Percentage to GPA Conversion

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Applying to U.S. universities require you to declare your GPA. But if the transcript of records have grades in percentage, students try to make a percentage to GPA conversion.

  • Percentage Scale: 0 to 100. (e.g., 75%, 88%)
  • GPA Scale: 0 to 4.0 in USA (like GPA of 3.67)

I was in the same situation a few years back, so I tried searching for different ways to use a GPA calculator for converting my academic percentage of 80% to GPA.

So the common question here is, “Is there a universal formula to convert percentage to GPA”.

Percentage to GPA conversion

You might be looking for some tables that will map your percentage score into GPA like this one:

Percentage GPA
81 to 100 4.0
61 to 80 3.50
51 to 60 3.00
41 to 50 2.50
< 40 2.00

If you do, I can very well say that you are making a huge mistake.

If you want to know why the above table will not work, you need to first understand what is GPA and how GPA is calculated.

Still, many students even after reading this article continue to ask the question, “How to calculate GPA from their academic score?”

So I do hope you will read the article at least so that you don’t need to you ask the same question.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The Percentage Score (1 to 100) system is used in various countries such as India. But in the U.S., schools use the GPA system for grading students.

GPA Vs Percentage

Both GPA and % assign grades to students, but they are essentially calculated in different ways. They are not the same and it’s not possible to equate or compare the two.

How is GPA Calculated

Grades will be assigned to a student for each course (A = 4.0; B = 3.0; C = 2.0 ; D = 1.0; F = 0).

And each course has credit hours. Usually, graduate level courses will have 3 credit hours per course.

Lets’ say at end of the semester, a professor gives the grade of B to the course database, Grade A to course networks and Grade A to the course software testing. The GPA will then be calculated as follows:

  • Total Grades = Sum of (Grade * Credit Hours)= B*3 + A*3 + A*3 = 3*3+4*3+4*3 =33
  • Total Credit Hours = 3+3+3 = 9
  • GPA = Total Grades/Total Credit Hours = 33/9 = 3.66

U.S. universities will have some some form of evaluation to convert percentage grades into GPA and that varies with each university. Each school has its own GPA calculator.

So basically you really can’t convert academic percentage or CPGA into GPA. So the only sound action is to just use and write your actual grade, i.e., if in percentage, in a college admission application.

U.S. colleges will know what to do with your percentage score. You can write like 79/100 or 79%. That is more than enough.

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  • Shannon says:

    there is no need for a second N in ‘student.’
    (Grade Point Average (GPA)

    Percentage Score (1 to 100) is used various countries, but in U.S. Schools use GPA system is used fo grading studnets.)

    I am not 100 percent sure you are the person who should be giving all these others advice on their education. Just saying.

  • kalaivani says:


    Im from Tamilnadu, India.
    My cgpa is 7.907 and percentage is 71.57%…Pls convert this on a scale of 4.0 and reple. Thanks in advance

  • saf says:

    my GPA is 8.7 then what is my percentage

  • Ben says:

    Hello all!


    GPA: ??????????????????????

    please help…

  • jimmy says:

    my percentage is 71.25 out off 100, what is my credit points?

  • salam says:

    Its simple if total GPA is from 4.0
    if total GPA if of 8.0

  • what about if a person had arrears? for my friend i calculated the CGPA in a normal way but in his mark sheets he has a sum of 26 attempts in different papers in his B.Tech, Whether his CGPA gonna change he got 6.7 (Presently he is first class) whether its gonna change?

  • sathvik says:

    I have got a percentage of 54.15..can u tell me what my gpa would be?

  • sai says:

    Hello friends ,
    i have a gpa of 7.5 from anna university affiliated college and had 3 backlogs but cleared . Can anyone say what is my equivalent USGPA ???? 🙂

  • gayatri iyer says:

    Universities in india follow Percentage System and 10 point GPA System. The Percentage System works as : Maximum Marks:100, Minimum Marks: 0, Minimum Marks Required for Passing: 35. 100-80% Considered Excellent, 79-65% Considered Very Good, 55–64% considered good, 45–55% considered fair, 41–44% considered Pass, 040% considered fail. A percentage above 65% is referred as 1st Division and indicates high intellectual level. Some Universities follow weighted average pattern to calculate percentage: 1st and 2nd Semester–40% of the aggregate marks, 3rd and 4th Semester-60% of the aggregate marks, 5th and 6th Semester-80% of the aggregate marks, 7th and 8th Semester-100% of the aggregate marks. The 10 point GPA is categorized as follows: 10-9.1 (A+)- Best, 9-8.1(A)-Excellent, 8-7.1(B+)-exceptionally good, 7-6.1(B)-very good, 6-5.1(C+)- good, 5-4.1(C)- average, 4-3.1(D+)-fair,3.1-2(D)- Pass,2-0(E+-E)-fail. A GPA of over 7 is generally considered to be an indication of a strong grasp of all subjects.
    Percentage Eq U Classification
    60 to 100 4.0 A or (A+ for >90%) Distinction / First class**
    50 to 59 3.5 B+ Second Class
    40 to 49 3.0 B Pass Class
    < 39 2.0 C Fail
    ** Some institutes with difficult curriculum and tough scoring give 70% scoring[7] as Distinction / Honors.

  • Joren says:

    What about ECTS grades to GPA, do you know anything about that?
    Wikipedia gives some ranges, but no precise numbers

  • swaroop says:

    my aggregate is 61% . how do i convert this to gpa. is it ssly 3.5 on a 4.0 scale?

  • nitz19arg says:

    Just one query. We have

    1. Aggregate score of all semesters.

    2. Final year % which is mentioned in the degree.

    Which one of the above two is considered for the CGPA calculation.

    Also I studied in Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune which has a similar scoring like Pune University.

    I faced a whole year-backlog in my engineering. Though I am placed in a reputed multi-national bank as a developer, will this “backlog” affect my profile and my dream to go in top Business colleges for MBA after my GMAT, especially the H-S-W b-schools?