Resume Format – India vs USA

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Students from India after attending Universities in US, will get chance to view different resume templates from their seniors and friends.

So, their resume will typically evolve over the period of time. But, some students just don’t get it. They think that resume they have is The Best and it will get them an interview call. Most of the times, they are wrong.

When professionals travel to USA on work  or business Visas, few try to find job and become a full time employee with a company in US. Such professionals while searching for jobs within USA use the same resume, they have been using in India. There is a saying  WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS DO.

That’s why one has to do. Here is comparison of Resume format/templates used in India and USA.

Resume Format – India vs USA

Here’s a comparison of Resume used in India vs USA for Tech and Engineering Jobs applications.

India USA
Used for Job/Internship
Length 2 pages to  mini book 1 or 2 pages
Personal Details Name, Email, DOB, Passport Number, Address,
Passport Expiry Date, Martial Status
Name, Email, Phone, Address
Importance of length Longer the resume, better the profile There is no such concept in US. Typically they will decide between 1 or 2 pages.
Work Experience Work experience will include Company Name, Client Name, Duration, One page Project Description, Responsibilities, Platforms and tools used. Responsibilities and things accomplished. Executives will many years of experience will have 1, max 2 pages resume.
Other Items Includes Declaration (I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct to best of my knowledge), date, signature, references email,.. References, link to website, LinkedIn profile, Twitter Id, ..
Do’s and Dont’s Don’t use the same resume/template while applying for Jobs in USA. Consider getting your resume written by an Professional resume writing service. [Top Mistakes in Entry Level Students Resume ] If resume needs fix, consider getting your resume written professionally.
Suggestions Don’t assume that same resume they you used in India will get you a job in USA.  Do your research and learn what Hiring Managers look  in a resume. Your resume has few seconds to create an impression. If you have 2 page resume and not getting any response after applying for many jobs, consider have your resume reviewed professionally.  When job search is not working, you have to follow different approach. Making changes to resume is first area to start.
Sample Resumes Professionally Written Resume’s Samples

If you are using Resume template used for job search in India will not work most of the time while applying for jobs within US.

You can either spend some $100 to get  professionally written resume or spend lot of time to fix your current resume.

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