This is Abraham from Hyderabad. I booked my New GRE exam on 22nd july for 30th august in Hyderabad. previously there were two test centers in Hyderabad but recently they have shifted their office to expand it further to accompany more students.

But the problem came when no one reported the change in address and that to I found out by checking my gre account.

If I wouldn’t have checked my gre account I don’t think so i was able to reach the test because the new test center is far from the old test center.

I’m writing this mail just to inform all those “busy in studying students” to check their accounts and confirm the address of the test center previous day only.

Old  address of the test center was

AVENUE 1, ST 20 STREET 20, PLOT 1672,

New address is


I hope this mail will help some students who still didn’t found out about new address. Prometric test center should have atleast sent a mail about the change in address but anyways i’m glad i saw that change.

Abhram – Thanks for the update.

  • swetha naidu

    can anyone update with the contact number too..iv been searchin for it since a couple of weeks all the numbers proviede are invalid

  • madhavi

    Hai i want bus root from uppal to new prometric testing private limited

  • HSB

    If you are applying for Fall 2012, then you can take TOEFL in Nov.

  • Rohith Choudhary

    I had my toefl scheduled for 28th aug at Prometric center..I got a call yesterday saying they are shifting the center and so my slot has been transfered to oct..
    They gave me the option to change the slot to any center or date free of cost..
    I got a slot on sept 25 at nizamabad so I took m getting doubts about the reliability of the center (kshatriya engineering coll)
    if it has a bad name too then during visa process I might have some problem..even if I want to reschedule it now , there are no slots in Hyderabad till nov 20..will that be too late? What should I do please help me out

    • Rohith Choudhary

      @Admin, please have a look at this..I’m in really big mess right now..n to top it all I have placements coming up in 3 days!
      Really tensed..please give suggestion

  • Sindhurikilaru

    thanks a lot for ur kind info

  • Yousee Seeme

    how  aply for gre

  • kutti

    they will inform u by a call from prometric employee… i gave my tofel exam on 21st aug… i got a call on 19th informing about the adress change and he explained me twice… only thing is it is very easy if u go near L.V. Prasad eye hosp u can easily trace the address….

  • Monica

    hey thnx Abraham ….actually i too have got d same address dat u got…..but hw can i find after logging in2 my GRE account regd. any changes of the centre’s address??

  • Meghakanniganti

    a smal doubt,is the old adress givn to u as ur test centre whn u booked ur slot on 22nd july,i mean the print out which is gvn whn u bokd ur slot had the old adres?