Revised GRE Scores for GRE Score Range – Now Available

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ETS published Official GRE score reports today. Now, you will be able to get Revised GRE score from GRE Score Range you received after the test.

While writing this post, I received the following email from a reader.

I was just checking my ETS/GRE account last night and discovered that the new GRE scores are reported.Just wanted to share my scores if that helps anyone.The score ranges that I got on the day of exam were:

  • Verbal GRE Score Range- 500-600
  • Quants GRE Score Range – 750-800

and the final score according to new scale is:

  • New Verbal – 154/170
  • New Quant – 168/170


Official Revised GRE score reporting was scheduled to be published on Nov 8, 2011. But, ETS started reporting Revised GRE scores from today.

Let’s dive deep into the Old GRE to New GRE Concordance Table (Converter).

Check the following  concordance table. Login into you GRE Account, you should be able to see the Revised GRE score for your GRE Score Range.

New GRE Score Converter - Verbal
Old to New GRE - Verbal


New GRE Score Converter - Quantitative
Old top New GRE Scores - Quantitative

You can download the above tables using the following links.

GRE Score Range to GRE Score

So, what is your Official GRE Score and what was your GRE Score range?

I’m still crunching the numbers to figure out how the GRE Score range, mapping of old to new took place.

Looking at few Quantitative Score Converter

  • 800 – 166 – 94%
  • 790 – 164 – 91%
  • 780 – 163 – 88%
  • 750 – 159 – 82%

As you can see 800 in Old Format converts only to 166 in New GRE Format.

What does that mean?

New GRE quantitative section is tougher than Old GRE.

See what Mantahhn GRE Blog said about GRE Score mapping.

750-800 Math estimates can end up all over the place – 750-800 was the best quant estimate that you could get on the revised GRE, but today that range can mean a score as low as the 85 percentile (based on scores we have heard so far). The fact that a range of 6 score values on the old test (750, 760, 770, 780, 790, 800) translates to at least 10 different score values on the new test (162, 163, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170) shows just how out of whack the old quant scale was. Unfortunately, it also means that receiving a 750-800 estimate on your quant doesn’t tell you much about what your official score will actually be.

But, in reality if you look at the actual scores reported to students, single score in old format corresponds to different scores in New Revised GRE.

Look at  the GRE Scores submitted by GRE Test Takers – Unofficial Correspondence Table.

I know what you are thinking.

Is it fair to have such score mapping?

Lets hold on to that argument for now. We need to crunch more numbers, understand how this Equating Process works.

I want you to understand 2 things from this post

  • ETS have published Revised GRE Scores
  • GRE Test Takers should be received Score reports in mail

If you have additional questions, comments or concerns about score mapping, leave your comments below. ETS is going to have a webinar about this score mapping process. I will be attending the session, and I can get you more updates about the GRE scores, percentiles, Equating process used for score mapping.

Your GRE Score Range?

Can you share your revised GRE score below?

Revised Score Results

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