New GRE Scoring Explained

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ETS announced changes to GRE Exam from August 2011. Exam pattern, syllabus, format, scoring will change in revised GRE. One of the important changes in the new GRE is the scoring scale.

New GRE Scoring

Within the new GRE pattern scoring scale, the most important change is the in the scoring system. Old GRE had 10-point increments and new GRE scoring  pattern will have to 1-point increments. According to ETS – the purpose for compressing the reporting metric is simple: to produce scores that don’t exaggerate small performance differences between examinees.

The new GRE pattern score scale for the GRE revised General Test:

  • New GRE Verbal: 130–170 score scale, in 1-point increments (current GRE pattern 200–800 in 10-point increments).
  • New GRE Quantitative: 130–170 score scale, in 1-point increments (current GRE Pattern 200–800 in 10-point increments).
  • Analytical Writing will continue to be reported on the same 0–6 score scale, in half-point increments.

Official New GRE score conversion is available now.

New GRE Scoring

Differentiation among those who have earned a particular GRE score on the new GRE Scoring scale will be difficult, and should put extra emphasis on other differentiating components of applications, such as essays and letters of recommendation.

New GRE Pattern Scores

  • Possible scores is spread out to 41 (170 – 130)
  • Current GRE is 71 ( 200 to 800)

Same number of GRE test takers will fall under 41 scores than 71. Which means, its hard to differentiate applicants based on score. You need to have strong application to get admission. Which indirectly creates another admission requirement

  • If minimum score is 140, then candidates with 135 might not get admission. In current format, if minimum required GRE is 1100, students will 1000 will have possibility to get admission.

If you are planning to take New GRE exam from August 2011, you have to consider all advantages and dis-advantages of new pattern and New GRE scoring. Decide well in advance and book GRE Test dates for 2011. Many students will try to take GRE in current format, so you will not find dates to take exam if you wait till last minute.

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