My New GRE Score Good or Average?

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Students have big dreams about studying in USA. It starts with getting Good GRE Score or atleast Average New GRE Score.

What would happen if one cannot differentiate between Average and good GRE Scores?

Question – My New GRE Score

I have got New GRE Score but I’m not sure if  my New GRE Score is good or average score.

  • GRE Verbal Reasoning :
    • Scaled score – 132
    • %below – 1
  • GRE Quantitative reasoning:
    • Scaled score  – 147
    • %below -  40
  • Analytical writing:
    • Score – 1.5
    • %below -  1

Basically how is the New GRE score?

What kind of universities can I get?

New GRE – Good or Average

Hmm.. lets see if you GRE Score is Good or Average.

  • GRE Verbal – 132 out of 170
  • GRE Quantitative – 147 out of 170
  • Analytical Writing – 1.5 out of 6

I would say your Revised GRE score is neither Good or Average. Its bad.

I don’t know what to say about a student planning to attend graduate school in USA is unable to differentiate between bad, Average and Good GRE Scores.

If you have scores say 150 in Verbal and  150 quantitative sections, then having doubts about Good vs average GRE Scores is valid question.

When you have scores only 132 in Verbal and 1.5 in Analytical writing, you should know that your score is poor.

99% of the GRE test takers who took the test scores above your score in Verbal section and Analytical writing section.

Do your self a favor. Start preparing for GRE again.

Stop wasting time looking for universities for GRE Score 132, 147 and 1.5.

You need to work hard to improve your GRE Score.

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