Letter of Recommendation Examples and Samples

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I collected few sample recommendation letters from current students in U.S. It’s usually good idea to provide rough draft of your letter of recommendation to the professor or lecturer from whom you plan to get recommendation.

But, before you continue this article, I strongly suggest to read Letter of Recommendation - Do’s and Don’ts.

If you don’t provide the outline, some professors or manager might not have any clue on what to write about you. So, giving input to them and explain how you want and what topics to include. Make sure LOR goes in accordance to what you write in Statement of purpose. If LOR explains about your leadership skills, try to include more details about that in your statement of purpose [ sample sops ]

Someone asked me -

Does it matter from whom we get letter of recommendation i.e. professor, assistant professor or lecturer, maybe manager?

Yes, it does matter a lot. If the professor is know for his research, then it will help to get admission and almost everyone writes the person they are recommending, as their favorite student. So, for Universities to recognize the value recommendation letters, designation of the person plays an important role.

Free Letter of Recommendation

I asked few of my friends and family members to share their recommendation letters and any letter of recommendation samples they had collected. And I was able to get few of them.

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More Samples Recommendation Letters

I have listed 4 samples reference letters here, that will help you create a template and give it to your professor or anyone who is giving you recommendation, but don’t copy the exact ones. Try to get the idea and use it to your situation.

Some Universities do provide templates in pdf format and also accept the ones we submit. If colleges have reference letter template, then find what skills they are looking for and try to include them in your recommendation letter.

I have 14 more recommendation letter samples with me. Subscribe to email updates, so you will be notified when more sample lor templates are posted.

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