Naveen Yegyan on Student Life in Texas (Video)

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I sat down with Naveen Yegyan – Student at Texas A&M University, Commerce to talk about this interesting story.


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We talk about the following topics

  • University Transfer
  • Wasted 1 year  of MS
  • Life Style at Texas A&M University, Commerce
  • Cost of Living
  • Financial Aid
  • Spring Break Trip
  • Car Accident
  • University Transfer Process

This interview shows about the easy process of University Transfer within USA. But, schools accept only maximum of 9 Credits Hours to be transferred.

Naveen Yegyan spent 3 semesters at Lamar University and completed close to 27 Credits. But, Texas A&M University can accept only 9 Credits.

If he had transferred at end of first semester, he could have saved 2 semesters of time and tuition fees and other expenses. But, good to see that he’s enjoying his course at Texas A&M, Commerce.

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