Why Do You Need Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

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Statement of Purpose is mandatory while applying for Graduaet School Admission. Students who come to this blog for the first time usualky leave coments like these

I want to study master degree of clean energy, hope can enroll in this Sept. if anyone can offter the SOP for this field, really appreciate.

I am a final year management student n going for Master in Finance so can anyone please send me a sample sop

hi can u suggest me good sop for msc in physiotherapy

There are so many similar comments to the article Sample SOPS. But why does everyone want a sample SOP in the field they plan to apply?

Sample SOPs

SOP is something that will highlight your story.

All you need is few sample sops that will show how to write a SOP, format and template. You can use that template and create the SOP for your field with your story and experiences.

There is really no need to get an exact sample college admission essay for your field.

Students asking for Sample SOP’s in their field are definetly looking to copy the exact SOP. If you are thinking to copy the exiting SOP, it will be easy to find out with other credentials, if SOP was written by you.

If your TOEFL Score is say less than 79 and AWA Writing Score in GRE in 3.0 and if you have a SOP that is well written, that make it very obvious. So, try to avoid copying SOP. Understand how to write a SOP and create your own.

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