Difference Between PhD and Integrated PhD

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Srinath Asks

What is difference between PHD and Integrated PHD and which is easy to apply and get admission

PhD Vs Integrated PhD

In India, UK, European countries offer Integrated degrees.

  • Integrated MSc Software Engineering
  • Integrated PhD

But, you will not come across such degrees in US.  You can apply for PhD after completing Bachelor’s degree without completing Masters degree. Some schools  requires students to have Masters degree.

Majority of universities will allow you to apply for PhD program right after completing Bachelors degree. Students completing Bachelors degree without research experience will find tough for few semesters in direct PhD program, but soon you will get used to research.

To answer your question

  • Integrated PhD is not offered in US
  • You can apply for PhD after completing B.E. ( without Masters)
  • You can do multiple PhD’s

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