While registering for GRE, if you have multiple names as first and last names, registration system will not allow to use space between the names.

For example

My name is Arun Jxxx Pxxx Bxxx Rxxx as in my passport and other certificates. I had no problems while registering for TOEFL(nov 20th), but for GRE(planning on taking it in november), the system doesn’t allow me to use spaces in the first or last names. Should I enter them without any spaces? i heard there is a provision for changing the name at the exam centre. I am confused.

Arun Jxxx Pxxx is my first/given name, and Bxxx Rxxx is my surname. Kindly help.

GRE Registration – Names

ETS have clearly specified what to do if you have multiple names as first and last names in their website.

  • The name you use when you register must exactly match the name on the identification (ID) documents (without spaces or accents) that you will present on the day of the test. If it does not, you may be prohibited from taking the test or your test scores may be canceled after you take the test.
  • When you register, you must supply your entire last (family/surname) name. If you have a two-part last name, be sure to supply your complete last name as it appears on the ID documents (without spaces or accents) that you will present on the day of the test.
  • Be sure to provide your entire first (given) name (without spaces or accents). Do not register under a nickname and do not register with only an initial as your first name.
  • If you register by phone, please be sure you are registered under your entire first and last names as they appear on your ID.
  • If your online account has already been created, please confirm that the name on your ID documents still matches the name that appears in your account. If they do not, contact GRE Services.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your ID documents match your admission ticket on the day of the test.

In the example above you should be registering for GRE by using the following

  • First Name – ArunJxxxPxxx
  • Surname – BxxxRxxx

It kind looks odd for ETS to not have software coded to handle spaces between the names, when its possible t have spaces while registering for TOEFL.



  1. Hello,
    My name is Balaji Janakarajan Hari
    In my GRE account it appears as
    First Name: Balaji
    Last Name: JanakarajanHari
    No Spaces which you said
    In my passport its perfect as “Balaji Janakarajan Hari”
    Is there any issue since my GRE cards will be going to print as “Balaji JanakarajanHari”

    Many Thanks!

  2. Hi HSB

    My name in the passport is as follows:
    Given name OXXXX AXXXX WXXXX
    Surname: SXXXXXXX
    How should I enter my name when registering for GRE at the ETS website:
    Example 1:
    First or Given Name: OXXXX AXXXX WXXXX
    Middle Initial:
    Last or Family Name: SXXXXXXX
    Example 2:
    First or Given Name: OXXXX
    Middle Initial: A
    Last or Family Name: SXXXXXXX

    P.S: OXXX is my ‘first name’ and AXXXX WXXXX is my ‘middle name’, both of them are combined together as ‘given name’ in my passport.
    I have to register for GRE tomorrow.
    Please reply.

  3. Hi Raghuram , all my official documents is with name Paul G Mathew , but I have registered the GRE Exam with the name specified in the Passport which is the expanded one. While doing higher studies, will that affect me ,because I want to follow the same name written in all my official documents.

  4. While registering try adding hyphen between your names.
    I too have multiple first and last names. For TOEFL it wasn’t a problem but for GRE I clubbed them together and registered and took the test. The result: different names in both TOEFL and GRE scorecards. Meanwhile I followed up the issue with the GRE officials and they responded in the following manner :

    “Please be advised, you will need to contact your perspective institutions for information about your score report.

    Our database does not allow spaces within a single name. If you have two first names or two last names, a hyphen may be inserted between the names.”
    While applying I contacted the institutions concerned individually and submitted proofs of the same via scanned copies. The replied back saying my scores were successfully added to my application.

    Hope this helps. All the best. Cheers!

  5. I have a big problem! All my official records state my name as Karan K. With the last name not expanded! How do I go about it?

  6. My name as on passport is Shahid Gulam Nabi where Gulam Nabi is my Father’s name and Surname is Qureshi.
    While registering,i gave my first name as Shahid and last name as Qureshi but i did not give my middle name initial as G and kept it empty.Is that a problem?

  7. my name is AVIK KUMAR NAYAK. according to my passport Given name: AVIK KUMAR & Surname: NAYAK
    I’ve registered for GRE in ets.org in following way:
    Fisrt or Given Name: AVIK
    Middle name initial: K
    Surname: NAYAK
    Is it okay?? Or will there be any problem…….if there is any prob how to deactivate myGRE account and to create a new one?? Plz rply………

  8. hi i have regisered 4r gre exam … i have gave unexpectedly my middle name .. but i dont have my middle name .. is there any roblem wit that

  9. Hi HSB,
    My name is Devajeet Singh Rajawat. I have registered for the GRE on 25th of July as DevajeetSingh Rajawat. According to my passport my given name is Devajeet and my surname is Singh Rajawat. Will this cause me any problem? If so, is there any way to rectify the mistake.
    Please help

  10. this is the reply i received from the ets,
    “Thank you for contacting the GRE® Program.
    Regarding your inquiry:

    Our database does not allow spaces within a single name. If you have two first names or two last names, a hyphen may be inserted between the names.

    If we can be of assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

  11. Hi.

    My first name is “pavan naga teja” and last name is “vemana” . I have registered my name in gre portal as pavannagateja vemana. Is it ok? or should it be PavanNagaTeja Vemana .If it is so, how to change or re-create the account? Please help ….

  12. Hi HSB,
    I like to reschedule my GRE exam from Oct 12th to Nov 16th . How can I do this. I request your guide lines for this..

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