ETS published Official GRE score reports today. Now, you will be able to get Revised GRE score from GRE Score Range you received after the test.

While writing this post, I received the following email from a reader.

I was just checking my ETS/GRE account last night and discovered that the new GRE scores are reported.Just wanted to share my scores if that helps anyone.The score ranges that I got on the day of exam were:

  • Verbal GRE Score Range- 500-600
  • Quants GRE Score Range – 750-800

and the final score according to new scale is:

  • New Verbal – 154/170
  • New Quant – 168/170


Official Revised GRE score reporting was scheduled to be published on Nov 8, 2011. But, ETS started reporting Revised GRE scores from today.

Let’s dive deep into the Old GRE to New GRE Concordance Table (Converter).

Check the following  concordance table. Login into you GRE Account, you should be able to see the Revised GRE score for your GRE Score Range.

New GRE Score Converter - Verbal

Old to New GRE - Verbal


New GRE Score Converter - Quantitative

Old top New GRE Scores - Quantitative

You can download the above tables using the following links.

  • Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning Interpretive Data Used on Score Reports (PDF) — Includes Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores on the 130 – 170 score scales, in one-point increments, and the corresponding percentile ranks.
  • Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning Concordance Information (PDF) — Contains two concordance tables: one for the Verbal Reasoning measure and one for the Quantitative Reasoning measure. The table for each measure provides scores on the prior 200 – 800 score scale, the corresponding estimated scores on the new 130 – 170 score scale and corresponding percentile ranks. Assists score users in comparing applicants who took the GRE® General Test prior to August 1, 2011, to applicants who took the GRE® revised General Test on or after August 1, 2011.

GRE Score Range to GRE Score

So, what is your Official GRE Score and what was your GRE Score range?

I’m still crunching the numbers to figure out how the GRE Score range, mapping of old to new took place.

Looking at few Quantitative Score Converter

  • 800 – 166 – 94%
  • 790 – 164 – 91%
  • 780 – 163 – 88%
  • 750 – 159 – 82%

As you can see 800 in Old Format converts only to 166 in New GRE Format.

What does that mean?

New GRE quantitative section is tougher than Old GRE.

See what Mantahhn GRE Blog said about GRE Score mapping.

750-800 Math estimates can end up all over the place – 750-800 was the best quant estimate that you could get on the revised GRE, but today that range can mean a score as low as the 85 percentile (based on scores we have heard so far). The fact that a range of 6 score values on the old test (750, 760, 770, 780, 790, 800) translates to at least 10 different score values on the new test (162, 163, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170) shows just how out of whack the old quant scale was. Unfortunately, it also means that receiving a 750-800 estimate on your quant doesn’t tell you much about what your official score will actually be.

But, in reality if you look at the actual scores reported to students, single score in old format corresponds to different scores in New Revised GRE.

Look at  the GRE Scores submitted by GRE Test Takers – Unofficial Correspondence Table.

I know what you are thinking.

Is it fair to have such score mapping?

Lets hold on to that argument for now. We need to crunch more numbers, understand how this Equating Process works.

I want you to understand 2 things from this post

  • ETS have published Revised GRE Scores
  • GRE Test Takers should be received Score reports in mail

If you have additional questions, comments or concerns about score mapping, leave your comments below. ETS is going to have a webinar about this score mapping process. I will be attending the session, and I can get you more updates about the GRE scores, percentiles, Equating process used for score mapping.

Your GRE Score Range?

Can you share your revised GRE score below?

Revised Score Results

  • BeccaQ

    Hello! Verbal 148 Quant 137.. good or bad?? Thank you!

  • arjun

    I have secured 306(149-verbal 157_quant) in gre so could you please give me list of univ which i can target for. Please help me out.

  • Jay

    hi there. I just took my GRE in the U.S. and i got an unofficial score of 140 on verbal and 144 on quantitative reasoning without reviewing the content of the reviewer. im BS in physics and chemistry 3.43/4.0 as of the moment wanna go for PhD in chemEng.

    im having an urge to retake it. but i wanna get suggestions.. should i or should i not? lol (i know quantitative is quite a disappointment)

  • arenal

    my unofficial score in verbal is 141 and in quantitative 148.Whether it is a good score?

  • Tejas

    I had taken the older format of GRE and scored 1070 – (Quant – 710 and Verbal – 360) and AW score was 3. My engineering aggregate is 69% in ECE domian. I am planning to join National University of Singapore for MS in Electricals. Do I stand a chance to get into the University ?

    • Mitesh

      No ways i think that is possible

  • Timothy

    I got 162/170 on Verbal and 159/170 on Quantitative. Are these scores good enough to get me into grad school for I/O Psychology?

  • Justina Mathew

    Hi Admin,
    My mame is Justina. I am pursuing for PA schools. My Gpa is a 3.0. I have about 1220 direct patient hours as a CNA. Currently finishing undergrad in Biology. My GRE score was really bad. I had 132 for verbal and 148 for Quantitative. I am not happy with the scores but I do need to apply to colleges by the end of this year. Would you recommend me taking it over next MONTH or should I just apply to colleges with this score? What do colleges consider really low GRE scores?

  • venkat

    i got 145 in verbal and 163 in quant and awa2.5 will all universities consider awa score at the time of admission ….. iwant to do my m.s in electronics

  • Rahul Sharma

    Hi guys I scored 334/340 on the new GRE test format……
    Verbal :170/170
    Quant :164/170
    Desired Stream for Graduation: Electrical Engg
    Acads: 72%(University of Mumbai)

    Can I get into : 1) University of California,Berkley.
    2) Massachusetts Institute Of Technology.
    3) California Institute Of Technology.
    4) Stanford University.

    • Mitesh

      first congrts for the high scores .However Admissions to these institutes is highly have to show more thn GRE scores .Acads are good ,but not great .Do you have publications etc and some good internships and other extra curricular..else they fall into optimistic category..

    • khan

      Buddy, you have scored very good! All i vud ask u is how did u do it ? :) and by the way … a bunch of congrats

  • Akash

    My GRE score is 306/340(Q-161, V-145) Toefl-103.
    I m planning to apply for spring-2013.
    Are their any chances for me to get a good university at this score??

    • prabha patel

      Dear Aaksh,
      you can apply good univeristies according your GRE and TOEFL score and your accadmic % also consider for admission if you have more than 75% in your academic and with no backlogs there are high chances to get admission in good universities mostly high profile universities admission deadlined closes 8-9 month its suggestable to apply as soon as possible

      prabha patel

  • Nikhil

    161/170 verbal 170/170 quant

  • Nuha

    I had my exam today, and got a score of 146 verbal, and 160 quantitative, is the verbal score v. bad for me to apply for a PhD ?? :S

  • Iqbal Nouyed

    Hi HSB,

    I want to tell you that your site has helped me a lot to make up my mind about pursuing higher studies in US. Currently, my GRE score is, Q-156, V-153, AWA-3.5, My M.S Computer Science CGPA is 3.90/4 and B.S 2.99/4 , I have 2 publications in IEEE conferences. I will sit for the TOEFL score next month. I have sent my GRE score to the following universities for PhD in computer science.

    1. CMU
    2. MSU
    3. City College CUNY
    4. SUNY Stony Brook

    Please comment about my selections, haven’t contacted any professors yet, (I’m targeting Spring’13) Could you please recommend a few universities where I am sure to get full funding ?



  • priya

    hii , i took my gre yesterday and my score is 324(math-170 ,verbal-154)
    can i get admission in berkeley(university of california) .I’m a computer science graduate….

  • Shailendra

    I gave my GRE today, at the end of the test it displayed the scores
    verbal – 146
    quant – 159

    is it a good score ?
    will i get an admission into any decent university ?

  • Hala

    136 in verbal and 136 in Q can tell me my score in the old scale please

  • Sankalya

    I did revised GRE and obtained a score of 307.
    Verbal -148 40% below
    Quantitative – 159 82% below
    AW. – 4 Is it a good score?
    Im going to apply for PhD in Biology, Biochemistry or MS in biology. What are the possible Universities in Texas.? I have IELTS-8.
    Thanx :)

  • Shriram

    Hello admin, I took the test today. The score reports are 130 in verbal and 154 in quants. Is it the final score or just rough. I am totally confused with the Verbal score.

    • HSB

      130 in verbal is the lowest possible score you can get. Re-take GRE.

  • govindrajan

    hi my gre score
    verbal:140 quant:150
    awa awaited
    i want to pursue masters in MFE/financial application from NYU, stony brooke, suny,claremount
    will i get admit.

  • Samana

    my scores in new format are 307 (150 in verbal , 155 in quant, 2 in awa )..
    is it a decent score to apply for good universities?
    what will be my score in old format?

  • dibyajyoti

    Hi i took GRE today i.e.
    quant 161/170
    verbal 154/170
    awa result awaited
    Is it a good score to get admits in Arizona state university, university of florida…
    plz help me..
    thanks in advance

  • Adharsh

    Hi…I have got a final score of 321 (verbal-157, quant-164) and 3.5 in awa….
    Can this score be considered good?
    what kind of universities should i plan to apply?

    • Adharsh

      I am planning to apply for M.S / Ph.D in Materials Science

  • Saurabh

    I gave gre on 31 oct and yet to receive the actual score . I got the range of Q 710-800 and V 340-440 . How much score should i expect in the new scale and Which universities should i apply ? Want to do Masters in Computer Science .

  • ashok

    163 verbal (93 percentile)
    160 quant (84 percentile)
    awa 4
    can anybody tell me if its possible?Iam dissapointed with quant ?but i am not considering retake as iam just scraping through

    • Hassan

      what was your score range?

  • Rohan Prakash

    Verbal:- 153 (62%ile)
    Quant:- 169 (98%ile)
    AWA:- 4.5 (72%ile)

    can any1 pplz help me determine if its a decent score or not?i am looking for michingan, ann arbor and georgia!

  • shweta

    verbal = 520-620 : 155
    quant = 730-800 : 159
    awa = 4
    Is asu a safe option for these scores?

  • eckabey

    social science major

    v= 156 (72%)
    Q= 145 (32%)
    AW= 4 (48%)

    At first I was thinking that the scores were okay, not good but okay…. but the percentile score makes me feel as though they are very bad. If the new test is supposedly harder than the old test then why are the percentiles taken from the last three years? I don’t know if I should bother applying to graduate school now.

    • Niscen

      ” If the new test is supposedly harder than the old test then why are the percentiles taken from the last three years? I don’t know if I should bother applying to graduate school now.” — I feel the same way too~!! >.<

  • Ashish

    I got 151 in verbal and 166 in quant,hows da score/??can i get admissions?

    • Saurabh

      How much range u got when u gave the exam?

  • Anastasiya

    I’ve got 157 (760-800)Q that’s very strange, 136 (290-390) V and AW 2,5((( What to do next?( Retake the test!

    • Hassan

      Your qyant score is 157? how the range in prior format is 760-800 then?

  • dilip

    hai sir,
    i got 138 in verbal and 148 in quants. is it a good score to do ms in networkin

  • dilip

    Hai i scored 138 in verbal and 148 in quants.. i want to go for ms in computer science. Is it a gud score or shall i have to take the gre again. Help me if u know.

    • gauthamhs

      kindly take the exam again…………if u want to get a good college,u should get atleast 300 :)

      • dilip

        thanx for ur reply

  • Vasim

    I had given REVISED GRE dated 4th 0ct. & got range V-320-420 & Q-700-800.
    Is it good ?? Or should i retake GRE??
    I want to apply for MS in COMPUTER ENGINEERING.
    At ETS i found conversion can i assume my min. & max. marks out of 340 by going through that chart…plz give ur suggestion…i m confused

  • Basheer

    Verbal: 166 (710-800 at the end of the test) (97 percentile)
    Quant: 166 (750-800 at the end of the test) (94 percentile)
    Essay 3.5
    Wrote the exam when I was half minded about higher studies. I still am.
    I am working for past 9 years. Does it make sense to quit my job and do higher studies with this score? (Can I get to a good university that will not make me regret about losing my job?. I am interested in doing higher studies in computer/electronics field.)

    • Hassan

      Hello basheer, Can I ask you how I can get high scores like the ones you achieved? I will take the GRE the next month and I hope you can give me some advices.

      • SBA

        hard work dude
        nothing can equal perseverance
        and by the way
        no matter what take time in doing those 1st 15 questions right in both the section
        thats the only tip i can give you

    • shrikant

      for studies,its not age that matters…offcourse if u have 9 yrs exp then defnatly after doing post grad studies ,u will get good output…

  • Samana

    my score is 480-520 in verbal and 680-780 in Quant.. i am yet to get my exact score…is it a decent score? i want to apply for ECE courses in waterloo..canada…
    is it acceptable or do i need to write gre again?

  • Giri

    hi Admin,

    I got my new gre revised score recently.


    how much problty that i can get into below univ:-

    Vanderbilt univ.
    Memphis univ.
    or any decent univ.

    my btech percentage is 76
    is it required to write gre again?

    awaiting ur reply?

    • Giri

      i want to apply for Ms in CS.planning for fall2012.

    • vijay

      what was ur range of scores in old pattern ?

      • Giri

        Hi Vijay,
        As the above chart for new gre score to old gre score.

        My score will be

        Verbal – 330
        Quant – 720
        AW – 2.5

        how much problty that i can get into below univ:-

        Vanderbilt univ.
        Memphis univ.
        or any decent univ.

        awaiting ur reply?

        • Greek

          Vanderbilt – impossible
          Memphis – never heard

          • SBA

            whats vanderbilt

  • padmaja

    how some are reporting score in range e.g. 750-800 in Q verbal 440-540 etc. is it mentioned in the report card that way . pl reply.

    • Amitkumar

      I got the same range verbal 440-540 and math 750-800
      Nw can anyone help me interpreting the score…. Plzzz

  • Sita Rama Krishna

    Verbal (340-440) = 145/170
    Quant (750-800) = 170/170
    AWA 3.0
    145/170 looks better than 380/800 or 390/800 ;-)

  • rahul singh

    Hiii I scored 319 (162 quants…..157 verbals)
    awa 3 .Is it a good score i want to do MS in CS.Planning for fall 2012

    • Saurabh

      When did u take the exam??
      I mean did u get these scores just after u finished giving ur gre examination (i.e. on that day itself)??

      • F

        I have the same question as from Saurabh. please tell me,when and how u got ur score?immediately after exam or on the day of exam through ur GRE account???

    • Anupama

      I have got the exact same score as you today.. 162 quant and 157 verbal.. I’m really confused and I dont know what to make of it.. Is it good? bad? ugly?

      • HSB

        Its a good score. Start your application. You can still make it to Fall 2012.

  • ram

    340-440 145
    750-800 170
    AWA 3.0

    • Vasim

      when did u take ur exam & received ur score??
      help…so i can get when my score will be reported.

  • srikanth

    Sorry forgot to mention my Toefl score 85 am planning for the fall. Please suggest some good universities which provide research in Computer Science.

  • srikanth

    Hello HSB,
    My scores are 141,157,2.5 (V,Q,Awa) 76% in, I have 3 Yr exp in IT firm,
    I want to pursue MS in computer science, Please suggest some good universities which provide research in Computer Science.

    • shrikant

      hey I too have 3 yrs exp in IT…. I have 145 in vrbal and 150 in quant and 3 in which uni did u apply..?

  • NITHIN was on i got my GRE score…….with verbal 132 and quants 144 and analytical 2.0..well a chance to go ahead for ……can any one suggest tips…is this good or bad…….n gonna write my TOEFL THIS DECEMBER……so…..

    • monish

      i will be very direct with u .. this is a very bad score considering the fact that the scores start from 130 .. and u have got only 2 marks extra .. also the essay score is too low .. i suggest you write gre again .. or if u r satisfied to get admission even in the lowest ranking universities then u go ahead .. good luck ..

  • Siddharth

    Hai, my new GRE scores are as 147/170/4.0 (V/Q/AW). I am looking for MS in Control Systems in US. I wish to know how far the scores are good? Decent or good or bad…??? What colleges can i get into….??

    • Amitkumar

      R u from mechanical background or electrical background? Some universities have good programs for control systems. Your score is good enough. Bdw what range was given to you at the end of GRE exam in old scale?

      • Siddharth

        Hai Amitkumar.. I am from Control & Instrumentation background. Basically electrical. My range at end of exam was verbal: 370-470 & quants 750-800. Can i aim for universities like Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, univ of wisconsin-madison, Penn state, texas@austin, ohio state univ..? Ll i fit in these!!!


    please users,i took the revised gre ending of september,and i got the following scores
    quantitative: 570-670.
    please what are my likely revised gre scores on the new scale

  • m

    V 167 – 98%
    Q 165 – 93%
    AW 4.5 – 72%

    i am applying to bioinformatics phds…i guess this is pretty good,but AW could have been better,i was too stressed out and ran out of time

    • Mahesh

      thats a brilliant score. What was your score range in the old pattern?

  • Tim Lin

    I just checked the score today and my verbal is 153 (62% below) and q 167 (95% below) and AWA is 3.5 (29% below) with GPA 3.6 from UCSD undergraduate. I am trying to apply for UCLA in Electrical Engineering major. Is it possible for me to get in? I really need some useful comments now.. :(


    I got 137 in verbal(% below 06) and 151 in quantiitative(i%below 56)..
    I am confused with my result. how could it be possible geeting % below 6 in verbal though i have 137 score.

    Will the University going to check marks according to percentage or only final score???(making my blood pressure high)

    • Tim Lin

      Since the full score for revised GRE verbal is 170 and you will have the minimum score of 130, which means you only get 7 points from the test.

    • rohit

      what was ur score range at the time of exam?

  • Jitendra

    Range Displayed:
    Q: 710-800
    V: 550-660
    Actual Score: 157 each in Q&V. 77%ile each. Corresponding score in Old GRE: 1290. AWA:4

  • Siddarth Surana

    Verbal 155
    Quant 164
    AWA 4.0
    Test taken on 19th september….
    HSB plz comment


    I have only got the report saying verbal – 150(48% below), quant – 148(44% below) and analytical – 3.0(11% below).. Please guide me how good are these scores? Is it advisable to write gre again? i have a score of 109 in TOEFL..

    Thanks and regards.

  • Ajay

    I got Quant – 154
    Verbal – 151..
    AW – 4.0
    Applying for MS in computer science.. How are the chances f getting into a decent university??
    115/120 in Toefl

  • pankil

    how do u get 168 marks when its only 166 if we get 800

    • insane soul

      Its confusing but I got 168 in quant.Funny World…!!!

  • vimal

    I got the new score which is 144 (320-420) for verbal and 156 (690-790) for quant and 2.0 for AWA

  • Mahesh

    I took the revised gre on sep 9 and i got my revised scores today :

    Verbal – 161- 89 below
    Quants- 163 – 88 below
    AWA- 3.5- 29% below

    The score ranges i received after my exam where

    Verbal : 630-730
    Quants : 750-800

    Slightly put out as i thought my scores read great in the old pattern………..and my verbal score of 161 corresponds to 610 which is less than the score range i recieved…. :(

  • Ater

    It is very unfair for those who took the old GRE. The maximum score only 336 compare to those who take new GRE. 4 points is huge, can decide wheather you will be selected by Uni.

    • Ater

      they canot based on the 94% (for old GRE is at 800, new GRE is at 166). As Revised GRE takers are far more fewer than the old GRE takers

  • manu

    can anybody tell what is the equivalent of 1000 in the new scale??

  • Yader

    I got my scores today as well: Verbal: 159 (%84) and Quant: 168 (96%)
    AWA 3.5 (29%)
    I’m applying for MS in chemical engineering .

  • PS

    I wanted to ask that while filling the admission form for the university online should i enter the new scaled score that I received or the range .Please help me out HSB :)

    • HSB

      New Score is your official score.

      • PS

        But the university page ask us to enter Verbal and Quant marks for score range of 200-800 should i write to the uni for the same or should i enter my marks based on the coversion table u provided??

  • shaardul

    Hi guys, I gave it on Sept 12th, but in website it shows ‘Absent or not available’. Is it normal ?

    • HSB

      Call ETS.

      • Anshul Mehra

        hey, its the same for me..
        i took my GRE on 4th of October at Prometric Ahmadabad (India) and got the following score ranges: verbal 490-590 and quant 750-800..
        i keep on checking my GRE account and it said “absent or not available”..
        i thought it was normal since my official score was scheduled to be declared on 17th of October..but reading this article has made me very anxious..please advise me on the course of action..
        meanwhile i ll try and contact ETS about the matter..

    • vimal

      It is available now on the website

      • Anshul Mehra

        when did u take your gre..?
        mine is still not there..!!

        • insane soul

          You will recieve ur scores by the end of next week.As of now the scores are available for only those who appeared between 1st August to 30 Sept.

    • monish

      its come .. check ur gre account

  • Ravi

    I took my GRE on October 5th .. I haven’t got any update .. please mention the dates on which you took GRE while mentioning the scores ..

  • Sandeep.M

    I got a score of 153 (%below 62) in Verbal and 161(%below 86) in Quants and 4.5 in Analytical writing. Is it a good score?

    • insane soul

      Its a decent score.I received a similar score of 154 in verbal and 168 in quant with 3.5 in AWA(it sucks…!!!).

      • Shashank

        what were your ranges?

        • insane soul

          Verbal – 500-600
          Quant – 750-800

        • Sandeep.M


      • Huzefa

        I too got 3.5. I think the prompts to the issues and arguments did me in.

  • megha


    • Dhruv

      Hey megha.. can i get admission in USA through these scores?

  • Dhruv

    Hello HSB ,
    My score is 136 in verbal and 160 in Quantitative and Analytic is 3.0…?
    What can you say about the scores according to Revised GRE scores? GOOD or BAD?

  • park

    Well, it is not clear for me why GRE/GMAT is considered as the decisive exam to enter in to graduate program. i personally believe that,it should be a Major related not English exam(GRE) which should determine u to embark on graduate study.
    i am an MSc student and i am not good in English but i do research very well,Communicate well.
    Anyway ,i took the exam past September and as i have expected, ETS has dropped their bomb on my mind early this morning.

    Frankly speaking, i wasn’t prepared well, i didn’t even bought any kinds of supplementary books. the only book/document i used is the official book in which i downloaded it from ETS website. in the exam,back in September, i have seen the immediate results reading: verbal=700-800,and Quant=330-430.
    But finally, today i have got my result which reads, V=157 (percentage below 77%, i guess it is not bad) and Quant=144 (percentage below 26%, very very poor,i knew it would happen).
    i am also bad in essay writing ,got 3.0(percentage below11%).

    so i have no chance of getting admission(PhD) this time. lol

    • park

      poor me, i interchanged it.
      pls interchange the Verbal and Quantitative terms above pls, sorry i was out of mind for awhile.

      • SBA

        if you think you werent prepared well you shouldnt have taken the test

        the thing is no one is ever prepared for the test
        out of every 100 students taking gre only 2 or 3 are the ones are actually very confident about their preparation
        GRE scores are just one aspect for admissions
        they carry only about 10 to 20 % weightage
        the rest depends on your SOP LOR your RESEARCH and publications
        if you are saying you are good at research then just show them your work
        i am sure they would be very happy to accept you

    • Flaviyan


      Dont loose hope you can show your TOFEL scores for low verbal scores, if you perform really good. B/W wen did you give your test on.

      • park

        i took on Sept03:)

    • Pritam

      A 10 year old can score 750-800 in GRE quant.Infact it is so easy that some might say it is impossible to screw it up.Verbal is a different story though.
      If you get a 26 pc in quant maybe you should stop dreaming about phd and start working in a McDonalds drive through instead.

      • park

        Well,I actually said,i interchanged my results: V=141,Q=157,AWA=3.0.
        I knew i would have scored much better had I been prepared well. Frankly speaking I took it just because there was a 50% discount on fee,just wanted to know my level with out any preparation.
        Hey there, BTW, i wont give up to pursue my PhD just because of my GRE result. What matters most is my MSc research (in which i am doing well and strongly believe to publish on International magazines.) not the so called GRE.
        Forget about working at McDonald men hahhaa, am not desperate with PhD. I WILL DO PHD IF I GET IT FOR FREE,MEANING, TUITION FREE AND MONTHLY ALLOWANCE (LIKE My current MSc) I am a young Structural Engineer if u dont know

  • WellwisherofHSB

    Revised GRE is the best test in the world….! Old GRE will no longer hold the charm..:-) :-))

  • Aswin


    I took my test on 29th September. But, I find I’ve not got my scores. May be people who took in the month of August have got it, I guess!

    • Nimit

      Aswin! Contact ETS. I have also given my exam on 29th Sept and have received my score.

  • Ashok

    Well it seems that the revised GRE scores and the percentiles are now synonymous. Both the score and the percentile seem to indicate the same thing now unlike the old GRE, in which the score was an absolute measure and the percentile was relative.