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Assistant Secretary Janice L. Jacobs announced new USA visa renewal program to streamline the visa renewal process for Indian visa applicants.

  • This new program will permit consular officers to waive interviews for some qualified applicants who are renewing their visa within 48 months or four years, of expiration of their previous visa and within the same classification as the previous visa.
  • It will apply for tourists, business traveller’s, crew members and for students (F1 visa).
  • The new rules will apply to those within categories of B1, B2, C and D.
  • Not all applicants will be accepted for streamlined processing.

Other HighLights

  • 670,000 Non-immigrant Visas Issued in 2011
  • 67,105 H1B Visas
  • 100,000+ Indian Students Study in USA

H1B Visa and L1 Visa applicants would still have to attend the visa interview.

USA recently announced such programs  for Chinese and Brazil Citizens.

It’s good to see Indian Citizens can renew USA Visa without having to attend the visa interview.

As the report says, Not all applicants will be accepted for streamlined processing.

We have to wait for more details from US Embassy in India on this New USA Visa Renewal Rules – Interview Waived for Indian Citizens will be implemented and when the New USA visa rules will go into effect.

F1 Visa Renewal Without Interview

Here is one way for a F1 Visa student, who can renew F1 via without attending interview.

  • Initial F1 Visa approved for 2 years.
  • Couldn’t complete Masters degree in 2 years.
  • I-20 expended for 1 more year.
  • Student  could get F1 Visa renewed without attending F1 Visa interview again while traveling to India after initial 2 years.