GRE Verbal – Old GRE to New GRE Score Conversion

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Since yesterday, ETS started reporting New Revised GRE Scores for corresponding Old GRE Scores.

GRE Test takers who took GRE in Old Format (with score range 200 to 800) started seeing New Converted score in their ETS Online GRE account. I asked those test taker to submit their Old GRE Scores and  New Revised GRE Scores at New GRE Score Conversion Chart.

If you haven’t submitted the data, please the above link to submit the GRE data.

From the data collected so far, I’m posting the Old GRE to New GRe Scores table.

Old to New GRE Scores Verbal

Update – Previous unofficial GRE Score conversion table is removed.

Following the official GRE Score Range and Conversion table form ETS.

New GRE Score Converter - Verbal

600 in Old GRE scores corresponds to 160 in Revised GRE Score scale, whereas 600 in Old Quantitative section corresponds to 160 in Revised GRE Score.

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