After B.E. in India – MS or MBA in USA?

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After completing BE in India which is better option – MS or MBA in USA? Many students ask this question, so does Atish

Atish Asks

I have just completed engineering in electrical. I decided to do MS, but still in mind MS or MBA? …then two more question arises..
1.MS in which field?..which field is in demand?
2.MS in which university?
please solve my problem…..   my engineering aggregate is 67%

MS or MBA in USA

Your decision to study in US after completing Electrical Engineering in India should be appreciated. Many students don’t even think about studying in US, because of time and effort involved in university admission procedure.

Having said that, selecting the field based on demand is NOT the right way. Basically you want some field that will pay you money.  You can work for money for 6 months or maybe 2 years. After that you will not feel like working, if that’s the field you don’t love.

If you want to enjoy your work, you have to love the work/job you do. Selecting a field MS or MBA based on job and salary alone will not help you in your career.

MS or MBA?

If you read the article MBA to be or not to be, you will understand whats involved in Technical field and Management field. So, evaluate yourself, what kind of career you want. Talk to people in management and in technical field with experience. Understand what life will be after few years.

Then decie for yourself which field you want to study. Don’t decide on MS or MBA just based on job in demand or salary. You will not enjoy your life. Moreover it will look like hell, if you hate the job.

Also, studying MBA without work experience is not recommended. You will not be able to associate the theory from book to work situation. Without work experience, MBA will not be of much value. If you decide to go into MBA instead of Masters Degree, then work for atleast 2 years, then apply for MBA.

You don’t need work experience to study Masters degree in Engineering field, apply right now and you can complete M.S. degree in no time. You have the option to study MBA after completing MS. So, by completing MS is not the end of the road for you. Hope this answer helps. Good luck in deciding between MS or MBA

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