Many schools in USA accept students for Masters program without GRE Score, but that’s not the case for MBA. There are many European Business schools that accept students without GMAT as one of mandatory requirements.

Work Experience for GMAT

Some top Business Schools in USA accept students with work experience without GMAT Score. But, most of those programs are for Executive MBA (EMBA). To be considered for EMBA program, one should have 5+ years of work experience. You will also have better chance to get admission into MBA program if your company is sponsoring you.

Business Schools that are close to work place will offer part time MBA programs. GMAT score requirements will be lower.

But, applying for MBA without work experience is not going to help you much.

Unless you have experience in corporate world, it will be very difficult to associate the concepts thought in Business school to real life experience. It always better to go for MBA after getting 2 to 3 years work experience.

MBA Without GMAT

Some online MBA programs might accept students without GMAT, provided you have other credentials.

If you are looking to get into good Business school, MBA without GMAT is not worth spending time into.

If you are just looking to get an MBA degree and don’t care much about reputation of the school, then its worth spending time searching for MBA programs.

If you are preparing for GMAT, check if you all the required Top GMAT Books to score above 700.

  • pallavi

    hi, i am currently in the US on H4 visa and would like to take up either an online mba program/executive mba or part time mba program. can you please tell me if i can convert to F1 status for any of these mba programs?

  • Ashwin Bohra


    I am a 2009 BE/ECE pass out and have since been working. Currently I am running a company along with my brother which we both had started in the year 2007. I wanna know the list of university and my chances of getting a good university for my MBA program? How about an executive MBA?? Is it worth doing? Pls help…

  • Mohsin

    Hi, I’m a British national who has completed his high school, undergrad and postgrad from British institutions. English is my mother tongue. I am interested in pursuing an MBA in the US and wanted to know whether I would require the GMAT too?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Nasim


    I have completed my bachelor in English language translation. and I have TOEFL 560 but have not done GRE/GMATH. I’d like to do my master in Hospitality management in US or Canada. Is there any university where i can get admission without GRE/GMATH?


  • sachin

    I have completed my diploma in electronics with 1St class and distn with Bachelor in electronics with pass class; now

    i am working in education institute as a trainer (PLC ,automaion,etc)

    will this training experience count for study MBA what should i do?

    plz help

  • optimus

    I want to know something about a few number of b.schools those I have listed below (I have made up this list by some intensive search,recommendations n low tuition fees).what I need to know is tht are they really worthy to study(as for me a reputed degree with a low tuition is main objective)
    1.Mays (Texas A&M)
    2. Marriott
    3. Dupree(Georgia)
    4. Wisconsin-Madison
    5. uni of Texas-Dallas
    pls let me know how these schools really are n there fees for international students. also suggest me some other schools those types which I'm looking for.thnk you

  • JOE

    hi i have completed my bachleors degree in hotel management.i got 66% in bachelors I gave visa interview on 14 th october 2010 and got rejected by section 214b they ask me about gmat i said no coz my college does not require gmat then they ask me abt i 20 why ur college has mention only 1 month fee that is very low fees was $1530 .plz help me i want to apply again plz give me visa interview tips .

  • DAYO

    pls can you me a list of schools in New haven, northern connecticut that does not require GMAT for admission.thanks

    • khej

      I know few uni: hamline university and national university.

  • Moksh

    I have 6 years of work experience,2 years in pure IT as java developer,then 2 years in IT+telecom in PSU and then 2 years in purely Education industry(Test-prep GMAT/GRE/CAT), i am looking for one year MBA.
    Can u guide me please ?
    Please tell me universities in or outside India suitable to my diverse profile.I want to preferably stay in education.

  • Raihan

    Peace be upon all of you,

    I am now in 3rd year & doing my BBA in marketing. Taking preparation for GMAT, interested to have my MBA from USA, have no job experience.

    Kindly suggest me which is right for me 1. MBA, or Msc in marketing 2. GMAT, or GRE 3. What're other requirements. Please.

  • Divya Shetty

    I have 5 years of experience in IT Industry. I worked as Software Test Specialist in a leading Indian company. I am currently in US on H4 visa and want to pursue my MBA in finance and accounting as I am good at math.
    Please let me know
    1. What are the requirements for applying for MBA in finance and accounting?
    2. Do I have to take both GRE and GMAT?
    3. I would like to choose one of the universities in Dallas as I stay there. Do I have the option to choose the one I want? What may be the requirements?
    Also please let me know if I need know anything else to get the degree.

    Thanks in Advance,

  • Ankur

    hi i am an engineeering student(55 percent), i have a 950 in gre i was planning for an ms but now want to go for an mba instead. ive heard troy state accepts gre for an mba. is it a good uni? which other unis which accept gre score for an mba(I know uccs also does) i have 1.6 yrs wrk-ex. Can youtell me if i need more wrk ex inorder to avoid gmat?ive heard at some niz its waived with good wrk ex.

  • Karan


    I completed my B.Com from Loyola College, Chennai in 2008. I am currently assisting my father in the Family Business and intend to do an M.B.A in the U.S. I would like to know what is the average GMAT score required to get in to a decent B School in the U.S ?

    • HSB

      @Karan – Average GMAT Score is around 550+

      • Alex

        Where do i post my query>>?? Which articles should i read for step by step guide??

  • pavan

    i am doing my 4th year student.i am very confused about my post graduation??? should i go for mba or a ms in us??? confision will there be satisfactory jobs available after ms and mba???

  • Mit


    I am looking for information on part time MBA/online MBA programs. I have completed BE with 86% and I have worked in a mnc for 4yrs. I had quit my job last year to take care of my new born. I am all set to equip myself and start my career back and I am thinking of doing a part time or Online MBA IN US. Do part time MBA programs have the same reputation as a campus MBA program? Do you know a best MBA program offered online in US ? Also it will be really helpful if you can share some information on part time MBA programs in US.



    • HSB

      If you are going to come to US to study MBA, only option you have is Full Time. Being International student, you cannot enroll for Part time MBA program.
      Other option is to come to US in work visa and then study part time.

      • Mit

        Thanks for the quick response. I am currently in US in H4 visa and I want to attend a part time / online MBA program with this visa status and I am looking for more information on the MBA programs.

        • HSB

          You should have included that you are already in US. Check out schools near your place of stay. I would suggest Campus program than Online. MBA is all about exposure and contacts. You don't get that from Online program.

  • S.A.

    i am a third year biotech student.m very confused about my post graduation??? should i go for mba in india or a ms in us??? confision being that biotech is still developing….its not fully developed…so will there be satisfactory jobs available after ms???

    mba from a good college in india would gurantee a good job.

    • HSB

      Who said Biotech is still developing in US?