ETS have introduced Online GRE Score reporting feature. It makes reporting GRE Scores to additional schools much easier. But, you will need to have Credit Card to report the scores using the new Online GRE Score Reporting tool. I had written in detail about GRE Score Reporting, recently ETS has introduced Online GRE Score forwarding, which is more easy to use.

Score Reporting Time – After GRE Test

Based on test format score reporting time varies.

  • Computer Based GRE Exam – 10 to 15 days after you take test
  • Paper Based Exam – About 6 weeks after exam date

Above two options are for scores reported to schools at the end of the exam.

Additional GRE Score Reporting

Usually, students have no clue on which school they will attend. So, then end up selecting 4 schools they have heard about through freinds. After final list of schools are selected, then GRE scores have to reported to those universities. Scores can be reported by 3 different ways

  • Online GRE Score Reporting
  • Mail or Fax
  • Phone

Online Score Reporting

ETS has recently started this service. this is more convenient to forward GRE Scores to Universities. You will need Credit Card to use pay for this service.

  • For faster processing, order ASRs online.
  • Credit card only (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, or VISA).
  • Once a request is submitted, it cannot be canceled.
  • Score reports will be mailed to you and to your designated institutions approximately five business days after your request.
  • $20 for each score recipient score is forwarded.

Mail or Fax

  • Download and complete the Additional Score Report Form (PDF) or use the form found in the center of the Bulletin.
  • Mail it with the fee to the address on the form.
  • Requests are processed within 10 business days after receipt.
  • Faxed requests are accepted if you pay by credit card (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, or VISA). The fax number is 1-610-290-8975.
  • Once a request and fee is mailed or faxed, it cannot be canceled, changed, or refunded.
  • $20 for each score recipient score is forwarded.


  • Scores will be mailed twice per month in CD to Universities
  • Scores will be mailed 5 days after you call ETS
  • Depending on how universities receive the scores – Mail or CD time varies.
  • $12 additional fee for using Phone Service
  • $20 for each score recipient score is forwarded.

Which is Best

I would go with Online GRE Score Reporting feature. Since, its more easy and no need to pay additional $12 to use the phone. Scores are forwarded at same processing time as phone.

Note – Some of the points above were copied and pasted from ETS site. Refer to GRE Site for more details.



  1. I need a little help.
    How can i order an additional GRE score report to myself, i took GRE on 18th of march this year and i haven’t received it yet.

  2. Hi.. This is Farhan. I took GRE exam in october 2012 and I also got my online scores but on my GRE Account the message “This report is not valid for transmission to an institution” is displayed. What does that mean?

  3. Apropos Shipra’s comment on 27 Dec 2011 which says

    Guys i am in a big trouble, please guide me. I took my GRE two days back, i.e. on 26th december 2011. After the test was over and i got my scores on the screen, i found my scratch paper full, and as there was no space to even add up the marks to get a clear idea of my score, in the anxiety i inadvertently took my passport and used a small corner of the last page to add up the marks. I had no idea that it is regarded as a malpractice. So the people at the center told me that i have committed an offence and now it will be reported to ETS. I explained the whole situation to them, apologising, saying that its only human to err. ”
    Can anyone help me in knowing the verdict of ETS in this type of fallacy , as I also committed the same mistake. Does ets consider the score or not?

    • hi,
      i have same problem
      20 days ago i took gre
      i wrote my score on my hand
      after that advisor report it
      i talked a person from ets,she told me,my problem is under review
      i dont know what is going on,
      did you learn your score?
      or they cancel it?
      please answer me,i feel terrible

  4. hello HSB,
    i got a GRE score of 313 (147 verbal and 166 quant). the universities i selected are “North Carolina St U” , “Illinois State U” , “Kansas St U” , “U Indianapolis”. what are my chances of getting admitted into any of these universities.? or can u please suggest me the universities i may try with the score of 313.? i am waiting for your suggestions HSB.

  5. I gave my computer based GRE 3 days back. I am sure I didnt cancel my score. I chose 4 universities at the test center. Now when I am trying to assign few more universities by means of online score reporting, it is not directing me to any page for payment. A page is opening which says information you entered is not correct, your request can not be processed. I didnt enter any information at all to cross check. Kindly help me. I faced issues with my TOEFL scores also. I chose 4 universities 2 days before exam. Even after neither myself nor the universities received any score reports. WHen I sent an email regarding my concern they sent reply that no orders are placed against the test taken on that day. I dont know why. Kindly tell me what might be the problem. They are not lifting the international call as well which is a seperate number.

  6. hi,

    I had appeared for GRE in july 2011. I had scored very low 980. Now, i just completed my 7th semester and am pursuing training as part of the curriculum of our college. I am gioving GRE again on February 6th, 2012. I know it is mostly not possible for getting into Fall 2012. I have a green card. I just want to know these details

    1.0 I have a green card does that fact benefit me in any way or no??? i have got varied answers from every where and i am very confused.
    2.0 If i apply right now as John Hopkins and some unidversities have deadlines till Jan 5th, and then i give my GRE will the scores be forwarded or the universities will only consider my old scores??? i am in real dilemma here.

    please please please do reply i am getting edgy here.

    Thank You
    With Regards
    Hersh Joshipara

  7. Guys i am in a big trouble, please guide me. I took my GRE two days back, i.e. on 26th december 2011. After the test was over and i got my scores on the screen, i found my scratch paper full, and as there was no space to even add up the marks to get a clear idea of my score, in the anxiety i inadvertently took my passport and used a small corner of the last page to add up the marks. I had no idea that it is regarded as a malpractice. So the people at the center told me that i have committed an offence and now it will be reported to ETS. I explained the whole situation to them, apologising, saying that its only human to err. I had worked really very hard for this, gave it all i could, got a decent score also (322, verbal 158, quants 164). Now i checked my account today and its showing ‘Absent or Not Available’. What do i do now? Does that mean that they have cancelled my score? Please someone help me, i am devastated.

    • for next 10-15 days the status in the system will be the same … it is the same way for every1 … dnt be devasted because of that status…… they may not discard your score… be confident….

    • Hi shipra..i just wanted to know the verdict of ets regarding your fallacy of writing institution code on the passport. please reply asap

  8. I had appeared for GRE exam on September 7, 2011. Now since the scores have been declared, I am trying to login my account, but it shows the information does not match our records. I tried to call up ETS, US also, but the voicemail after noting certain information, says invalid entry. How would I get my official score then? Will the GRE scores be sent to our email officially free of charge? I have also been selected by one University, but due to non-availability of scores, I am unable to proceed further. Kindly help me out..


  9. Regarding additional score reporting:
    I gave my gre in jan 2011, i got one official score report in feb, by mail to me.
    In august 2011, I have placed order to send ASR to some other 5 institutions.
    my Q is, will i get again one official SR mailed to my address?.
    Similarly, what would be the case for TOEFL?
    Please kindly clarify …………… :-)

    • Hey Balaji,
      I advise not to send the gre scores before you apply. There is no file created on your name before you apply , so it is difficult for them to save your scores..

  10. Dear HSB, i have given my gre exam on march 31, 2011. It is my second attempt for the exam . I have given my first attempt on Feb 1st on which i scored 1040. On second attempt I scored 1290 and reported the scores to 4 universities .But now when I see gre scores online it is showing that "ABSENT OR UNAVAILABLE". but scores were sent to the universities which i mentioned on that day. Is it a severe problem or else ETS problem of recording the scores. I have given the details very particularly on that day. don't know why ETS is showing like this . what should i do now plz reply

  11. I had the same problem n i resolved it today luking at this post , thx a ton u guys

    Lemme explain:

    gre acc info :
    First name : sandeep
    Middle Initial : R
    Last: rao vemu

    for gre exam reg: i called up prometric to find out, wht name i had registered with
    First name : sandeep
    Middle: Revanth
    Last: Rao Vemu

    so my gre acc info wasn't working, thn i created an account with following name:

    New Gre acc info:
    first name : sandeep
    Middle initial:
    Last name: RaoVemu
    Note: leave middle initial blank, even if u had entered middle name while registering for exam.

    I was able to see my scores thn….. also u can create any number of accounts given the name is different.

    Hope this is helpful too……….

    • Hi Revanth,

      I took my GRE in 2007. I lost all my exam information now because I deleted email address with which I registered. I remember my score but nothing other than that.

      Is there a way I can get my scores? I am planning to go for MS this fall. Kindly help me in this regard.

  12. sir i have apeeared for test on dec 27th but i still didnot recieve my gre score card……i have called the help kine they said u will recieve soon but i didnot,plz send my gre score card.

  13. hi guys.. i took my gre on 16th february and its been 16 days since then.. wen i enter the details in the view scores online option, it says "The information you provided does not match our records. Please try again." Can anyone help me with this probel please.. Im really worried.. im waitin..

  14. i have written my gre(coputer based test) on dec 8 2010. i got 1070(Q:590&V:480).Still i did't get my gre score to know about my AWA score& when i will get my gre score card.

    plz give me reply

  15. ETS is going to ruin me. I took the test on Nov 4 got V750, Q 800, but still haven't got my scores online yet. I am sure I didn't cancel my scores but I didn't enter my undergrad institution because I'm not from the USA. One of my application's deadline is on 1 Dec. After the china fiasco I am afraid anything can happen with ETS. THanks ETS for ruining for life.

  16. Guys, i took my exam on 21 sep 2010, however i tried to view my scores online but it says the data entered doesn't match the documents. I dunno wat to do. Do i have to wait a few more days and check the website again?

  17. I gave my GRE exam on the 3rd aug 2010 and was able to view my unofficial scores at the test center. However when I logged into the GRE website today, all marks columns say, “Absent or not available”.

    I am, however, able to view the Institutions I selected after the exam.

    • Hi,

      I am also facing the same problem. I sat for the exam on 22nd November, 2010, but still it shows its absent. But the institutions are available there and i can make additional score reporting.

      Did you get any fix for it.

      • Hi,

        I am also facing the same problem. I took GRE test on November 20, 2010; but it still shows "Absent or not available". Could you please help me know how to fix it?

        Thank you very much!

        • The way that I fixed the issue was to call their hotline for general inquiries. They fixed the issue on the spot. Don't bother emailing them because they would only give you some inane and useless replies… the good news and irony is that your designated score recipients should be informed of the official scores before you do… so don't worry about that and by all means call them before the holidays. You should also receive your official scores by mail soon. But unless you call them I suspect your online profile would never be fixed.

          Even though my issue has been fixed I still stand by my judgement that ETS is no good because given the prevalence of the issue, they should have fixed the issue generally so that unknowing test takers do not have to fret about the problem. If they can fix it manually per case why couldn't they have fixed it once and for all ?

          • Glad to hear your issue is sorted out. I wrote my exam yesterday, and wanted to check out the 'View Scores Online' module of the ETS website. When I entered my 16 digit code, it took to me to a page where all fields are marked 'Absent or Not Available'. The queer thing, however, is that it shows my GRE date as 22nd November, 2010. I have never taken GRE before 14th March, 2011. What could be the problem?

            • Hey Paul,

              I have had this problem too, I emailed ETS and the problem is fixed , but I got no reply from them!

              It still says absent/unavailable but I only sat my exam on Friday so I think I will give them a week or two before I phone them.

  18. hey guys,i took gre on July 26 unable to access my scores from the website.i created account in the website 3 days after giving the exam using the same email which i used to book the gre slot.wen i try to access my score it says "The information you provided does not match our records. Please try again."mean while my friend took gre on same day with me.he got his scores online.

  19. i am not able to forward my GRE scores to the universities…i m facing the problems with my the confirmation number…i have two numbers ….the 1 is given on the score card that is registration number and another is of 16 digits…plz tell me what to do with this…????

  20. I had taken the gre exam durin feb 15th. I could not see my scores in the ets website. Whenever i enter my account number it says that the acc no. doesnt match with the records.

    Is this because ets hasnt still uploaded my scores yet.

  21. This online reporting system is no good. I havent been able to create a mygre account (there s problems at the time when it asks for a Registration, Appointment no. , or Web Confirmation No. ) Even though ETS replied to my mail with the correct Registration no. it still isnt working.

  22. I gave my GRE exam on the 12th of Jan and was able to view my unofficial scores at the test center. However when I logged into the GRE website today, even against the Verbal and Quant scores the column says, "Absent or not available".

    Will I be able to view the verbal and quant scores on the website only after the AWA is evaluated?

    I am, however, able to view the Institutions I selected after the exam.

    • I’m facing the same problem. Is your score available now for viewing? I took it on 6th of Jan 2010.

    • hi coolbro, nope, my status is still the same. In fact, against the 'report date' column for the institutions, its showing jan 20th. I really dont know whether my scores have been sent or not.

      • Hi Anindo,

        I called ETS and they said that the scores will be posted only after 15 days. I can see my scores now. You will probably be able to see it by coming Monday. I think your scores have been reported on 20th January. Mine had 15th January over there.

        I was hesitant to call ETS after seeing so many rants about calling time, but apparently it was not true. I got to talk to rep in less than a minute.

        Good luck

        • Glad to find this discussion. I took the GRE today and wanted to double check that I had written scores down correctly after test. I kind of panicked when I got the "absent or not available" message. I think my nerves are shot!

  23. Hi HSB, you are doing a great job. does ets give a refund when the scores are reported online and one of them is cancelled i.e a incase of a double transaction.The scores were reported to the same universities. my brother had a problem with his computer and as soon as he reported it online, he got a mail saying that he paid $322 when infact he should have been charged $161.

    please advice on this regard. Thanks

  24. I am also facing a similar in ordering the additional score reports

    I am the registration as given on the GRE report sheet but it is not working through that…

    Also tried the confirmation number the WEB reciept obtained at the time of registartion, but that is not giving results either.

    Please advice is this regard. Its urgent.

    • I am facing problem in the following option in on-line score reporting:

      "One of the following:

      1. Web Registration Confirmation Number

      2. Registration Number

      3. Appointment Number"


      can anyone suggest me what to do for this option, since when I am entering the confirmation number, it is showing enter "only 8 digits" and I don't any other details in my email.

      So what exactly should I do for this?

      • Amey,

        The number mentioned on your e mail, 16 digits long, is your appointment number I guess. So try specifying that number against the appointment number column.

        Good Luck.

  25. It's really hard to diagnose problems like that. Try using phone to forward the GRE Scores You have to pay more, but that another option. Also, you can order additional score reports to get the confirmation/registration number.

  26. I’ve taken my GRE on 2nd june 2011.I was able to see my score clearly after finishing the test.But when i’m trying to check it online through my GRE account it is showing like absent.I ‘m worried about it.Moreover,I didnt apply any of the universities on that day.Does it matter really?How would I get my official score then?

  27. @ Sowmya…

    Even i wrote my gre exam in June and got it after around 16 days… If you dont get the score within 3 weeks, it is better you call the GRE hotline which in mentioned in the ets website… And it is no problem if you havent clicked on any universities after the test.. You however need to apply individually taking the application form from each college.

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