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What is difference between PHD and Integrated PHD and which is easy to apply and get admission

PhD Vs Integrated PhD

In India, UK, European countries offer Integrated degrees.

  • Integrated MSc Software Engineering
  • Integrated PhD

But, you will not come across such degrees in US.  You can apply for PhD after completing Bachelor’s degree without completing Masters degree. Some schools  requires students to have Masters degree.

Majority of universities will allow you to apply for PhD program right after completing Bachelors degree. Students completing Bachelors degree without research experience will find tough for few semesters in direct PhD program, but soon you will get used to research.

To answer your question

  • Integrated PhD is not offered in US
  • You can apply for PhD after completing B.E. ( without Masters)
  • You can do multiple PhD’s

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    i want to do m.s integraded in u.s …………what is the duration ? how much it costs ?

  • yeswanth

    which is better ms or integrated ms

  • shruthi gobbooru

    Hello everyone,

    I am a student of final year B.Pharm from bangalore. Could you just give me details regarding the program " Integrated PhD" in any pharmacy related streams offered in any US univerisities??? Thanks in advance.


  • Arpit


    I am an chemical engineer with 3 yrs of work ex. I want to do integrated environmental science.can U tell me which universities offer these courses, and if there is an entrance exam, which one it is?

  • shruti

    How i get admission in phd in 2011 .I wanna do phd in economics .

    I hve completed my mba in finance from rajasthan vidyapeeth university with 67%, graduation (bcom) from bundelkad university with 70%, hsc from madhya pradesh board with 59%, & 10th madhya pradesh board with 54 %,plz gve me advise how i & wat prepration i hve to do to take admission bcoz in my surrounding no one hve who mentoring me to do phd.

  • Kaveri

    Can someone tell me what kind of questions are generally asked in the telephonic interviews for Ph.D. admission???

  • aanchal gupta

    I am currently in 7th Sem BE (EC&C) at RV College of Enginneeering, Bangalore. Pls let me know the universities in USA where I have fair chance of admisssion with full scholarship for pursuing MS (electronics) with PhD with GRE Score 1370.

  • aanchal gupta

    Pls let me know the universiteis in USA whwre I can apply for MS (electronics) with PhD with GRE Score 1370.

  • reshma


    I'm an Indian with graduation in English Literature. I desire to pursue an integrated PhD in my subject from the UAE. I would like to know if there are any universities in the UAE which offers it.

    Thank you.

  • ambika

    Hello, I want to pursue DBA/Ph.D from US. Some of my peers are telling me to send research proposal first and then after receiving acceptance from university i need to apply for it. But none of the universities have specified to submit research proposal first. What is the actual process for it?

  • chirag patil


    I have completed my M.Sc. wit Materials Science with aggregate 58%
    But I have more than 2 years experience in R&D. so that can I join PhD with fellowship or part time?

  • Madhu Sudhan Rao

    I have done my Bachelor’s degree & Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering. I am looking out for PHD in Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering. My question is that can i do a dual PHD program, if so can i have the list of the universities which offer them. I am not worried of the country. So can anyone please assist me.

  • Andrie Tanusetiawan


    Different schools do things differently. At Texas A&M University, the university that I attended, MS and PhD are classified as graduate degrees and fall in the same category as far as tuition is concerned. Moreover, PhD students usually get assistantships (research, teaching, and non-teaching assistantships) that allow them to have some or usually all of their tuition fees waived, and also some stipend (something like a monthly salary). This link shows you the tuition fees for Texas A&M University:

    It is possible to apply for PhD directly without going through an MS program.

    Jesus bless you,

    Andrie Tanusetiawan