Sample and practice questions for New GRE Formats is available. Back in December, ETS announced New GRE Exam format. Now, prospective students who were planning to take GRE Exam test in 2011 have enough time to decide which GRE format they want to take the test.

They have an option to take GRE Exam before August 1, 2011 in current GRE Exam pattern. If they miss the deadline, they would have to register for the revised GRE Exam.

Revised GRE Sample Questions – 2011

Just by reading few sample questions and take practice test with few questions, you cannot decide which GRE exam format is better. But, the following sample will give you much greater insight into type of questions that will appear in the actual GRE Test.

Now, you have see the sample questions and you should have spent few minutes reading the questions types. Don’t come to any conclusion just yet. Just by reading through the questions or skimming through the practice questions will not give enough information to make a decision.

Take your time, wait for more sample questions to be available from ETS. In couple of months, you will get to see more practice questions. More books for revised GRE will become available.

In mean-time what do you think of new format and question types?



  1. I scored 1040 in GRE in June2011 If I take GRE for the second time which score they consider? Best of the two or the second one. Please answer.

  2. hi.. i am currently doing my final year BE CSE.. i am working on the GRE current pattern and suddenly got panicked by the new pattern thats gonna come.. can you please tell me the eligible score to get into top universities and the expenses?? can you also provide details about one year MS programs??

  3. I have attended the current GRE exam but did n’t cut a good figure. I have secured only 1000(Verbal=460 and quantitive=540). i tried to do well in maths but silly mistake is occuring. How could i improve ?

  4. Can you please emphasize more on other subjects like Economics in your articles.sometimes i feel,its totally concentrating on engineering subjects.It would be very helpful if you elaborately explain the different scenarios for studying Economics; like the sample recommendation letters for economics,top universities for studying economics,universities where gre is not required for economics,Please help me.
    thank you

  5. if i book a slot in sept 2011 can i reschedule itand bok in months post to september??

  6. new reading and comprehention will be a tougher part for students counterparts as, the students lose maximum marks in R and C only.

  7. Hi,

    I was preparing for the GRE with current format as i was planning to do MS abroad in US. With this change, I will be affected more as i need to score good with the current format only. Otherwise with new format, if i take 2nd test, my score will be affected as i have not prepared for new version. Please provide suggestions.

  8. hi i am currently a B.pharm 2nd year student.i want 2 know whether it is prefrable 2 complete my masters in india and then go abroad for my Phd or should i consider doing both abroad. i would also like 2 know of the various scholarship offerd by the universities.

  9. Hi All,

    What would be more scoring……the present GRE format or the upcoming new GRE format that will be effective from August 1' 2011? Please suggest and justify..

  10. new reading and comprehention will be a tougher part for students counterparts as, the students lose maximum marks in R and C only.

  11. hi,can any one give me the basic pattern of upcomming GRE many sections are there,what are the sections…..from where i can get these information?please tell me any authorised books for the new gre exam.thank u…

  12. hi,
    I've got admission in Canada for an MA program in Economics this year. But I need to have GRE score for my PhD application. For that reason I'm plannig to take GRE in 2011. But with this major changed in GRE pattern I'm not able to decide how to prepare for it.

  13. i want to do MS in information science/computer science,but my bachelor's degree was in Mechanical.I have more than 1yr of exp in a software company so, is it possible to get admission in good university. please guide me.

      • hi ,

        i want to do ms in coumputer science . but my bachelor degree was in mechanical , i want to know more information abt revised pattern . what is the maximum score that we can score in revised pattern to get admission in top universities.

  14. hi everyone i want imformation about ph.d in usa now i m doing m.pharm in pharmaceutics in pune. plz guide me how to start for gre and what is criteria to do ph.d in usa. yhank u

    • Hi Bharat,
      Nice to see that you are doing M.Pharm. For getting admitted into US universities, you need to take the GRE and get atleast 1200 and above out of 1600. For a start Rutgers is a good university to do phd in Pharmaceutical sciences. This is located in New Jersey.
      Tc and All the best


  15. The Verbal section is very hard for non English speakers again. There is stil no balance between quantitative section and verbal section specialy for student from Iran. The quantitative section is very easy for us but high record in verbal section for us is a miracle!!!

  16. Hi! I just took a look at them and couldn't see any particular difference in comparison to the old version..

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