TOEFL Score 77, Can I Apply for Admission in US Universities?

Raghuram Sukumar TOEFL

International Students applying for college admission to US Universities are required to submit TOEFL Score. Most of the Universities will require minimum TOEFL Score of 79, but what if the score is slightly less than 79?

We have already discussed about Minimum TOEFL Score for Universities in one of the previous article, this will be continuation of that article.

There are couple of things that an happen if the TOEFL Score is lower than the required minimum score

  1. University admission committee will look at your credentials like Academic score, English fluency in Statement of Purpose, Score in English course and GRE Score. If they think you have sufficient proficiency in English, you will get unconditional admission
  2. If they feel you don’t have required English speaking and writing skills, you will get conditional admission. Where you will either have to take one English course, or pass the English exam similar to TOEFL conducted by the school.

If you happen to get conditional admission, you can always re-take TOEFL Exam and improve your score and get conditional admission status waived.

Some schools will give an option to take English test in school as well.

Which is right acronym for TOEFL – TEFL, TOEFL, TOFEL, TEOFL?

Raghuram SukumarTOEFL Score 77, Can I Apply for Admission in US Universities?