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ETS will be publishing New ETS GRE BookUpdated and expanded Official guide to the GRE revised General Test on August 2012.

The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test is the test-makers’ own guide to the revised exam launched in 2011.

Now updated and expanded with more test-taking practice, this book is the most authoritative guide to all of the test features and question types.

It is also packed with authentic GRE questions and answers, with two actual GRE tests in the book, two more on CD-ROM (compatible with PC systems), and the test-makers’ own strategies for scoring high.

The Official Guide is your indispensable information source for your GRE preparation.

The Official Guide to the Revised General Test with CD-ROM (Second Edition) will contain 4 Real GRE Practice Test.

Current edition of the Official Guide contains only 1 Practice Test.

If you are planning to take GRE after August, then you MUST buy this book.  4 Practice test should give an good estimate of how much you can score in actual GRE.

Suggestion to ETS – The guy in the picture needs a haircut.