Since yesterday, ETS started reporting New Revised GRE Scores for corresponding Old GRE Scores.

GRE Test takers who took GRE in Old Format (with score range 200 to 800) started seeing New Converted score in their ETS Online GRE account. I asked those test taker to submit their Old GRE Scores and  New Revised GRE Scores at New GRE Score Conversion Chart.

If you haven’t submitted the data, please the above link to submit the GRE data.

From the data collected so far, I’m posting the Old GRE to New GRe Scores table.

Old to New GRE Scores Verbal

Update – Previous unofficial GRE Score conversion table is removed.

Following the official GRE Score Range and Conversion table form ETS.

New GRE Score Converter - Verbal


600 in Old GRE scores corresponds to 160 in Revised GRE Score scale, whereas 600 in Old Quantitative section corresponds to 160 in Revised GRE Score.

  • milankumar patel

    My old GRE score is 98o. 670 in maths and 210 in verbal. So what is my score?0 Accoring to new GRE what is my score?

    • HSB Counselor

      Check for the scores corresponding to the old pattern scores. You have conversion table available with you.
      You can submit your scores in the old pattern only.

  • milankumar patel

    My old GRE score is 98o. 670 in maths and 210 in verbal. So what is my score? I have to get min 227 accoring to new GRE.

  • krina

    My old GRE score is 960. 570 in maths and 390 in verbal. So what is my score? I have to get min 227 accoring to new GRE.

  • Imran

    HSB…..I have new GRE conversion chart from princeton review how can i post it.

  • raghav

    I took my test in July 2011. My original and estimated current score are as follows:

    Verbal: 630 —> 162
    Quantitative: 800 —> 166

    This shows that now verbal score holds more importance than before.
    Also, the confusion over quant score conversion has to be explained by ETS. It’s not our fault if the earlier format was easier to score in or wasn’t challenging enough. (If that is actually the case) The score should be comparable for both versions of the test ie. if one scores maximum marks in the earlier format, he/she should get max marks in the new format too.

  • manalee

    Verbal 540=156 not 135

  • salman

    why are the converted scores inconsistent? I mean OLD 530 is NEW 155 but OLD 540 is NEW 135 !!! is this an accurate table?

    • HSB

      Thats that data submitted by those who posted the scores via the form. Either they are incorrect or there is logic to that. I hope that is incorrect entry.

  • Uday

    Never mind, got it.

  • Uday

    U wrote 600 trice in the left column at the end. I suppose it should be 580, 590 and 600. Many others are repeated as well, 540 and 530 while 550 is missing. Can’t seem to clearly figure out.

    • HSB

      Thats the raw data from the forms submitted. 550 and others are missing, because so far test takers submitted the data, don’t have 550 and corresponding score.
      There were couple of entires where same old GRE score had different new GRE score. So, I need more data or till official data comes, I have to list what I have.

      • megha

        does ths imply that there is no possibility of scoring abve 600 in verbal ?

        • Madhu

          I got 690 in verbal and 800 in quant. So what is my socre then?