Problems Using Online GRE and TOEFL Score Reporting?

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Few students have reported issues while using  GRE and TOEFL Online score reporting system.

We haven’t documented all the issue till now, but if you have experienced any problems using online score reporting system, add a comment to this article and explain what problems you encountered during the process.

I accessed online additional GRE score reporting portal and logged in with the  user name and password which I used for TOEFL. In the next screen , it asked for  personal details. When submitted, it says you have already user name /pw. I made 3 attempts and it says user account locked and asks us to contact GRE assistance. But I am unable to reach GRE assistance as there is nothing like that. Can you pl guide ?

There’s a problem in sending my GRE scores. After i had given all credit card details & billing info, the page says…….”your transaction cannot be processed due to one or more of the following reasons” . It listed 7 reasons
1. your transaction has been timed out
2. u’d hv pressed the back/forward/refresh button in your browser
3. credit card details doesn’t match
4. exceeded the limit of authenticating yourself thro DOB
3 more reasons like this cant remember it exactly…..

If you experienced any issues while trying to report GRE or TOEFL Scores online, leave a comment below.

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