MBA without GMAT Score

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Many schools in USA accept students for Masters program without GRE Score, but that’s not the case for MBA. There are many European Business schools that accept students without GMAT as one of mandatory requirements.

Work Experience for GMAT

Some top Business Schools in USA accept students with work experience without GMAT Score. But, most of those programs are for Executive MBA (EMBA). To be considered for EMBA program, one should have 5+ years of work experience. You will also have better chance to get admission into MBA program if your company is sponsoring you.

Business Schools that are close to work place will offer part time MBA programs. GMAT score requirements will be lower.

But, applying for MBA without work experience is not going to help you much.

Unless you have experience in corporate world, it will be very difficult to associate the concepts thought in Business school to real life experience. It always better to go for MBA after getting 2 to 3 years work experience.

MBA Without GMAT

Some online MBA programs might accept students without GMAT, provided you have other credentials.

If you are looking to get into good Business school, MBA without GMAT is not worth spending time into.

If you are just looking to get an MBA degree and don’t care much about reputation of the school, then its worth spending time searching for MBA programs.

If you are preparing for GMAT, check if you all the required Top GMAT Books to score above 700.

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