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Revised GRE Exam will be offered from Aug 1, 2011. You can register for Revised GRE starting March 15, 2011. ETS have released

Old or Revised GRE?

In previous artilce 50% discount on Revised GRE 2011 I posted the following suggestion

I would prefer to take GRE Exam is current pattern sometime between Jan to April of 2011. If you don’t get the expected GRE Score, register for Revised GRE test between Aug 1 to Sep 30, 2011 using the 50% discount. You will have enough time to prepare for new GRE pattern.

If you’d like you can register GRE exam in both the formats

  • Current GRE Format ( between Jan to April)
  • Revised GRE Format ( between Aug 1 to Sep 20, 2011)

If you get the expected score in Current GRE format, then you can cancel the test date for revised GRE 2011.

Do you agree to above solution? I will cost you additional money, but it would be well worth the risk.

Powerprep II Software

Powerprep Software will give you an estimate of how much you can score in GRE exam. ETS have released Powerprep II software for revised GRE Exam 2011. Download the latest Powerprep II software and take a practice test. That will give you an idea, if you would have to take old or new GRE test format. Still, above said suggestion will hold true, but completing a practice test will help in your decision making process.

Did you decide which GRE format test you plan to take or planing to follow my suggestion above? Also, do leave your comments after completing practice test in Powerprep II software.

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