Salary negotiation is difficult, unless you are well prepared for salary negotiation, your salary offered will be less than average entry level salary for that particular position.

There are severe Salary negotiation mistakes to avoid during the negotiation process. You need to be prepared. If not  employer is going to hire you at a bargain rate.

Do you know how to negotiate salary? If not continue reading this article.  As far I know most of my friends who got the job didn’t really have any clue about salary negotiation. Most of them we just happy to get the  job offer.

Because, most of the students, including me did few mistakes during Salary negotiation process. But, following some of the steps and practicing it mentally will help you to get involved in Salary negotiation with much more confidence. Remember – Preparation is the key for salary negotiation.

Salary Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

Entry level student who are in OPT status is very desperate to find a job and employer to sponsor H1B Visa.

Usually, it will take 4-6 months to get a job. But, if the student starts the job search process well before graduation, then within couple of months they should find a entry level job.Majority of the students start looking for jobs only after they graduate.

OPT is valid only for 1 year from date of graduation, but with new OPT rules, you have 90 days to find a job.

When you get a job, don’t accept the offer without negotiating the salary. Some of you might accept the job offer give to you. So, next question is why didn’t you negotiate salary? Here are possible reasons  for not negotiating

  1. I really don’t know how to negotiate salary
  2. I was reluctant to ask for higher salary
  3. I was overwhelmed with job offer and accepted the offer
  4. I was expecting lower offer, but got 5k to 10k more
  5. During interview process, HR said, salary is non-negotiable
  6. I didn’t know how much was average salary for the job being offered in that particular city.
  7. Salary offered was less, but they are sponsoring my H1B Visa and I was content with that.
  8. I didn’t know Salary negotiation is actually possible.
  9. Salary offered was less, but I will take this offer with H1B visa and after 1 year, I will find a higher paying job.

Try to understand the process and try not to make any of the above mistakes.

You have options to negotiate not just the salary, but get additional vacation. If company is not willing to increase the salary, ask for additional 1 week of vacation or other similar benefits.

Best Salary Negotiation Tips you an find is from Ramit



  1. HI, fortune-unfortunate, I came here, richmond virginia, to do MBA after my ,,but transfer to blank pathway MS in com.scinece,,,well, learning all the way proggraming and bla bla bla…..m concern about again my CPT which is gonna start after 2 months ,,so howmuch i can expect for CPT ! pls …..any 1.

  2. Don’t worry about plus or minus 10k in your first job. Choose the best company and best work even though salary less than your friends and market standards. Once you get confidence in you, never accept any offer considerable greater than so called market standards.

    Do the job for work satisfaction for couple of years (may be 3 years). Do get that satisfaction. with out getting that satisfaction, you will never make good decision in your future career. Then do the job for Satisfaction,Money and at the last for power.

    • From what I heard and know, the salary increase within the job or when jumping companies is percentual…so it can make HuGe difference in the long run and thus the first salary does matter!

  3. Hi,
    I recently got an admit letter and I20 from CSU northridge for MS electrical program and I intend to join the university. I have been following happy school blogs for quite some time now and I really like it. I want to know about the job prospects post MS from csun considering the fact I have two years of job experience in Electrical Maintenance. Also I have two more questions approximately how much would be my expenses for the 2 yr program? what are the prospects of me getting a TA/RA at csun?
    thanks you and regards,

  4. hi,I have graduated from computer science college in Sudan,if I get this job is there some training or not before starting my work.

    • You may not find any explicit training. In most cases, you receive useful information related to job work from your colleagues. They may explain many things related to day to day work.

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