Minimum Requirements for Masters Degree Admission?

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If you are planning to apply for Universities in US, there are few things you have to understand

  • US Education system is different than system followed in India
  • There are so many Universities and Colleges and every school is unique
  • Application process to Universities is not same as college admission process in India or other countries.

Following comment very well reflects that person is just starting to look into US University admission process.

can u tell me the minimum requirements for the m.s molecular pharmacology program, with funding
the academic percentage…?
gre scores…………?

recommendation letters …?

Minimum Requirements

Evey school has its own requirements. There  are Universities that accept students with very low or no GRE Score to GRE above 1400. So, stop looking for general GRE Cutoff score and start learning how Universities accept studetns.

If you believe that all U.S. universities have an average GRE Cutoff, you are wrong. Each school may or may not disclose the Minimum GRE Score required for admission. Same applies to Academic Percentage, GMAT Score.

Universities have minimum TOEFL Score required for admission. If you don’t have the minimum TOEFL Score, you may get conditional admission.

If your Academic Percentage is less that 60% almost everyone believe that they cannot into good school. But, you have to compare yourself with top rank holder. If the top rank holder in the class has 65%, then your 60%is not Low Academic percentage. Above pattern applies to all the departments, programs and major, not just Pharmacology.

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