Few students have reported issues while using  GRE and TOEFL Online score reporting system.

We haven’t documented all the issue till now, but if you have experienced any problems using online score reporting system, add a comment to this article and explain what problems you encountered during the process.

I accessed online additional GRE score reporting portal and logged in with the  user name and password which I used for TOEFL. In the next screen , it asked for  personal details. When submitted, it says you have already user name /pw. I made 3 attempts and it says user account locked and asks us to contact GRE assistance. But I am unable to reach GRE assistance as there is nothing like that. Can you pl guide ?

There’s a problem in sending my GRE scores. After i had given all credit card details & billing info, the page says…….”your transaction cannot be processed due to one or more of the following reasons” . It listed 7 reasons
1. your transaction has been timed out
2. u’d hv pressed the back/forward/refresh button in your browser
3. credit card details doesn’t match
4. exceeded the limit of authenticating yourself thro DOB
3 more reasons like this cant remember it exactly…..

If you experienced any issues while trying to report GRE or TOEFL Scores online, leave a comment below.

  • Prasanjit Khuntia

    I am trying to order GRE & TOEFL scores. But as soon as I submit my payment after giving all the Credit card required information, it says “We are unable to process your request with the information you have provided. Please try another payment method”

    My deadlines are on my head right now. What should I do?
    Please help…

  • shikhar

    Can anyone suggest on the way to get a locked GRE account unlocked?

  • KM

    for the people who were having problems ordering TOEFL scores, go on view order> order no> and modify your recipient list

    • maryam

      thank u very much, u are the best

  • Swapna


    I registered for the TOEFL test recently and during the registration process, the system asked me to enter the name of the universities that I would like to send my scores to, for free. But at the time of registration, I wasn’t really sure what universities to apply to. So, I skipped that part hoping to log back again before the exam to use the free service. Now when I logged into my account, there is no option that is allowing me send free score reports. I can only see ‘View Orders’ and Additional score reporting options. Does that mean I cannot send my score reports to the 4 univ for free and have to pay to do it? Please help. My test date is fast approaching.

  • Anvesh

    I added score recipients rightly but i selected the department option as any other department not listed, Should i resend my scores to same university to my dept (civil engineering ) ????

  • EC

    I want to reschedule my exam date. You need to do this 3 days in advance. I tried to log in today and used “Forgot my password” — The ets.org website LOCKED my account. Now I can’t access it which means I can’t reschedule within 3 days, which means that I’ll either be forced to take the test on my originally schedule date, or I need to FORFEIT my fees.

    What is this b.s.??? Why is their system so terrible??

  • Foobar

    How can anyone defend ETS as a company? It is impossible to even find the price of the general test on their website. They do everything possible to force you to register before telling you the price. This is criminal. Companies like this need to be yanked from the education system. Shut them down!

    • HSB

      It takes less than 30 seconds to find the fees.

  • Archana

    Hi ,

    I gave my exam four years back.. now i want to apply universities with previous score.. but i forgot username password details. Now i have only paper score card… what i should do for online score reporting?

    • http://www.ets.org/gre/contact sunny

      Hey no worries. Jus contact ets they will reset your password and mail u a new one

  • enkeleda

    hi! I have the same problem. Is there any solution????

  • enkeleda

    hi! I have the same problem. Is there any solution????

    • navya

      hey,I am facing the same prob now. I forgot all the details of my account as I had created it 1 yr back. Now my account is locked. Any solution? HSB please help…Is it possible to create another account?

  • Shikha

    I gave the Subject GRE test on November 12th, 2011. I have been trying to see my score (since they are out and everybody has I know has seen theirs). But every time I go to “View scores Online” I get the error message – “””Important Message
    Your request could not be processed. Please contact GRE Services for assistance.”””
    What should I do?

  • canan

    I took the exam on 28th November. I did not received any mail. Also I have logged into my gre account but when I clicked “View Scores Online” the following message came: “Important Message
    Your request could not be processed. Please contact GRE Services for assistance.”

    • hellen

      have you solved your problem? I took the GRE test on Apirl 21,2012, I have the same problem to you now, everytime I logged into my gre account and go to the website of “view scores online”, it always be”Important Message
      Your request could not be processed. Please contact GRE Services for assistance”
      if your problem has been solved, please tell me how. Thank you very much.

  • sayantika mitra

    i took my GRE yesterday i;e 6th december 2011 and saw my unofficial score after test and enlisted the four universities of my choice to get the score.but today when i logged in “my GRE account”,i cant see my scores online,it says ‘absent or score unavailable”,neither can i see the list of universities which i selected after the test at the test center yesterday.is it because the online scores can only be seen after 10-15 days of the test day or is it some other problem.i cant understand why cant i even see the names of universities i listed yesterday at the test centre.please help,i am really worried.

  • nikhil

    I have ordered score reports at two different dates. Two while registering the test and two on the day before the test(before 10:00pm of course).
    But now, when my results are out I can see only the score reports I ordered earlier.

    Hope you’ll help.



  • aishwary

    i forgot my gre account password soon after i enrolled for gre..i thought later at any point of time wen i log on to ets website to view my score, i can recreate it easily with the help of forgot password question that usually appears in all the social networking sites as well as mail id’s.but to my shock i found that instead of regenerating my password or sending any link for the same they asked me the security question related to my birth place which they havent asked at the time of my registering for the id..anyways wen i tried to answer that question it said wrong user information as if they knew more than me about my birth city.i think ets is the worst website for handling forgotten password..

    • Aarushi

      Hey…I;ve encountered a similar problem…I’ve forgotten my password and when I hit the same…they asked me a question that I never answered at time of registration…my account has now been locked…

      can anyone help?

    • Haima

      Same here. Its disgusting.

  • Arpita Neogi

    I’ve tried viewing my scores online and it says that the information provided does not match their records.. iv called ETS and verified and all the info i entered is correct.. at that time the lady on the phone said it is coz the scores aren’t out yet.. but now they are out and i have the same problem! haven’t received my copy through mail yet.. Is there anything i can do? Calling didn’t help..and all my data is correct..

    • dheeraj

      hope u’ve resolved the issue by now else u might want to read this:

      while creating myGRE account had given my first name as dheeraj-reddy initially as it did not accept ‘space’ in the first name, had the “does not match the records” error.

      then i created a new myGRE account with my first name as dheeraj and everything went fine.

      hope this helps!!


      • AJ

        I was having the same problem. But this didnt work for me.


  • Vikraman

    I cannot login to my GRE account on ETS. I need to lookup my final scores, but whenever I login, it takes me to a page asking for my identifying information, and when I fill it in, it says that my account already exists. I have already tried emailing ETS regarding the issue, but haven’t received a response yet!

    • HSB

      Call ETS, they should be able to fix it right away.

  • Oluwasakin Ojo

    Please I need your help. I have tried to order for additional score report times without number now, but when I filled all the details this was the content of the message
    “The information you provide does not match our record. Please contact GRE Services for assistance” I call customer care and explained everything, gave all my data, the customer care told me to try again but it was the same problem I still encountered. I wrote the exam March 10, 2011. I have even received my own copy of score report but I dont know why it became impossible for me to order for additional score report.And I need this urgently to process my application.Please help me out before it became late.
    Moreso, I have tried to download form for the additional score report, but all to no avail, the same page was showing.

  • kumar

    I have a problem that….when i’m trying to view my AWA score,i forgot my password and while i’m trying for the forgot my pass word assistance it is showing that my account is locked ..plz tell me how 2 solve my prob…

  • shriram

    it says me details are not found in their record.. i tried with the 16 digit code… 8 digit code..and my email. nothin works.. PLEASEEE help …

  • sriharitha

    i want to report my toefl scores to some colleges but after giving all the information about my visa card and submitting ets is asking for a permanent security code.. can anyone help me regarding this

  • Nirmisha

    Hello,my problem is that,while booking for toefl ,i selected 4 universities to which the scores are to be reported,but now its like i don’t remember the university names.Is there any way to access the names of universities to which i ordered my scores.

    • amy

      Unfortunately No. if you have not already given the test then you can change the schools , until a day before your exam. But if you have already taken the test , there is nothing you can do. :( I have been there done that :(.

  • http://ets.org maurya patel

    i have problem signing in for my toefl accounts.. The matter is that they asked for my id and i gave them the id that didn’t existed. So now when i try to login they do not allow me to do so. So can i still get my toefl result? Its urgent…plzz do reply soon

  • Aurelie

    I am the same problem!
    I enter my passowrod and it said it’s incorrect, then I tried to contact them and it’s said that my user name and/or email is unknown!
    Which it’s impossible because I have mail from them for my registration and order with my username wrote on it!!

    I need to change some infos!

  • Chris

    I am to takemy test in two days, i.e May 21st 2011. I happened to lock my account this morning by trying the forgot password link.

    Actually, I entered my username AND password in the account login screen, and the response I got was – “incorrect username and/or password”. I was pretty sure I entered the right credentials, but since the server was not allowing me to log into my account, I used the forgot password link (after which I got the “locked account” thing).

    I sent [email protected] an email stating my credentials et al, and the auto-generated email said the GRE guys would respond in three-four business days.

    I am really beginning to panic – does anyone here know what should be done? (I will call them later in the evening – when it is morning in NY)

    • Iffat

      Did they fix it eventually??

  • stacy

    Same here. I entered my password which I am sure was correct. I tried twice..but I got the “password incorrect” error. So instead of making more attempts , i just clicked forgot password link. I entered all my details for verification and set my new password.

    Immediately after clicking the submit button (of the password reset form), i was taken to login page. I don’t know if I should have waited for 5 min . Mayb I should have. Anyway, I entered my username and my new password. Same error !!

    So i reset my password again. This time very very carefully and consciously , being very careful of the keys I type. Guess what ?! Same error :(
    and after a couple of tries my account got locked out :( :(

    This is some serious BS. I mean…even a normal – not so important site has better password handling facilities. This is supposed to be a international site….which handles some serious stuff. To the management of GRE – please fix this. Or hire me….I will do it for you !!

  • nagarjuna

    i have not received my gre score card….i took the exam on dec20th…is there any process?

  • Anish

    i just lost my username and password of toefl
    i took my test
    how to transfer scores to universities
    can any one help me

  • sravani

    hi i am facing d same problem as mohan…………. can any 1 help. even i lost my toefl fee, it actually got deducted frm d credit card but d date was not booked…………………. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out its urgent.

  • Mohamed Badr

    My GRE account has been locked as well. I sent ETS an email asking for support and am waiting for their response. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

  • Saqib

    Hi, I feel the score reporting service provided by ETS is
    designed in such a way so that a student is bound to make a mistake
    when reporting scores to his/her desired university/department.
    After selecting a desired university, when you go for department
    selection, ETS provides a comprehensive list of all departments in
    general rather than listing only those departments available for
    the previously selected university. This, at least for me, is a

  • Jyot

    I sent my gre and toefl scores to a few universities last year.If I apply to the same universities do I have to send it again.

  • Karim

    While trying to log into my TOEFL account, I got this message :

    "You are unauthorizet to view this page"

    and I can't see my scores or order score reports.

  • Kirmani

    I took the GRE general on 25th Nov., 2010. Even to this day (it's been a month to my test date), I have not been able to get success with the GRE account. When I try to fetch the scores using the username and password of my TOEFL account, and the registration no., it says that such an information doesn't exist. Can somebody help me as the deadlines of the universities are fast approaching.

  • ravi

    my GRE account has ben locked due to password mistake and i do not know what to do . i attempt 3 times for password but now when i tried to change it said your account has been locked.As i am so tense now i dont know how to register date for gre on 31st match ,2011.what should i do to reactivate my gre account and if there is other way to register my date please convey as soon as possible

  • satya

    @ all those who are havin issues regardin their gre account..raise a complaint in ets..they wil defntly get bk to u less than 2 days

  • Raja Krishna M

    SOLUTION for the error "your details not matched … " ::

    Your first name must be same as the first name printed on GRE score card. My name is Raja Krishna.. first time i created GRE account with Raja-Krishna as it didn't allow me to give any space.. then i tried accessing it by providing confirmation number etc details and i got the above error.. I created another account with my first name RajaKrishna which is same as the one printed on my score card and now i am able to send the score reports online successfully.


  • mgh

    I gave GRE on 14th March 2007 and again on 17th november 2010. When I entered details (16 digit confirmation number.etc.) of latest test date i.e. 17th nov 2010, it gives me error and asks for additional information. its been more than 15 days now after the test date. Still I am not able to view scores. If I enter details of earlier GRE test, i.e. 14th March 2007, it shows those scores properly but doesn't show institutes to which i reported that score. Also, it shows most recent test date as 14th March 2007 and not Nov 2010. :( What should I do? Please help…

  • Parvez

    Hi! I had taken the GRE CAT on the 2nd of August, 2010. It's been more than 4 months and I haven't yet received the hard copy of the Score Card. I need one badly as I am applying to Germany and most of the universities over there don't need ETS to send them additional score reports ( they accept attested copies of the personal score card). What should I do? Can anybody please help me with any valuable suggestions?

  • Joydeep

    I have logged into my gre account but when I clicked "View Scores Online" the following message came: "Important Message
    Your request could not be processed. Please contact GRE Services for assistance."
    I am totally confused.

    • abhijit

      Hi jaydeep i have the same problem. i cannot access my scores even if i have written correct information. I have given GRE in October 2008 . When Had you given GRE. Kindly notify me if your problem is solved and how ? ( I had not received confirmation e mail at the time of gre is that the case with you ?)

  • priyanka

    i gave my exam on the 4th of oct. once i tried to log in my account it said wrong password i gave three attempts and my acc has been blocked now what do i do?? can anybody tell me which number to contact too i have to start my applications and i am stuck only cos of this :(

    • surya phani kumar

      @priyanka u need not worry u kan send ur scores by fone ets has dat service also……..

  • avinash

    i have given my gre exam on 20 th of oct 2010.but i cant see my scores online, i am able to login in to the profile with the username and passsword but i am unable to see my score even though i enter my conformation number(16 digits number),date of exam and my email id. canany one please help me out

    • chatterjee


      I gave my gre on 16 nov 2010..when i am logging in my gre account on 17 nov just to check 'view score online' option they asked for name,email and conformation number..that i gave…and they showed are showing score not available..which i understand as 15 days have not past..but beside my test date it is written 22 septem 2010…is this normal?22 sept is the day i registered for the test..i am so worrid plz help..whom to contact in case of problem

      • Rub

        The date should be the date you appeared for the test. In my case it shows 20 the September as I took test on that day.

        Go to that link and ask for their help, hope they will help you out.


    • Rub

      Go to that link and explain your situation clearly.


      • chatterjee

        Hi,Thank you very much 4 ur help.I am able to see my scores now.i am worried about another thing now…I am applying to Iowa state uni in electrical..theres no place to attach cv..they told to mail or additional docs to a email address(they provided) electronically…is it normal?do i have to send all doc in paper form even after sending all on email?Please help…

    • ak

      im also facing the same problem… it’s so frustrating. what did u do??

  • surya phani kumar

    i have recently taken my gre exam for the second time on 12th oct 2010…. but still i havent received my scores online on my gre account ……. it has been almost 30days since i have taken the test ……..

  • onkar

    there has been an error in the birth date in my TOEFL account can please help me regarding this situation.

  • Rub

    same sorts of problem having here,took gre on 20th september 2010.then i created a an account To view the score online. after giving all the info required, it shows error and says that the records doest not match.

    I did not create an account while registering for the test, i created it after taking my test. I dont know if thats the main reason which causing this problem.

    is it a regular practice to create MY gre account after taking the gre test or am i the only one who tried to create and view scores online after the gre test?

    Can anybody help?? I aready contacted gre asistance, they said they would get back to in 3-4 businesss days?

    • preethi

      i have a similar problem!!!

      did u get ur scores? i wrote my gre in sep ( 2010). i haven't recieved my score card ( by post) either! its a month now!

      • Rub

        Now, I can see my scores online but post mail/score card might take a month or two.

        • abhijit

          Rub , kindly tell me how the problem was resolved … I have the same issue …….

  • kiran mai

    previously i had an account with the firstname as in the information given gre xam.bt dis account was nt opening and finally dat account got locked.now i wanted to create a new account bt it is mandatory that the first name should be according to the name given during gre xam.now im getg a msg that the firstname is already existing.if i change my firstname to create a new account then i couldnt get my scores online..plz help me

    • Rub

      same sorts of problem having here,took gre on 20th september 2010.then i created a an account To view the score online. after giving all the info required, it shows error and says that the records doest not match.

      I did not create an account while registering for the test, i created it after taking my test. I dont know if thats the main reason which causing this problem.

      is it a regular practice to create MY gre account after taking the gre test or am i the only one who tried to create and view scores online after the gre test?

      Can anybody help?? I aready contacted gre asistance, they said they would get back to in 3-4 businesss days?

      • satya

        hey can u tel us wat u did to solve ur problem…

        i gave my test durin oct 2008 and i recently created an account to send the scores

        on giving the info it throws the same error

  • vaibhav

    i gave my toefl test on july 10,2010 but haven't got the scores yet ,when contacted ets they said that they are reviewing it wat might be the problem in hw many days will i be able to get the scores…………………..

  • vaibhav

    i gave my toefl ibt test on july 10,2010 but havent the scores yet .when I called up ets they said that they are reviewing ….in how many days will i be able to get the score

  • praveen

    i have given my gre thrice once in sept 2006 and now in march 2010 and july 2010 .When i received the score for the third time it did not have the 2006 score .but when i logged online for additional score reporting i was unable to see my 2010 scores

  • cyntia

    I ordered for toefl additional score reports to the university departments through ets online option a month back, but my application status still shows that my Toefl score report is pending in 5 out of the six universities to which i had applied.I enquired about this to the graduate admissions office and they told me they had not received the score yet.I checked with the ETS regarding the status, they mailed me that they had sent it a week after i ordered for score reporting.All relevant information including the university codes,department codes,my name and exam details seem to be correct.what possibly could be the reason for this?someone plz help me with this issue.

    • Sakshi

      Hi cyntia i just came across your query about delay in additional score reports to the universities. Actually i am currently in the same situation and very anxious to know the status of my toefl reports. Its been almost a month that i ordered my score reports through ets. 6/7 universities have not received the reports and hence have not started reviewing my file. How did u resolve this issue? I am in a fix, i will be grateful if you could advise me.

      • bibek

        Can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem of the delay of TOEFL and GRE score reporting by ETS?

        • ju

          I ordered my toefl additional score reports to be sent to universities on november first week. The status i have on my profile is “ordered”. They say that the status will be changed to “processed” when they sent the scores. I checked with the universities and they haven’t received the scores yet. What do I do now. I contacted toefl office and they haven’t replied yet.

  • Bunty Agrawal

    I created a GRE login account.
    When I am entering my GRE exam details in order to report the score,
    the website says that there is no such data in their database.
    I have used the same details to report to 5 universities (not with the online system of course as it is not functional); I used report by phone option.
    Now, what do I do as my online reporting is not working?

  • nishant verma

    i had given GRE twice and when i had logged in to my account it shows my first score but not the second one and i need to report my second score donno wat to do . Plz help

    • kiran

      nishant i am also having the same problem .. has ur account showed up your second score details online .. i m trying to contact them but there is no reply…
      how many days it took to get scores?/

      • Siwen

        I'm having the exact same problem. I created a GRE account but only my 2nd test score shows. I'm hoping to see my first test score as well in order to send both to institutions. Let me know if you guys figure out something….

  • Ateayeh

    when I fill payment form after requesting additional score report in GRE on-line a page is shown named master security, ask me to add additional security code to my master card and the procedure doesn't progress after this page.


    i think it is better to call GRE assissstance 0016097717290 , it is a ISD call but u will get immediate assisstance. If unable to get the right person, tell the operator tobe with you till you r able toget through.
    It is fast though would cost money.

  • Prasanth

    @ Vijay,

    I have received my score report after about two months from giving the test. It happens sometimes. They will reply to your mail only after they have sent you the score report. They will tell you that they have posted the report on dec22nd or something wheresas the postal stamp clearly shows that it's been posted only on jan20th, after you have complained :D
    Nothing to worry, you will receive your report pretty soon!

  • vijay

    i took gre test on dec 10th and today its jan 19th. i have not recieved any mail from ets regarding my score. my home adress is correct as i recieved the powerprep cd. yesterday i mailed regarding this to [email protected] but the auto generated reply says they require four weeks to replay. i faced tha same as mohan did. please help me regarding the issue.

  • http://happyschoolsblog.com anirudha

    I have experienced problem during GRE score reporting thats because there are so many department codes and we get confused. My specialisation is 'Telecommunication' but there are several departments who offer this spln. For example there is communication engg., electronics and communication engg, electrical and electronics engg and lots of other branches. Finally I get all jumbled up here and there and finally decided not to report the score to the individual department but to admissions office directly. Was my decision correct????????

  • mahzad

    vijay, i don't know about other people but my experience says ets usually posts everything late! if you don't know what is your score yet, you can view itonline even if your gre test was paper based. go to ets gre and login with your toefl user name and password or create a new one, with your test center code and your registration number you can get the score.
    My problem with score reporting is that they say it takes 4-7 work days but it is always longer, and you won't know if it is received until the receiver university arranges all the material and tell you about it which usually takes 2-4 weeks! so when you have done everything about your application you are always worried about test scores!

  • Subha

    To Mohit; indeed there is GRE assistance as you can either call them in numbers provided in ETS website or mail them at [email protected]. The latter is better as you need to pay for several minutes of ISD call before you get a man from customer service on the other end. Best is to describe your problem in great details in email including identifying information like your GRE/TOEFL regn. no., date of birth, test taken date etc.

    My problem was that, I gave both general and subject GRE but my GRE online account flashed only my subject GRE scores with no trace of the general GRE. I was forced to order additional score reports to institutions via phone, shelling out 40$ (20$ for general GRE and 20$ for subject GRE) per school instead of 20$ that one needed to spend at the end of last year(now its 23$), as my score information were separately stored and they thought of my general and subject GRE score belonging to two different person. Unable to get them over phone, finally they responded to my email and merged my online account nearly 15 days after my complaint.

    • Fathmi

      I took my GRE from Bangladesh this December 6th, 2010 but yet to view my results online (32 days passed). Then I emailed ETS and in a reply to that, they let me know that results have been published online on 16th Dec. and suggested me to create an account according to my GRE file which was (MD. FATHMI JAHAN). I have created my account different ways:1. FN> MDFATHMI LN> JAHAN 2.FN> MD MN> F LN> JAHAN 3. FN> JAHAN LN> MD .But still I can't view my scores. Please advise me.