Minimum TOEFL Scores – US Universities

By Raghuram Sukumar TOEFL Edit

If you are applying at U.S. colleges and universities as an international student, who are not native English speakers, then a TOEFL test is  a mandatory application requirement.

All U.S. schools require a range of minimum TOEFL scores to be considered for admission. Students had posted lots of questions like:

  • What is the minimum TOEFL Score required for admission into U.S. Universities?
  • My TOEFL Score is 79, can I get admission in MS?
  • What is the Minimum TOEFL score required to get admission with scholarship?
  • What is acceptable TOEFL scores required for admission?
  • What is minimum TOEFL iBT score required for admission at US colleges?

Though all the questions are different, they all relate to the same question.

Where to Find Minimum TOEFL Score Requirements

If you look at the international Student admission page in any college, university web page, they will list the minimum TOEFL scores required to be considered for admission.

The following is a list of minimum TOEFL scores required at some selected U.S. universities.

Arizona State University

Total Score: 83

Auburn University

Total Score: 80, with the following minimum section requirements
Reading: 20, Listening: 20, Speaking: 20, Writing: 20

Case Western Reserve University – School of Graduate Studies

Total Score: 79, with the following minimum section requirements –
Reading: 19, Listening: 15, Writing: 22, Speaking: 23

Some students would have taken the TOEFL CBT (Computer Based Test) and would have garnered scores of up to 300 points.

In that case, universities normally require score of at least 213. Also, some in countries, paper based test is also offered, with scores ranging from 310 to 677 and 0-6 in writing.

TOEFL Minimum Section Requirements

As you can see, some schools have one minimum score like ASU – 83, while others require you to have a minimum overall TOEFL score and minimum scores in each TOEFL section, which shows how some schools give importance to specific TOEFL sections.

So I think it’s best to carefully check the admission requirements page of each university that you are planning to apply at to be sure of the specific score requirements.

What of Minimum TOEFL Score is not Specified?

If you look at the college admission requirements page, for sure the minimum required TOEFL scores will be specified, while some schools will not specify what is the minimum GRE score required for admission, but TOEFL will definitely be there.

The next question you will naturally tend to have will be like this –

My TOEFL score is 78, but I’m applying for Case Western Reserve University, which requires 79 as minimum score, can I still apply for admission?

The Part 2 of this article explains the answer to above question – Minimum TOEFL Score Required at US Universities

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