Options for H4 Visa Spouse's Who Cannot Work in USA

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Following post was written by Navneeta in response to Simran.

Hi Simran,

Your story is really sad. It seems you have a very uncooperative spouse who is taking advantage of your Visa situation.

I really want to help, but, unfortunately for women on H4 work wise there are limited options. If you want to have fun and enjoy and work towards reviving hobbies, you are here for a great experience.

On an H4 You can either persuade your husband, or someone to sponsor your education that can be a good bet. Or you can try and find a sponsor for an H1. Then you can work. Since you were promised education before marriage, and came with only a B.com degree.

It will be tough to find a sponsorship. Don’t be disheartened though, you should still try and might sometimes succeed.

On a dependent visa if your parents are hoping that you would be able to work , it can really be very difficult. Life is beautiful and it is only you who can change it. Start looking for opportunities around.

Enroll in a gym. That helps you think positive.

Research for courses you can enroll into. Talk to your husband, he might want to help you. You have given just 1 month to the marriage. Be hopeful, things might change for good.

Invest in your hobby. You never know that might show you a way going forward.

Actively keep looking for jobs.

For suggestions what you can do here right now. We are trying to put forward a petition in the senate to let women work on H4.. Ofcourse that will take time but atleast you can actively get involved with it.

1. First, Please join this facebook page
There are more than 200 women helping each other who are on H4 Visa situation. Support from people in similar situation helps to get though in difficult times. You will get more direction too.

2.There is a lawyer actively supporting us and we have filed a petition to let women on H4 work. Sign this petition

3. We are hosting a radio show on Friday June 1, where you can log in and tell your story. Listen to a lot of women on H4 who would be talking.

I can call you and let you know all the details. We can talk more in detail.

There are lot of organizations which can help women . If you want I can put you through them. But, I feel it is too early now. I hope your marriage can be worked out. We can talk and see what can be done.

Simran, there is help around. . I am willing to guide you. But you need to feel comfortable first. You need to make a choice of what kind of help you are seeking. No one should take advantage of your situation. You are the best person to decide what you need to do. I can surely help you with options.

Wish you luck. I am sure you will be able to find a way out soon.

Call me.



Invest in your hobby. You never know that might show you a way going forward.

I started blogging as hobby, I would have never believed that Happy Schools Blog will be able to get so much traffic (and still growing) when I started this blog.

Hobby can tun into passions and with dedication and love, it can turn into a professions one day.

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