I sat down with Naveen Yegyan – Student at Texas A&M University, Commerce to talk about this interesting story.


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We talk about the following topics

  • University Transfer
  • Wasted 1 year  of MS
  • Life Style at Texas A&M University, Commerce
  • Cost of Living
  • Financial Aid
  • Spring Break Trip
  • Car Accident
  • University Transfer Process

This interview shows about the easy process of University Transfer within USA. But, schools accept only maximum of 9 Credits Hours to be transferred.

Naveen Yegyan spent 3 semesters at Lamar University and completed close to 27 Credits. But, Texas A&M University can accept only 9 Credits.

If he had transferred at end of first semester, he could have saved 2 semesters of time and tuition fees and other expenses. But, good to see that he’s enjoying his course at Texas A&M, Commerce.

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  • http://www.techsearch.org sangram barge

    the guy picked up the accent

  • madonna

    Video very helpfull….THANKS

  • mnr

    good work sir…..!! I’ve been following this blog since long time and is it possible transfer to a different department after getting into USA??

  • Yash

    Actually.. NPU is Only recognized by US department of Education but not by California state.

    So is it possible to transfer credit from private uni to state uni.?

  • Yash

    Thanks for your reply Raghu..

    But is it possible to get transfer from Private Uni to State Uni.? specially NPU is accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools and U.S. Dept. of Education. It is not accredited by California State..

    • harsha

      Hi Yash…As Raghu said ,only way is to “FAT-Find,Apply,Transfer”. I think there shouldn’t be any problem in making a transfer to state universities , if you have good scores (Bachelors GPA,GRE,Toefel) the state universities welcomes you.So the best thing to do is to check out the eligibility requirements of the schools you are planning to make a transfer and start applying for them.Also If I am not wrong NPU is in Fremont/San Jose so it’s better if you could visit SJU Admission office which make things much faster instead of making a call/e-mail.

  • Harsha

    Very Nice Helpful Information from Raghu, dng excellent work and all Students In India who are aspiring to go to US & can know exactly the scenario’s.

  • harsha

    Hi Raghu… I always like to see you taking the INITIATION in everything which is quiet impressive and your blog is like a HUGE WIKI for most of the students and job holders !!! And watching such videos/reading your blog , creates an awareness to many people like me how carefully one should plan. There were many twists and turns happened and still happening in my life since my journey to USA has started right beginning from F-1 Visa to the Present OPT Extension. So what ever hurdles I faced , I share them with my Friends to make sure at least them to be on safe side.

    • http://www.happyschoolsblog.com Raghuram Sukumar

      Lets do a chat session like this one this. I can do tomorrow.

      • harsha

        Sure.Please let me know at what time you are planning to do it tomorrow.

  • Mir Mazher Ali

    Thanks, Mr Raghuram for your efforts to helping students and their parents to choose the best universities may god will give u rewards for this.
    I am B.E (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering) with 67% completed in 2011. Since from my Graduation i am working as a Quality Control Engineer,(i.e 6 months in HAL Avionic Division and then nearly 15 months in Sky Oryx Joint Venture (HAMAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, DOHA QATAR) its a Construction Company.I wanted to do masters from USA is that one is possible to do it now after two years of gap can you please help me to know about the possibility and some of the universities in your view.
    MS in Electrical Engineering.
    MS in Insdustrial Management.
    MS in Quality Management system.
    MS in Finance Management.
    MS in Business Management.


  • Shuvajit Bhattaharya

    First of all thanks Raghu for conducting this kind of spontaneous interaction! It could have been more elaborate. You asked him questions not only about study but also on social life, which is great. Umm..why don’t you ask them questions regarding jobs (not TA/RA) and related stuffs that they’ll be doing in future?

    • http://www.happyschoolsblog.com Raghuram Sukumar

      Sure. I will add questions about job search in the next interview.

      • Yash

        Hi Rahu,

        Thanks for this video.. It helps me a lot.Actually from my GRE/TOEFL days your blog i am following.

        Now i have been in USA from past 3 Months. I had enrolled in MS Computer Science in Northwestern Polytechnic University.

        The University is not bad but same it’s not good.. Uni is very small. Can you guide me some details that from private Uni to state uni transfer possible? And in NPU we have One semester is about 4 months. My first semester will be completed on April. So is it possible to transfer after first sem for august intake? My Prefer Uni. are Cal. State Fullerton, San jose state and Cal state East bay..


        • http://www.happyschoolsblog.com Raghuram Sukumar

          Easy – Find a school, get admit, apply for transfer. Since, you are in US, you can call Grad School to get more info.