was 1190 but I'm not satisfied with it so I need some hard preparation. Anyway can u suggest me up to what time i can write GRE & TOEFL?

            Pls reply

  • jyoti

    I have done Btech biotechnology pls let me know about universities who giv 100% scholarship for master degree

  • meera panchal

    m doing my BS biotech in india. my degree course is of 3yeras and most universities of US requires 12+4 where as ill b havng 12+3. where can i get admission.pls suggest me d universities dat accept 12+3


  • Yashna Walia

    I am planning to pursue undergraduate programme in the field of Biotechnology from USA or Singapore. Would appreciate if some one let me know the list of good universities that offer this programme. Also are there any universities which conduct B.S. & M.S. Integrated programme. Thanks

    • Amey

      @Yashna Walia,

      Check SUNY-Buffalo and Rochester Institute of Technology for
      their BS in Biotechnology program.

      You could also think of applying to BS in Human Biology programs at Michigan state Univ and University of Arizona, Tucson.

  • Rahul


    I want to know the list of Universiyies which offer dual degree of MS in biotechnology and MBA in marketing in USA, UK and australia on the basis of ielts of toefl.



    • Parduman Singh

      I want to know the reply to this question.

  • swathi

    hi dis z swathi..i have completedMSc.biochemistry now planning to do M.S in biochemistry..can u plz suggest me the best and affordable universities with funding which offer M.S in biochemistry for spring 2011…n also let me know the acceptable gre and toefel scores…thnq

  • Perry

    Please where can i find a list of cheap tuition schools that i can get a good MS in Biotechnology?and also which of those schools are most likely to give me a scholarship. thank you very much.

  • Naresh

    Hi, I wanted to know if the universities in USA accept 15 yrs of education in India. My friend has done B.Sc Biotechnology in INDIA and wanted to join for M.S. in BioTech.

    Please help. Thanks in advance.

  • Deepa Kamath

    Which are the universities in U.S providing a masters in Genetic Engineering?

    • Banwari Lal Gupta

      UCLA is best for GE.


      • Deepa Kamath

        But I had a look at the UCLA website and nowhere did they mention a GE course.Here is a list of their departments: http://www.gdnet.ucla.edu/departments.html

        • Amey

          @Deepa Kamath,
          UCLA would be long shot and ambitious choice of university, unless you have goty really good relevant research experience in India.
          Do check other universitie as well.

  • Anju

    Am planning to apply for masters in life sciences…. can u plz provide me with the list of the best n affordable univs??!! am planning to apply for fall 2011. wil give my GRE this oct… plz help me!!

  • lohit

    Hello all,
    I have just completed my b.tech in biotechnology from N.I.T Durgapur with a C.G.P.A of 8.03 out of 10 . I want to do Phd in Industrial biotechnology from USA . I have a six months project in this field . I am planning to give GRE and TOEFL this august.

    My question to u all is what are my chances of getting a university in USA for the desired course and what are the good universities in which i can apply. I belong to a middle class family so my main concern is will i get 100% scholarship for studying if i do well in GRE and TOEFL..

    • Amey

      For getting an admit from well known american university, alongwith academics and GRE/TOEFL, some other co-curricular factors matter.
      Meanwhile do you have any research experience at any lab ??
      Btw, NIT tag might help you a bit.

  • Gurpinder Sidhu

    hey I have done my BSc. Biotechnology from University of Adelaide, Australia but my grades are very low like only 55%. But I am very much keen to do my MS from USA in biotechnology or biochemistry but don't know whether I will be able to get admission with such low score in any USA university. My GRE score is also low as 960. Just wondering about my future options for study in US.

  • Deepa Kamath

    I’m a 2nd year student of B.E Biotechnology.I would like to know what are the job opportunities in Biotechnology after I complete my B.E .I want to pursue my M.S after I’v worked for a year or two as I do not know which field to specialize in.

  • Ganesh

    Hello friends,
    I have done masters in biochemistry.Looking out for US universities for Phd.Kindly suggest some universities

  • http://gmail.com snehal gole

    please can i get names of universities in usa which give spring admissions for m.s. in biotechnology? gre, toefl no problem

  • dharani

    hi i want to do masters with gene biotechnology. please suggest me some good colleges in usa & uk with scholership.

  • JUDE

    The questions that i have concerning obtaining a M.Sc in Biotechnology have already been asked and i cant see any answers yet, as I happen to be a follower of this blog and also a third year student of Biotechnology at UNIBEN.I would like to know if there any institutes/corporate bodies in the U.S who offer scholarship to graduates who want to forge ahead in the pursuit of a M.Sc in applied genetics, eligibility criteria and every information concerning the award of scholarship, and the best universities in the U.S offering the course?

    • HSB

      To get financial aid for M.S. in Genetics or any other field depends on your academic profile. If you have required skills and profile, you can get scholarship.

  • theophilus richie

    hi,i am a final year student of Benson Idahosa University,and i wish to study either applied microbiology or industrial microbiology as a masters degree.so i will need a list of university in U.S.A. offering these course at there masters level. will be grateful if these request is granted.will be waiting for my reply.

  • mangesh


    myself first year of engineering student in biotech

    i want to do ms in us what are the best universities what are the courses in ms that leading in todays world what are the eligibility to get best college what are the procedure to get admission in us for ms in biotech

    could you give me information that which is the best mtech in iit in india or ms in us

  • http://www.yahoo.com Mohammed Rabuil Hose

    I just accomplished the BSc in Genetic engineering & biotechnology from Shahjalal University of Science & technology,Sylhet,Bangladesh.I am keen interested to do masters in US Universitys' .Plz inform &guided me about the admission procedure,Scholarship& others.Plz i am looking to know further from you as quick as possible..Mohammed Rabiul Hosen

  • dimple

    I have done my BS and MS in bio technology from india . Now wat option i have after that.

    • Manu

      ms in biotech in india?from where?

  • neha khan

    i hav done 12th in last year i want to do bio tech bt now im doing diploma in laboratory technology………………………..i want do bsc in biotech but somebody say me dont do biotech do bsc in mlt i want ask u what should i do???????plz give me answer

  • http://GoGradMarywood.com Lisa Casella

    Please note that the M.S. Biotechnology program at Marywood University does require the GRE test score. The test must have been taken within the last 5 years. Please adjust this on your listing of Biotechnology programs.

    Thank you,

    Lisa Casella

    Associate Director, University Admissions

    Marywood University

    Scranton, PA

  • Kshama.E.Rai


    Am doing my Bsc in biotechnology right now and want to do masters in genetics in the US..plz suggest few good universities which offer them..

    waiting for your reply

    thank u

  • Biotech Student

    The best US universities for an MS in Biotechnology are Penn, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins. However, many universities do not offer a terminal masters program, and instead offer a PhD. The best university for a PhD in a biotech related field is MIT, followed by Stanford.

  • Dhawan

    is there any difference between an engineer applying to MS biotech and a BSc undergrad applying…??if so then their acads will be better i guess…coz i see ppl wid 75-85% avg….and in engg 55-65% is good…..so plzz help


    Hey friends,

    This is Nikhil studying B.E biotechnology(5th sem)

    This is the first time i am writing a blog regarding

    BIOTECHNOLOGY.Somebody who is doing M.S outside India

    please give me some important tips and i want to know what is the minimum GRE score to get an admission in MS Biotechnology and please suggest me names of unviversities providing the course. TAHNKS

  • http://inalllanguages.blogspot.com/ Shimaa Eid

    Hi there, I'm a 3rd year undergraduate Biotechnology student from Egypt and I still have a year in University till I graduate.

    I had a training in Newcastle university, UK the last summer in a Biotechnology international summer school.

    Since the UK seemed too much to afford for me and since I'm more interested in coming to the US I want to continue my studies in the US starting with doing my masters in Biotechnology and related areas of study like Molecular Biology or Genetics.

    so I want to know what are my chances? what do I need to do ? and one important thing which is the financial issues…


  • rohan

    hi, i have completed my B.E. in biotechnology. i want to do my masters in industrial biotechnology in USA, could u please suggest the names of the institutes/colleges offering the same. it would be very nice if the list could include insti/coll offering scholarships,financial assistance also. thank you…

  • sualeha khan

    I am a student of BS-Bioinformatics department in Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad, Pakistan. This is my last semester and my CGPA is 3.92/4.00. I want to do MS in molecular biology or proteomics. kindly tell me about the universities where i can get admission in 2010 on 100% scholarship criteria.

    • http://www.happyschoolsblog.com dev

      i hv comleted my BE with biotechnology n iwant to do ms in usa my gre score is 1050 can u sugest me universities where i can take admission pls m in big problem

  • Shubhi

    hey, i m a student of b.tech in biotechnology nd got 1390 on my GRE ( 800 quant + 590 verbal )

    i would like to pursue my MS in biotech from the US and would be really grateful if you could give me a list of universities which will take me in on this score according to deir department ranking

    thnx a lot


  • Prem kumar.v

    Prem kumar.v,

    Well,I want to Pursue my master's through scholarship and merit basis IN USA…Please give me a suggestion…

  • Prem kumar.v


    I am studying B.TECH BIOTECHNOLOGY now.My aim is to pursue my Masters biotechnology in us..I am really interesting …What is the procedure ..What can I do for that….Please give me a good sugesstion Which university is good one…Any special scholarships is available for Master's degree in biotechnology….

  • badal

    Well , I have just given my 12th in India and I am planning to do B-tech in the US . Can anyone please suggest me a good uni to study .. thankyou ..

    • rihana


  • Dharanikanth


    Ive jus completed my Btech Biotech from anna univ. I have a gre score of 1250 (750-q 500-v). My goal is to enter into research in Genetics. I applied to several univs in the us for this fall but i dint get through. Could anyone gimme an idea about wat course i should pick if im applying for spring so i can pursue my goal.

    Thank you


  • Banwari

    can i apply for MS-PhD integrated course

    for biotechnology areas

  • deep patel

    i just finished bsc in microbiology, and i am willing to persue MS in biotechnology in USA…. plz guide me to the choice of nice universities….

    • HSB

      You will have to search for schools in US that will accept 3 years degree. There are schools that accept students with 15 years of education, but finding those schools will take time.

  • Neeru monga

    I will be appearing for GRE. I want to know one thing that.. Is TOEFL a compulsion to take admission for masters in biotechnology in US. How much score do i need in GRE to get through the best colleges or universities in US..?

  • Neeru monga

    Well i have just completed my B-TECH in BIOTECHNOLOGY. I want to persue my masters in biotech from US. Can anyone please suggest me which colleges/universities i can apply, which suites my profile, and solves my elgibility criteria.


    10th : 87 %

    12th : 81 %

    I have done one major n one minor project.

    2 trainings.

    and various seminars.

  • bharat


    i got in gre 770 in quant and 300 in ver

    i like to do ms in biotech plz edify me so that about college which can provide me somthing valuable which is useful to my life

    • Roy

      firstly improve your verbal score. .. ” EDIFY” ..!!

  • Moktar Hossain

    Above suggestions to me good but i want more suggestions in the field of Computer science and Engineering perspective with academic result like 3.32 and GRE scores.

  • dhawal

    hi m an sy biotech student 4m mumbai n want to pursue masters in biotech from US.can u suggest me some good universities for the same?


    I am Anil Chougule,a final year student of veterinary sciences from Nagpur,India. I am interested in graduate programme of Animal science department

    My GRE score is 1030(V=450,Q=580& AWA-2). I have TOEFL iBT score is 70,(L-21,S-18,R-19,& W-12).My GPA during undergraduation is 7.3 out of 10.

    which university should I apply so that probably i could get admitted with tuition waiver.

    please suggest some university for veterinary & animal science which suit my score.

    My profile








  • Dhawal

    HI .. first of all I would like to congratulate and appreciate your efforts in maintaining this blog, and that too with such great professionalism. Secondly I would like to get some guidance from you -

    My GRE score is 550 verbal + 800 Quanti + 4.0 AWA. I got 106 outta 120 in TOEFL iBT. My undergraduate CGPA is 9.63 out of 10, & this summer I will finish my B Tech in Industrial Biotechnology. I have done many trainings, presented papers and won prizes in national & international conferences. Currently I am doing a project on Cancer genomics.

    I heard that for a really good career (exactly what I want), one has gotta do a PhD (for biotech related fields) So, based on that I have applied to the following univs for a PhD program (THESE UNIVS ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO GO DIRECTLY FOR A PHD PROGRAM, IF THEIR ULTIMATE AIM IS RESEARCH – WHICH IS MINE TOO)


    Univ California, Irvine

    Univ California, Davis

    Univ California, San Diego (too much california coz its the biotech hub)

    Univ Texas, Austin (cheap state)

    Univ Colorado, Boulder (good ranking)

    Univ Arizona, Tucson (good, cheap state with Indian-type climate)

    Another reason why I chose for the PhD program is that the MS progs dont have any significant funding, but it is 'easier' to get RA / TA / Fellowship in PhD progs. On the websites, it is mentioned that IF admitted, I will be put in MS prog first, then upon qualifying the PhD entry exam, I will be allowed to continue my work (if I want to) as for PhD


    Enough of my intro – I would be really indebted if somebody could comment on my decision to apply for PhD programs …. I have seen the details for MS progs in UT Dallas and SUNY Buffalo, but the lack of funding opportunities is prohibiting me from applying to them. Could anyone suggest if I have made a good decision, or should I apply to min 4 MS Biotech courses in addition… I am getting a bit nervous on my choice – coz 99% of people are applying for MS programs only. I have no issues with committing 5/6 years in PhD, unless my financial position deteriorates.

    I would be glad if before making up your mind you could have a look at my online CV at

    Thanks !

  • prerna


    i hv completed my Bpharm want to apply for ms in biotech to the usa

    appeared for gre twice my scores r 980-1st attempt, 1130-2nd attempt.

    toefl score is 100, and since i m from the pharmaceutical background want to continue with that plz let me know the universities that offer a pharmaceutical track in biotech( this program is offered at north eastern university) Thanks

  • harsh

    i am an sybsc biotech student and want to pursue MS IN BIOTECH N US.could you suggest top 20 universities and colleges,qualifications and scope of it

  • James

    I am in 3yr microbiology honours. I want to pursue Msc in biotechnology in US or Canada. I got 1440 in Gre general (660 in english, 780 quantitative) and 108 in toefl ibt. I really dont know which all universities offer such a course and also which accept a 3 yr bachelor degree rather than a 4 yr one. pltz help. Also let me know whether i have the chance of getting scholarships.

  • Abhinaya

    Could you put your thoughts on wht is the minimum eligible criteria for getting scholarships related to MS biotech. I heard that scholarships r provided only when doing integrated Phd. Could you clarify?

  • K

    Hello Raghu,

    This is post is quite helpful. I would like to add a couple more universities here..

    1. Penn state University

    2. Texas A & M offers non thesis.

    Georgetown only accepts students already there. It is an addition to the program.

    love the blogs



  • HSB

    @NARESH: You cannot get admission with scholarship with GRE Score 950 for MS.



    can you evaluate my profile.

    I have got a gre score of 950.

    I have got a per of 78%

    10 th was 80%

    12 th was 94%

    trainings 3.

    can you give me a list of universities which provide ms in biotechnology or phd in microbiology or genetics.

    will i be able to get univs which will give me tution waivers n scholarships.

  • Galib

    Which of these universities provide financial aid in biotechnology masters?

  • Raghu

    @Pramod: Read the ebook and other articles. Also, Adi's job interview experience. That will get you started.

  • Pramod

    Hey friends,

    This is Pramod studying B.E biotechnology(5th sem)

    This is the first time i am opening a blog regarding

    BIOTECHNOLOGY.Somebody who is doing M.S outside India

    please give me some important tips.

  • ashutosh

    my name is ashutosh.i m seeking to take admission in american univ for my majors.my interest is in biotech or bioinformatics.anyone who is also planning to do their majors in these stream,please mail me .my id is [ email removed] .we can exchange many ideas.

    - use forum to communicate with other users. dont post email id here.

  • v sudharsan varma


    plz evaluate my profile and suggest some universites………….




    btech(till 6th sem)–74%

    paper presentation–2

    poster presentation–2

    national conference–1



    some extra curricular activity certificates……….plz tell me wether i can get admission for MS(life science)…i am afraid whether there will any problem with visa for this gre score…..plz reply me…..

    awaitin ur reply…..

    good day,


    • Lovejot

      Hello friends,

      I have done masters in agricultural biotechnology(OGPA 8.13).Have GRE score 1310 verbal-700,qat 610.Looking out for US universities for Phd.Kindly suggest some universities