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So many people have emailed me asking to answer difference between Fall and Spring semester admission to Graduate Schools in USA.

I actually started writing about what it the difference between Fall and Spring college admission, but after reading some questions about college admission in Spring semester, I decided to spend some time in collecting some Myths (or rumors) posted by different students about grad school admission in Spring semester.

Also, I read very interesting ideas students had about spring. I really wonder how they come up with questions about graduate school admission in spring. Here’s a few for you read

  • Courses are tough in Spring
  • Less Internships and job opportunities
  • Less chances to get aid and part time jobs
  • Student Visa’s are first come first served basis (not available for Spring)
  • Less intake in spring, so not many courses will be offered
  • Getting internships will be easier
  • Limited seats for Spring admission
  • More pressure on students since courses will be tough
  • You have to work hard if you need to graduate in fall
  • It will be difficult to find place to stay

Majority of the people reading this post should have either applied for Spring semester college admissions and waiting for acceptance decision from the school or students who are planning to apply for Fall or Spring next year.

PS: I came to USA in Spring semester. I took classes with students who started in Fall semester and even graduates with same graduate students who started in Fall.

I have answered some of  of the questions (Myth’s) in the next blog post.

  • Is it ok to apply for College Admission in Spring
  • What about admission chances?
  • What are the chances of getting Visa?
  • When can I apply for Internships?
  • Will I be eligible for Summer Internships?
  • Will Spring students considered for Scholarships and Aid?

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