(Updated)Letter of Recommendation that gets Graduate School Admission

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Have your ever wondered what should be the contents of Reference letters?

In on the of previous articles Letter of Recommendation : Do’ and Don’t I gave an overview about how to write a reference letters for U.S. University graduate school admission. In this article I’m going into details of what should the contents of the reference letters should look like. Graduate School Admission committee is looking to find specific information about the student.

There are two different way to write a reference letters. Some, universities have their own letter of recommendation form to be used, while other universities accepts in written A4 size sheet. In the previous article about letter of recommendation, I have given a link to Good Sample reference letters. If you look deep into it contents, you will understand, what different area it projects the students capabilities.

1) Research Potential

2) Ranking of student among peers

3) Analytical Skills

4) Communication Skills – Oral and Written

5) Team work – Get along well with others

6) Potential for higher education

7) Creativity/Imagination

8) Intellectual Achievement

9) Emotional Maturity

10) Leadership Skills

11) Volunteer Activities

Some of the professor who’s giving students reference letters for U.S. University admission might not be aware of the what to write about the students or he might fail to highlight few areas. So, you can use the above 11 areas as reference and ask the professor to write about you. Sample reference letters can be given by you professor, lecturer, manager at work,..

Some of students have asked me the following question:

Does the degree, recognition of the person you get reference letters for graduate school admission matters. Does the reference letters from someone with PhD and someone with just the Bachelor’s degree matter? Keep checking the articles, I will talk about that in next post.

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Coming Soon : Sample, Original reference letters used by students for Master’s admission.

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