H4 Visa is depended Visa for H1B. Spouse and children of H1B visa holder will get H-4 visa to enter into USA.

H4 is non-immigrant visa and doesn’t provide work permit.  Several readers in this blog are  on H4 Visa and looking for various available for them to work and study.

I can think of 6 options for H4 Visa holders who have degree and/or work experience back in their home country, but unable to work while in US on H4 visa.

Working H4 Visa

There are several comments in this blog related to working on H4 visa and other options. Few are listed below.

I have completed MCA from India. Now i’m in US on H4 . i would like to do some work rather than sitting at home. suggest me how can i change my visa status? which is better in current situation : transfer my visa to H1 / Do some course & change to F1 ??

I am in the US on H4 visa. I know I am not allowed to work as per the visa, but I would still like to try.
I have a MBA (HR) and 5 years of professional experience. Can you suggest some ways to format my resume as per US standards and also what I should expect in my job search?

Could anyone please give me some tips on finding companies that are currently sponsoring in the US. I am in the Accounting profession and was educated in the US. I am on an H4 visa and looking to find a company that will sponsor me but I am finding this process extremely difficult. Any tips, or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Options for H4 Visa Holders

I can see 6 options for spouse in H4 Visa in USA

  1. Find a full-time job and have employer sponsor H1B Visa
  2. Find a consultant and have them apply H1B Visa
  3. Find a full-time job that qualify in Cap-Exempt H1B
  4. Go to School in H4 Visa
  5. Go to School in F1 Visa
  6. Volunteer in your field in H4 Visa.

Probably the Best of all 6 options for H4 Visa holders is to go to school in H4 or F1 Visa, then get OPT and find a job.

Finding consultant to sponsor your H1 or finding a full-time job is not an easy task.

I would like to hear from H4 Visa holder about the above 6 options and which one do you think is the best and why.



  1. What is volunteer in your field on H4 visa? Hi, I am on H4 and I have done law and have 5 years of experience as a Junior Judicial Assistant. I live in Los Angeles, CA. I want to practice law in California? What is the procedure ?

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  3. Hi, I came to US in Dec 2012 on h4 since my wife is on h1B.I am a B.Com and have 6+ years of exp in Banking Finance (Home loans and Mortgages). Now im planning to apply for h1.is there any chance ? And if possible can you suggest me any employer who can sponsor H1 Visa or apply H1 visa.

    Please advice..

  4. Hi, I came to US in Dec 2012 on h4 since my wife is on h1B.I am a B.Com and have 6+ years of exp in Banking Finance (Home loans and Mortgages). Now im planning to apply for h1.is there any chance for that without work experience. And if possible can you suggest me any employer who can sponsor H1 Visa or apply H1 visa.

    Please advice..

  5. its a stupid country with stupid rules….im done with usa…wanna leave this damn country for good…

  6. hi ,
    im h4 holder came to US recently..i did mca in india..bcz of som reasons i didnt tried for any job so i dont have any work experince.i completed my mca in 2009.my husband advised me to do MS..bt im nt intrested to do so.. now im planning to apply for h1.is there any chance for that without work experience and long gap after comptleting education??any suggestions…..
    thnks in advance…

  7. hi ,
    im h4 holder came to US recently..i did mca in india..bcz of som reasons i didnt tried for any job so i dont have any work experince.i completed my mca in 2009.my husband advised me to do MS..bt im nt intrested to do so.. now im planning to apply for h1.is there any chance for that without work experience and long gap after comptleting education??any suggestions…..
    thnks in advance

    • Hi,
      Iam came to us in 2012. Living in santa clara california. I completed my MCA in 2010 in india. I don’t have any work experience. Preently iam on H4. My husband advised me to study MS.,So i want to study Ms computers and i want to do job. Because iam bored by sitting at home. Can any one suggest me any universities good for MS, not top universites but near to santa clara

  8. Hi,
    I have recently come to USA & I am on H4 visa. I have 6 years of experience in Finance & I worked for American Express Bank in India. I intend to work here but my visa is not allowing me to.. I intend to start my own work here. Something like a healing center. Means to take care of the various ailments people may have. For that I am equipped in crystal healing, Reiki etc.
    Is there any possibility to start my work…. Or something to get my visa converted in H-1. I am willing to do some academic course or volunteer for some organisations.
    Please advice

    • hi, I am having H4 visa, and having 6 years of exp in IT industry. Pls let me know what is procedure to get H1 for job….

  9. Hi all,

    I’ve read the comments and the 6 option.

    Someone is in the US with H1 and his wife have H4. Suggestion is “change H1″. How? As far as I knowm the H1 is requestable till April. What should we do if the 66.000 H1 is out and there’s no available H1? We need to wait one year?

    Thanks for the reply!

  10. hi I am tulsi I am on h4 visa .. can i do job in usa?.. I have six month experience in laboratory technician in medical field. so pls suggest me….

      • Hi
        I am having h4 visa.I have done my MCA with 2 yrs experience in java…I want to apply for Ms but I don’t know the procedure 4 that…and also don’t know wht will be course fee….so can u plz help me out…

      • Hello Raghuram,

        I am working in US in H1B and my wife is coming to US on H4 next week. She has done her Masters in HR from India and has 5yrs of industry experience. Can you please suggest some consultancies who does transfers from H4 to H1B ?

  11. hi i came to us on nov 2012 with H4 visa. i did M-Tech and having a 3 year experience in IT.from last one month i am thinking about JOB or PhD. Please suggest me which on e is better option searching for job or PhD?

  12. This Thread is very encouraging and helpful for H4 visa holders. Anybody from teaching or research field…, please share your experience.
    Can anyone guide me as i am Phd mathematics with 6 years of teaching experience?

  13. am on h4 visa, from 4 years,, i did my engineering in India,, i did as a volunteer for 8th grade maths in usa,, i don’t know what to do hear,,i want do a non profit or profit job,, which will better to my career,, please give me any suggestions,,
    i am really mad about my future,,, i don’t like to stay at home and waste my life,, do i need to study higher edu,, or job,, really i don’t know at to do here,

  14. rejection is bad for visa stamping but it is not the end of the world. At least you tried. Be meticulous in your paper work while applying for visa this time. Don’t give them any option to go to files in history to see you were rejected. You will be fine.

  15. Please dont be depressed deepika. There are many like you. I also came just like you did. But I did not lose hope and kept trying out things like NGO, reading, studying, working for free. I did not take any help from my husband because i did not want to stay comfortable, else I wouldnt have tried enough. I kept pushing myself. I cried in lonely times. Now I have a job. So just keep trying. Whatever it takes. Work more than you pray and pray more than you work. God listens.

    • Hello Vasu,
      Your words are really inspiring thanks for the encouraging words ..am not a H4 visa holder but a Btech graduate in search of a bright future like every one.. !

    • Hello Vasu,

      I am also in same position, I am here in US from last one year, I tried finding job I could not find anyone who are ready sponsor visa. Sometime sitting in home makes me depressed. Previously I was trying to study keep in touch with technology on which I used to work.
      But now I don feel like doing it, I have become very lazy.i dono how to proceed further.I am ready to volunteer I was trying to find some job as volunteer but I could not find and even confused.can you please guide me.How can I find job for volunteering,or in NGO ?

  16. I came to US in 2008 on h4 since my husband is on h1.I am a BE and hav 21/2 years of exp in java and coz of the recession in US could not find a job, now since its a big gap of 41/2 years will i still have chance to find a job or masters would be a good option for me.I m really confused.Can some one help.Its very depressing.

    • Hi Deepika,
      Don’t be depressed. You are well capable, well educated and had good experience in the field. It doesn’t matter much the gap you have it matters how strong you have your will power. There are many women’s like you on H4, but please don’t think negatively..
      Your gap of 4-5 years are always less than your remaining entire life…
      - Try to get H1 if possible..
      - If you are interested do Ms
      - there are lots of community colleges which offers some free course you can join to them.
      - Do volunteer in non profit organisation e.g library, Medical center etc..
      - register on Time bank organisation
      - Do certification related to your technology e.g SCJP

      Be happy because life is beautiful..
      All the best..

    • Hello Deepika
      I Came to US in 2007 with 3 years of IT experience and high hopes.I am sailing in the same boat with 5 years out of Market.As per my experience here in US i would suggest you to go look for some masters degree in universities near you and start your masters in that way you can get ur visa converted to (F1) student visa on which you can work for 20 hrs per week while pursuing ur studies and later on after finishing ur degree u can work for two years if u r on project with some company in ur internship period and with this process u’ll gain some US work experience than you will surely find a company to sponsor ur H1.

  17. Dear All,
    I am going to join this H4 curse very soon, since going to get married this Oct to an H1 visa holder. I am currently worrking in finance in US based IT Co, in India and as fate struck I need to put papers soon as i have to travel to US. Since my dream is always to work and achieve more in my career, its going to shatter very soon. My fiance desparately wants me to work over there due to financial commitments, even though he has an option to come back to offshore, he is not accepting it. Going by the present market scenario, I dont want to quit my job either. I heard about some volunteering jobs and also about some consultants who could help in converting the visa. Can anyone please help me by providing the details. Also I would be put up in NJ, if there are any Indian satsangs or associations for us can you please tell me since would like to join and gain good friendship…

    Also special thanks for the wonderful articles/links shared.

    Always hope,

  18. Hi to all, Please clarify my quiere,
    I had applied for F1 visa and got rejected. Now Do I have chance to apply for H4 visa? Do I get any problem for H4 visa since, previously I applied for F1visa? Please reply me ? Please suggest your ideas, if any one faced the same problem.

  19. I came to US 3yrs back on H4 visa. My only job was as a tutor to a local 4th grade girl. I was able to know the US curriculum and way of teaching. Unfortunately, it lasted only for 3 -4 months and then they moved away. Now I am back to square one. Sometime back, I met a H4 lady, who said she was working for a desi company and actually paid(very less) for it. But then I am scared of the consequences. Can I do any other safe jobs? Please tell me what I can productively, apart from volunteering & courses. I have been doing it. But I need to earn atleast respect.

  20. my wife is in usa on her dependent visa of her dad……now that we got married in india can i have any chances of going to usa as a dependent visa through my wife…..secondly can my wife apply for green card if she returns to india….now

  21. Hi,

    It’s the same story here. I m in Alaska now from past 1 month on a H4 visa. I don’t really know where to start from. My husband gave a a lot of hope of doing something here n the US (studying ). But since the time we have come here he has changed his mind and just wants me to sit at home and cook for him and take care of the house. I have done my B.com from India. I feel really helpless. He has restricted me to even talk to anyone back in India apart from my family. I want to leave him and go back to India but then my family wants me to hold on here so that I can at least do something here and make my future. And also m scared of my family facing humiliation if this marriage breaks. I have left everything for him and he does not realize that. He wants me to be like his servant. I m completely dependent on him for every single penny.

    Now I don’t want to go back but rather stand on my own feet and be independent here. Can anyone plz help me. I want to know how can I move forward and make my life. Plz guys someone show me a path. I want to get rid of this and make my life. I don’t want t go back to India and make my parents feel guilty.

    • Hi Simran,

      You can search for job in indian consulates here.. they don’t need any visa for that. I came to know about this as one of my colleague’s wife who is on H4 is doing job there and told visa is not required.

    • Apply for a phd at a reputable school, they are typically fully funded and will give you a monthly stipend as well, so you will not be totally dependent on your husband. While there you can also apply for teaching or research assistanship which you will be paid for. You will have to change your visa to F1 which is better for you anyway because you will be able to work on F1 . If you choose a good course in a recognised school, chances are you will find a good company or school that will sponsor you to work for them. Hope this helps.

  22. Hi all,
    I can imagine how frustrating it can get on being on H4. It also gets depressing in a new country without much family around, who can at least be a support. I feel that this H4 Visa situation is a very inhuman way of slaughtering a lot if good talent. Our prime years are wasted doing nothing. Just holding on to the hope that one day we will be able to work. By the time the GC arrives, we have lost out careers to the next generation and have moved on trying to be happy in whatever fate offers. I am not trying to discourage anyone here. We all are people with positive hearts and know something good is around the corner. Cheers to our great upbringing, we do manage well. Forgetting what we have actually sacrificed in the process. But I do believe that it is time to Question if this Visa is right ?

    I am writing a book on this situation. Just to introduce the lives of people on H4. There are many US people who are unaware that such laws exist. I believe if we can move their hearts, some changes can be brought in the law. On humanitarian grounds we are being affected.
    Ladies I would like to hear your stories, so that all the emotions in the book are from amongst us. Please write to me and your story can be a part of my book. if you want to anonymous, so be it.

    Also I request you to join this face book page an amazing effort by Rashi Bhatnagar. Join us and make us strong so that we can carry this message to the authorities in the right way. Like many wrong laws this situation can be ammended and may be immigrants spouses can be allowed to work too.

    With hope

      • It is ok,…But is there any harm to TRY….we are asking only to join a group, Who knows someday the law will change…See I believe “Something is always better than Nothing”…So atleast we can join a group and support them( Infact US) instead of sitting idle at home…
        All the changes in past also came after someone raised voice for them….Sitting idle is not a solution…Nobody will come to your HOME and ask what problem are you facing on H4. So please help us atleast by joining a group on FB ( We are already wasting our lots of time on FB)….

      • I agree HSB. But nothing comes easy anyways.

        There is high rate of unemployment, true. But, still companies want skilled people from overseas. If there were people of similar skills available here they would not be unemployed. Moreover the H4 pool of people are again highly skilled, wanting to work, but instead of tapping into them US is getting more people from outside. Isn’t there a flaw in the law?
        We can just sit and watch the cake being taken away by someone else. It is about being vocal about the wrong things. ‘If you see something tell something.’- is what all the subways have it written . So this is also about saying something which is wrong.
        I understand your concern and also am totally aware that it is not going to be easy, or we might have to taste defeat. But at least we will have the pride in us that we tried. We did not lose the battle UN-fought., which is also what Noopur here believes in. Thanks Noopur.

        All the posts below are about how can anyone help in finding a job on H4. Let us just for once try to tackle the situation in a different way. .Everyone has heard that precaution is better than cure. The cure is the 6 things that you can do on H4. The real precaution is why the H4 in the first place.

        There is a lawyer who has written a petition to allow spouses of H1 Visa holders to be able to do a job. This petition needs support so that it can be heard.Only then it can qualify to be a law one day. He says a petition to the government is the basic right anyone has. So one should not feel insecured about doing so. We are not doing anything illegal. Just voicing our opinion. If we the suffers don’t want to be helped, no one can help us.
        All amendments happen this way. India did not get it’s freedom in one day. Whoever started the cause was on the same crossroad. . We can just see the petition and delete it or we should give a vote and encourage others to do the same. One voice will become the voice of millions, and may be one day no spouse of an H1 Visa holder will come to this country as a dependent.
        I would encourage people to sign this petition, if you are frustrated with your visa situation and would like your life to change soon.


        I hope you will be the first to support this HSB. This forum surely is a great community to find help and support on the situation we are in.

        • I have spent 3 days in Washington DC lobbying Representatives. Are you following whats happening with HR3012? Changing law takes lot of effort and time. Unfortunately getting work option for H4 is not going to be easy (or I would say impossible) at this time.

          • Dear HSB, I am not at all surprised by your repsonse. You know why because this is human nature. First of all we dont have guts to stand for something and even if somebody else is trying we de-motivtae them by ours comment. I also know it is very very tough to get the work option for H4 visa holder, but how can we say that it is impossible without trying for it. Firstly we are not doing anything, These ppl Rashi Bhatnagar, Navneeta, Shah they are doing all the efforts, somebody is writing book on this topic, somebody is creating a group, somebody is doing something else and what they want in return just a support. And what we are doing, demotivating them thats it.They are not asking for your money, they are not asking for your extra time, they are not asking to stand outside your home and do a rally, they just want a support which we can give them by accessing net at home. Cant we do this much? Why we are always like this, why we reverse back on somebody else’s thought, WHY????? Everybody who is trying something for this H4 thing is foloowing all the laws and regulations, they are very much aware about all this things. Nobody has just wake up today morning and started writing all this thing. I seriously urge all of you to please dont demotivate us if you cant even support us. Please dont write things like this is impossible. If you have not tried anything you dont have right to say that this is impossible.

            • There is nothing wrong in trying, but I’m talking about reality. When I was on one of Republican Congressman office lobbying for Green Card reform, they asked right on the face, why should we give you Green Card and your spouses when so many Americans are out of work? Thats was the theme among most of the Republican representatives.

              Talk to someone who is actively lobbying for Green Card reform or High Skilled Legal immigration reform, then you will know how US congress works and what it takes to pass a law.

              • First of all congratulation to Navneeta for taking this humungous task on!
                Navneeta, you are one of the kind of gandhi, subhash, nelson and all the great leaders. Very well done! I am so proud of you.

                With all the due respect to HSB’s comments, this is surely not a short journey of a month and one or 2 letters to the supervisors. This is a reform we are asking for treating humans like humans and not merely a “possession” of some H1B holder moved from one territory to another.

                I don’t know whats written in the USA constitution, but I am sure they must have written something to mean that EVERY PERSON HAS A RIGHT TO EARN HIS/HER BREAD. And if it is not written then they should write now.

                This reform is the need of the hour!
                Many of us are very lucky to be living with a loving spouse who are supportive and are ready to feed us when we are taking care of the house and bearing children; but some are not that lucky. And these people are exploited,abused and taken advantage of. But they are bound by the “law” not to be able to break free.So pathetic! This seldom push such people to the limit and they might end up doing extreme harm to themselves or to others.(think of a full circle)

                For their sake and also for the well being of the lucky ones, for they have spend their time, money and energy to acquire employable skills, H4 VISA SHOULD BE ABOLISHED. You just cant tie some one’s hands.

                To HSB,
                mnc companies in USA have never ever cared for the masses! All they have cared for is huge profits. If they do care then why doesn’t Apple shut down its china factory? I can bet how many of average middle class american’s even know that there is a thing like H4? America is made by immigrants and Americans are not ashamed of having their roots out side of America. There is a huge population of illegal immigrants from South America and Mexico. So the crux of the story is that majority of H4 visa holders are IT profs and the best part is that they are “cheap labor that is local” So I don’t think why this cant happen? This is high time true profit making companies can pull out highly skilled professionals from this pool and just mint some more profits. While such people 8/10 people who work in america don’t leave america, so who says that H1B holders are going anytime back to their home land? They are very much here to stay, so they are Americans now!! Think about it!

                Kudos to all those who live for a dream!

              • Thank you Vasu, those were real great examples, whom you compared me with. I am just a common person, frustrated by this inhuman act and believes in the theory that the universe conspires to make your dreams into reality. And as you rightly pointed out, one shud have the guts to dream first. Thank you for believing in me. No stone can be moved alone. We all need to follow this dream passionately to really be heard.

                HSB when the senate says you are taking away our jobs then why the green card. Then we must say, why the H1 Visa in the first place too? Why moving jobs overseas. Half of India’s IT works for the American’s here.
                Ask yourself for the answer. If you do not send jobs overseas you can anyways generate more employment here. But, If you do not have petroleum you do turn to places like Saudi Arabia for petroleum. If you do not have skilled labor you have no choice but to turn to places who have such workers. For that you need to pay the cost or have that resource available in your country. Human resource is also a commodity that is traded. Unfortunately, because of human nature this exact commodity is being exploited. That is what we are fighting for. We are questioning on the price of this commodity they are paying. We are questioning the sacrifice that our H4 dependents are making for your country. We are voicing the exploitation by this capitalist economy. It is time we be heard.
                Vasu as you pointed out, shut down the factories in China and see how the situation of unemployment here be improved. The poor masses do not know it is not us who are taking away the jobs, in fact it is the other way round.The Capitalist economy here is taking away their jobs. Everything is so politically driven. If we are truly given a proper ground to flourish, we can change the way America works and looks. We will generate more jobs than America can even handle. Check this link from Forbes.


                I feel we are being given slow poison which we are not even aware of. Even the H1B Visa holders are not being able to reach their potential. There is no growth just stagnation. Working umpteen hours without promotion or extra benefits. But, that is another story. Here we are worried about the H4 women. Yes truly, the abusive relations, the basic right to earn bread, the basic need to survive, even hampering marital relationships, depression, suicidal tendencies are all the bi products of this Visa. Isn’t it a high time that the Government needs to step in to stop this exploitation. If Obama does it, he will be remembered in history as the great leader who supported a cause and saved the country from depression. :)

                People please do not just accept your fate without questioning. Changing our fate is in our hands. There were always protesters for any change demanded. When slavery was abolished, didn’t the white people oppose that. They needed maids as cheap labor.
                To answer your question HR I sure am following HR3012. It is short of 44 signatures. It is shame. we do not support our own cause. We have not been able to get 200 signature!?. We just wait for someone to come and do the change and discourage people who want to do something. HRB have you signed the petition? If not here is the link. Do your bit, we might be able to do the rest.


              • Hi All,
                Sorry for replying so late. I have read the above comments. I totally agree that Rome was not built in a day. But, there is no harm in trying to build Rome.
                HSB – After reading your comments , I came to understand the hardships of passing the bill. You are an experienced person, and you have seen it. I am collecting H4 spouses in US http://www.facebook.com/groups/H4Visa/.
                Can you please help me to know how to go forward with all this. Who are these present reformers and senators ? I know they are against it but in the last 20 years nobody on H4 visa has come forward to let them know the sad scenario. Many H4 spouses are smart and have even earned degrees here. At least give them a chance to stand in the queue after than it is their ability and luck. Also, they should be allowed to owe a business , it will be great help to the economy as well. They are not even allowed to work for free in the area of their interest because it will be beneficial after the arrival of GC . If H4 spouse decides to go back home and restart her career, no employer will hire her due to lack of work experience. So, we are dead from both the ends. Atleast they can work on 3012 bill which will help to fasten the GC process. I know many people are waiting for the last 10- 12 years. And, many say that it is our choice to come here. But, in many cases if a H1 guy goes back, the company sends him back within 6 months to US because he is highly skilled and if replaced by another high skilled H1 worker his spouse has to face the same sad situation. There are many strings attached to this. Please guide me .

    • Dear Navneeta…Being a H-4 wife myself in the past, I can imagine what you and many girls are going through. Although, I have to confess that my period of 4 years as a H-4 wife was the best time of my life! I learnt, I evolved, I transformed into a better version of me, & I finally had some time to clearly think about what I want to do with my life. As surprising as this may sound, it truly was a golden period of my life. My time on H-4 visa helped me to realize my dreams…& that’s when I thought: if I have gained so much when I was on H-4, so can every wife who is on dependent visa. This thought inspired me to write a book called H-4 Fortune Cookies. My eBook is dedicated to wives in America who are on dependent visa/ H-4 visa. It’s a heartfelt attempt to inspire H-4 wives to live the life of their dreams despite the challenges that come with leaving behind a well paying job and an established career in their respective home countries.

      It’s available for FREE on this link: http://soniasaraf.wordpress.com/h-4-fortune-cookies/ To download my ebook, all you need to do is post a Tweet or a Facebook status message about H-4 Fortune Cookies. My intention is to share my book with as many H-4 wives as possible.

      I really appreciate your efforts to lift the spirits of all H-4 wives, our sisters who are struggling to be happy. And you have my best wishes for your book. I do want to mention however, that there is a positive side to being on H-4. We need to dust off the negativity and look at the positive, try to find goodness beneath all that struggle. I urge you to read my book. Please join me in spreading the hope by sharing my book with H-4 wives who need inspiration & a positive nudge to turn their lives around, .

      ~ Love & Light

      • Hi Sonia,

        Great work towards the positive side to this issue. We are Indians and I believe positivity is genetic, and we have ample of such genes within us. I truly appreciate your point of view on this subject. To make use of the free time and realize your dreams is also what I believe in. I will surely go to your link and read your book and also share with a few friends of mine.

        At this point,I will also like to know when did you arrive in this country?Also what were your qualifications? In present Urban India 80% of women are career women. Also due to the economic change a lot of families need dual income. That sometimes is a necessity. and not pure will.Which was not the case some few years ago. I am sure you got an atmosphere to evolve and follow your dreams. That is truly wonderful and we should thank god for it. But what about those women who are in abusive relationships here? Who cannot even earn their basic bread to leave their spouse and end such an abuse. What about women who get exploited by being paid 2$ an hour illegally to support a child, inspite of their qualifications. This fight is not about you and me. Whether we can be happy in a situation or not. It is about right and wrong. This policy of not letting people on H4 work is wrong.
        May be if I had a choice to work, I would chose not to work and happily. But what if my happiness is in pursuing the career I always dreamt about. You found yourself, but what if my dream was that ultimate job I wanted to do. Each ones dream is different. We all have a purpose in life which we ultimately follow. But, My question is why the discrimination? This is an open economy which offers choices. So why the choice to work is not given. I would have loved to follow my dreams but with my own choice, not out of a compulsive situation.

        I hope you see this Sonia, that this war is not about being happy in a situation or not. It is about right or wrong. You would have anyway found your path. You would have anyways evolved but if you got this by choice you would have felt happier.
        I am not fighting for myself. I am fighting for those women who find themselves caged in this situation.

        Will you be able to support me now???

        • Hi Sonia,

          Firstly, thank you for sharing this book with me. It sure is very inspirational and reminds me so much of a book I read ” The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. I am a big fan of this book and if you haven’t got an opportunity to read it yet, I would highly recommend it, as I can sense that you will love it too. Coming back to your book, there are some wonderful thoughts, messages and emotions that one can completely relate to or adapt to. Very nicely put together. Congratulations!! I would truly urge all women on this forum to read the book. Also share it with your friends in similar situations or otherwise.Your book equips people, to carry on in a positive direction in spite all odds

          It is seen that a society which does not have the basic needs fulfilled, are constantly in a state of conflict and frustration. Sensitivity, respect, self esteem, self actualization etc. are very distant emotions. We can see that in the the slum areas of India where people are far more insensitive than people who have achieved in lives (generally speaking, cause there are many exceptions too). I mention this because the mission we have undertaken is about that. There are many women in abusive relationships because of their dependency status. This you would also agree that, for them their freedom is far more important, than what they are truly capable of achieving in their lives. A society can only flourish and move to the next level of achievement if the basic needs are fulfilled. The famous Maslow Pyramid Theory.

          Every cause has a reason behind it. Sure, one needs to stay positive and focuses ed in whichever situation thrown into. They will evolve quicker and better. But each situation has a different solution. Here we are talking of a law that completely rides on us. Cuts off our wings and make us forcefully dependent, to benefit them. Which is wrong.
          This is an issue and on this forum we were trying to tackle that issue. I am sure there are many women here who have compelling positive stories to share too. But we were not discussing that here. If you let someone ride over you constantly without a word they will keep doing it. H4 is a discriminating Visa, for sure.
          Please don’t get me wrong. I am not taking it away from you. Infact, all my positive spirits are restored reading your book. I more strongly believe in the cause I am after. As you achieved your dreams , I think I might also be able to, if I can make even a 10% difference here.

          Infact, I did not have a tweet account and I quickly made one to download your book. :)

          • Dear Navneeta, I’m humbled by your wonderful and kind words. And it is so so nice of you to open a Twitter account just to download my book! I’m glad H-4 Fortune cookies has managed to inspire you in some way…

            I respect your thoughts and I don’t want to judge how you feel as right or wrong. I have always believed that when you focus on the positives of your present circumstances, the negatives magically disappear. There is always good in a bad situation, which you might not be able to comprehend right now, but it unravels itself later and you look back and realize “I’m so glad it happened!” I know it’s a tough concept to digest, but “living in the present moment” and making the most out of what I have has done wonders for me. I believe that the “more you resist a difficult situation, it persists” I’m sure you must have heard or read this popular quote somewhere.

            That said, I am not suggesting that you should let a bad situation/ person walk over you. This is coming from a software engineer who has done MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur. Believe me, I have had my share of lows after coming to the United States when the recession was at its prime in 2008. I know exactly how you feel! I don’t want to go into details of the challenges I have faced, because in hindsight, those challenges taught me to be stronger and I learnt a lot in the process.

            I have been on your side for a long time and I chose to pick myself up, dust my knees and elbows, and say “bring it on!” I chose to transform every single day of my life into something worthwhile, and I decided that “that something” does not necessarily have to be a full-time job. Yes, I am blessed to have an amazingly supportive husband and thank God I am not in an abusive relationship. But that is not the reason why I was happy when I was on H-4, I was happy only and soley because I had the willingness to accept my situation the way it is, get out of my comfort zone, keep an open mindset, and make every day count! It was so liberating when it dawned on me that at the end of the day it all really depends on me and how I wish to perceive and handle my difficult circumstances.

            I do want to mention that wives who are in an abusive relationship; I truly feel for them and I wish I could help them all to heal. My only message for them is, you can come out of it if you really want to. You can take action against abuse and there is help available in this country. The bottomline is “You have a choice” It is up to you whether you want to give the H1 visa the right to rule your life and restrict you.

            Treat the time that you have right now to create a wonderful “present”, a new you! And always remember…it’s not the end of the world…it’s just a visa status after all. Good things will come your way only if you allow yourself to feel good and excited about things around you. Be open, get out in the big world ( you don’t need a job or H1 to do that ), be creative, be proud of who you are, and the doors will open for you. Choose to focus on “what is good” rather than “what is bad”, “what is possible” rather than “what is not”.

            I would like to end my comment with these final words: My H-4 friends, consider this period of your life as a learning ground, as every bleak moment holds an opportunity and opens a door to a fascinating and a magical future. There are miracles everywhere! Keep an open mind and what you wished for will knock on your door.

            Sending you lots of happiness & peace. My bestest wishes!

            ~Love & Light

            P.S: I love Robin Sharma’s writing but I haven’t read the “Monk who sold his Ferrari” yet. It is on my book wishlist :)

      • Hi Sonia,

        Great work towards the positive side to this issue. We are Indians and I believe positivity is genetic, and we have ample of such genes within us. I truly appreciate your point of view on this subject. To make use of the free time and realize your dreams is also what I believe in. I will surely go to your link and read your book and also share with a few friends of mine.

        At this point,I will also like to know when did you arrive in this country?Also what were your qualifications? In present Urban India 80% of women are career women. Also due to the economic change a lot of families need dual income. That sometimes is a necessity. and not pure will.Which was not the case some few years ago. I am sure you got an atmosphere to evolve and follow your dreams. That is truly wonderful and we should thank god for it. But what about those women who are in abusive relationships here? Who cannot even earn their basic bread to leave their spouse and end such an abuse. What about women who get exploited by being paid 2$ an hour illegally to support a child, inspite of their qualifications. This fight is not about you and me. Whether we can be happy in a situation or not. It is about right and wrong. This policy of not letting people on H4 work is wrong.
        May be if I had a choice to work, I would chose not to work and happily. But what if my happiness is in pursuing the career I always dreamt about. You found yourself, but what if my dream was that ultimate job I wanted to do. Each ones dream is different. We all have a purpose in life which we ultimately follow. But, My question is why the discrimination? This is an open economy which offers choices. So why the choice to work is not given. I would have loved to follow my dreams but with my own choice, not out of a compulsive situation.

        I hope you see this Sonia, that this war is not about being happy in a situation or not. It is about right or wrong. You would have anyway found your path. You would have anyways evolved but if you got this by choice you would have felt happier.

        Will you be able to support me now???

        • I completely agree with Navneeta. This fight is not about the fortunate and the strong willed ladies who can make through the difficulties. Sonia, in your success story I am sure you were extremely supported by your husband and your contentment from the past life you had lived and your willingness to get into retreat to realign the agenda of you life. You are one lucky woman I must say!God bless you! But luck doesnt come so easily to everyone. As Nav mentioned that God forbid if some were in an abusive relationship, just imagine how hard it would be to fight?

          Let’s just forget about H4 for the time being. And say ANY woman/man is an abusive relationship.What would your first suggestion to her/him?
          Get out of it!
          And do what?
          Get yourself something to do!
          Find a job!
          Ha ha! (Now you talk about H4) You cant!

          Finding a job in itself is a big challenge now with high degree competetion and its not that everyone who is eligible to work can work. You have to prove yourself. And all those unemployed Americans crying out for jobs have to raise their standard of skills. And so would be the case of our emancipated H4 holders.

          Life is tough already please dont make it IMPOSSIBLE with 21st century salvery called H4.

          If I could I would start a revolution saying No H1B is coming to USA with a 100lb baggage of H4
          (assuming thats the weight of an avg Indian newly married lady :) )

  23. Hi,

    I have done B.Com (Total 15 years of education) in India. Now i am in US on H4 Visa. If i want to go to further education which university degree is the best option to get eligibility for applying of H1B visa? I heard that some new rule is coming that H4 person can also work in US. In that case can i work with my present educational qualification? Please clear my doubt and suggest me the better way…..

  24. Hello,
    I am Rajani currently on h4 visa.I came to US six month back.I have done BE in electronics and communication in India.I have 2 years of experience in software testing. I’m looking for sponsorship for a H1B. Help me.I am also looking for volunteer job.Can anyone please help me to do job.

    thanks and regards

  25. Hi,
    Can we apply for H4 visa from other that home country, like i want to go to canda fr study and y husbad is going to apply for h1. Most probably he will get his H1 till june, but for me i need to apply for canda visa in may. so i just concer abouit if i can get h4 stamping form Canada. my f2 got rejected 2 times/

  26. I am on H 4 dependent visa. I have an MBA degree in finance and 3 years of experience in banking.
    I really want to work in US .Please guide me how I can apply for jobs that can sponsor H1??

  27. Hello ,

    This post is very useful!. I am stuck in a position. Please help.

    I am currently on H4 & have 2 job offers , one from non profit & other from profit organization. Both are ready to process my H1B. I can work with profit organization from Oct on new h1B , however what if i continue now with non profit H1B & change in oct to profit H1B .
    How USCIS traces this , can they reject my profit H1B ?
    How will i transfer from non profit h1b to profit H1B in Oct?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi ,

      I am on H4visa and looking for visa sponsored job. I will be happy to work with a non profit organization also. Could u pls share the names of your companies ? I would really appreciate it.

  28. Hi Swetha,
    You did’t given any information regarding what qualification you have and your past work opportunities. I have 7 yrs work experience in pharma industry and i came to us on H4 just one month back. I sit at home and applied around 2500 jobs in several websites and companies. Even I to got 4-5 calls from the consultancies and denied bcos i don’t have H1. Atlast one of our company
    owner called me and directly recruited me through phone interview. Even they agreed to do my H4 to H1 conversion. I really felt happy to achieve my dream goal. Every thing related to what relevant experience we have.


    • Hi Praveen,

      Its very good to see that at least somebody was lucky enough to get the job.
      I am in boston and also want something like this.
      I am from engineering background with MBA in Finance and also having 5 yrs experience in Banking and Financial Services.
      Can you please help me as what site did you refer to get job openings etc?

      It will be really helpful for me..


      • Hey Noopur,

        I am also on H4 and in Boston area. If you are able to find some ways of working with profit or Non-profit please share with me. I am having undergrads in technology with mba in finance with 2 1/2 years in banking. Please, if possible, share if you have some information.


    • Hi Praveen,

      I am a MBBS graduate with overall 3 yrs of work experience in hospital and CRO feild.
      I am an H4 visa holder trying for a job in research feild since one year. I got few calls but due to visa status they declined me. Can you please share your line of sucess with me. I am very depressed and also very desparate to work even as a volunteer.
      Thanks in advance

  29. Hi
    I just got registered for a volunteer job. I need some suggestions and help regarding it, since I have no idea about volunteer works. Thanks in advance.


    Iwould like to hear from H4VISA holder about 6 option

    thank for helping

  32. Hi Deep,
    I came to US 4 months before on H4 visa.I have masters in biotechnology and 1 year work experience in clinical virology and diagnostics from India.Now i’m searching for jobs over here.You told you have good contact with H1B consulting sponsors.Please give their email id.Please help me to get a new light for my career path in USA.

    • hi Riya,
      I have also completed M.Sc in B iotechnology n i have 2 years of experience in plant transformation.In fact i have completed 4 months here.i was thinking that why i choose biotech
      ,because its really frustrate when you have knowledge and still you need to sit home.please suggest me too,if you find something related to biotech.i am searching for volunteer work now.where do you stay i mean which state.you can go through http://www.lonza.com,but it will be helpful only after getting green card.keep sharing .thanks vasu for sharing this blog.

  33. Hi Riya,

    The website was http://www.handsonsacto.org/. I am glad you are able to do this. I am a programmer in .net. My life is currently facing another challenge of making a mark in male dominated world of programming where I lack any role model. I am also at the edge of my mathematical mind which doesn’t respond to objective type problem solving as it used to when I was in college. But I am going to sail through it. By the way you are in HR and in USA there are hell lot of HR related activities that you can do.starting with the NGO that you are working with. If you are volunteering for a specific task, then I would suggest you to push yourself a little further, make friends and help the NGO to develop their HR policies. You obviously will have great knowledge of how can you contribute. Read HR newsletter online. Keep the tap on the industry(I don’t do this, and that’s why I am failing right now, but I know I should do that myself too) HR guys knows best to pep up the environment anywhere. And I know how the HR stream people in my PG college were always great at psychoanalysis and could dig into the unnoticeable emotions that we know we have.

    In nut shell, don’t just ever stop trying. Even if you can not take the step ahead towards the right path, stand still, but make sure you are facing that side where you want to go. You never know if the wind blows and you will be pushed ahead.

    Good luck!

    • hi Vasu,
      can you please suggest me how to work with this NGO.Because i did not find any of their work in my state.thanks.

  34. Hello everyone!,

    This thread has been very encouraging and helpful. A year ago I came to US with H4 and now I found H1. yay!! (you can see my earlier posts here, how desperate and confused I was when I took that life changing step).

    I request all those people who have posted here or have simply read this thread, not to loose hope and try try try…try very hard. Thats what I did in the last 1 year.

    I started by taking the lead from here of volunteering websites and did some community activities which encouraged me tremendously. I also got myself acquaint with the language and style of working.I took baby steps of moving around without mobile phone and car. I took public transport and all that gave me confidence that I can hold on my own without my husband’s support(not that he was not helping, but it was kind of different to feel self sufficient, because thats what I was before marrying-self sufficient!) So I was being my own mom and guiding myself to find ways to self motivate with little achievements. I used to go to gym and tried to be physically active too, because initial some days I lied in the house for whole day and worried about my increasing waist line. :( that was horrible!
    (I still need to work on that, but now I have to manage time and my laziness but at least dont have to pull myself out of bed). I can not praise enough the importance of my social exposure by volunteering. It gave me a lot of confidence and some real good friends for life. I also kept in touch with my technology by reading stuff and watching videos of my subject on you tube. I tried to read books but I always found myself yawning after reading 4 lines, and could never go past first 3 pages of it. I tried to sit for a certificate exam in my field but sadly I failed in that. But in that trial at least I learned 2 -3 phrases that were currently talked about in my industry. Which was enough to make that impression in the interview. So on and so forth I was just kicking my own ass to get back on the wagon :) Which paid me pretty well in the end.

    I would like to thank people here for keeping the hope alive all the time.

    Good luck to all of you and God bless you!

    • Hi Vasu,

      I was just going through some help to find a job/ consultant on H4 VISA and just landed on this site.
      Was going thru ur this and earlier post as well.
      I have just come in Boston 2 months back after my marriage in Dec’11.
      I also took decision to quit my 5 yrs job in India to come with my husband here.
      But its very difficult to stay idle at home when u have worked so hard in last 5 yrs.
      I have done B.tech In CSE and after that MBA in finance.
      Was working in Banking line since last 5 yrs.
      I am not sure for how long we are in US , may be till next year.
      But I just dont want to sit idle at home.
      I want to do something from where I can learn and earn also.
      Ur article was really encouraging but the mail problem is that I dont have much time if I’ll go back India by March 2013.
      So I want to use my stay here by doing some job.
      Can you please help me in that.
      My mail id is


      • Hey Noopur,

        I think you are in a better position than many of us since you know that you will go back. And since you have already 5 years of work ex, so you can just take this time to do things that you might have always wanted to do earlier(singing dancing,painting etc).
        During spring and summer we get a free event magazine in our mailbox that list all the activities that can be done for merely 40-50$. I also see these kind of magazines on stands in winco, safeway,walmart or local groceries entrances. Apart from that you can refer my or kimsee’s post somewhere on this page that list the volunteering websites url address.
        Gaining skills like the above mentioned ways is a good thing but I am not sure about earning. Since on H4 earning is NOT allowed and it is illegal.

    • Hey Vasu,
      I am going through exactly what you have been. I am associated with a Non Profit Org, learning the language, getting accustomed to the work culture, cleared a certification exam and also working out (burning those extra calories). May I know which field you belong to and which website you are talking about? I am in HRM and dont see any opportunity here :( Your input will help all of us following the thread.

    • Hi Vasu,

      At fist, Let me Congratulate you for getting your H1.
      I am travelling to Dallas,Texas next month on H4. I am quitting my job in IBM in India. I have 7 years of experience working in Lotus Notes Technology and a bit of Java too. I have read all your posts. And I see myself in a situation as you were, 1 year back. Kindly let me more about community college and your difficult days of one year and the steps you took to overcome them. I would like to follow similar path.
      Which option did you opt among the 6 options available for H4 visa holders?


      • Hi Vasu,

        I am very sorry for the spelling mistake in my above post.

        At fist == At first,

        Kindly let me more == Kindly let me know more


      • Hi Sahana,

        I chose option 6 and then 2. I tried for community college too during my job hunt days but in CA you are not state resident until you complete a year in CA so because the fees for non residents was high so i didn’t pursue it further. Please check on that about your college too.

    • Hi Vasu…
      After reading your comment, I thought u are talking about me. I am kind of frustrated and really need a job. can you please help me more with your story how u got your H1B ? that would be very helpful.

    • Hi Vasu,

      Nice to read and know about your experince.
      It is really encouraging for people with working experience and with H4 Visa.

      I moved to NJ ,Plainsboro recently,a month ago along with my husband.
      I have 7 yrs of experince in software field-Testing.
      I have a 6 yr old son.

      I left my Job in India.I was forking for Sonata Software Limited.

      Can you please let me know where I can get help to find a full time job who will process my H1 visa or a consultant who will process my H1 visa.

      Thank You,
      Prem Sudha

    • Hi vasu,

      As everybody is asking you,,, i have the same question,, how did u find the H1 sponsor? what all we have to do to get that? I am also a home maker from past 8 months. i applied in some Non profit but they said as i have no work auth i cant work there as well. so if you can please help me out a little.


      • Hi gals,

        Many of you have been asking me how did I mange my H1B. So here is the story.

        1) I made my detailed resume. And yes it is not tabular format resume we did back in desi style, but a proper resume some what like at http://www.resume-resource.com/extec8.html (I googled this resume just now and I am not promoting it, so please remember that you can always improvise this one as per your industry and skills)
        2) I made a secondary resume with little details(previous resume minus my phone, address,references and little less details of my project. And I included my new email Id that I just created for my USA job hunt(that’s just me, so you may ignore this))
        3)I posted my No.2 resume on all job sites, there are plenty – you may already know indeed,monster etc.
        4)I searched jobs as per my location, skills and interest and applied through the website. Some wrote back, some didn’t. But mostly shunned me for my visa status.
        5) After many trials, I started noticing all the consultancies that work for visa transfer or new visa sponsorships.I called and talked to them and they gave me leads on what the industry is demanding as of now. I got back to my detailed and short resumes and improved them. I did Step 5 for almost 8 months. Which was very frustrating and dreadful . And the longer it get the more outdated i became. I also pushed myself to sit for some exams that time. But I failed.
        6)After Step 5 I was at the verge of my efforts, so I prayed to God.(This is a very important step so do as sincerely as you can)
        7) By the grace of God and result of step 6 I finally found a consultancy who agreed to sponsor my visa(I don’t know if it is okay for me to disclose its name on a public forum like this, so please don’t ask me). I verified the consultancy’s reputation on this website – http://www.myvisajobs.com/Certified-2012ST.htm This website has some very good resources so browse it thoroughly.
        8)From there on the sponsoring company lead me in finding a project. So i listened to them what they said.
        9) I tried to schedule some mock interviews for myself before they started marketing my resume.(My husband’s suggestion)
        10) I looked for project for myself and asked the sponsors to find one for me, either way I exposed myself to the industry as much as I could.
        And one fine day I had my job in my hand.Now I am a complete person once again as I was back in India. My best wishes are with all of you who dream like that too. Good luck.

        And about NGOs, every state must be having their own local NGOs listing so please google with different terms for your interest. However as I mentioned in my previous post I referred to http://www.handsonsacto.org/ since I live in CA.

        Best of luck!

  35. Hi friends,

    I am on H4 visa currently and I completed m.pharmacy in India. I am trying for getting H1B sponsorship. Please if anyone help me out regarding this that would be great.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Sowjanya,

      Iam also travelling in the same boat. Did you get H1 B sponsorship. What are you doing now. Please help me regarding this.

    • hi all
      I completed my B.Pharm in Hyderabad, India and have arround 7 yrs of work experience in
      Pharma company in Dr.Reddy’s labs, hyderabad. Now i am on H4 visa. If you have any recruiters details who can sponcer H1 visa please share with me the same so that i will try my level best to get the same.

    • Hi Sowjanya,

      I completed MBA and have 4yrs of experience..I am also looking for H1B Sponsor.
      If you get any H1B sponsor details please let me know,that would be great.

  36. hello,
    I am on H4 visa in NJ and my H1 visa is also in NJ. But can i go and study in California with my friends even though my H1b holder is in NJ. Can i study without living with H1 visa holder,
    in a community college for about 2 years

  37. Hi,
    I went to US in L2 VISA.Curently my visa status is H4 as my husband changed his visa to h1.As my son started school,i am very much interested in studing or geting a job.I am a MBA,[HRM& MARKETING]FROM INDIA.So please tell me about the higherstudy options availble in HR FIELDand about the colleges,I am located in ATLANTA.Or please give me ideas about any job options.

    • Hi Surekha,

      I happy that I have one person from Atlanta.Even I’m located in Atlanta. I came here 4 months back. Very much frustrated by sitting at home.I’m looking to do an MBA and interested very much in that.Since the GMAT syllabus is getting changed I’m trying to crack it before june. But I dont know how its going to work out.There are many colleges in Atlanta good for MBA like emory.Regarding your question about job options, getting a H1B is the only answer because I tried for many jobs.But no gain until we have a H1B.

  38. I think options 4 and 6 are more feasible. I am trying option 6, to volunteer but a background check is needed which is not possible for H4 visa holders.My
    question is: Can my spouse who is on H1B vouch for me so I can go ahead and volunteer.

    • Hi Devika,

      I am also in h4 visa for last 2 years, so now i am going to getting my h1b visa so October on words i can able to do job, so in this mean time i am going to volunteering for last 2 months so even if we are in h4 we can go for the volunteering but at least we have driving license for the back ground check up…

  39. Hi,

            Im BE graduate.. Im on H4 visa now..  Have been tryin to find a consultancy to get H1 since 2 years.. This has really become a big issue for me..  Is ther any chance in getting a job and then filing for H1.. Can anybody pls help me is this regards… I have good experience in Testing…..


    • Hi Shweta,

      I am also in the same boat. I have tried to find consultants but its really tough as no pne’s sponsoring the Visa. I also specialize in software testing and done my Masters. Are you looking at other options like school?

      • Hello all,

        I see some posts requesting for h1 visa sponsor’s . I work for a company which can sponsor your H1 B visa. If you would like to talk to them email me your details and I can ask one of the marketing personal to contact you.

        • Hi Deep,

          I am lookinmg for H1B sponsor.I am B-Tech Graduate having 5.4 years of experience
          in Java/J2EE technologies.Please help me in contacting your company.


          • Hello All,

            I was reading all your post. Iam also in the same situtation like many of you. I have close to 7 years xperience in Software configuration Management in India. I was working with Wipro and then Honeywell. I moved to US a year back in H4 visa. I also have a 15 months old kid. Please let me know if ther e is any way of geting H1 done?


        • Hi Deep,

          I am also looking for H1B sponsorship. I have 8 years of exp in IT. Please ask your guys to mail me back.


        • Can you help me to introduce consulting company? I have green card. I just want to do some projects. Thanks.

        • Hi Deep,

          I am lookinmg for H1B sponsor.Is your company still sponsoring for H1B then please let me know? I am M-Tech Graduate having 4.5 years of experience
          in Java technologies.Please help me in contacting your company.

          • Hi,

            As all of you I am also on H4 Visa in Boston. I have done my B.tech on computer science and after that I have done MBA in finance.
            Was working in India for 5 years in Banking sector.
            Also looking for a job opporunity here but not able to do the same due to my VISA.
            Can anybody please help?
            @ Deepa, Is your company still offering consultancy for H1 B Visa.


        • Hi,

          I am also looking for H1B sponsor,please let me know the details.
          I am a B.E graduate and have 4.5 years of exp in IT field.


          • Hey all,

            I am also on H4 currently, but am desperately trying to convert my H4 to H1B. Can anyone please mail me the contact details of consultants for this purpose.

        • Hi Deep,

          Thanks for the great information. I am having 5 years of experience, I quit my job to accompany with my spouse. I am holding H4 visa. Please let me know, if your company is still sponsoring H1 visa. I am desperately looking for it.

          Thanks in advance,

        • Hi Deep,
          I am having more than 6 years of IT experience. Currently I am on H4 visa and desperate getting it transferred to H1 B. In case your company is still sponsoring H1 visa it would be a great help for all of us.Please let us know how to go for it.

          Thanks in advance,

        • Hi deep,
          I have applied for H1B petition through a consultancy for my wife, who is already with me for the last 1 year in the US.
          But we haven’t received any response from USCIS about her case and the case is still in “Inital Review” phase.
          I am thinking for applying for her petition again for the 2013 quota and I am searching for a reliable consultancy.
          Please let me know if your company is still sponsoring the H1B?


  40. Hey,
    I am a BE Graduate i am on H4 visa now. Have been tryin to find a consultancy to get H1 transfer. If any1 knows any,plz do reply.
    the only thin i dont have is experience.
    I saw many who hav experience postin out here,there are a lot of job openins out there.
    Just search. I am doin the same.
    All The Best.

    • Hi,
      I too would be moving to USA in the next month and have looking for H1B sponsorship. Please let me know if I too could supply my resume to you. I too have an Experience in IT.

  41. Hi,
    I came to US in Dec 2009 on H4. I have done MBA in Marketing and have 3 yrs experience working in Banking sector in India. But seeing no option to work here I opted for family planning and now have a 9 mnths old son. But now once he completes 1 yr I plan to do sme job part time or full time. Could anyone suggest me any consultant who can help me finding a job?Would really appreciate.

  42. Hi,
    I have Masters in chemistry and took training in SAS and clinical research . Now i’m in US on H4 .Can anyone help me to find a company that will sponsor H1B or give internship. Any help on this will be appreciated.

    • Hi Anitha,Even i had also taken training in sas clinical.Iam with same problem.If i get someone i will tell you.Where are in usa?

      • I am also in the same situation …Please post your comments here .I feel moving to IT fetches more opp than sticking to clinical or bio . Please post your comments .

  43. Hi , I am in USA.I was earlier on H4 visa and apply H1B visa through consultant from USA only and it got approved.but i am 5 month pregnant now. My delivery is in December, 2011 and i am eligible to work from september, 2011. I want to ask following doubts

    1. Will i get the job in september while i am pregnant?
    2. If i want to take the break in initial stage of new H1b and 2 months after the baby too. can i take it?
    3. Is it mandatory to get the pay stub from the september?
    4. How it will affect my consultant through whom i applied h1b?

    I would really appreciate if somebody can answer this

    • Hey Anusha,

      Could you please tell me the company name who proceed your h1b for the h4 visa. It will help me a lot. Cos i am fininding the consultant sicne last 2 years please help me.

      Please give me the consultant detail. Please

    • Hi Anusha,

              nice to know that you got transferred from H4 to H1.. Im stuck in H4. No consultant is ready to file for H1.. do you any consultants as such? this would be of  gr8 help to me. 

    • Hi Anusha,
      I just got a H4 visa and I’m looking for sponsorship for a H1B. Could you please explain how can I get help from a consultant? Is it for a specific field of work? I have a BS in Civil Engineering from outside US and have less than 2 years experience as a Quality Engineer in the US.
      Thank you.

  44. I moved to us on 2010 April after completing my bachelor degree in Business administration from India.Very recently i got admission in masters program in human resource management with h4 visa in NY.I like to know whether i will be eligible to get a entry level positions in human resource along with H1B visa after I complete my master degree successfully from US.
    I came to know that H4 visa holders are not allowed to do any internship or voluntary service in US.Is this true?Any type of suggestions will really help me.


  45. Hi,

    I moved to the US Nov 2010 and have been applying for jobs since! I am an MBA in Marketing with over four years of product management in Dubai. However, I know that the cap for 2011 is over and new sponsorships will begin in April which means one can start working in Oct 2012!

    Since I dont have USA experience – I would like to know if its worth it to take an online course on supply chain management? Not an entire degree but just a course to help me get a job from http://www.supplychainonline.com/



    • Hey,

      I see that you are an MBA. How good are you with Research and also with financial numbers(not much) and some knowledge about health insurance here in US?

      Let me know. Also, how comfortable are you with Business Analyst sort of assignments in finance?

  46. I would soon be getting married and will be shifting to US in new jersey..i have a masters degree in MBA(HR)…want to know what kind of jobs will be available for me..as i will be on h4 visa..any help on this will be appreciated.



  47. hi,

    i got H4 visa. would anyone please let me know the time from date of stamping i need to go within to USA

  48. All your 6 options are good,impressive but few concerns to be considered…

    1)For options 1 & 3 you should have someone very close from the company only then the higher officials would agree you to get in….which happens very rarely…happens with the luckiest.

    2)For 2nd option: These days cant rely upon consultancies as they dont pay properly & not trustable.

    3)Options 4 & 5 are really very good …but cant be affordable for people who have money constraints.

    4)Option 6: This is the best option to vail away time….meet people…talk to them….Good one….very good one…

    5)Recently I came to know about Embassy jobs…People from India on h4 visa can work in Indian embassy …but I dont have any clue to how to find /apply for the same….

    6) Even there are few travel agents jobs,which can be done from home …but have no clue how to & where to apply….even dont know if thats legal for h4 visa holders to work/not….

    Anybody to help me on my questions????

    • Hi as u told earlier in your post that h4 visa may/can work in Indian embassy did u get any information about it or any travel agent jobs? If yes pl reply me badly want to work…

  49. I'm 17 and my girlfriend is pregnant she is 17 too, I can't work cause I'm a dependent of the h1 visa, what can I do?

  50. i want to go study on h-4.but don't know where to start and whats the best time? i have m.com and m.sc computer science from india. can anyone help me.thanks in advance.

  51. i am looking for comsultants/employers who can filr H1B for me.Does anyone know any placement agencies/employer for the same?I have done MBA (HR) and here in US with an H4.

    Whom can I contact for help. If anybody knows about any such agency it would be very helpful to let me know.

  52. Hi,

    I am currently on H4. I got my stamping and entered USA. I came back to India and rejoined my old job. Will my visa expire if I want to go back? Can H4 workers work out of USA?

  53. I work with a top notch IT consulting company in India as a software engineer and about to apply for H4 visa, giving up my job and country. Across the internet I have only found disheartening articels and comments regarding the status of H4 visa holders and their options. I understand that it takes a lot of struggle and luck to find a job in such situation. But I am prioritising marriage before career right now. So I would like to hear some positive comments so that I can take the plunge with some hopes at least. Please suggest how to keep up your morale while struggling to make a place for youself in new house and in a new country while finding a new job.

    Thanks for any encouragement if you can give.

    Good luck to all!

    • Vasu,

      It's very good that you are preparing yourself for your life ahead by doing appropriate research and asking questions. From what you say, you seem to have a very good job in your home country. The fact that you mention 'giving up my job and country' rather than just 'giving up my job' says that you are comfortable living in your home country.

      With an H4 visa, you cannot get paid for work, period. It is extremely difficult to find sponsors for H1B or other categories of work visas. Even people who have gone the F1 route, getting a student visa to make use of the OPT/CPT, are finding it difficult to land jobs. However, you have to make a decision, and it is ultimately your choice what you want to do. Here are the options:

      1) Land in USA on H1B or L1 sponsored by your present company. Since you seem to have good work experience, this is your best option.

      2) Give up your present job and land in USA on H4. It may be a little difficult to adjust to life on H4 because you are used to a hectic pace of work life, but you can think of it as a break to settle down into a married life.

      I suggest that you do not try to do everything at once. Getting married, moving to a new country, building a new home and a new relationship, and at the same time looking for a new job may become too overwhelming. If you decide to use H1b or L1 to enter US, be prepared to juggle job and home and new country all at the same time. If you decide to use H4, be prepared to stay at home full time without complaining about your 'jobless' state later. Prioritize marriage or career? Every woman has to make this decision in life. Ultimately, it's your choice.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks Tina and Jyothi…I know it was a BIG decision that I had to make…and at the time of posting my thought I was in a real confusion and great delimma. Mine was an arranged marriage, so as you said Jyoti, it actually is a hell lot of work that comes with marriage. Now after being married for almost 3 months and reaching US on H4, I think I did a good thing to put a hold to my work. I used to work with Accenture and have 5 years of work experience. So I have kind of got over with the new money syndrome. I am giving full attention to my relationship with my husband (believe me its definetely not a cake walk for an arranged marriage couple)…some times I am left with hours of thinking about his behaviours and a side of me which was never known to me. At the end of day I feel glad that I cud give time to him which he surely desever. He is super supportive and gives me full guidance(but in his own way, which I may or maynot like) . He is always there whenever I need him, and also when he thinks that I will need him. After reaching on H4, he helped me get my Driving licence, took me to near by places so I understand the city, got my bank account and credit card. we moved to a new apartment, introduced me with his friends and their wives, family and friends. I think if someone is serious in a realationship then all this things can easily take good time for settling down in a new country. I am glad I took the plunge and highly thankful to get him as my husband. I am now writing a certification exam for ITIL on 25th. I have also started looking out for volunteering work….nothing concrete till now…but I think very soon I will be able to find a nice job… on work visa or without it…. Till now God has been exteremly generous to me. May God bless all…best of luck to all those who read this and also who dont.

        • Hi Vasu..

          Good to hear that you have settled in your marriage. your case seems a little similar to mine so thought of interacting. I have recently moved to new jersey on H4 with my husband. He is working with Accenture. I was also an Accenture employee before i had to make my decision of quitting my job in india so as to stay with my husband. However, its not been very long that iv been here but started looking options for myself, hence landed on this site..

          i am a MBA in HR & Marketing + M.Com and have 3 yrs of expereince in different fileds of HR..Could anyone suggest which would be a more suitable and workable option for me..thanks

  54. hi,

    i am looking for comsultants/employers who can filr H1B for me.Does anyone know any placement agencies/employer for the same?I have done MBA (HR)

  55. i think going to school as best option after changing to f1. I personally donot consider volunteering as an option.

  56. Option 3 is when non-profit organisations sponsor your H 1-B .Theses do not fall under the cap and are cap exempt which means that the normal 60,000 cap is not applicable here and even if the cap is exhausted you could get one.But the downside is that these do not pay very well and you cannot transfer it to a H1-B which falls under the cap midway.

  57. most of non-profit org will do H1B based on needs. Theirs will come under CAP exempt category, but they will look for some real experience in the field. One non-profit org in DC hired candidates for SAS technology after clearing rounds of interviews….

  58. Hi,

    You can find voluntary services matching your interest on your location using this site http://www.volunteermatch.org/
    I have been on H4 since two years and have volunteered and taken up studies in a community college, which are affordable than the other colleges. I am doing a course related to my field in the community college and networking at the same time.

    One of my friends was lucky enough to volunteer for an organization for a while and then that organization landed up sponsoring her visa.

    Another friend of mine who is from finance background is volunteering in organizations that help needy people with tax filing and managing finance. She says she gets to learn a lot.

    Women on H4 should not feel left behind or be sorry about not being able to work. They must take this as an opportunity and do things that interest them and make best use of this time. Sooner or later the economy will revive and we will get our H1s. Good Luck!

    • Rachna and Madhavi,

      H1B visas sponsored by Universities, Non-profit Organizations, or Government research organizations do not come under the 60,000 limit and they are called cap-exempt H1b visas. They can be applied for at any time of the year unlike the regular H1B which has a deadline for application. Read quote below. However, it is considered to be difficult to change from a cap-exempt H1B to a regular H1B later on if one wants to change employers.

      "The USCIS states that petitions (applications) for new H1B employment are exempt from the cap if the applicant will work at the defined institutions of higher education or a related or affiliated nonprofit entities, or at nonprofit research organizations or governmental research organizations. Thus, employers may continue to file petitions for these exempt H1B categories regardless of H1B visa number availability."

      Hope this helps.

  59. Hi,

    I am on H4 visa and going to start my Masters this fall. I too tried many consulting companies without any luck. So I thought this would be the best time to study because the job market has still not got any better.

  60. hey shwetha, you can volunteer in a library near by and if they have any work matching your skills you can take up that as part of volunteer work.

  61. Hi

    I am on H4 visa and would like to know if any H4 visa holder got lucky to manage a job in this tough economy. I could not find any sponsorship even after having decent years of work experience. Infact, all consultants and recruiters suggest to go for studies on F1 visa and then avail for jobs on OPT/CPT as this seems to be the best way to get a job.

    I would like know about the following:

    1. Are they any IT jobs that qualify in Cap-Exempt H1B?

    2. What can be the shortest course to be taken for achieving OPT/CPT?

    I am sure, it will vary from universities to universities but still might get an idea on how to go about it.

    3. What are other smart ways to find a job?

    Any help appreciated!

  62. Hi ..

    I am currently on H4 and have been trying all ways to engage myself . I have applied to many companies to find a full time job . I got calls from a few of them but did not return back once they go to know that i required sponsorship . Its very difficult to find one in the current situation .

    Regarding the 2nd option i do not see any consultant sponsoring H1B this year. I have almost tried about 25-30 consulting companies and go the same reply .

    Can you please explain the 3rd option – Find a full time job that qualify in Cap-Exempt H1B ?

    4th and 5th option looks achievable .

    Regarding 6th option – Volunteer in your field in H4 Visa. : Can anyone please help me how to find such jobs/activities .

    • Sana and Shwetha,

      You can find volunteering opportunities in your location and area of interest on Volunteermatch.org. You can also find virtual volunteering opportunities which can be done online from any location as long as you have a computer with an internet connection. These opportunities are highly satisfying for H4 women who otherwise would stay at home all day. I feel that the first thing an H4 woman should do as soon as she comes to US is to learn driving and to start volunteering. It helps build up a network which may lead to work opportunities later. Volunteer work is also highly regarded by people in the US and it will add US work experience to your resume when you apply for jobs later.

      • I am also planning to come to US on H-4 VISA and fond a job in US. I currently work in Big 4 consulting firms and can see many jobs in US similar to my area of interest.

        Can any one guide me in my pursuits please?



  63. HI,

    I came here (in US) in 2012 april, but that time i could not try for job.I tried in 2013 i got some calls from consultancies, but when they heard i am h4 visa,no one did call back.I am not able to study also.I am ready to work as volunteer in the same field in which i was working previously(software engineer in .net). Can you please suggest me how can i begin ?? please help me

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