New Online GRE Score Reporting

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ETS have introduced Online GRE Score reporting feature. It makes reporting GRE Scores to additional schools much easier. But, you will need to have Credit Card to report the scores using the new Online GRE Score Reporting tool. I had written in detail about GRE Score Reporting, recently ETS has introduced Online GRE Score forwarding, which is more easy to use.

Score Reporting Time – After GRE Test

Based on test format score reporting time varies.

  • Computer Based GRE Exam – 10 to 15 days after you take test
  • Paper Based Exam – About 6 weeks after exam date

Above two options are for scores reported to schools at the end of the exam.

Additional GRE Score Reporting

Usually, students have no clue on which school they will attend. So, then end up selecting 4 schools they have heard about through freinds. After final list of schools are selected, then GRE scores have to reported to those universities. Scores can be reported by 3 different ways

  • Online GRE Score Reporting
  • Mail or Fax
  • Phone

Online Score Reporting

ETS has recently started this service. this is more convenient to forward GRE Scores to Universities. You will need Credit Card to use pay for this service.

  • For faster processing, order ASRs online.
  • Credit card only (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, or VISA).
  • Once a request is submitted, it cannot be canceled.
  • Score reports will be mailed to you and to your designated institutions approximately five business days after your request.
  • $20 for each score recipient score is forwarded.

Mail or Fax

  • Download and complete the Additional Score Report Form (PDF) or use the form found in the center of the Bulletin.
  • Mail it with the fee to the address on the form.
  • Requests are processed within 10 business days after receipt.
  • Faxed requests are accepted if you pay by credit card (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, or VISA). The fax number is 1-610-290-8975.
  • Once a request and fee is mailed or faxed, it cannot be canceled, changed, or refunded.
  • $20 for each score recipient score is forwarded.


  • Scores will be mailed twice per month in CD to Universities
  • Scores will be mailed 5 days after you call ETS
  • Depending on how universities receive the scores – Mail or CD time varies.
  • $12 additional fee for using Phone Service
  • $20 for each score recipient score is forwarded.

Which is Best

I would go with Online GRE Score Reporting feature. Since, its more easy and no need to pay additional $12 to use the phone. Scores are forwarded at same processing time as phone.

Note – Some of the points above were copied and pasted from ETS site. Refer to GRE Site for more details.

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