Revised new GRE score conversion chart will be used to convert Old GRE Score to New GRE Score.

As per ETS schedule Revised GRE Score reports will be mailed to test takers starting November November 8, 2011

You can see unofficial Old GRE to New GRE Score converter.

Few minutes back, I saw a comment from Navya

My old GRE score has been converted to New GRE score.

Now i got 276/340. I don’t know whether its a good score or bad score.

I have to figure out if ETS already started mailing out New GRE Score reports or she found from her online GRE account.

New GRE Score Conversion Chart – Verbal

New GRE Score Conversion – Verbal

OldGRE Verbal Revised GRE Verbal Percentile  Score
800 170 99
790 170 99
780 170 99
770 170 99
760 170 99
750 169 99
740 169 99
730 168 98
720 168 98
710 167 98
700 166 97
690 165 96
680 165 96
670 164 94
660 164 94
650 163 93
640 162 90
630 162 90
620 161 89
610 160 86
600 160 86
590 159 84
580 158 79
570 158 79
560 157 77
550 156 72
540 156 72
530 155 69
520 154 64
510 154 64
500 153 62
490 152 56
480 152 56
470 151 51
460 151 51
450 150 48
440 149 42
430 149 42
420 148 40
410 147 36
400 146 31
390 146 31
380 145 28
370 144 26
360 143 21
350 143 21
340 142 18
330 141 16
320 140 13
310 139 10
300 138 8
290 137 6
280 135 4
270 134 3
260 133 2
250 132 1
240 131 1
230 130 1
220 130 1
210 130 1
200 130 1

New GRE Score  Conversion – Quantitative

Old GRE to New GRE Math Raw Score conversion and percentile rank.

Old GRE Verbal New GRE  Verbal Percentile  Rank
800 166 94
790 164 91
780 163 88
770 161 86
760 160 84
750 159 82
740 158 79
730 157 77
720 156 74
710 155 69
700 155 69
690 154 67
680 153 65
670 152 61
660 152 61
650 151 56
640 151 56
630 150 53
620 149 49
610 149 49
600 148 44
590 148 44
580 147 40
570 147 40
560 146 36
550 146 36
540 145 32
530 145 32
520 144 26
510 144 26
500 144 26
490 143 22
480 143 22
470 142 19
460 142 19
450 141 16
440 141 16
430 141 16
420 140 12
410 140 12
400 140 12
390 139 10
380 139 10
370 138 7
360 138 7
350 138 7
340 137 6
330 137 6
320 136 4
310 136 4
300 136 4
290 135 3
280 135 3
270 134 2
260 134 2
250 133 1
240 133 1
230 132 1
220 132 1
210 131 1

New GRE Score Conversion

According to ETS

  • Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores on the GRE revised General Test are reported on new 130 – 170 score scales, in 1-point increments.
  • For GRE test takers who took the GRE General Test prior to August 2011, reports will include Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores on the prior 200 – 800 score scales and estimated scores on the new 130 – 170 score scales. This information is included on the score report to help you compare candidates. New GRE Score Conversion table will be available on the GRE website in November.
  • Additional test taker information is provided on the report, including email address, telephone number and intended graduate major.



  1. Hi
    my scores are verbal-148 and Quant-168, with total score 316
    I applied for the following colleges
    University of washington
    Oklahama state university
    Missouri university of science and technology
    Illinois sate university

    Will i be able to get an admission into any of the above colleges?

    Toefl i’m expecting 100 and AWA i’m expecting 4

    Kindly, tell me what are all the universities i could be able to get an admission in.

  2. Hello am Anupam and i am interested in pursuing masters in USA. My profile is: 10th-74%,intermediate-65%,3 years bsc- 64%,GRE-308( verbal-153, quant-155) bachelor (microbiology) is 3 yr so i have completed masters 1st year program with 56% to meet the criteria of 16 year I have any chance for admission in the us college?what should i do now?what should i do now?plz reply

  3. Hi.. My gre score is 290 and i have 8.7 gpa in engineering.. 10th 87% and 12th 92%.. Can i get into any good university in US..?

    • Hi Daniel, Undergard aggregate scores are good. GRE scores are comparatively a little low but admissions are certainly possible. For University suggestions, kindly post profile details in the forums section under appropriate head.

  4. i think this conversion table doesn’t reflect the right conversion of scores, as the conversion shown by quant table is different from the table that is given on the ets site…..
    i think u have to check it again……and confrm us as soon as possible..
    i m a regular follower of this blog and doesn’t want that any one gets wrong prediction from this blog….

  5. Hi – my scores are the following with the NEW GRE test:
    V: 140
    Q: 136

    Will I have a good chance at getting into the Ed.D program at The University of North Texas?

  6. can any one suggest me some universities in us according to my profile
    gre-295, toefl yet to be taken, expecting 90 and above
    10th 86%,intermediate 94%, Btech 75%… plz suggest some universities with scholorships

    • Hi Kamal, Please let us know your complete profile details and post your query on University suggestions in the forums section. Do mention scores individually in Quant and verbal sections.
      We would be happy to provide you with relevant suggestions.
      Good day!

  7. Hello am ashwini and i am interested in pursuing masters in USA. My profile is
    GRE- 300 verbal – 148 and quant – 152 AWA – 3

    I have applied to the following universities :

    1. San jose state university
    2. California State University – Northridge
    3. University of Arlington
    4. University of Houston
    5. Wichita State University

    Do I have a chance to get into them? please reply.

      • Hi,
        my gre score is verbal-148 and quant-160 which i converted using old-new gre chart. my 12th score-96% and 10th-95% and BE-ECE-91%. is there possibity for me to get the following universities?
        1.Texas state university
        2.ohio state university
        3.colombia state university.
        what are the other universities i may get ?
        Please tell me.
        Toefl yet to write.

  8. please let me know its urgent i have verbal 150 and quant 153 awa3 can i get the admission in phd in usa plz let me know

  9. I have got 291(Q-151, V-140) in gre. Toefl yet to give.
    B.E : 80.3%.
    12th : 77%
    Interested MS in MIS. What are the possibilities of getting into
    1.San Jose State Univ
    2.University of Dallas
    3.New York poly
    5. Sacramento State Univ.

  10. Hi All,
    I gave GRE exam on 23-Nov, verbal – 143, quant-143, Total-286/340..I have 5+ years of IT experience, please suggest me can i get admission in US university for Computer Science?

  11. Hi, my GRE score is 295 v- 142, q- 153. Over all academic education: 15 years (12 + 3). I got 62.3% in B.Sc (Hons.) Computer Science from one of the reputed colleges of India (accredited as A+ by NAAC). Have more than 17 international publication including peer-reviewed international journals and international conferences (even IEEE publications). Have 2 years of research experience in undergraduate level and research paper presentation certificates. Received few awards and certificates for extra-curicullam activities (drama/acting) and also participated in many humanitarian works with many NGOs and also with NSS. received 80.2% in class 10 (madhyamik exam) and 76% in class 12 (higher secondary exam).

    I want to pursue M.S. in Computer Science at US. Please suggest me few decent universities, who will accept my GRE score and my over profile for admission??
    Which decent Universities will accept my GRE scores and overall academic career??
    Please really need help as soon as possible!! PLEASE HELP ME!!
    (P.S.: Could not give my GRE well. Actually I was very ill during the exam times. But, can not sit for the exam again. Don’t have money for a retake.)

  12. hi,
    will you please suggest some good us universities for MS in computer science.
    my gre score is
    verbal = 144
    quant =158

    • . i will complete (ece) in may 2013 from. iit new gre score is 311,toefl score opportunities in us,canada,singapore with scholarship

  13. I really don’t understand the Percentile…Plz suggest what would be my GRE score if i do 15 ans correct out 40, in verbal, and 24 quants correct out 40? plz let how could i convert this?

  14. Hii Raghu…

    GRE- 312 verbal -151 quan – 158 …

    2 yrs of work experience.. nw working in PSU… TOEFL – yet to be

    GPA-8.1/10 Mechaqnical Engineering

    10th – 91%
    12th – 90.66%

    Could you suggest me universities for my MS in mechanical …

    University of cincinnati is it feasible ???



  15. obviously, yes!!!go for it!!especially if you have some research or internship experience. Yuou are an IITian with brilliant GRE and TOEFL scores. With good recos, you are bound to get into any program if you write the SOP well(which again you will certainly nail, seeing your AWA scores). Best of Luck!!!!!:):)



  18. i got 287 in gre
    quants – 150
    verbal= 137
    plans of doin MS in industrial engineering and management,

    Any idea of getting admission

  19. Hello all, I took the revised GRE yesterday. I scored 162 Quant and 152 Verbal. I am very much confused regarding the kind of schools I apply to, for MS or PhD in Mechanical Engineering..
    I would appreciate any
    A little bit of background information..
    I am an undergraduate in an american university. I’m hoping to graduate next year with some gpa between 3.5-3.6 out of 4. I also have a little bit of research experience..
    I know my GRE score probably isn’t great, but I don’t want to retake it and most likely going to apply to grad school with this score… So please suggest any feasible Universities for me in US or Canada… Thanks

  20. my gre score is 284
    quanta 138
    verbal 146
    IELTS overall band 6
    suggest some universities and old pattern score
    planning to do MS in Telecommunications

  21. My Verbal is 140 and my quantitative is 154…
    I know is quite low on my Verbal, bt english is my second language so its hard for me to do it well on the test (thats shouldn”t be an excuse, anyway)

    Is it possible to get in Texas A&M college station for my I/O psychology>?

  22. I got 168 in quants and 147 in verbal and I have 2 publications and 1.2 years of work experiance, yet to write TOEFL. Can you recomend some universities for me to do MS Embedded Systems in US.

  23. hey guys i got 169 in quant and 168 in verbal ,awa section got 5.5 is it good enough to apply to harvard n mit? n i got 119 in toefl…..what about direct admission in ph.d cs? now am studying in iit mumbai….:)

  24. Hi,
    My gre scores are 153(V) +157(Q)=310….equivalent to 500(verbal)+730(Q)=1230
    I am planning to to MS in aerospace engineering,should I retake the test since my quant scores are low :( ?

  25. Next time, try please to be gentle due to he did not mention any bad thing. Furthermore, your sentence should be : you will not get a seat, you are id…, :)

  26. I gave the GRE on 25th July 2012 from Hyderabad
    My scores are
    Quants – 168
    Verbal – 162
    Can I get an admit in either Arizona State Univ or Illinois

  27. hi i am get 154 in quant and 138 in verbel which is equal to how much in old pattern plz tell me and is it good score…..plz reply to my mail….

  28. I scored a 302 on my first try–that probably won’t cut it for major grad school requirements–especially if the school is competitive. University of Washington, for example would want a minimum of 315. $160 down the drain. :(

  29. Hello HSB,

    I am preparing for gre. I had taken 3-4 mock tests lately , and i am able to achieve 310 mark on an average. Now i want to excel my score to 320 and i have one month span left for it. I generally got Quant:-165 and Verbal:-145 . I have a lot of problems with Reading comprehensions and Sentence completion.
    Please suggest me the way .


      • I gave the gre one time and i got 300 , and i am giving gre again , So what kind of universities i can get from 300 ( quant:- 157 , Verbal :- 143) ….

  30. Hey guys I got 730(old)=157(new) in quant
    410(old)=147(new) in verbal
    and yet to get my AWA
    Are my scores sufficient to get into gud universities or shall i take exam again..

    • I guess your verbal is too less. Usually engineering etc universities the V schore to be in 50s of percentile at minimum. I have seen many universities requiring score in 500-550.

      Syracuse: GRE Verbal score of 500 or better;
      • GRE Quantitative score of 700 or better;
      • GRE Analytical Writing score of 4.5 or better (the GRE Analytical multiple choice is not acceptable);
      • For international students: TOEFL computer-based score of 250 (paper-based score 600) or better;
      • GPA of 3.5/4.0 or better.

      V, 550 / 146 Q, 750 / 159 A, 4.0 T=95

  31. I took GRE exam yesterday. After the exam these grades appeared.
    Are these scores reliable?

    • Q170 is amazing! That’s perfect 100%! Excellent excellent work! However, your Verbal is very low. It might not be that much of a problem if you are applying to an engineering program, but for something like psychology, you would definitely need a higher Verbal score.

  32. Hi all,
    I got 310 and I am looking for MIS in US.
    Which universities I can look for?? What are the options available with this score??

    Can anyone guide me??

  33. hi, i got a score of 293 with a spilt of 138 in verbal and 155 in quants. plzz let me know for which univ am i eligible to apply for M.S in embedded ..thanks in advance.

  34. Hi ,
    I got Q – 151 & V- 135 , I would like to know which universities can I apply for M.S in Petroleum engineering.

  35. I got
    500(old) ->153(revised) in verbal
    770(old) ->161(revised) in quant
    1270(old) -> 314(revised) in total according to the chart you mentioned.
    Further I scored 3 in AWA…
    I am bit concerned about my AWA score.
    Do you think I should take the revised GRE or the scores are fine to get thorough in good universities in US.
    I am yet to take my TOEFL.

    • more than sufficient 1000 above in old pattern is a good score and you will get scholarship too for 314 marks in a good univ.

  36. i got my gre scores

    Math – 160

    Verbal – 136

    Is it a good score? or i need to apply again. is there any chance to get into top universities?

  37. My New GRE score is 281 is it a good score? and I am planning to apply for MS in USA whether I will get any admits from the universities?

  38. HI, My score is 166 from quant section, and 144 from verbal section, Which university is better to apply.

  39. Hi i got revised GRE of 277 total…. tell me weather it is good or bad score…. Will i get good universities …..

  40. I have given revised scores are verbal-148 and quant-151 is it a good score can I apply for engineering PG course?pls help HSB.

  41. Hi, My new GRE scores are 143 verbal and 148 in Quant… TOEFL score is 106…am i eligible for admissions to Master’s Program in Tier 1 or 2 Universities in US?

  42. I got 163 quant, 160 verbal.
    What’s the best school i’m likely to get for computer science MSc? (either US or Canada)

  43. Today i took my gre and, i scored 149 in verbal and 156 in it good for a masters in bioechnology? i want to apply for UTA in USA and NUS in singapore.

  44. i lost usename and password of my original my gre account,so created new one but score reporting coulden’t possible from that.what should i do…………..plz suggest………………….thankyou very much

  45. my quant.score range is 590-690 and verbal 390-490,what will be the my scoreaccording to new patern(out of 340 scale)……..plz …………………….waiting for reply………………………….thankyou

  46. I would like to know if this conversion is accurate, and where did you got it from. This is really helpfull but I’m confused with the quantitative chart, is it different from the verbal? It has the title different, but it says new gre verbal, so please let me know, because I want to make sure I am looking at the correct chart to interpret my answers.


    • It is, it’s taken off of the ets site… though I can’t find the link right now, but the numbers correspond when I checked my score

  47. Hi there, I got 139 in Verbal, 155 in Quantitative, 294/340 and 3 in writing. I have MSc and decided to apply for PhD in U.S. Please let me know can I apply ? Is that enough?

    • it is up to the school and program that you are applying . some school in US dont even care about your verbal and they look only at your Q grade .

  48. hai… i got a score of 315.5 totaling the verbal, quantitative and analytical writing sections… What actually is the total maximum score..? What would be my score as compared to the earlier version. Is my score a good one?

  49. i took the GRE in the new pattern. my score is 330/340. what would be my score in the old pattern? will it be above 1500? this conversion thing is very very ambiguous. i wonder why i spent so much for an exam that can’t even give me my scores accurately.

  50. Hi,
    Wondering if you have any updates on the conversion?
    Could you at least ballpark my scores for me? Even my advisors and profs have no idea…
    165 Quant, 161 Verbal.

    Either way, thanks!

  51. hey, i observed 1 of the post that 1330 is equivalent to 317,318 ? how is that possible, so this is unfair eg: person1: 730/800 in Q and 600/800 in verbal.. new pattern scores are 157 in quants and 160 in Verbal making a total of 317/340.
    person 2 :Verbal : 158 (570)
    Quant: 160 (760)
    Total: 318 (1330)
    so unfair right?

    • yes ,there is a lot of difference ,evn in quant 720 was given 157 and 750 is gvn 154 or 155 ….ths is very confusing,shud await the official scores by the ets .:(

  52. Hi, I gave the GRE in the old format. Have got the new scores
    Verbal : 158 (570)
    Quant: 160 (760)
    Total: 318 (1330)

  53. I checked my GRE account, I had taken my GRE(old pattern) on march 25 2011.
    I scored 730/800 in Q and 600/800 in verbal.. my new pattern scores are 157 in quants and 160 in Verbal making a total of 317/340.

  54. nice post HSB,

    since the test takers will soon be announced their score in new format, can HSB set up a page for students to input their estimated score in old format, compare to their score in new format, may be a good reference for us. thanks

  55. After reading this post I checked my gre account and saw that Ets has given a approximate new gre score. Mine is 310/340. But they have not entered the scaled scores yet. Is 310 a good score?

    • Hi vignesh… when did you take your test? my aren’t available still! i took it on the 21st of september… did u take the test in the old format as well?

      • Hi Amritha! I took the test in the old format on the 10th of May..I guess they are giving the new test score only for those who took the old format..Those who took d test in d new format will get their scores by the 2nd week of Nov I guess..

        • looks like it :) anyway.. congrats on your score! 310 sounds pretty good to me considering the values in the concordance table!

        • hey I took my new gre on 26th june,2012
          and have score 310/340

          verbal – 147
          quant – 163 (don’t know what went wrong. Have not scored this low in any of practice tests)

          Can anyone tell me how good score is this?? or should i go for one more attempt??

  56. I took GRE in both patterns. I received an estimated current score for old GRE pattern. I am still waiting for the current scores of revised GRE. I got 300/340 in the old version of GRE.

  57. Well I took the revised GRE and the scores aren’t available yet. However the online score sheet looks quite different from what it used to look a week back. Also the report online scores option is now enabled. So I think they are uploading the scores.

    On a different point, the score of Navya seems quite low then. Considering that the minimum is 260, 276 tells its extremely low.

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