• When is the right time to Graduate ( August or December or May )?
  • When Shall I apply for OPT?

Do you want to know answers for the above questions? Continue reading.

When to apply for OPT?

I have advised so many students and above question still remains. So, to help them understand, I’m putting together this small write up. Again to let you know, this is my opinion, it may not be applicable to all circumstances. Read this, understand the concepts and see how your situation applies and decide based on that. To get started, let me explain about OPT ( Optional Practical Training)

OPT (Optional Practical Training)

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is employment authorization which allows F-1 students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to a practical work experience. You may be entitled to up to 12 months of optional practical training per educational level. If a student begins a new academic program at a higher level, the student is eligible for another 12 months of OPT Visa.

Universities will have set guidelines on How to Apply for Optional Practical Training. I strongly recommend students to find out the what is the process in your school and having that knowledge in advance, atleast 1 semester before you graduate will help you prepare accordingly.

OPT and H1B Visa Dates

Next query is, when to apply for OPT, whats the deal with H1B visa quota and how does graduation date affect my chances of getting H1B Visa? This is going to bit difficult to explain, but I will try my best to make it clear.

H1B Visa

H1B visa application can be filed from April 1st of each each for the H1B Visa quota starting from Oct 1st. i.e. companies sponsoring students can file H1B Visa from April 1st 2008 and that will enable students to work for that company from October 1st 2008, if H1B visa is approved.

As many of you will be aware, last year H1B visa in general category was filled on 1st day of application. More than 100,000 application was submitted on April 1st for available 65,000 visas. That resulted in lottery system. Students with Master’s degree will have additional 20,000 Visa’s. If general category is filled, then you will be considered under Master’s Degree quota. Many are believing it will be same scenario this year too.

Scenario: Graduation Dates

Lest assume you are planning to graduate in Summer ( August ) 2008. Students question will be, when shall I apply for OPT. Lets analyze the above situation.

Lets assume

Graduation Date : 15 – Aug – 2008

OPT Start: 15-Aug-2008, which means, you will receive new I-20 along with OPT Card, that gives students status and authorization to work.

OPT End Date : 14-Aug-2009 ( if you applied for 12 months )

In the above case, if students will have to find a job with a company who will sponsor H1b Visa before April 1st 2009. So, the company can file the H1B visa on April 1st. They also can file H1B visa later, if no more than 65,000 visa application is submitted on April 1st in general category and no more than 20,000 applications were submitted in Master’s Degree category. Lets assume, you found a job and company applied for your H1B Visa and your application was submitted on April 1st and got H1B Visa approval to work from October 1st 2009.

But, the problem with OPT start date of Aug 15 2008 is, student will have the H1B approval only from Oct 1st 2009, but the work authorization is expiring on Aug 14th 2008. So, from 15 Aug 2009 to 30 Sep 2009, student don’t have work authorization. Which means, they cannot work in U.S. Some companies give them vacation, so they will go to India, or native country and work from local Office in India, some students stay in U.S. but cannot work for that time period.

To avoid that scenario, if student can apply for OPT start date of Sep 30 2008, then they will not have the above problem. Because, they can work in OPT till Sep 30 and H1B will start from Oct 1st. But, check with your school, if you can apply for delayed OPT start date, to make sure you will not be out of status. Usually OPT start date should be within 60 days of last day of the exam. If you graduate in the Spring of 2008, the last exam day is May 6. You can select a start date between May 6, 2008 to July 5, 2008.

Also, OPT must be applied before you graduate. Processing time for OPT card will take from 15 days to 3 months. I got my OPT card in 3 weeks time, some of my friends it took 3 months. It depends on the Application processing center.

Graduation Date : December

With graduation date of December, students will have less time to search for the job. You will have to find a job in from December to March, while students graduating in Summer will have Aug to March to find a job. You can do the Math for Spring graduation.

Again, it depends on the specific student situation and if you are worried on how to search for a job, visit my blog frequently, I will write about few techniques that will help you to get the job much faster.

If you have any questions, comments or need details for your specific scenarios, write a comment, I will try to help you. Again, this is general guidelines, every students situation vary. Decide wisely, when to graduate, so you can apply for H1B visa on time.

  • Jasmine

    Can I get an H1 visa if I’m currently on OPT after my associates degree.
    My company is willing to sponsor me.

  • Nishat

    I have an MS degree from Singapore. Currently, I am in the US with H4 visa. Now, if I do another Masters here, will I be able to avail OPT?
    Please, let me know. Thank you.

  • Aswani

    I am from India and i did btech there. Now I am on h4. to change my status I am planning to enroll in an associate degree in my nearby community college. Please let me know the pros and cons of doing associate degree after btech and please let me know whether there will be any difference in the OPT after associate program and OPT after Masters. I am planning to do associate program bcoz i can join in Jan and complete by nexxt Jan. For Masters I have to wait till August and then 2 yrs for getting job.
    Thanks In Advance

    • Nishat

      I don’t think U can get OPT for Associate degree. U can only get it for Bachelors, Masters & PhD.

  • Cihan Yilmaz

    Thanks for sharing this amazing knowledge with us. I have a quick question for you. Right now, I am an intern employee for a well-know company and they plan to keep me until October, 2012. I am graduating on July 26, 2012 from GMU so my CPT is due to July 26, 2012. Is there anyway to extend my CPT even though I graduate? Plus, I also applied for my OPT and my OPT starting day is July 27, 2012 so if I get my OPT by this time, I will completely fine. However, it seems like the processing time is very slow so I will not get it before end of August! I also added my offer letter in my application and called them and made a request to speed up my process. So, how can I fill the gap between my CPT and OPT or what are my options?


    • HSB

      You cannot work without authorization (CPT or OPT). Which means, you are likely have to take a break between CPT and OPT.

  • star_mark

    I have an offer from Company A who has already filed an H1-B for me which has been approved. The change of status will take place on October 1, 2012. In the meantime I have an OPT which will get terminated on September 30, 2012 due to the COS. I have received an offer from company B which I want to take up. Is there a way to cancel the H1-B and reinstate my OPT starting October 1, 2012? Or is there a way the H1 transfer can take place without letting either of my employers know ?

  • Bo

    Hi, my employer will file a h-1b petition for me on April 1st, with a request of change of status.
    My tentative starting date is Oct. 1st. My questions is what if i cannot finish things up at school by my starting date and the h-1b visa is already approved and will be in effect on Oct. 1st. Suppose my employer agrees to give me couple of months of extension, can we make changes on my h-1b visa to accommodate this change?

    Thanks so much, I hope I made my question clear to you…


  • N

    I know that we are not eligible for a second master’s OPT. So what if have only used pre-completion OPT and not post-completion OPT in the first masters?

  • radha

    Hi ,
    Im graduating in may 2012 majoring in finanace. I would like to apply for OPT when is it wise to apply for the OPT and how should i search for jobs or internships relevant to Finance. suggestions are highly appreciated.

    • HSB

      Check out the career section in the blog to learn about job search.

  • Rosa

    Hi, I am going to graduate December 2011. Major is global technology management .I have a opt chance if I apply this week.I am totally confused.I have some concerns about finding a job and if I can not find a job in 90 days what is gonna happen? Am I going to lose my F1 visa? Also after 90 days if I can not find a job can I give up and continue to my education?
    Also I have BS in engineering ,which major area I can look for,is it possible to find in my BS major beside global tech. Management?
    Thanks in advance.

  • AA

    My case is a little different. I am currently on OPT and have an internship with a good organization. I am not sure if they will sponsor H1B. Assuming the worst case, what are my options? Are there any consulting companies that will be willing to sponsor visa? Kindly advice.

  • Namrata Thakkar

    I am currently studying at NYMC and this fall is going to be my almost last semester.  Although, I will be left out with thesis, which I can accomplish till April 2012, and I will be graduating in May 2012.  Also, I will be applying for PhD program for fall 2012 intake.  The question is I wanted to do OPT from Jan till August, since I dont want to spoil that OPT period.  If I get admission into Phd I will start my school from September, if not I can continue with OPT.  So, I was wondering if Pre-completion OPT works in my case, and I can apply for OPT so that I can start my job in January (if I get one).  I am confused how to approach, should I start with Precompletion OPT or should I wait till May… I’d appreciate your help!


  • Aman Nath


    I am currently studying at purdue university and my I- 20 expired in May 2011. I got my graduation extended to Dec 2011 and will be getting a new I – 20 this week. Would I still be eligible to apply for OPT before graduation as I will not be getting my old I – 20 reinstated and will be getting a new I-20 and will not be registered for classes for 2 academic semesters on that??



    i m still on f1 visa and my mba will be finish in december-2011. now if i find an employer who ready to sponsor me before complicting my mba..than can i apply for h1 visa and if i apply after my mba will finish than which month i can apply..?

    replay please..

  • Sania

    Hello, I studied in US 7 years ago a AAS degree in General Business but I didn't apply for the OPT, can I do it now??

    Thanks for your help

  • Jonathan


    Hi there,

    I have graduated with my bachelor's of Arts in Business Administration on May 15th 2010 from a college in New Hampshire. I got my OPT card on July 10th (Valid from July 7th 2010 to July 6th 2011). I moved to the NYC area, I had an outside sales job that I had to quit cause I couldn't make money, I have been living like will smith in "the purpose of happiness." I went to 18 agencies, 18 agencies that know I need a job bad, and only got one temp job for a week which has just finished. Can you guys confirm that what i need to do is find a company that will sponsor me for a H-1B visa in order to actually get a permanent job ? I have no network in NYC, all I do is go to agencies and tell them what i need and then never get any calls and when I call, they say the current market is very slow… are these websites what I need or are they scams?? http://www.h1base.com/storedetails.asp?prod=5 http://www.h1visajobs.com/

    When i tell agencies I need companies that sponsor it kills me even more as it already is hard for them to find me something without this additional demand…
    I never thought I would be in such a situation having graduated Cum laude and having done so many leadership positions while at my college… ridiculous…
    Someone please help me find the right path, my college advisor is clueless…

  • Andy


    I had my AS degree in 2008 and BS degree in 2010. My OPT will end in Aug, 2011, and I plan to go back to school for a AAS. I am wondering if I can get another OPT after AAS, since I did not have OPT after my AS degree. I heard that only one OPT can be granted for each level of college degree. So if I did not use it after my first Associate Degree, does that mean I can get it after my Associate Degree of Applied Science?

  • Jessy


    I just graduated from MBA last week. My employer sponsored my H1 B visa in June and we upgraded it to Premium processing on Sept 2nd. and I got RFE on Sept 15th. Now while my H1 B is in process can I apply for OPT?

    Please reply, Urgent

    • HSB

      You should apply for OPT. Check the OPT rules if you can apply after graduate.

  • Lupe

    I am an international diploma graduate nurse. Currently, I got a job in OPT after Associate Degree. My OPT expires on june 2011. If my employer wants to sponser H1 B visa, will I be qualified for it. If yes, when is it appropriate to file for H1 b.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Yoo Jin

    Hello. I'm expecting to graduate in the 2011 summer.

    Before I apply, do I have to have a job who will use me or do I apply for the OPT and then, find a job? And I'm majoring in Chemistry but in pre-dent. Can I work in dental clinic or does it have to be in Chemistry?

    thank you

  • Shraddha Kamat


    I filed for my OPT in june and it's still in the initial review. I wanted my OPT to start on 14th August, but I have still not received it. I was wondering that once I receive my EAD, will it have 14th August as my start date for OPT or will it have the date when I actually received the card.

    Thanks a lot.

    Warm regards


    • Tina

      Hey I am facing the same issur. I filed for NOv 15 and it is tsill in initial review. How long it did take for you?

  • Ari

    Thank you for sharing your experience and giving us information. I graduated 31 of July 2010 and applied my OPT Oct/1 2010. I got ticket on July/12 and still didnt receive my OPT card yet. I'm getting worry about my OPT card (it takes alot of time). Is there any chance to know when decision will be made? When I check my case status from USCIS site, It tells me "Initial Review" status.

  • Sumant Kapoor

    Dear Sir,

    I guess the period for OPT ( Optional Practical Training) has been increased from 12 months to 29 months.


    I am on opt now and it will expire in march 2010.Before that i need to find a job with h1b .So can any one can plz guide me in getting h1b visa without a job and how i can get job within two weeks.
    I will be very great full of you people.

    • HSB

      March 2010 already passed. You must be out of status by now.

  • Maureen Ngwese

    I am on F1 status and I am studying to have a Bsm in nursing.I just passed my nursing broad exams(RN) but i didnot study the nursing here i got evaluated by Eres and the gave me an associate in nursing. The texas broad approved me and now I am a licensed nurse.
    Could I be eligible to apply for an opt eventhou i didnot study my nursing here in the US.
    Thank you.

    • Sumant Kapoor

      Hi Maureen,

      OPT ( Optional Practical Training) is only available to those who pass out from U.S. Institutions. It is a sort of Work Authorisation before a person gets H-IB Visa.

  • Neha

    Hi Guys,

    I am thinking of graduating in Dec, as you have mentioned earlier that people who graduate that time have less time for finding jobs.

    my next option is to extend it till May 2011.

    Please advise, is it a good thing to do…I am doing masters in web design..

    Thank you

  • DG

    Hello HSB,

    I have been a thorough follower of your blogs.

    I recently got my F1 visa for MS. Now the critical issue here is my F1 is valid till 24th Aug 2012 & I will graduate only after Summer 2010.

    What can be the possible scenario here regarding my OPT filing date & H1B status assuming I land up with a job after MS.

    It has been giving me a hard time understanding the nitty-gritties of F1 status & OPT & H1B.

    Kindly,help me out here.



    • Guest Blogger

      I think you meant to say Summer 2012. At this point, you shouldn't worry about it. After you come to US, you can check with International office, what options you have regarding extension. But, either way, you can try to complete your MS before 24th aug 2012 and apply for OPT.

  • PDGR

    My situation is this:

    I'm missing only 3 courses to complete my graduation requirements. Right now I'm at my home country, I asked permission to the university to complete those 3 final courses in my home country. Supposdly I will be graduating on August 12, 2010.. however, a problem occured out of this 3 courses I think I'm going to be able to complete only 2, since I missed the deadline to submit one of my courses. Due to this situation I think I will have to work on that final course during my fall semester, but again it will be from my home country. As a result, I think I will be graduating on December. Now I need your advice on when exactly to send all my transcripts and grades in order for the university to complete all my credit/hours and finally graduate to apply for OPT. Also, If I were to apply for OPT when will you reccommend me to go back to the U.S and look for a job? (since right now Im at my home country) Thank you for your help!!

    • HSB

      I don't have answers to all your questions. Ask your international office, if you can apply for OPT from outside USA.

  • Swati

    My situation is like this:

    I am working on my extended OPT with an e verified company. The chances of getting H1B sponsorship from this company is dim. In the interim can I look for and interview with other companies which sponsor my H1? When can I start working with the nw company? Once my H1 is filed? or approved?

  • boldoo

    Hi all. thank you for information. it is very helpful. I get a big problem. Please help me
    I'm graduated my college with AA degree on May 2009, then I got a OPT. MY OPT begun July 10, 2009, it is expired July9,2010 But now March 28, 2010. I have a no job. my school asking me work information I have a nothing to say
    how can i find a job? my school says if you can't find a job they will terminated my I-20. what am I suppose to do? Please help me? I want to keep build my education. I found a University but my college doesn't want to transfer my I-20 to other university they says they will sent me home right a way if you can't find a job.
    Please guide me What am i suppose to do please help me

  • AP


    I finish all my credit requirements ( all classes ) by 30 June 2010, but i graduate on 15 august 2010. Can i apply my OPT start date before 15 august 2010 ?

    Please let me know, advice highly appreciated.



  • Suzana


    I am in the same situation as “Polish”. If I decide to enroll in US college, I’ll be F-1 visa and my F-1 status will expire by May 31, 2010. I cannot apply for OPT after May 31, 2010 since this is my second master degree in US. If I find a job in US before April 1, 2010 (h1b application filing date), how can I cover the status gap between June 1, 2010 – Oct.1, 2010:

    I will have to change status from F1 to H1b if I find a job before April 1 because I will not be able to finish my study before the h1b filing date. Then I have status problem after May 31, 2010.

    May I enroll in some cheap community college after I graduate without leaving the US, take the minimum credits to both keep my status and look for the jobs? If I get an offer, will I be able to work for them on CPT?

    Thank you so much,

  • Srini

    Someone known to me just a month enrolled in an e-verified consulting company and works at their client’s. The client is not e-verified. As I read the e-verification is more to help the employer verify the eligibility or employability of the employee. But if the client desires can he move to the payrolls of the client although client is not e-verified and the employee has EID card.

  • Polish


    Thank you so much for the info.

    I am in a kind of difficult situation: I was accepted to MS program in US, but I won't be eligible for OPT as I used it after graduating from other MS degree in US a few years ago. The graduation date is May 2011.

    Do I have a zero chance to get a H1-b in US? I know that even in case if I receive an offer and even if I succeed in the work lottery, I won't be able to work in US before October.

    What do you think?

    Thank you!

    • HSB

      You are right. You cannot work till your H1 start date.

  • NYNY

    Hi, I'm doing the intern(paid) now and will graduate in May 2010.

    I am not sure my company will sponsor H1B or not and internship will end at the of March. I guess I have to apply for OPT 90 days before graduation anyway.

    My question is how can I or how can USCIS knows that I got a job within 90days after I got OPT???

    If I graduate and get OPT, and then get a job 1 week after, what should I do? should I tell that to school adviser??

  • Mita Rana


    i graduated in DEC 2009. i got a job as i completed my masters in computer science. should i apply for my H1 this yr 2010 or 2011.i am on opt from DEC 2009 to 2010.

    Can you please suggest me .

    Thank You in advance.

    • Andres Campanucci

      Hello, Iam on the same situation !! please e-mail me if you find out when is good to apply since we have OPT till DEC 2010. Thank you very much !!!

      • Mita


        I got a reply to apply this year but as my company is everified i can still work on opt for 17 months after dec 2009.

  • Marcela Vasconcelos

    Thank you very much for all the nformation you post, it's been extremely helpful.
    I am currently in the US on OPT status and just got offered a job, in which the employer is willing to sponsor me.
    However, the job doesn't require a Bachelor's degree. Would I still be qualified to apply for the H1B visa under those circumstances?
    Thank you!

  • Hannah Nguyen

    Thank you for sharing the information! It's very helpful for me!

  • Rajan Timalsina

    My name is Rajan Timalsina. I am graduated on 2009 December. I have found a job and filed H1 B by the company. Can I extend my opt for next 17 months if I do not get H1 B visa?? My graduation is MBA in Information system. Thank you.

    • HSB

      You have to check with your University. Only STEM graduates qualify for 17 months OPT extension.

  • ahmad

    i am finishing my master in Aug 22nd this year, in mechanical engineering. i filed the opt application I-765 and it was received to the immigration in June 22nd, now its Aug 12th and its still pending. I found a job as a math teacher here close where I live, and the job is going to start soon. I could not find jobs in my field and a lot of friends here works as teachers and and they are doing fine even though its kind of far from their field. a friend of mine took the OPT in a month, and mine is taking longer than this, its been one month and 20 days. i contacted my office in the college and they say it should be there soon. i am really scared and worried of whats going to happen if I don’t get it on time. but anyhow i have to start working in the school since the classes will start anyway. and i have been going to so an Alternative Certification Program in order to be able to teach and they already recommended me for a teaching certificate. what do think i should do. pls help me !
    many thanks

    • Vinuta


      Nice to know that u r a Math teacher. I am very much interested in Maths and would like to pursue MS in maths. I would like to know what type of offers i will get if i graduate in maths(like from company,school or college?). Can i get H1b easily for maths degree like Computer Science?

      What kind of jobs can i do on OPT? only skilled or any other job?

  • MLS

    This is a good site, thank you for the information. I am on OPT and cannot find a job. How long can I look for a job?

  • Ankur Singh

    I will be graduating in May 2010. When should I apply for OPT? Do I need to work in the particular field I did my graduation or I can work anywhere? Please help me

    • betul

      It takes 2-3 months for OPT to arrive and you can apply 90 days before 60 days after your graduation. So plan accordingly.

  • betul


    Thanks for this website.

    I am defending my dissertation at the end of Aug. That qualifies me as a December graduate (in my diploma) but the day you defend you are a PhD basically. But now the international office in my school tells me that the earlies time I can apply for an OPT is September since my diploma will have December graduation on it. It really doesnt make any sense to me… I think one can apply to OPT whenever, right? I have a job lined up for me, starting at September, and they need me to be on OPT. I really don't want to teal with a CPT then an OPT transfer then an H1B and a green card! Can you help/suggest me? Thanks!

  • Sam

    Hi, I have graduted in Dec. 2008, and my OPT have started in Feb. 2009 and will get over in Feb. 2010. I am not able to apply for H1B visa in 2009 due to recession and tight job market. If I get a job by Dec. 2009, so can I able to apply for H1B visa in 2010?

    Please guide me on this, what do I have to do to maintain my status in 2010, do I have to go to the college and apply for H1B in 2010 or do have to use my OPT till Feb. 2010 and apply for H1B in Apr. 2010 and have to wait till Oct. 2010 till I get my H1B..

    Please guide me on this, will be a great help for me.


    • HSB

      Do you have a job now?

  • sharon


    I graduated this May, but I still have 2 more classes over the summer to finish. My summer classes ends on August 7, 2009.

    Am I still able to apply for an OPT Visa?

    When is the deadline?

    • HSB

      Sharon – Talk to your school International Office. They should be able to help you.

  • vintner

    If I am on a H1B currently and have no path towards permanent residency, can I enroll in a program on F1 graduate get a OPT and reapply for H1B on the extended OPT schedule?

    I understand for new H1B application I have to be outside of US for one year. is it enough to be on a different visa status for one year a J1 or a F1 to reapply for new H1B?

  • PKumar


    I am graduating in May 2009, since I was on my internship my employer applied for my H1b for April 2009, I have not applied for OPT as yet. What I want to know is, will if my H1B gets approved before my OPT will my H1B gets cancel led. Last Action rule

  • Moe

    I want to thank you for opening such a great discussion like this one, you are doing a great job by answering all those questions. I wish you can assist me with my question too, I will graduate may 2009, I want to apply for my OPT and I still didn't start it yet. Is there is any problem by applying now? Am I late? I want to start my OPT by July 2009. I also want to know how to get the sponsers in order to get H1 visa, I will appreciate any help in advance.

    feel free to contact me:

    [email protected]

  • Ying


    Thank you for your useful infomation about OPT and H1B.

    i have a question: i am graduating in May 9th, 2009 for my MBA degree; and i am thinking to have a delay OPT start date on July 9th,2009. However, even if i can find an employer who is willing to apply H1B for me in next April; i will still be out of status between July 9th 2010 and October 1st 2010, right? what should i do between those three months? will i be illegal staying in the U.S?

    Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Arti

    hi there, 1st thank u for such a brief information regarding OPT and H1 visa.

    I have a question, i am doing my masters. i started it in AUG 2008. Is it Okay if i will complete my study early or is it even better if i takes enough time frame like 2 yr for MS looking towards the Market situation.

    I know all its depends on how much credits you have to complete but still i am asking you this.

    thank you kindly.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/thiagodolabella Thiago


    Here is my situation and my questions:

    Situation and Facts:

    I am a international student, my visa is F1 and I'm in a Community College in Iowa finishing my AA degree.

    I started this AA Degree in August 2008.

    I already have a Bachelor of Administration issued in Brazil, and I'm using some classed that I have done in Brazil to expedite the completion of the AA Degree in USA using WES. http://www.wes.org/

    If everything goes well with WES and the credit transfers to College I'll complete the AA Degree in May 2009.

    I have no scholarship, FinalcialAid or Assistantship.

    I tried to apply for Work Permit (USCIS Form I-765) using the devaluation of the currency of Brazil caused by the crisis, but the USCIS denied. (Situations beyond my control)

    Already received some proposals for employment but with no budget to pay for the H1B process.

    My money is finished and must work in any way to sustain me.


    1 – Is it a good idea to complete the AA Degree in May/09?

    2 – If I apply for OPT in the next few weeks can I work from May (when the classes end) until October(When the H1B process is done) not been a student anymore?

    3-I received a proposal to work in a Information Technology Company, they do sponsor the H1B, but the financial part will be my responsibility. I heard that the value of the H1B process is around 5 thousand U.S. dollars, this information is correct? What else I need to know about this ?

    4 – What are the chances of my OPT be denied because my Major is Bussines and the company that will work is in Information Technology market?

    I would be very, very grateful if someone could give me guidance about what I do.

    Thanks again…

  • nitin


    waht are the probabilities to get h1b in opt duration as an international students ( from india)doing mba from usa and having an engineering background and work exp. as an software engineer….

  • Ashwin Kshirasagar


    I will be beginning with an employer on OPT this February and he will file for my H1B this April 1, 2009. If the petition is approved, the OPT will become invalid but the H1B would be only from Oct 1, 2009. Would I still be eligible to work in US during that period?

    • HSB

      @Ashwin – OPT will become invalid only on Oct 1, date when your H1b starts, not on date when you get H1b approval. If you OPT expires before Oct 1, you can still work. Search under OPT category, you can find lots of articles in this blog.

  • Bhupesh Garg


    Can i file for H-1B visa if i have the Masters in Healthcare Administration from Usa.

  • Raghu

    @sai: You can apply for H1B on april 2009. First you will need to find an employer before that who can sponsor your H1B, if H1B is approved, then you can start working in U.S. after Oct 1 2009. There are consulting companies that will sponsor H1B Visa.

  • sai


    I am doing my masters from UK and i would finish my course by september 2009.so can u please tell me that for getting H1 B visa from UK should i keep some work experince before applying or can i apply directly to H1 B visa if a get a employer who is willing to sponsor for H1 B. I would be thankful for giving reply.

  • Raghuram

    @abdeen: You can get H1B for MBA and i know that for sure, but I have to search to see if H1B Visa applies to physiotherapy or they have separate visa category for that.

  • abdeen

    i completed my bachelors of physiotherapy from india. i completed my credential evaluation for ny state as physiotherapist. at present i am in usa doing my mba. i am planning to give physiotherapist licencing exam next month. post clearing my licencing exam, am i eligiable to apply for h1b? if i clear licence & finish mba can i convert my F1 to h1b? if yes, how long it will take. pls reply me

  • Venu

    I have been approved for H1 visa and currently I am in F1-OPT.

    My OPT ends in October and also my H1 starts from same month.

    I got a question…can I transfer my H1 visa before October to any other company? or do I need to wait till I get H1 status?

  • Raghuram

    @flo: You will have to ask this question to your new employers attorney. They are the best person to answer this.

  • flo

    I am in a dialemma and dont know what to do. My current H1B expires in december and my current employer just started the exetension process for another 3 years. I have also been offered a job by a different company, and they are also starting the transfer my current H1B visa. I am not sure which will be approved first. I woulk like to work for the new company, but if the extension of current comapny is approved last, will it cancel the new company's H1B?

  • shells

    I’m not able to apply for my OPT until middle of the month. I dont technically finish my degree until mid October. Do I have to wait until December/January to work/use my OPT?

  • Raghuram

    @Neha – Checkout this article http://www.happyschoolsblog.com/h1b-opt-expiratio

  • Neha D

    Hi there,

    Can you please help answer my question? My sister just got a Masters degree and her OPT finishes on October 31, 2008 but she hasn't found a company to sponsor her H1-B visa. I believe that the quota finished in April 2008. What are her options now? Can a company still file for her H1-B visa under Masters degree?

    Also, can a company apply for her H1-B visa for 2009? And based on that can her OPT be extended till then?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Raghuram

    @ Shanaz : As far I know there is no requirement on how many employers has to be in the company. Ask your company to consult a Immigration attorney.

  • shanaz

    i am working in a small office of 3 people. they are willing to sponsor H1. can they? is their any requirements like number of employee etc for applying for H1.

  • Ajay Ranga


    My situation is like this recently my H1 got picked up(with query for masters degree not yet approved). and my OPT start date is july 05 – 2008, so if i have both H1 visa and OPT, can i ignore my H1 visa and and search or do the job on my OPT even after getting H1 visa.

    or else will my OPT get cancelled automatically if my H1 is approved.

    I will be very much thankful to you, if you clarify my doubt.

    waiting for your reply

    Ajay Ranga

  • Raghuram


    Usually, you will need to get signature in your I-20 from your International Office.


    You will have to talk with your International Office. In general, if you have completed the requirements for Degree, you will be able to apply for OPT.

  • Mohammad ISlam

    Can I apply for OPT during CPT period provided that OPT will start after the CPT ends?

  • Rachit

    Hi i am graduating in december 08 and want to go india in december before OPT starts so am i able to go to india..if yes???what paperworks i require to come back..and if no…what should i do for that?
    Please help me…urgent attention required

  • mandarinducky

    Hey, I graduated in december, and I am currently on OPT which expires jan 31 2009. Is it still possible for me to apply for a H1b?

  • Byju

    My brother has applied for H1B visa this year under graduate quota; but his OPT expires on 26th May 2008. To be eligible for working in US, he plans to get CPT from a recognised Univ (in software/ computer engg or science or Comp. informn technology discipline). Do you have any guidelines for him on Universities that allow students to start the programme with CPT ? If the Univ has online courses, that would be great !, so he shall complete the course too.

  • Pavan

    1]Can u explain the OPT option for students graduating in May ?

    If I graduate in May09 when should I start my OPT . As you said 60 days .. the max i can push is july 09. so when i get my H1 in Oct 10 ,, I ll be in same prob !! .

    2] Does the results of H1 come out only once a year i.e Oct ? And can the applications be filled only in April ?

  • Raghuram

    @Joe: that was allowed last year. This year, they are still in the process of deciding. Check the latest article. Multiple H1B filings Cleared.

  • Joe Lam

    For the same calendar year, can two H1-B petitions (for two different employers) be filed for one candidate? E.g. I have offers from Employer A and Employer B, and if I accept both of their offers, can I ask both of them to apply for separate H1-Bs?