In last few days, few students had requested list of Universities for Masters (MS) in Petroleum Engineering in USA, job opportunities after completing graduate program in Petroleum Engineering and GRE Scores required for admission.

Universities – Petroleum Engineering

Listed below are some of the Universities in US that offers Graduate Program ( Masters, MEngg, PhD) in Petroleum Engineering

  • University of Houston ( Master of Petroleum Engineering )
  • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology  ( Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering)
  • Petroleum Engineering program at the University of Kansas


  • Texas Tech University ( Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering)
  • Texas A&M ( MS, MEngg, PhD)
  • University of Missouri – Rolla
  • University of Tulsa – Petroleum Engineering


  • University of Wyoming – College of Engineering   Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Tulsa
  • Louisiana State University

Job Opportunities for Petroleum engineers

Here is link to an interesting article that talks about why world need Petroleum Engineers.

As you can expect, most of the jobs will be with Energy companies. Most of the energy companies are located in Houston,  Louisiana, Mississippi, Alaska  in US.

You can also look at Job Posting at Stanford  for Petroleum Engineering students.



  1. I am a graduate of petroleum Engineering, I have a postgraduate degree in Exploration Geophysics. I desire to get another post graduate degree. I am looking for a school in the U.S or in Canada that is less strict with their admission policy


  3. hi guys…
    myself Umesh. I had completed BE in Mechanical company with 76.4%. Done post graduate diploma in piping engineering (4 months course). having 2 years of working experience in oil & gas/ petrolium domain including both onshore & offshore works. can i apply for ms in petrolium since pursued BE in Mechanical Engineering. If so please suggest some universities.

    thanks in advance
    Umesh G

  4. Hi, I’m graduated on IVQ advanced diploma in oil and gas technology (Mechanical technician) awarded by City and Guilds the london intitute, i would like to know if i can apply for directly for petroleum engineering master degree in a University. waiting for your reply…

  5. Hi , I got my post graduate in engineering geology 7 years ago and i have some experience in petroleum field , I want to get another post graduate in petroleum engineering and I think I have some knowledge about reservoir stimulation and rock mechanic about of reservoir especially fractured reservoir, could anyone tell me how I can continue my study in petroleum engineering since I’ve heard there are some universities that I can apply , many thaks

  6. pls i graduated with a first class(4.70) in mining engineering in nigeri.i would like to inquire if i can go for my masters and probably phd in canada australia or usa.i also offered courses related to petroleum engineering such as oil and gas well drilling and petroleum reservoir engineering.any useful info wld b appreciated


  8. Assalam o Alaikum i m Ahsan Shah from Haripur. Pakistan.
    i have completed BS Applied GEOLOGY in 2011 having C.GPA 3.5/4
    and i have scored 6.5 in IELTS English proficiency and i want to do MS in Petroleum Engineering
    from scandenavian countries, Europe or from USA, Canada…
    kindly give me some proper way n opinions ….
    i ll thanks for this….

  9. I have GRE score 1120 (V-480 , Q-640) , I have 1 year eight months experience in E & P company in Nigeria as a completions and Production Engg. My academic performance in B.E Petroleum Engg is not up to the mark (GPA 3.2/4) . I had applied to 1) Texas A &M, 2) Uni of Houston , 3) CSM , 4) Uni of Oklahoma , 5) Uni of Tulsa , 6) LSU , 7) New Mexico Institute of Mining and Tech 8) Pennstate. Got Rejects from Tulsa, Pennstate, Houston. Remaining colleges yet to reply, I concerned about my chances in the remaining colleges. Kindly advice should I retake my GRE for higher score if I am rejected by remaining colleges or continue doing my job and apply after 3-4 yrs experience.

  10. I studied Petroleum Engineering in my first degree. I recorded a low GPA (3.0/5.0, second class lower) in my undergraduate studies and i hope to secure a masters in Petroleum Engineering either locally or overseas. Which postgraduate schools in Nigeria will i meet their requirement based on my grade? Are there affordable schools overseas that admit such grades?

  11. I ll completing my BSc in Petroleum Engineering in 2012. I want to go for my MSc in Petroleum Engineering as well by 2014 in the US or Norway. can someone tell me the basic requirement to achieve this…

  12. Hi,
    I ll be completing my BSc. Petroleum Engineering degree by August 2012. I will want to have my masters in the US or Norway by 2014. Can some one tell me the basic requirement i need to achieve this….Thanks
    I love petroleum engineering.

  13. i’m completing a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering with a specialization in Reservoir Engineering at the University of Pau (Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour France) in september 2011, how can i get the  PH.D opportunity?thanks

  14. i’m completing a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering with a specialization in Reservoir Engineering at the University of Pau (Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour France) in september 2011, how can i get the  PH.D opportunity?thanks

    • Hello sawa …. Can u give me the information regarding petroleum engineering ? i need few subject names which u have studied during u r master program …..

  15. hi,
    i am btech in electronics and instrumentation 2010 with 59.4% and am intrested for ms in petroleum engineering . I am preparing for GRE and could any one suggest me good university that ia can get into

    • Hi,i am a Nigerian, i really need help! I have a B.TECH (Technical education ) from delta state University Abraka, with a GPA 3.33/5. I want to go for Msc course on Electrical instrumentation and computer in petroleum engineering. pls wat are the requirement . Do i need a remedial course? I’m Skilled in Electrical and electronics technology, and would want to pursue a petroleum engineering course. I need your advice.

  16. Hello,
    My name is Pierre, and I will graduating with a BE in civil engineering. I would like to go for a Msc in Petroleum Engineering. Do you know what are the requirements for admissions? Do I have to take any remedial courses before joining that university?
    is there a list for the top ten universities worldwide?
    My GPA is 3.9/4 and havent taken the GRE yet

  17. I am a Ghanaian pursuing an undergraduate program in Petroleum Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi. I'd very much appreciate if one could notify me of followup comments via my e-mail. Also need info on Universities offering Masters in Petroleum Law, Petroleum Economics, Drilling Engineering, Production Engineering etc.

  18. Hi, Iam a male from UGANDA EAST AFRICA.

    I studied CHEMISTRY fro m University of Dar es salaam, TANZANIA in the year 1995 Nov.

    I have been teaching Chemistry in a secondary school.

    I would like to study Masters in petroleum Eng.

    Plz help me to get auniversity in Canada

    • my name is Sally, i will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and will like to go for an Msc in petroleum engineering.please tell me if it is possible for me to be admitted in to a university with my Bsc in chemistry and if yes give me the name of some of the universities.thanks

  19. M y name is Raphael Domonyuor Banaangmen. I am a Ghanaian national and has long since been in Ghana for the past 28 years. I have completed my first degree (B. Sc Agriculture Technology (Mechanization and Irrigation option). I would to pursue my masters program in Petroleum Engineering (Professional) preferably in you most esteemed University. My organization is willing to sponsor me once i get an admission to read the above stated course. Please can i get that opportunity from your Institution and how since i wish as my organization is also praying that i start by August 2011. I respectfully believe i will receive a speedy response to this mail as i am ready please. Thank you please especially for your time and the response in advance.

  20. hi i am naveed ahmad i have done my bachelor degree in chemical engineering with 70% equivalent marks i want to go for ms petroleum engg give me the list of some good universities in usa i shall be very thankful to for this act

    • Sallams Naveed

      How r u? I was in lahore doing my MS in computer science. Now I am in USA. I lost ur mobile number and contact. If any friend in Pakistan need any guidence he can contact me.

      The moderator is requested to reveal my Email ID. I have no objection if I can be helpful to my countrymen.

      A Proud Pakistani

      Zafar Kazmi

      • asalamualkum i am arsalan alam from pakistan karachi i have done bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from ned university of engineering and technology i have asked question about master in usa i have to do my master from in petroleum engineering kindly give me ur email id thankz

      • Zafar Kazmi

        nice to read ur message man i need info regarding MS petroleum degree.

        can u give me ur email or cell number to disscuss issue.

      • Salam zafar bhai!
        Zafar bhai my B.E is about to be completed in petroleum engineering,i want to do M.E in petroleum ,plz tell me some major universities in canada which are best for petroleum ,i was in search of my countrymen who can guide me perfectly and you are the that man..i will be thankful to u,n tell me the requirments plz..

  21. hi i am saad ali i have done my bachelor in geology with
    gpa 3.28/4and i have scored 5.5 in ielts english proficiency and i
    want to go for ms petroleum engineering give me the list of some
    good universities from canada, norway to which i can apply i shall
    be very thanful to you for that

  22. Dear Sir,

    What are the requirements to be fulfilled to get a MSc degree in Petroleum engineering/Reservoir enginnering from a reputed institute in India or abroad ?

    I have a firm foundation in "Applied petroleum engineering" (Aggregate: 72.75%).


  23. hello

    I am mazin hyder.I have bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from MS Ramaiah university bangalore(india) with GPa=8.33/10 .I want to continue my education in one of the UK's University for Spring2011 for my masters in petroleum.suggest me with some good universities.

    Can U help me???

    Tnx a lot

  24. HI,






  25. Hello.

    I am Mahesh. I had completed my B.Tech (E&I) with 62%. I want continue my education in M.S Petroleum Engg in Canada…. Can u tell me the best univ in Canada for Petroleum engg. And also tell me the which score they are asked GRE or ILTES

    • Well the best university for petroleum in Canada is University of Calgary.Calgary as a place is itself very famous for oil exploration.University of Calgary also has a tie up or somethoing of that sought with Institute of reservoir studies,Ahemdabad,India.

  26. hello

    I am sahar.I have bachelor of engineering in petroleum engineering from Amirkabir University(Polythecnic Tehran) with GPa=17 . now I want to continue my education in one of the US's University for Spring2011. but I dont know how.

    Can U help me???

    Tnx a lot

    • Hi Sahar,

      I do not know about the US but there are very good uni's in the UK if you like to study there.

      1. Imperial College (London)

      2. Heriot Watt Uni (Edinburgh)
      3. Robert gordon uni (Aberdeen)

      If you have a good grade in your Undergraduate degree (That I can see you have) then you can try Imperial college to study Reservoir Engineering. You may get Studentship from one the above universities which will cover the uni tuition fee and your expenses in the UK. The best reference for you would be the uni websites. you can find all the information you need. Just remember first you need to get your IELTS or Tofel degree. IELTS 6.5 or 7 will be accepted in most cases.

      Good luck


      • hi Tnx for Ur guide.But i could continue my education in my
        university in Explioration of petroleum.But i want to continue my
        education for phd in abroad especially in USA or Canada.But I dont
        know their Universities and also wich university can give me
        studenship or found! tnx for Ur reply regard

  27. Hi! I graduated in geology from a French speaking university, and did my Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering into an English speaking university. now I want to continue my M.Eng in any good university in U S. please what can you advice me to do to be easily admitted. ( CGPA=3.00 nd class lower and PGDPE,CGPA=3.65 nd class Upper.)

  28. Hello
    I have bachelor of engineering in petroleum engineering and about 2 years of experience in oil industry as drilling engineer. I want to do Master Specialization in Reservoir Engineering from a recognized world university. I do not really know the conditions for me to have in order to get these kind of Schools. I need help anybody who knows any University like that. Whether in Europe, Asia, Africa, Ausrtalia or America. THANKS

  29. I have completed BSc in chemical engineering on October 2009. I want to pursue my higher education in petroleum engineering in a US university and am planning to apply for Spring 2011 semester. I have queries on following points:

    1. I have read the article titled "Got Reply from Professor – Disappointing!". I propounded the questions stated in this article before myself and got positive answers for all of them. My question is how much is the possibility of getting funding if i apply for a MS leading to PhD program instead of applying for only MS or only PhD program? I ask this because i prefer MS over PhD after completing BSc. But at the same time, it is crucial for me to get admission for Spring 2011 semester with funding. Please do not get me wrong thinking that I only want to do PhD because it will help me getting fund. I have a strong resolve for doing research work and I plan to continue my studies after the completion of MS degree.

    2. What is the right time to contact professors? Is it before applying to the university or after applying? I have read the articles titled "Right way to contact Professor’s during admission process" and "When and How to Contact Professors?". The first and second articles suggest to write to professors after (or during) & before applying respectively.

    3. My undergraduate thesis, project and my jobs were not related to petroleum engineering. I have no paper published, but I have my thesis work published by a German publication in the form of a monograph. I only completed 2 courses of petroleum engineering in my undergraduate program. What should I do to increase my chances of getting admitted into petroleum engineering program of a US university? I suppose, I do not have sufficient time to start to work on & finish projects or papers related to petroleum engineering.

    4. How long an email written to a professor should be? Should it be like the one exemplified in the article titled "Email Template to Contact Graduate School Professors" or like the one in the article titled "Right way to contact Professor’s during admission process"?

  30. I have Bachelors degree of petroleum engineering ,I want to apply for master program in A&M ,what are the tests requirements this program.

    • Hi Archana,

      Chemical Engineering degree is applicable for this course.

      What is your complete profile.So I can help you based on your profile.I am also having Chemical Engineering background and you can see my profile below.

      • my profile is


        still have take Toefl

        B-tech —– 63.2%

        10+2——– 76.4%

        10th———- 78%

        • Hi GRE is 1000 bit low as few good unis need min 1100 and also Quant score is more imp for them for Petroleum Eng field. Any other weightage to your profile like work ex,etc will help you to balance your low GRE score.If not than its worth reappearing GRE again and get 1100+. if any other info you need you can email me on [email removed]

  31. Hi,

    My name is Rahul Chopra and I had successfully completed my Undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering from U.I.C.T. (Mumbai) with First Class in 2007. Also having +2.5 years of Industrial experience from Aker solutions (Mumbai) as a Process Engineer for North Sea Oil & Gas Projects of Statoil Hydro. Here we perform study and realization tasks for various modifications on the Existing Platforms.

    Currently working with Process team on a Huge Study task "N179" of Statoil Troll B Platform(Norway) "Start-up of Low Pressure Production wells" involves Steady-State & Dynamic Simulations using HYSYS, Transient Multiphase flow Simulation & Flow assurance using OLGA.

    I am contacting you because I’m applying for M.S. program in Petroleum Engineering

    So I would like to know My decision on these 9 selected Universities.

    Selection of US Universities

    1) Texas A&M

    2) Uni of Oklahoma

    3) Uni of Tulsa.

    4)Lousiana State Uni,Baton Rouge

    5) Texas Tech

    6) Uni of Houston

    7) Alsaka Fairbanks.

    Selection of Canada Universities

    1) Uni of Alberta

    2) Uni of Calgary

    Note:GRE score is 1120 (Q-770+V-350) and Toefl Test is on Dec 20

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    • hi Rahul,

      I too am targeting programs in the petroleum engineering filed.
      What sort of profile is needed to get an admit with or without aid
      I will have been out of college for 2 years on Sept 2010
      will this be viewed negatively for admissions ? As i am not having
      work experience in a petro engg allied field.

      Also my GPA is 63% Kerala University with 10 back logs in the
      third and fourth semester cleared by s8.

    • i know this post is a year old.. but i just wanna ask Mr. Rahul, where were u end up? i mean in which of the above unis u got admission… my GRE score is 1130 quite similar to urs… plz give me some guidance and suggestions.. i will appreciate ur assistance.. Thanx

  32. Scored 1430In GRE and 108 in TOEFL

    B.E.– 7.46 CGPA(Elec & Comm)

    12th– 72% CBSE

    10th– 72% CBSE

    Facing Financial Difficulties?

    Please Suggest some colleges for MS?

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