PhD after M.Tech – Do I need to take GRE Exam?

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Question from Ramesh

Dear Sir,

I have a query and i would be grateful if you reply me..I am pursuing M.Tech in Computer science in India.I have completed my B.Tech(4 year programe) this year. I want to do my Phd after completing M.Tech from US university. What should i do. Should i appear in GRE  or can i apply directly.

Option 1 – PhD After M.Tech

For PhD admission in Us University, you definitely need to take GRE Exam. There are universities that offer admission to Masters degree without GRE, but for PD GRE is mandatory.

You should have another 1.5 years left in M.Tech, which gives enough time to prepare for GRE and apply for PhD.

Option 2 – Apply for PhD, Aug 2010

This option is not recommended, but if you are definitely going to study PhD, then you can take GRE by Jan 2010 and apply for Graduate School for Fall 2010 semester. In this way you will save 1 year of your time. There are many studen who apply for PhD directly after completing Bachelors degree.

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