After PhD in Biology, My Salary is Just $45,000 in USA

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I (Harini) Came across this post by accident – Overall Graduate Education in India is Pathetic.

While the comparisons pretty much hit the nail on the head could you guys stop and think that there is more to this world than just engineers?

While the Govt of India spend lakhs on an IIT student and while the rest of the engineers either make it out of the country or get decent MNC jobs somewhere in India, what about the other losers like me who love science, the other science, I mean Biology.

While you don’t get a second glance in India even with a Master’s I came here to the US to pursue a PhD.

NO I am not considered brain drain and my GREEN PASTURE was just higher education.

Now after 7yrs of PhD, I am stuck as a postdoc for years now.

While an engineering Masters guy who shared an apt with 10 other similar people drives a Mercedes 3yrs later, I am stuck with a old Camry.

While the new US educations system is all gungho about science and technology there is nothing rosy about the future of science in the US too.

I don’t have a green card ( my boss makes me work 55 hr shifts for 45K and wont let me think about my future), cannot travel to India(no money) and seriously thinking of applying for WIC or any other govt assistance I can get since I am in my late thirties and with 2 kids.

They say there are jobs in the industry, but neither I nor the scores of other post docs I know how to get an interview.

However friends who have completed their PhD from India and stayed put are in decent Govt jobs which pay close to a lakh per month and ofcourse are having all the fun.

While they are celebrating Diwali today, I am sneakily typing up this post and hoping my boss does not catch me and dump another 5 hrs worth of experiments on my head.

There is no green pastures any where for us from this side of the science world. Cheers!

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