Minimum TOEFL Scores – US Universities

If you are applying at U.S. colleges and universities as an international student, who are not native English speakers, then a TOEFL test is  a mandatory application requirement.

All U.S. schools require a range of minimum TOEFL scores to be considered for admission. Students had posted lots of questions like:

  • What is the minimum TOEFL Score required for admission into U.S. Universities?
  • My TOEFL Score is 79, can I get admission in MS?
  • What is the Minimum TOEFL score required to get admission with scholarship?
  • What is acceptable TOEFL scores required for admission?
  • What is minimum TOEFL iBT score required for admission at US colleges?

Though all the questions are different, they all relate to the same question.

Where to Find Minimum TOEFL Score Requirements

If you look at the international Student admission page in any college, university web page, they will list the minimum TOEFL scores required to be considered for admission.

The following is a list of minimum TOEFL scores required at some selected U.S. universities.

Arizona State University

Total Score: 83

Auburn University

Total Score: 80, with the following minimum section requirements
Reading: 20, Listening: 20, Speaking: 20, Writing: 20

Case Western Reserve University – School of Graduate Studies

Total Score: 79, with the following minimum section requirements –
Reading: 19, Listening: 15, Writing: 22, Speaking: 23

Some students would have taken the TOEFL CBT (Computer Based Test) and would have garnered scores of up to 300 points.

In that case, universities normally require score of at least 213. Also, some in countries, paper based test is also offered, with scores ranging from 310 to 677 and 0-6 in writing.

TOEFL Minimum Section Requirements

As you can see, some schools have one minimum score like ASU – 83, while others require you to have a minimum overall TOEFL score and minimum scores in each TOEFL section, which shows how some schools give importance to specific TOEFL sections.

So I think it’s best to carefully check the admission requirements page of each university that you are planning to apply at to be sure of the specific score requirements.

What of Minimum TOEFL Score is not Specified?

If you look at the college admission requirements page, for sure the minimum required TOEFL scores will be specified, while some schools will not specify what is the minimum GRE score required for admission, but TOEFL will definitely be there.

The next question you will naturally tend to have will be like this –

My TOEFL score is 78, but I’m applying for Case Western Reserve University, which requires 79 as minimum score, can I still apply for admission?

The Part 2 of this article explains the answer to above question – Minimum TOEFL Score Required at US Universities

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  1. vivek

    I have toefl score of 81 can I get admission in us and Australia for ms..I need good universties..

  2. Chirag darji

    my toefl score is 56. R-11 L-11 S-17 W-17. I heard that some university gave admission at this score. Can I apply?

  3. ganesh

    i score toefl 65 in first time and toefl 66 in second time.
    suggest some universities for computer science group in USA.

  4. chowdary

    i got 82 in TOEFL.can i apply to u.s university. each one wise (r-26,l-27,s-15,w-17).please give reply to my mail

    1. HSB Counselor

      While your TOEFL aggregate meets the minimum score requirement, writing section score is specifically low. At times Universities keep a sectional cut off of 18 for individual sections. Do check for individual University requirements.
      All the best!

    1. HSB Counselor

      Unconditional/Regular admission is a little difficult with this score. It is better to retake the test to meet the minimum eligibility criteria of 79/80 in internet based TOEFL.

    2. suggestion

      Try the University of Missouri. I hear that they accept a 60.
      Good luck!

  5. jyoti

    hey my toefl scor is 80.. is it a good score or i need to give test again?
    Please answer me asap

  6. money

    hello, my toefl scores are 54{ s-18, w-15, r-4, l-17 can i apply in us univercities.

    1. HSB Counselor

      Plan to retake the test as minimum requirement is 79/80.

      Meeting this requirement is important for students from non English speaking countries.

  7. shishir

    TOEFL iBT Score 49 – Is it Enough for MS?…

    I appeared in TOEFL iBT on 22nd of Dec 2012, and the exam was quite difficult than the practice materials available. I did really bad in the listening section. in the writing section i was expecting a good score

    1. asker

      sorry mr.shishir you should plan to retake your test againa because you had achieve very low score

  8. Jacob Danek

    My TOEFL score is now 94. I wanna apply to Ivies as an undergraduant. Is it possible to get to Yale, because they ask for 100 minimum, but I am wondering if a few points matter and they wont just deny me straightaway? ( I know that e.g. Princeton does not have any minimum required, but some as Yale do…) Thank you!

  9. ak

    Hi There,
    Need some help.
    My name is Atul s Khiste.

    I have received toefel score =85.
    Can you suggest me university who needs only toefel score and not GRE ?

    Atul K

  10. Lolipop

    Please help me!!!
    With these statistics: B Sc. Zoology- 3.21/5.00(no backlog), GRE-295(V-148, Q-147, AWA-yet-to-be-out), TOEFL-92(R-24,L-21,S-22,W-25), do you think i stand a chance at getting admission into M Sc Medical Microbiology and Immunology or M Sc. Biology in a good school with financial aid? If yes, could you help me with a list of such schools. Thanks.

  11. Suvo Chatterjee

    I scored 301 in GRE (v-144 , Q – 157) and 101 in TOEFL (S-23, R-24,W – 27,L -27)
    I am applying for 2013 fall for Ph.D in Statistics in US.Can you give me the list of Universities i should apply to have a good chance of getting admitted and receiving full funding.

  12. harsh

    for all those of you who got toefl score below 80 , take it again , it is really easy to score , i myself got a score of 111 without even preparing for it

  13. Maitreyi

    I got a score of 294 in GRE and 84 in TOEFL is it good enough for PhD in USA or better off in European Universities.

  14. charles

    my toefl score is 43 can i get admission in any us university for Msc in engineering ?

  15. rukmini

    I got ibt 87 in tofel. I would like to apply for Master in Public Health in good universities in USA. Is this score enough for getting the admission ? should I retake ?

  16. Ameer AZIZ

    my toefl ibt score is 68 , i want to apply in any university in NJ to have Master in accountancy of Taxation , i have a bachelor degree in Accounting from Alexandria – Egypt , thanks for helping me

  17. Latha

    My toefl score is 105. I’m done only with toefl. Can u suggest any universities which take only toefl scores?

  18. sweety

    This is Sweety.I got gre score 296 and toefl 64 and percentage 62…im applying for us universities.tell me.should i get admission in universities..plz reply me…

  19. jitender

    MY GRE score = 940
    I have finished my Btech in Computer Science = 65%
    Toefl= 88
    I am planning for the MS in comp. science for fall 2012 batch.

    please suggest the Universities and my next step…please also suggest if i can get any kind of financial aid?
    Reply soon…
    thanks for looking.

    1. sweety

      ur toefl score is gud.but ur gre score is some what poor.u hav to apply for grade 5 universities..which want toefl score 71 and gre score above 900.and some universities in grade 5 are texas a&m commerce.lamar university,texas.illinois university.funding is some what difficult to u.but not impossible.apply first than others.first go to consultancy.they will suggest good colleges.dont take own decisions..

  20. mithra

    hi.i am wondering if less than 100 is okay in tofel.My sister got about 110 three years back.
    do let me know.

    1. sweety

      yes…110 is gud score.some universities ask toefl score 71 and some 75 and some 79..and some above 85…like that ..below 100 is enough for universities…110 is excellent score…

  21. nebil endris

    im nebil from Ethiopia what is the minimum toefl score for undergratuate student and which university accept minimum score
    THANk YOU!!!

    1. sweety

      The minimum score required for toefl is 71.and so many universities are there for this score.go to consultancy and take details.

  22. bharat

    Hi Guys,

    I gave my TOEFL on 28th of July. I got my score today(4th AUG, faster than i expected..:D :D). I got 90. Reading-16, Listening-21, Speaking-28 and writing-25. Is this a good score ? Is this score good enough for me to apply to some good univs. Or do they expect better score score than this…??

    1. John McGinnis

      Congratulations on your TOEFL score. It is certainly enough to apply to Birmingham-Southern College, one of the 40 College That Change Lives ( I would love to work with you!

      Warm Regards,
      John McGinnis
      International Admission Counselor
      Birmingham-Southern College

    2. sweety

      Your is score is very gud score.ur are elizible to apply for universities.there are so many number of universities for this score.but go to consultancy first.and see the fee and funding details and then proceed.ofcourse ur score is very gud score.

  23. dinesh

    i secured 83 % in b-tech eee stream from jntu my gre score is 283(verbal 131 and quant 152) and toefl 60 , can u suggest me some universities for fall 2013 and when should i apply for universities … thank u :)

  24. siri

    hi..i got gre score of 1070,toefl-60.With these scores can i get admission in US univ for doing MS in computer science?

  25. khongor

    Hi, my name is khongor shatar and i’m from mongolia . Here is few questions that you must answer for me: what is the minimum TOEFl score to get an international scholarship fee ? What kind of tests do i need to do? and How to prepare for an international scholarships? PLEASE ANSWER TO MY QUESTIONS IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT FOR ME .


  26. Joey


    Please i scored 73 in my TOEFL iBT test, is this score acceptable in any university in US and Canada?

    Thank you


  27. Hasini

    i got gre 290 and UG % is 78… i got low toefl(76) marks. will i get visa.

  28. Ramu

    Hi friends.
    This is Ramu.

    I got 265 in GRE.

    i Know its a bad score, Now i want to write TOEFL.

    Can i apply for the Universities who will accept the TOEFL score as a mandatory thing .

    Can any 1 help me Please



  29. Stephen

    MY GRE score = 940
    I have finished my Btech in Computer Science = 65%
    updated Toefl= 88
    I am planning for the MS in comp. science for fall 2012 batch.

    please suggest the Universities and my next step…please also suggest if i can get any kind of financial aid?
    Reply soon…
    thanks for looking.

  30. Stephen

    MY GRE score = 940
    I have finished my Btech in Computer Science = 65%
    Toefl= 80
    I am planning for the MS in comp. science for fall 2012 batch.

    please suggest the Universities and my next step…please also suggest if i can get any kind of financial aid?
    Reply soon…
    thanks for looking.

  31. Gustavo Costa

    Hello! I’d like to ask a question… I got a 78 score in Toefl. I’ve applied for a Master’s Program in the Ohio University but the score needed for this university is 79-80. Is it possible to be accepted with a 78? It’s missing just 1 point.. Should I ask for a Toefl review? The thing is that I can either get some points or they can be taken out right?



    Hi I am Hemanta .My gre,tofel and my percentage is 1000,86, please suggest some usa
    university for ms in computer science in 2013(january intake) .plz help………….

  33. Unur

    Hi. I got 65 in ibt toefl. Can we tell which universities that i can apply in California area for an ecologyor something like that?
    Thanks a lottt! 😀

  34. sagarika


    Please suggest a few colleges with my following scores for MS in Computer Science in USA.

    GRE : 296 -> Verbal : 147, Quantitative Aptitude : 149, AW : score still awaited
    TOEFL : 98-> Speaking: 26, Listening : 25, Writing : 24, Reading :23
    Aggregate in BE : 67% (VTU, Bangalore, Karnataka).
    Work Exp : 2 yrs in IT (Systems Engineer at TCS)

    I am looking for FALL admissions 2012. So, no chance of re-taking GRE though I know the score is just average. Please help in choosing appropriate colleges. Thanks in advance

    1. Archis

      well I think its too late for u to apply at a university as most university have their last date to apply around Jan or feb …maybe u sholud try for spring of next year!
      You will find Universities at it.
      create an account there and they will tell you about your chances at each university according to ur stats…

    2. Pranay

      Hi Sagarika…

      Same profile here.. need some favor from you…


  35. joseph deko

    i got a toefl (paper based test )last week , section 1 i got 43, section 2 40 and section 3 38 total scare 403 twe scare 4.0
    my question is, do i admission as under graduate in any university or college in US?

  36. jefferson

    Helo ppl i wrote torfl n gt a score of 66 will i b able 2 gt admission into minnesota state university plzzz i nid a repli urgently

  37. ashish

    My toefl score is 59 only can u suggest me the universities in U.S. accepting this score for elecrical engineering.

    1. Venu Babu

      TOEFL score that you got is very less to apply for the universities in USA. It is better for you to take TOEFL again and get a score above 80.

  38. harish kumar

    tofel-7, gre-900; backlogs-1

    i have work experience.

  39. karthikeyan

    i got gre score as 1080(verbal-320,quants-760) and toefl score as 87.please suggest me some coll for doin MS(computer science) in US


    Hello Friends.. My TOEFL score is 78, GRE – 810 and B.Tech – 68% (CSE Dept)
    Can I apply for MS in US univ’s and is there any chance to get admissions and visa?
    If so plz let me know the univ details accepting my score.
    Plz do reply..

  41. Siripong

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I got Toefl 71 iBT and GRE 1010(Quan 750), I wanna apply for Chemical Engineering in US, Can you give some advice what university I should apply?

  42. Manish

    Hello, my TOEFL score is 76, and GRE is 290 of 340 so kindly help me in sugessting universities for MS in construction management or structural engineering,
    Thank you.

  43. Sigma

    My score is 95 in total
    read: 23 listening:26 speaking:22 writing:24
    which part should I practice more?
    thank you.

  44. m

    hi, my ibt score is 85 and my GRe(verbal:144 ,Q:160) ,GPA:3.25 can i still get admission and recieve RA or TA in material engineering (master)?

  45. deno

    There are some schools which require you to have a min gpa and also TOEFL is a must if you are a international student.. I have been here for 6 yrs , now planning to do masters but I too need to give TOEFl which is a req i need btw 79-95 to get in , min gpa 3.0 which is like first class in BE INdia


  46. rimi

    my gre score is, Quant :159, Verbal: 139, Toefl : 73=18+15+20+20, is there any possibility of getting chance in USA univ for Ph.D?

    1. Venu Babu

      Your scores are somewhat low to do Ph.D in USA. Try to take the exams once again.

  47. sneha

    ma GRE is v-139, q-154 n toefl-77 (r-14,l-20,s-22,w-21)….cn i get admision in to ay unvi’s?

  48. Helena Salles

    Please, where can I find out more about TOEFL PBT test, which was the one that I took… I got 613 and want to know where I could entry.
    Thanks a lot, Salles Helena

  49. JJ Ghithan

    my gre score 980 and toefl score 78. i am a physics graduate from the Al-Quds University, Palestine. i want to study in usa in physics in phd program.
    what can i do now.

  50. polo

    i scored 46 in toefl IBT can i get admission CUNY The City University of Newyork?

    please reply

  51. yash

    i want to know that if my TOEFL scores are more than 100 but my sat 1 scores are not at all good.which universities will accept my TOEFL scores in place of sat 1 scores.please tell about those universities which are in top 50 of american universities.

  52. sandeep

    Dear All,

    Kindly help me out ! recently i got toefl score of 77 and I need to applied for the US universities with the minimum toefl requirement of 79 .
    I have completed B-Tech with CGPA of 6 on scale of 10.
    Proffessional work experence of 4.5 years in MNC company
    My GRE score is 285 out of 340.

    I am looking for doing MS in construction management from US universities.
    Kindly advice me at earlest.
    Pls ….

    Thanking You

  53. Xefe


    I got 294 out of 340 from gre (quantitive 159 – verbal 135) my toefl is 74 and gpa is 3.57. I am electrical electronic engineer. Can i appy to a university for master degree? Do i have a chance to be accepted if i have strong recommenders??

    1. adithya

      hi even my scores also same like you…!
      may i know whether you have applied to universities or not and did you get i20 e.t.c?
      pls reply me

  54. ajeet

    17 19 23 21 80



  55. ajeet


    17 19 23 21 80






  56. Md.Jamal Hossain

    my gre score 1190 and toefl score 61. i am a physics graduate from the university of Dhaka, Bangladesh. i want to study in usa in physics in phd program.
    what can i do now.

    1. Jijo

      You can have a provisional entry to Phd courses… that is you’ll have to complete conditions before classes commence…you may apply now and can even be selected.As this may not apply for all universities, please contact staff in charge for graduate admissions at the institutes you wish to apply..

  57. asad lodhi

    my toefl score is 66 iBT. can anybuddy please tell me in which california university could i apply. or which university will easily give me admission.

  58. Nwechi onyekachi

    I scored 50 in my TOEFL exam and i want to know if i can use to get admission in any good school in America.

    1. Jijo

      its too low..try for a provisional entry if you have a good GRE score and write Toefl again to get a safe score say 84

  59. saeed

    Hi. I had got 58 in TOEFL exam. I am planing to apply for mathematicin master degree. Will be able to apply in USA? would you mind sending me any list of the universities where i can apply i will be very much benefited.

    1. lahcen

      please if you got some informations about the universty which accept such score please send me the list of these universities .thank you so much.

  60. Ram Chandra Paudel

    My toefl score is 77(R-23, L-15, S-19, W-20) and gre score is 1210(Q-730, v-480). What is the chances of getting admission in u.s. universities.

    1. Deepak Sapkota

      Your GRE scores are quite good and TOEFL scores are also acceptable to some Universities. So, you would easily be accepted to the following Universities if you apply.
      1. CUNY
      2 University of Southern Mississippi
      3. Mississippi State University
      4.Texas Christian University.

  61. Rajesh

    friends my Toefl score is just 70 and i have heard that most us universities and colleges use sat cr score to wave low tofel score is it true or not please help me ………………….. otherwise i need to give it again …. is here anyone to assist me?

  62. Sarvenaz Hashtroudi

    Hi, my TOEFL score is: 51 and I have Bachler Degree in Photography from Azad Art university of IRAN. can I apply for Master in Movies Directory and TV program in any university in US with my 51 TOEFL score?


  63. Meghna

    I am planning to apply for fall 2012. I have given Toefl last year and got 87 marks. I am planning to give it the second time on November 26th 2011. Will it be too late?

    1. Mira

      Yes, that’s too late. I advise you to retake it so soon, In October. I’m in the same situation, and I will retake it this month if i have a seat or in the beginning of the next month. Good Luck!

    2. Shri

      finish your application procedure firstly that includes your SOP,LOR,transcripts,selection of universities that you will be applying for,etc till you give your next toefl….
      then wait for your score and when you will recieve your score,dispatch your application packet to the respective universities.
      you will be in a gud position if u dispatch ur applications by 15th Dec coz most of the universities deadline date is in Jan…

  64. Sumanta_ray_123

    Hello everybody. I had got 86 in TOEFL exam. Reading 22, Listening 20, Speaking 22, Writing 22. Will be able to apply in good universities in US, UK and Canada? Please help me and if anybody can give me any list of the universities where i can apply i will be very much benefited.

  65. Adityal

    my gre score is 1000 (750 in quant + 250 in verbal + 3.0 in AWA) and TOEFL score is 78 (reading 17+ listening 20+ speaking 20+ writing 21) and my aggregate % in is 64%, can i get admission for MS in computer science in USA. and please suggest me some of the names of bay area’s universities in USA.

    1. amol

      hey aditya,i fit in the same category as yours..lemme knw if u get some information about the list of colleges that would be feasible with this score..

  66. Chaitanya Yalavarthi

    my toefel score is 108 and i have even got score card. but now i received a leetter of cancelation of my score? can i know why it happened so and am i eligible to write toefel exam again???????

  67. vishwa pal

    My TOEFL scores are 42 in this case can i get an admission in any of the Universities of United States.
    Reply me please as soon as possible.

    1. Motazz_xx

      it’s very low i doubt you can unless you want to go to low class universities.

  68. verghese

    The TOEFL(internet based) requirements vary from 79 – 100 depending on the university.
    Here are a few
    University of Delaware —79
    University of Connecticut —79
    University of Virginia—-100
    Drexel University—–100
    Case Western Reserve University—-80
    Texas A&M@College station—–80
    University of Colorado@Boulder—–100

    Highest I’ve seen is 100 which are required by a few universities.It’s always better to score 100+ .

  69. maria

    My TOEFL Score is 60, can i apply for a public health master study in an USA university?

  70. A77

    My TOEFL scores are 50 in this case. can i get an admission in any of the Universities of United States. Also, I finished course English at U.S.
    Reply me please as soon as possible.

  71. Ramesh

    My TOEFL scores are 42 in this case can i get an admission in any of the Universities of United States.
    Reply me please as soon as possible.

    thank you

    Ramesh Anna Reddy

  72. Tubin

    hello friends… i jus wana know how to deal with toefl exam… can some 1 plzz guide me about that… i have completed my graduation( and planning for mba from abroad…. help me friends… suggest some guidelines.. as soon as possible..

    1. shema

      hi tubin… actually am in the same situation preparing for toefl test. but i do recommend barrons books and kaplan with an audio cd.

  73. fredrick

    My score was 60, can I get any universities in canada that can accept that score,plz reply

  74. shyam

    i want know what is minimum score need to pass Toefl ? pls let me know

  75. Tophat

    Hi. I got my toefl score 61 yesterday. By any chance can i be accepted for some colleges? And im graduated student.PLease reply.

  76. paras manga

    hello friends… i jus wana know how to deal with toefl exam… can some 1 plzz guide me about dat… i have completed my graduation( and planning for mba from abroad…. plz plz plz help me friends… suggest some guidelines.. as soon as possible..

    1. Jijo

      TOEFL is quite easy…its GRE that u should be concerned of…

      Well u should develop your reading skills….try reading journals online…..Try writing your ideas on it on a paper….repeat so that you can complete say 100 words in 2 or 3 mins, just after reading……………

      Try watching English movies with long dialogues….try repeating them,..the tone….and try making answers spontaneous………

      write a question down……….and try saying answers to it immediately….record it…hear it………..and judge for yourself how effective your answer good was your vocabulary, clarity of speech, loudness……..

      Try being continuous…….reduce the ‘aaaaaaaaaaaas’ amd ‘mmmmmms’, try staying within the topic………. talk vividly in the maximum speed you have………..
      if u want pauses,… stay silent………

      you will require a maximum of 10 days of prep…………….dont forget to listen to conversations in movies…………..

      Knowing good vocabulary is good…………but applying it effectively is our primary aim…….

      try to stay all energetic throughout the exam………it helps………..
      And dont forget to be comfortable………………..

      see samples, take sample tests, read the rules and understand them thoroughly at least two days before exam……………

      Best of luck…………..

  77. okorie walter

    i scored 62 in toefl IBT test.I want to know if any school which school tht will accept my score.

    1. chetan kulkarni

      hi man,i also got same score,please apprise me have u got admission????i am planning for this spring,so please please inform me as soon as possible bcoz i am not getting what to do???

      1. alex

        hie frds, Im also sufferinf wit same prob gt toefl 74 and gre 990 awa 2.5 plzz kindly let me knw abt u bcoz im totally down cant understand wat to do….

    1. ankush mantoo

      for how many days u studied for toefl …?? let me know…cause there are only 10 days left..and i have not started with my prepartion.

  78. shyam

    hey i guys i have GRE(V 290,Q=740) and B.E in Computer Engineering with 71.11 %. I want to study in master in computer science. suggest me which university i can apply for admission

  79. Elaize Varghese

    Hi friends and HSB
    Can anyone suggest me good universities favorable for my profile
    GRE-1100 (Q-650;V-440)
    Toefl- 95 (R-22;L-22;S-23;W-28)
    Academics- 85%

    I completed my and planning to pursue MS/PhD in US…Kindly help me!!!

    1. priyanka

      hi Elaize Varghese,dont worry u have good academic & toefl score.u can search universities at acc to ur profile.all the best dear……..

    2. priyanka

      tell me from wchich books & software u prepared ur gre.actually my gre on 1st july 2011.only 12 days ahead.plz help………….

      1. Elaize Varghese

        hi priyanka….nice to meet u!!!….actually i did my exam according to the old gre format….i prepared mainly from Barrons, kaplan, nova and practiced papers from big book…big book is really useful…u can also download kaplan software for free….for maths , nova is good.and.for vocabulary, barrons wordlist is more than enough….

        all the best priyanka…do well for the exam..if u need any help u can contact me !!!

  80. ranjeet singh

    i want intake in US in january i am taking SAT coaching My test date is now in 1 october can i get I20 before as i have TOEFL and IELTS score card

  81. Thomas.P.Thomas

    I completed my B Tech in computer science and i am looking for further studies.Kindely send all details.

  82. Thomas.P.Thomas

    I would like to study M S in computer sience inU S A.Kindely send all the requirments for the same.

  83. ravikanth

    in my academic i got 51 % and in toefl i got 50 marks is there any universities please mail me and can i get i20..and one more is it easy to get visa or any problems in visa interview.

  84. mykell

    hi i have already taking the TOEFL test and i had 57 % in total, can you please help me find a school in U.S.A that will accept my score? please i will be expecting your reply shortly thank you.

  85. Jijo

    Hi. Iver scored 103 for TOEFL ibt. which all universities (around the globe) can i get an admission, with a better chance of scholarship with only my toefl score..

  86. zulaa

    I got 69 on toefl ibt. Any chance to be accepted for universities?

    1. dhinu

      my score is also 69 any chance to get any universities, please reply me

      1. Ameer AZIZ

        I ask the same question , my score in Toefl ibt is 68 and i want to do Master of Taxation in NJ

  87. k .krishna kanth

    hello this is krishna kanth having toefel score 98.. But I’m graduated student. Have I chance to study master degree in USA? Please help me

  88. Rashid

    Hello. my score toefl ibt is 65. But I’m graduated student. Have I chance to study master degree in USA? Please help me

  89. prashant

    i had scored 95 in TOEFL, 22+ in all sections and applying for MS-EE in US universities,

    DO i have to retake toefl to have possible chances of getting TA?

  90. Raju

    I completed my Bachelor of Physical Education Course in India.

    my Toefl score is 105.

    I want to do my masters in Physical Education from US universities.

    May i know which university having the above said course.

  91. sunay

    sir, my toefl score is 80. so in which university can i get admission in usa for pre pharmacy in sept 2011 intake?

    please guide me.

  92. arc

    hello sir…my toefl score is 101,gre-850,academics-56%

    what r da universites i'll get….i dn hve any idea abt it..

    plz nyone help me out from dis prblm…

  93. bhavesh

    I got 63 iBT and I’m a graduated student.. can i find a school accept this score ??

    I want to have MBA..

    please help..


  94. shweta

    my toefl ibt is 78 and universities i am applying require ibt 79 so should I apply to uni will they consider my application or I have to reappear. plz advice me.

    1. Jijo

      Hey, i feel its better if you go for a re-test.The chances to avail a semi or full scholarship increases as far as you move above par score.Next if you still believe you have a good academic base(say 85-90%) and a good GRE score(say 1250 and above, only if GRE is required)go for a shot.but personally i would advice you to better your TOEFL scores.

      Which university are you applying to?What is the deadline for application? Please mention, as they can come in handy for someone.

  95. hey

    i took the toefl ibt two times and both times i got a very low listening score(20 and 21 respectively). my total is 100 and 101 respectively. should i retake for the listening section alone?

  96. Zaur Asadov

    if my toefl result will be 75,may I apply for the universities in the USA???

  97. majid

    Hello HSB,

    You guys doing a great job. I just started following you and feel much pleased now. I gave my toefl on 12th Feb and scored 86 with following scores

    reading 23

    listening 14

    speaking 28

    writing 21

    As some universities have cut offs for individual section so i m planing to retake it would it create a bad impression?

  98. majid

    Hey everybody. I hope things are going great. Actually i am very much occupied with a thought and need to share it out. I gave my TOEFL on 12th the ibt one and scored 86, though i do meet most of the universities minimum requirement but that only if i consider over all score. My individual score goes like

    reading 23

    listening 14 :(

    speaking 28

    writing 21

    so i guess you people would know why i am tensed as i m not meeting the minimum requirement in listening section. what should i do? if i go for a second attempt would it create a bad impression that he is comming for the second time? Please whoever can come up with suggestions do come.


  99. Mridula

    I got 70 iBT and I'm a graduated student.. can i find a school accept this score ??

    I want to have MBA..

    please help..


  100. Manely

    i got 85 in TOEFL iBT and i want to apply for PhD program(engineering) in one of the US universities with high ranking, i think i should retake the exam, what is your opinion?

  101. david james

    I am from Nigeria, my TOEFL result is 85 but my graduate result as in my transcript CGPA is just 1.6, please can I get admission into a US university,most especially without a GRE result?

  102. SUE

    Hi friends!!!!

    I really need you guys help..

    I have applied to penn state. My GPA is 4.0 out of 4.0 and weighted is 4.27

    Also, I sent recommendation. however my toefl score is I did not submit it.

    I have done everything except toefl….

    Can I send it? please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

          1. SUE

            Do you think penn state will give me conditional admission?

            I'm really afraid of to be regected….

      1. santoshi



        I have one question regarding toefl rescoring

        In speaking section i got 22 and the university which i am looking requires 23 .

        can i try for rescoring of toefl speaking section.

        does it affect my original score ,i mean will it at times reduce than the original?

        please reply

        until now i didn't find this question in HSB.

  103. pal

    hi friends i got my TOEFL score (100) and my GRE 910 are there any college where i can get my admissions please reply

  104. gopal

    i friends i got my TOEFL score (107) and my GRE 900 are there any college where i can get my admissions please

    1. Sarfarajkhan

      @ Gopal,
      Congratulation for such a nice score in TOEFL.
      Please give me some advice for TOEFL.
      I will be thankful to your reply….

    2. Ashish

      First decide University and decide course in which you are applying. Sometimes because of strong academics US universities ready to take students below the required score of GRE and TOEFL.

      Good Luck.


  105. phanindra

    Hi, I have a very good gre score of 1240(Q:750,V:490) and i
    am planning to go for fall 2011 for ms in computer science.But my
    toefl score is getting screwd does it make a huge difference
    in my admits to universities by applying with a score of 78
    (R:15,L:19,S:20,W:24) as most of universities are specifying 80 as does just 2 points make any huge difference in my admit
    rejection or acceptance.i am totally confused whether to continue
    aplication process or entirely drop my ms plan.please suggest.Is
    there any chance for considering best of sectional scores as i got
    more 22 in previous attempt or should i retake toefl.

    1. laksh

      Hey !! ur GRE is good enough but u have less in TOEFL i personally feel the same better retake toefl again do it fast as the dead lines are getting over and as far as i know we colleges may give u unconditional admission .

    2. santoshi

      hi phani u got a very good score in gre.

      can u please help me giving tips to get 1000 in gre

      i am completely from biology background.

      i can suggest u with toefl as i got 85 in ibt

  106. shyam

    hi, i am seeking for ms in usa without gre . what should be the minimum score which offers a universities in pharma background student.please can any one suggest me regarding this……

    1. Ashish

      Without GRE and TOEFL it's not possible in USA. Even you can get admission in UNiversity but it will create problem in getting visa. I suggest give GRE and TOEFL first.

  107. sripal

    Hi friends, I need your help ! I have TOEFL IBT score
    –103, so want to ask you about admissions. for which universites
    can i apply? Can i get admissions with only tofel score in US
    universities ? If i can…please tell me which universities two
    apply. Thank you very much for help.!!!!

  108. Fuad

    Hi friends,

    I need your help !

    I have TOEFL IBT score – 65,so want to ask you about admissions.

    Can i got admissions with my score in US universities ?

    If i can…please tell me which universities.

    Thank you very much for help.

    1. Mridul Ahmed

      I have SAT Score 69,H.S. GPA 3.75 out of 4Can I admitted in good U.S. university?

  109. asha

    hai i got 100(27+27+22+24)in toefl and 870(640qnt+230verbal) and 71.71% in B.E can u please list out the universities which are sutabl for my profile

    1. mohit

      you toefl score is good n even your % is also good, but in case of U.S.A. you need more GRE score, You can apply in canada or other europian country. Besides, if you r looking for good U.S. universiy for master degree then this is not good idea.

  110. Shiva


    My Toefl Score is 75.What universities can i attend for fall 2011 in America?

    1. chetan kulkarni

      hi please inform me in which university you applied,i also got same score please please i need your help…….

  111. Ali Gasem

    Hi,can you tell me please ,which University in San Diego accept the P B TOEFL test,and what is the minimum score of TOEFL they are accept.

  112. Ali Gasem

    Does the SDSU accept the paper based TOEFL test,and can I do it with this University? Thank you.

  113. Andrea Olivieri

    Hi, could i know if GRE or GMAT are necessaries for the admission in all of universities or not?
    Thank you so much.
    Andrea Oliveri

    1. mohit

      It is depand on your course of interest. if you are looking for master and PHD then go with GRE otherwise for MBA go with GMAT.

  114. Andrea Olivieri

    Hi, i'm an Italian student and i'm searching for a graduate course abroad.
    I've done 76 at Toefl test. Is there any university that will accept my score?
    Thank you so much for the answers.
    And Happy new Year to everyone!
    Andrea Olivieri

  115. Bowie

    I got a 61 on toefl test. I am not an international student, I was recommended by my counselor to take it. I was sick on that day which had some effect in my testing ability. I received my scores recently. Should I send my scores to the following collegs?

    1. Bentley University

    2. Northeasthern University

    3. Suffolk Univeristy

    4. Lasell College

    5. UMASS Boston

  116. priti

    Hi …Can someone help me understanding how Toefl works in securing admission..My total score was 81 ( Reading-12/Speaking-23/Listening-19/Writing-27) Will I get admission easily or is there a benchmark score for all the 04 sections….tis is so difficult to learn from university? Do I need to do test again or this is acceptable??? Help !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. laksh

      as of i know ur toefl is in safe range when we consider total score in whole but few colleges have minimum cut off for each section if they consider that ur reading is veryy low1

    2. ranjeet singh

      hi u got good score i want ur help i want intake in US in january i am taking SAT coaching My test date is now in 1 october can i get I20 before as i have TOEFL and IELTS score card

  117. priti

    i have just received toefl marks today
    reading 12
    writing 27
    speaking 23
    listening 19
    overall score 81 will i get admission in nyc or west coast univ?

  118. behrooz

    Hi my TOEFL score is 75 and GRE ( Q:780, V:280). Plz send me the list of universities accepting this score. I'm permanent resident of the U.S. too, but my bachelor was not in English.

  119. Mosin

    Friends I wrote toefl but scored less 73.. I want 2 retake xam in Jan..Will it b late for admission?

    1. laksh

      no it won’t be late you can apply for many universities and whats your gre score?

  120. harikesh dubey

    Hello Sir, I did Master in Pharmacy (Pharmacology) and interested to join phd in US and my toefl ibt score is 71 please let me know about university, which accept this score for phd.

  121. karim kadiwar

    i got 62 in TOEFL

    please list the university which accept this score please please reply me soon beacuse i want apply by jan and feb ans i know i am very very late so please reply me asap

    thank you

    1. Salman

      Hi Karim!

      I think you can have a conditional admission form many US universities.

      With your score, you can study around 3 academic classes and three intensive English classes.

      I'd advice you to do the test once more, and I'm sure you can reach at least 65 which is the cut off score in some universities. 65 in IBT is equal to 500 in PBT.

      There is a school in the US which accept students with this score 65 and give them unconditional admission. Its name is West Virginia university, but as I heard it's not that good school, but at least you can enroll on it easily. Be in touch with them and try to retake the exam. There are other schools on California which i can't remember their names and they also accept 65 as a minimum TOEFL score …..

      Your score is good and low at the same time so retake it friend !

      Good luck!

  122. Sukhjinder Singh

    Hello iam sukhjinder Singh I get 91score in toefl so i want to take knowldege which universitiey good for me beacause by the study I want become our bright future.

  123. karan

    i hav my toefl score 105 (no gre)…..can u give me list of universities that provide me MS in biotech in canada or in US?

  124. mani

    hi dudes can any one help me out in selecting the universities. my gre score is 1030(730Q & 300V), toefl score is 69(R-19,L-10,S-20,W-20) and my academics 74.4%.

  125. minesh patel

    please list the university which accept this score please please reply me soon beacuse i want apply by november ans i know i am very very late so please reply me asap

    thank you

  126. Prathap

    I want to get the admission in us on the basis of tofel is there any possibility and with scholarships and if possible means can u send the message to my email as fast as possible

    and also send the universities on the basis of tofel with scholarship

  127. Juili


    My toefl score is 84 and i got 1140 in gre (quant : 660 Verbal: 480) ,i want to apply for MS in computer science ,I am B.E in computer science with distinction in final year,i want to know the minmum toefl score required for applying to the universities in US

    1.suny buffalo new york

    2.kent state university


    4 penn


  128. Sarfarajkhan

    Hi.. Friends…Please suggest me…

    my undergraduation from CIVIL ENGINEERING with 70.60%

    and i have 1.5 year experience…

    My GRE score is (Quant. 630 and Verb. 280) total 910

    and TOEFL IS 56

    i want to apply for MS in CIVIL ENGINEERING, please suggest me good university…



  130. sarath chandu v

    My TOEFL IBT score is 104 caI can find any kind of List of Universities where I can apply for Masters in Software Engineering?

  131. Pratibha

    Can i take admission in PG course(in computers) with only toefl score. i have 4 yrs of work exp and Btech in Electronics & Comm. with 72.3% i scored 84.4% in class X and 76% in class XII

  132. Andanta

    Hello everyone,
    My IBT TOFEL score is 88 and I was wondering If i cant get myself into CUNY, the city university of New York? I have already submitted my application and currently waiting for the results. Iam REALLY NERVOUS and wondering what my chances are of getting in..

    Thank you for listening and hope you drop a comment :)

  133. ankana

    My GRE score is 1030 and I want to apply for PHD in any biological science field on fall 2011. I have MSC in zoology and having no research work out side of my university. I want to know the list of university I can apply for.What is the chance to get admission in UTD, UNT, TWU.

  134. neha

    hey friends

    my GRE score is 1040 ( quant-670, verbal-370) my TOEFL score is 66. – 72.14% (aggregate) in electricals and electronics engg. . I am so confused whether to go for applying into universities or write TOEFL again. Or if I m applying which are the universities I should go for.plz. help me.

    1. swapna

      hi neha i too got the approximate scores i applied for suny new paltz it is the best univ .u l get defntely i20 for this.but dey will tell u need 80 toefl score but dey l give admisssion and also u no need to wry abt the prest test For EE there is no test.apply soon last date is nov 15th.and later u can write toefl again aftr applying ok

      1. neha

        hey thank u so much swapna. can u suggest me any other university. since applying in one doesn't confirm ur place. n once again thank u.

        1. KIRAN SIVA

          Hi Swapna & Neha,
          I too have approx same scores, GRE-910(230+680) TOEFl-62, and my Engineering CPGA is 7.3/10 and i have a GPA of 3.8/4, so am i eligible for applying for tha sunny new paltz, did u get i20 from that college with the same scores.. pleas reply me and help me for knowing the details.. will be waiting for ur reply..

  135. Jui

    My toefl score is 84 and i am gonna give gre in few days ,i want to apply for MS in computer science ,I am B.E in computer science with distinction in final year,i want to know the minmum toefl score required for applying to the universities in US

    1.suny buffalo new york
    2.kent state university
    4 penn

  136. sharon

    Since i was unwell i scored only 70 in TOEFL IBT and am yet to give my GRE exam.I would like someone to let me know if TOEFL score matters a lot in getting an admission with scholarship in US universities.I am applying for Master in Health Administration.What if my SOP,LOR,B.E aggregate and GRE score are all good?Just because of TOEFL score,will i be rejected by the universities?What are the universities which i can apply?I am in a great confusion.Please help me out friends.Am really worried and confused.:-(

    1. Bharat Venugopal

      Hi Sharon!!

      I suggest you to take up TOEFL once again as most of the universities have a TOEFL cut off which is around 70. Yes TOEFL is as important as your GRE and good scores in these along with good SOP LOR and other stuff should guarantee an admit easily.

  137. sarveen

    my GRE score is 1010..(500 verbal and 510 quants)…my TOEFL score is 92(reading-24 listening-25 speaking-23 writing-20)..can i get admission in good US universities for MS in computer science (spring 2011 intake) B-tech is 74%(no backlogs)..12th-59%..1oth-82%
    i have applied in following universities..wt r my chances of getting visa and admission???

    IIT chicago

    PS: waiting for ur reply

    1. Rushi


      Have you got any of these ?

      Please share the names of universities from which you got your admits.

      Thanks for helping me and others :)

  138. kamal preet

    I Got 71 score in ibt.( 19-speaking, 13-listening,19-reading,20-writing). Is this a good score? Can I get admission in good US colleges and universities ?

  139. naveen

    hi, i am naveen babu my toefl score is 86 ,i have completed B.E(MECH.)with 58% agree. , I just want you to suggest some uni. according to given details… can i get admission in any us university for ms in mechanical eng

  140. Ahmed

    my TOEFL score is 102 and GRE is 980 ( Q-660 V-320) 63%

    any good university for computer science ( spring intake)

    1. Jijo

      Didi you get in to any college yet…plz reply…simi;lar situation here…

  141. gangaprasad

    i got 102 in toefl..i got 84% in +2 nd i got 57 % in UG……

    can u please give me some information about the universities in USA,so that i can

    apply for that universities…….plz send me as soon as possible……plzz

  142. dolly

    heya guys my gre score is 870 and my toefl score is 65 and i have a work experience of 1yr ….am i be able to get admission in us unversities for my ms ….if so please please let me knw which unversities i can go on pls do reply as early as na….

    1. Bharath

      Hi Dolly,

      U need to improve both your scores GRE as well as Toefl. The minimum scores required to get admission in a decent university will be around 1000 in GRE and around 80 in your TOEFL.

  143. mandarvmanjarekar

    my toefel score is 80.can i get admission in good universities if ma ?i have not gre 80 is a good score?plz help me out.

    1. Bharath

      Just give TOEFL another shot 80 is just bang on the border, will not help for TA and so on.

  144. Maria


    my ibt score is 71.i'm interested to have my mastre degree of economics and finance in Europe or it possible to be accepted ,if yes advice my universities.


  145. naveen

    my gre score is 1130(730 in quant and 400 in verbal) ,my TOEFL score is 109…….what r my chances of getting an MS admissions for spring in a college ranked in top 100 ?? IF THE CHANCES ARE GOOD,WHICH UNIVERSITIES I MAY GET ADMISSIONS.

  146. Pawan Aditya

    i have got 1100 in gre(v 410,Q 690) in TOEFL 79(r 19 , l 15 , s 23 , w 22)

    I want to pursue MS in chemical branch , my B.Tech 65.07 ,10th-64 12th-64.

    suggest me universities of low budget please that is really reqd.

  147. Sharan


    I got 1420 in GRE and 110 in TOEFL

    30 reading

    28 listening and writing

    24 speaking

    I am from india and have a overall undergrad score of 7.4/10.

    i want to study in computer science and want to know what universities would be good and what would be safe for me to aapply.

    Can i apply for the top 10 schools? what about for the top 20-25? Please do tell me. I have a couple of projects in one of the top indian universities (IIT Madras n IISC Bangalore) and also a couple of papers (internation in IEEE, though not in legendary conferences).

  148. penugonda

    i need a list of us universities which consider only toefl score. I not going to taking gre test.please help me

  149. Riddhi

    I got my TOEFL score as 77. r – 13, l – 20, s -23, w -21.. Ineed tp persue Business Administration as my majors. Can I get admission in any of the universities..?

    Thank you.


    1. ancons

      yeah…you have many universities which accept only toefl scores.You can contact Ancons-23228039 to know further details or u give your mail id so that i can mail you the list

      1. chandra sekahr

        hey i got gre 910 and toefl 98 , what are the chancest to get into us universities for biotechbology post graduation

  150. nithin


    i GOT GRE 910 ( 640 -Q AND 270-V). my toefl score is 68. i will get the admission huh? my graduation aggregate is 71% with no backlogs. reply me soon yaar and what are the universities will i get ?

  151. sudha

    hi i got 113 in toefl 28inreading and 30 in listening and 27 in speaking and 28 in writing i have applied for kent state university and wright state universdity and rush state university iam going to do my gre in four more days i much score should i get in gre please tell me

    1. laksh

      ur toefl score is amazing..ya..!! well coming to gre u write the main ets test practice one..and c the score u will get the same score in main one.with few points difference try to get around 1300 in gre as it is a decent score to get into gud universities

      all the best..!! :)

  152. Andrea

    Hi my toefl score is 66. I would like to study a Postgraduate or MBA in US or Canada. Can I apply with this score?

  153. chiru

    hi sir/madam,

    today i wrote my gre but i got very less score of 720(470 quant+230 verbal) because of wrong guessing of time. And my tofel score is 91(reading 30,listening 29, speaking 15, writting 17) so, can i get admission in good universities. Or shall i write gre exam once again . please reply me soon .

    thanking you

    1. laksh

      hii chiru

      your gre score is very less i would ask you to retake it..without a second option.

      and while coming to ur tofel score its good enough but while considering section wise ur speaking and writing is quiet low as univ keep cut off for each sections .

  154. DINESH

    i got 82 in TOEFL iBT, with reading=18, listening=19, listening=22, speaking=23, can i get admission in any research programme in US..please help me out or should i appear once more in the exam

  155. Haider

    my toefel IBT score is 70 i want an admission in any university of texas plz guide me plz

  156. pravallika

    hi i got my gre 1070(qunats:750 verbal:320)and my toefl:76 BTECH (ece):70.45(no backlogs) can i get admission in BELOW UNIVS WITH STYFUND OR assntnatshps and oncampus .IN ELECTRICAL ENGG








    University of Missouri at St Louis

    Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

    University of Findlay


    1. laksh..!

      you wont get in florida state university,pittusburgh,university of missouri (they acepted GRE score of 1150 and toefl 95 this year in univ of missouri)

      you may get into southern illionis university, portland state university, texas a and m at corpus christi, wright state university, univ of toledo

  157. rachana

    hi,my gre score is 1000(quant-640 and verbal-360) and my toefl score is 92

    (reading-23,listening-21,speaking-24,writing-24),my 10th percent-92%

    inter-92%, you please suggest me whether can i get an admission in any of the below given four universities

    new jersey institute of technology(njit)

    newyork institute of technology(nyit)

    stony brook university,suny

    rutgers university

    Is it better to write gre once again?????please give me your opinion?

    1. nithin

      hi rachana

      no need of writng the GRE again. it is just waste of time and waste of money. i dnt know whether u will get for the universities u mentioned bt it is for sure that u will get admission in stony brook university,suny. ur profile matches with one of my frnd and he went for fall also. anyway the all da best.

  158. rohit

    My toefl IBT score is 70.

    i had done btech biotech with 69.3%.

    can i get an admision in to an US universities which offer some scholarship??

    1. Elijah

      u scored so low but u can apply to franklin university or navarro college. What is ur area of study.

  159. ganesh padhyaya

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am opting for mechanical course i just want few University list where i can get the admission, i have got 830 in GRE if you can forward me the University list that would be very great ful

    1. nithin

      download longman IBT from net. i think it may 6 files in rapid share. u download them and practce it. if ur frnds r having barrons toefl then u take frm them also. i think barrons is more useful for u. anyway all the best.

  160. Salman Abdul

    Hello there,

    I've got 69 in the Ibt. Is there any possibilities to get an acadimic admission in one of the american universites? please name them if yes..

    Many thanks…

  161. Marzie


    My toefl score is 84, speaking 20

    listening 19

    writing 21

    reading 24,

    If I get the minimum score of a university, can I still hope to get scholarship for graduate degree?Although I got the minimum, Others get better scores.Had I better to take another exam?

  162. Laura Velásqu

    My TOEFL IBT score was 71
    17 reading
    20 listening
    17 speaking
    17 writing
    I'm only 17 years old and i'm planning to get better my english
    Can I apply with my current score to one of the colleges in the USA? please advise me 😀

    1. 9gerian

      u still young thats good u can try franklin university or navarro college

  163. sibjita

    hello sir
    i hav taken toefl before 1 months and i hav score just 51
    sir though i haven't score good marks in toefl i have great intention to to read in usa. problem is that still i havent found those colleges who accept the toefl ibt score below 61
    i will b very thankful to u if u provide me those colleges name which accept my score plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir i will b waiting for ur answer

    1. Eina

      Dear sibjita,
      I just don't think that you can apply any US colleges with the TOEFL score of 51.
      If you are that much intented to go and study at USA then, don't just waste your time
      go and take another TOEFL exam! Try hard and am sure that you'll score higher.

  164. beck


  165. naveen

    my gre score is 1130(730 in quant and 400 in verbal) ,my TOEFL score is 109…….what r my chances of getting an MS admissions for spring in a college ranked in top 100 ??

  166. concha sanchez

    My scire has been 65 in Toelf IBT.I’d like to do Master or Extension program in USA.Could I apply in some University in USA with this score?

  167. Tejas

    I got 69 iBT and I’m a graduated student.. can any one give me college list which accept this score.
    I want to do MS-Computer Science in USA.
    please help..

  168. Sophio

    I scored 60 in TOEFL ibt, can you give me list of Universities that accept the score and give admission with aid for international graduate students?

  169. Moe

    I got 68 iBT and I'm a graduated student.. can i find a school accept this score ??

    I want to have MBA..

    please help..


    1. Darshan

      hi you can find a number of schools in usa to do mba….

      you can try in NYIT, Uni. of Findlay , Uni. of Bridgeport, Stratford University..

      you can get admission in this uni at this score

  170. bharat

    i got 102 in toefl..i got 88% in +2 nd i got 71% in UG……

    can u please give me some information about the universities in USA,so that i can

    apply for that universities…….

  171. raj

    Only girls questions are answered .Lool so guys use proxy like yahini,kareena and so ,u will definitely get reply

  172. hamid

    hi and howdy !!! i am a student in afghanistan and i passed toefl paper based with 540 degree is my score enough to take addmission in a cheap university in USA?

  173. Anvar

    Hi! I got toefl ibt 70 score! where can i submit my documents? i need good university with international degree and low fees for contract payment. i dont need scholarship. plez type me list of universities!

  174. Eina

    I got 81 in TOEFL exam? i'm preparing to go to USA where do you think i get an admission.

  175. EdJo

    Hi! my cbt score is 456 . And which university can I apply?
    Please send me the list of US universities' scores, if possible!

  176. Luke

    hey,My toefl score is 66 what school can I get in? I want the school which is cheap.

    1. sunny

      Hello Luke,

      You can apply for Iowa Lakes Community College in the United States. I think it meets all your requirements. good luck!


    hi my gre score is 730 and going for tofel i have done electronics and intrumentation degree which university should i apply in usa and canda

  178. naresh reddy

    I am having my toefl exam on 24 apr !
    and can i apply to a good univ in us with a good toefl score alone for the fall 2010 !

    or should i go for a gre test also for a good univ in fall 2010!

    i also have an another option of going in the spring .

    so by wt time should i apply to a good univ in order to get an admission for the spring with a good gre and toefl scores !

  179. Pavel Zakreuski

    Hi! I`v got 83 scores for the TOEFL and have graduated from the university(bachelor degree) in civil engineering, have one year expierence working on the position of project design engineer. What university can I enter for getting master degree in engineering? Thank you!

  180. ranjith

    i got 98 in toefl ibt. please could u give me a list of few US university which accept only toefl score. wanna pursue MBA in USA universities. plz send me some universities list

  181. KAIF

    Hello I have got TOEFL SCORE 71 Can i get admission in any us university for social science

      1. An_angel

        guys did you find universities or scholarship? Please help! same situation here :((

  182. latika

    hiii….. i got 68 in tofel ….. list some canada universities with this score…

    1. Andrea

      Hi I got a 66 in Toefl IBT I want to study in Canada too… Which universities have you applied in canada? thanks,

  183. jayanth

    hi sir….actually am having toefl score of 92..can i apply fr ms in us…..can i xpect visa…plzz gimme ny information ….

  184. Dhrumil

    Hi, Can i get admission on the based of my GRE score?? My GRE score is 1020.



    My TOEFL score is only 69.

  185. LOKESH

    My GRE score – 1030 (Q-750,V-280)
    TOEFL-69 R=16 L=14 S=22 W=17
    12th=78.67% and

    What are my chances of getting admission into a decent univ in US for Ms in electrical in fall 2010?
    plz rply soon……….

  186. pravin

    My gre score is 1040(q-680,v-360,awa-2.5) and toefl score is 71!
    I want to do ms in computer science and i have applied to csu state!
    And many of my universities require toefl score of 80!
    What to do?
    Should i have to go for toefl again or to go for other universities?

    1. tatiyana

      Absolutely, yes you can. for your suprise some colleages require a minimum 61 even for a scholarship. Just make sure you have a nice transcript.

  187. Vali Gasimov

    Hi,my name is Vali. I want to know if I can study in USA colleges with TOEFL score 63 if I can can you tell me the list of that colleges .

    1. sunny

      Hello Vali,

      sure, you can. you can aplly for Iowa lakes community college. what do you want to study?


    I got 1100 in GRE and TOEFL 73 AND I want to apply for JACKSON state university,Mississippi with that score is it possible for me to get admission

  189. Shilpa

    sir i have the following question.

    i want to apply for m.s. or phd in physics/electronics in a german university. i have also completed a1 level course in german language from mmb in grade good.

    what are the chances that i will be admitted for m.s.?
    what are the chances that i will be admitted for phd?

    which exams should i undertake to qualify myself to get an admission for ms/phd in physics/electronics/optics in a german university?

    i have a teaching experience of more than 1 year.

    my academic background is as folows.

    my gpa for past 2 yrs is 3.2(53.4%), although i stood second in my college for physics for past three years.Also i completad my M.SC. in PHYSICS from ramnarain ruia college which has won the BEST College award.

    Q.2 my gre scores are

    TOEFL iBT score is 85.

  190. Teganya Yves

    My toefl score is 62.Can you tell me the universities at which this score

    can be acceptable?

  191. loveth ihaza

    i wrote toefl and scoerd 65 please which school in the usa take such score?

    1. Darshan

      hey i too get a same score…in which university you have applied?????????// can you please tell me?????

  192. Divya

    sir i didnt write my gre but wanted to go to us unversity for my ms program with my toefl score is it possible and plzzzzz suggest me the universities which accept tofel score

  193. jobayer


    My toefl score 70 and GRE score 1400.

    Can i be eligible for getting admission in the universities in USA for MS program??

    Give me some suggestions what should i do

    1. HSB

      Try to retake TOEFL. If you can score 1400 in GRE, you should be able to score well above 100 in TOEFL.

      1. neda

        my toefl score is 520 with twe:4. can I get scholarship for master degree in economics in US or Eruope? please answer me immidiately. I need your help.
        thank you so much.

  194. mahesh

    i got just 66 in my toefl(ibt) can i get any universities plz get me out of this problem

  195. Andrea

    I got an 81.. Is that too bad? I don't want to retake the test but everyone tells me a good score is more than 90!! what should I do?

    1. Malathi

      no it s not necessary tht u shud hv to retake the test,,it depends on the universities u apply for..u jus check in the university websites for the minimum score

  196. mala


    my toefl score is 77. can i get admission in graduate program in public health ?

    what is the minimum toefl score required for graduate admission?

    Can I get a admission in USA university ?. I’ll take GRE very soon but I’m confused about if i will get scholarship or not with that score? plz help by giving a list of suitable usa ubiversities accepting that score.


  197. akie

    My GRE Score is 710 and TOEFL score is 69. I want to apply for any university in US for Ph.D in Computer Science. Please help me which university will accept it. Appreciate if it is in california. I just need admission. Its ok if I dont get scholorship.

  198. Srini

    Hi friends,

    My GRE score – 1150 (Q-740,V-410)

    TOEFL-100,UG-70% (No history of backlogs),

    Inter-82% and


    Work Exp-3 years.

    What are my chances of getting admission into a decent univ in US?

  199. syed

    my toefl score 79, gre 990

    acads 71%

    many paper presentations, 10th 86% inter 86%

    i want to do graduation in instrumentation feild..??

    plz tell me the colleges??

  200. costa

    i have got English certificate and TOEFL certificate may i get attend to university in the usa? thanks

  201. patel vijaykumar


    my score in TOEFL is 92 if i ll not give the GRE then ll i get the admission in us university??????

    and what about the scholarship??????

      1. Darshan

        hi my toefl score is 65 and gmat score is 390 so in which university i should apply??? can you please tell me??

  202. Elijah

    i got 63 in TOEFL and i want to know which college in USA that grant scholarship with my score

    1. easwaran


      welcome, to HSB.

      Friend it is suggested to you to write again your toefl exam to get more score.

      no university will grant financial assistance on the basis of your TOEFL score alone.

      it is all combined, gre, or gmat-if you are opting to study MBA,

      your gpa, lor,sop,research papers, work exposure and your attitude


      is will be taken

      hence what exactly you want to study is more important.

      if you want to study just because of scholarship

      i am afraid that attitude is not positive friend

      good luck to you



      1. amit

        "I got poor score in Toefl and i m thinking of giving it again.

        So can you tell me if i retake the toefl which score universities will accept?

        Do they the average or they accept the latest one or they take mAXIMUM OF TWO?

        Reply "………..

  203. susheel


    hi , i have toefl score is 88 , and in i am having 56% ,what r the best universities in USA for MS for , plz you till me as soon as u can , plz help me

  204. veeru

    I appeared in TOEFL iBT on 25th of July, and the exam was quite difficult than the practice materials available. I did really bad in the listening section. in the writing section i was expecting a good score, but i ended up getting only 24. my overall score is 95. i want to pursue PhD in Biotechnology from USA/Canada. Any advice for me…should i retake the test?

  205. Pingback: Happy Schools Blog

  206. Supriyo

    I appeared in TOEFL iBT on 25th of July, and the exam was quite difficult than the practice materials available. I did really bad in the listening section. in the writing section i was expecting a good score, but i ended up getting only 24. my overall score is 95. i want to pursue PhD from USA/Canada. Any advice for me…should i retake the test?

  207. chichi

    mine is also 63, I know it is too less… but I don't want to retake..

  208. Shreyas Rao

    i got 90 in toefl ibt. please could u give me a list of few US university which accept only toefl score. wanna pursue ms in meahanical engg

    1. raj shekar

      i dont know if u got the answer to ur question or not but if u do get, please send me the options of universities which do accept students with toefl scores only.. thank u.

  209. shashant

    can any1 plz help me…

    i got 82 as my toefl score,is this sufficient to get through us univ or should i cancel d scores and go for another one.

    plz help me out.

    thnx in advance!!1

  210. eduardo

    is 81 a bad score? in general? i felt really good about this score whenn I got and then i felt bad when I saw that the average is around 100

  211. dolly

    my toefl score is 77. can i get admission in ms?

    what is the minimum toefl score required for ms admission?

  212. Hadi

    helloo sir.!! my toefl score is 70. can i apply for masters in any US university?? if yes then plz give me some info.!!

    1. Sajib

      My ibt toefl score is 69 (R-18,L-13,S-18,W-20). Can I get a admission in USA university in civil engineering. I'll take GRE very soon but I'm confused about my toefl score whether I get admission in USA university or not.

      1. rory

        although 69 is low, but you still have chance to be admitted in us colleges. most universities require international students to have more than 71 on the toefl. however, some colleges such as arizona state, university of oregon, need only 61. you can go to their website and learn more.

  213. Mariya

    Hi! I'm high school exchange student in USA this year and I wanna take TOEFL in June b/f I leave. My english is not good enough and I'm little worried. For those of you who took it, how hard was it? what is decent score to apply for decent university in States?

  214. vero


    Is a toefl score of 113 good enough to apply for universities in the US?


    1. HSB

      Vero – yes 113 is very good score. But, you will need to have good GRE Score too.

    2. SantaElena

      More than just good if you took iBT! 120 is the maximum score! so Good luck and wish me good luck as well, cause i'm gonna take the test pretty soon, too!

  215. ashar

    i want to do UG physiotheraphy in states . so what's my toefl score will be……?

  216. jue

    i also got 78 from toefl too i just called the international services of the university which i want to apply and talked to them and they told i should apply . i really dont know that wheter if i will be accepted or not. but the answer for my question was that apply with that score.

    i think they are looking not only for your toefl score but also your grade and also gre too (if it is needed).

    and the best place to get an answer for any question is the university where you want to be…

    1. yamini

      hello i got 78 in toefl, 1010 in gre can i seek admission for graduation in u.s. if so plz send the list of universities which accepts the toefl score as 78

  217. angel

    hello sir i want to do my undergraduate in US. i got 90% in 12th science. i want to study of biotechnology/bioinformatics. so i want to know the minimum score required in toefl and sat. my relatives live in philadelphia. so i want to apply that area. give me the detail introduction.

  218. Ziyoda


    I took TOEFL ibt 2 years ago, but it expires in summer.

    I have very low score on it, 54 score.

    I dare to say that my English has improved more than before.

    And, I really want to know whether I can apply to one of the colleges in the USA. please advise me

    sincerely yours,


  219. Neeru monga

    Do i need to appear for TOEFL exam too, along with GRE exam, to do masters in biotechnology from US…? As i am goin to appear for GRE exam now, Should i appear for TOEFL exam also, for persuing my masters in biotech from US colleges/universities..? Plz do reply.

  220. omina

    i have low toefl score it is 62 but i desire to study in the usa can you advise me smth?

    1. HSB

      62 is very less. Most of the universities require 79 or atleast 70+. Its better to retake TOEFL exam.

      1. SantaElena

        62 is enough if you’re applying for a community college admission! Some of them require 45+! but as for Universities, it’s not enough for most of them!

        1. uday


          my name is uday, my ,toefl 63 ,pg=71% can i get admission wirh low gre,and any problem will i face at the time of interview

  221. amit

    hello sir

    Sir my toefl score is 75. I want to apply for MS in this accad is 60%.and got two national level paper presentation prizes. GRE score is 1040(Q=610,v=430).

    i want to know that if i apply on this toefl score university will give me the admission or not?

    pls reply me soon.

  222. Jon @ ALTA


    Hi! I work with ALTA Language Services, a recognized leader in the language testing industry. We are currently looking for TOEFL Students to help develop reading and listening proficiency tests for a private organization. More info can be found here:

    Thanks in advance for your help spreading the word.

    -Jon @ ALTA

  223. shah priyesh b.

    hi, i m priyesh , i have scored 990 in GRE and , going for toefel, i have completed B.E(MECH.)with 61% agree. , I just want you to suggest some uni. according to given details.

  224. pankaj


    i have given GRE (1130)dec 2008 and toefl (75) jan 2009

    i wish to apply for fall 2009

    for the university i am applying min toefl score required is 79-80

    so i m planing to give toefl again

    but deadlines of some uni. is 1st march 2009

    should i apply without toefl or not?

    plzzzzzzzzz reply urgent i want to apply for fall 2009

    i wish to apply for industrial engg in following uni.

    oklahoma state uni, stillwater

    texas tech ,lubbock

    uni. of houston,main campus

    northen illnois, dekalb

    uni. txas arlington

    texas A&M , kingsville

    SUnY binghamton

    western michigon uni,kalamazoo

    1. Ankur Uprit

      it depends, if u r a good at searching universities and making sop's n LOR then there's no need for councilor.

      but i recommend u to take a councilor. It always helps.

  225. anu

    my toefl score is 63 can i get admission in any us university for computer science

    1. Zeer0

      My TOEFL IBT score is 62. can someone tell me where I can find any kind of List of Universities where I can apply for Masters in Software Engineering?

      1. preety

        Hi, I got 62 in TOEFL iBT and right now I am in US. Is my score is work to join MS in Oakland University.Plz can any on suggest me…..

        1. Iniyan

          Hi my gre score is:1250

          my toefl score is : 81

          still i can get some good/avg univ? plz reply

          1. sahashra

            hi every one
            my gre score was 810
            i am doing btech 4 yr in ECE my aggregate is about 70%
            can any one suggest me that should i write gre once again or else, if i can score good in toefl can i apply to univ plz suggest me

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